Betty's Story

MF, Multiple Male/Female, Male Dogs/Females, Very Detailed Sex between human females

Dog Bikers' Gang Bitch

Anal, gangbang, blowjobs, cum swallowing, consensual sex


An extreme love, where it will end?

Waring : this story is not for soft-heart people

chudakkar bhabhi

chudakkar bhabhi

chudakkar bhabhi


Follow along as Julie is loved by everyone. Her husband, son, son's friend, their dog, Julie's girl friends, boss and others.

This story contains underage incest (boy), bestiality, and multiple sex partners.

A Blue-Whale of a FISH STORY

or the one that didn't get away...

Julia Robert's Gorilla Rape

Fantasies about sex adventures of famous woman.

Disclamer...any similarities between real people and characters in this work of fiction is purely intentional. No animals were harmed to write this story.

Mom's Dog Rape

Mom Gets It From The Dog

Caught with Timber

In less than two days, I have gone from an innocent eighteen year old girl to a slut for use by anyone that my brother, Chester, gives me to...

Birthday Dog Rape

This is an account of what my neighbor gave me for my 32nd birthday.

Shameless Mom

Son took Advantage of mother sitting on his Lap in Auto.

Manya , Sam and his dog

Manya up to next level of sexual PLeasure.