Mother and Grandma strives to save child with the help of Sadhu

Hello friends, Although I have written couple of stories here (see my siggy), none of them was exactly what I would call my dark fantasy. I enjoy stories where mother is enjoyed by man and son somehow witnesses this. There are dozens of very nice stories under this categories and while reading through them I came in contact with 'Rupakpolo'. I just can't explain how much I favored and enjoyed his stories "Bad seeds" and "The villege of damned". So I requested him to present a new story in English as recently he writes in Bengali only and give us like minded fans a treat to remember.

But actually he was so busy that he told me to write story myself and he will give suggestions regarding this. I was little disappointed for sure, but didn't wanted to put down his first word with 'NO'. So this story is outcome of our joint work. Although most of the story is written by me, He has kindly contributed some of the content of the story. So I am modestly suggesting here this story is not 'mine' its 'our' - rupak and me.

Lastly I want to mention here that, the story is almost finished and I am planning to post whole story in less than a week.. so be ready for daily update . At the same time, I request comments and reps from you guys. I hope you will really enjoy this story

Pariwar ka Pyar

Sara Pariwar

Disclaimer: This is adult story, you must be above 18 years of age to read it. This is a work of complete fiction and involves sex between family members, Please stop reading here itself if you don't like incest stories.
Commonality between names is just a coincidence, doesn't relate to any members living or dead...The author doesn't encourage incest sex its just a fantasy story. Author is not responsible for behavior of the readers after reading the story. No inspirations please

Author recommends safe sex practices, always use condoms during sex...

PM me know if you find the story abusive. We will close this thread ASAP...

Brief intro of the characters:-

Mohit Mehta Age : 42

Bhavna Mehta, Mohit's wife Age : 40 Stats : 36C - 31- 36

Priya Mehta, Mohit's daughter Age : 20 Stats: 34C - 26- 33

Ravi Mehta Mohit's son Age : 18

Komal Khanna : Ravi's Girlfriend : Age :20 Stats: 34B-28-34

Reema Khanna Komal's mother: Age 39 Stats: 34C-30-35

Radhabai : Mehta's housemaid: Age 37 Stats: 38D-32-38

Monica D'Souza: Manager in Mohit's office: Age 25 Stats: 34A-28-32

Kamini Kumar Mohit's sister: Age 36 Stats: 34C-30-36

Roma Kumar Kaminii's daughter : Age 20 Stats: 32C-26-28

Warning : It contains strong and abusive language , Strictly for adult ...Continue if you like incest ...otherwise read another story

aslam ki rand dr. kamya part 2

this story is all about aslam ke rand dr kamya ka next part hai but in a some fast way.

The Time-Machine : Twists & Turns

Aapke sochne ka tarika badal degi ye kahani.

Kya Time-Travel sambhav hai?? Kya koi samay mai peeche jakar apna past badal sakta hai.
Ye kahani aise hi ek insaan ki kahani hai jisne ek hadse mai apna pyar kho diya aur phir use wapas pane ke liye time-machine tak bana dali.
Kaun dost hai aur kaun dushman ye har mod par equation badalte rahenge.
Lekin kya apna pyar wo wapas paa saka?? Sazisho se bhari ye kahani aap jarur padhiye jiske har mod par haii ek naya twist.
Aapke sochne ka tarika badal degi ye kahani.


Revenge Is The Purest Emotion

Just read the first 4 updates of this story and you'll see for yourself that this story is unlike any ever written in Exbii. It's a new experience and might set a trend for more dark thrillers to come. Let me tell you straight away that this is not for the faint hearted. It's a saga about revenge and hatred and along the way there is unspeakable pain, brutality and things which will make you question about morality and the world we live in. This story is completely different from anything I have ever written and I'll try my best to do justice to the story. Kindly do give your suggestions if you like the story and let me know them through your comments. Last but not least I want to dedicate this story to my friend Sarhad. I was writing this as a short story for Xing but when he just read the start, he convinced me to open a thread here and fulfill the potential of the story rather than rushing it.

Then Tell Me Why?

Megha, A Girl in blue dress.

Very Thanks to madengineer3, for editing this chapter for me, despite of all his health problems. I was confused about its category, I was sure over all story will fall in Loving Wives category but no about this chapter, so I chose the closest one. This story is taking place in Indian context, and some of you may not agree with value system used in it, but all the character in this story are real, some incidents, are just based on perception. So I warned you.

Jawani Ke Shikari

Young ripe girl fucked by lawyer and police

Escort Mom 10

I bet a friend that he couldn't take mine mom Renu to bed

This is the 10th part of the series of stories which I am writing about mine sexy mom and her slutty adventures. In case you do want to read the earlier part you can find them in the forums using the search button.

Black Magic

A conspiricy against a family, woman controlled by black magic.