Simple Housewife

Story of a young Indian mother getting along with her nephew so much that the whole thing takes a new turn... which of course results in a happy way.. but whose??

A Mom In Need

He finds out his buddy's mother needs a loan.

The Hot Mom

New guy wants to hook up with his new friends mom.

Home Run

Friend preys on hot mom.

Discount Auto

Sexy mom helps son get a car

This is a little different from my earlier stories. It's a lot shorter and more to the point. There will be at least one more chapter. Thanks for all the emails. They always help inspire me to write more. Enjoy.

The Bet

Son bets a friend that he can't score with his mom.

Vipin Uncle and Mom

An Indian Bengali mom has sex with neighbour as son watches.

This is a purely imaginary story, set in a Bengali household in India.

Mom's Night Out

An Indian Bengali mom is taken by her son's closest friend.

This is a purely imaginary story, set in a Bengali household in India.

My Mom - Reetu

Friends Tricked Me and My Mother.

Glamour Room Pleasure

, I browsed thru the room and noticed a redhead girl, in her twenties, probably 32C-28-30, high heeled with lovely profession suit with name tag Tasha. I’ve always had a thing for redheads.
When I saw Tasha across the conference room, I knew instantly that I had to have her. Every time she looked at me, I felt like her eyes were burning through my blazer, trying to get to the lacy lingerie underneath.







all of a sudden in cinema hall i started feeling aroused

very hot experience

Ma Beta Aur Woh

Indian Son Seduce his Mother.

This is my first attempt to represent my and my moms real story. Please excuse if any technical problem occurs As i am new bee here.

Fulfiling Lust of Sexy Girlfriend

I took her to lonely place and just looked in her eyes for lust and i put my hands in her waist and pulled towards me, now we were stick to each other. I kissed her lips first and bite it , she had her eyes closed , then i used my tongue to get inside her mouth and we kissed for long time till she was satisfied but

Fantasy Sex With School Girl

Guyz i arranged for music and roses to sprinkle on bed. Then i took her to the flat and kissed her passionately then removed the top and beautiful juicy melons poped in front of me which i sucked for atleast 10 mins each as she moaned like a animal .

Dream Sex With Computer Teacher

SHe slapped me and jumped over me and started to kiss me on laps as i was holding her ass and her boobs were rubing my chest and giving me heavenly feeling!

Hey sex stories readers i am dhruv'lovesx' sharing my experience with a teacher when i was in school back in 2009. I am a commerce student living in New Delhi , i am 5'11 and have a strong build and i am fair looking average guy. I love to spend time reading , playing and reading sex stories specially at ISS.
For Feedbacks contact me at [email protected] , i will be happy if you girlz out there contacted me and shared your story.

First Time Milf

First Time M.I.L.F

Let me begin by saying this is my first submission to this outstanding site. The events in this story are true, and I am willing to accept all feedback.

My Aunty Who Made Me A Callboy

My Aunty Who Made Me A Callboy

Hello friends, this story was forwarded to me by a friend, this is AK back again with another true story of mine. Let me introduce myself again to those who have not read my first story. Am AK from Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India..