Mummy Ki Chudai Puja

Main aksar mummy ki matkti gaand ko dekha karta tha par mujhse jada utavla to mera dost tha jo bas chudai ki bhukh me rehta tha aur mummy par bhi uski najar thi.

Untold story of My bengali mother

Untold story of My bengali mother..

Tribal Seeds

Tribals Sow Seeds In Our Mother’s Pussy

Papi Parivaar

Papi Parivaar

यह कहानी 18 साल से कम उम्र के लोगों के लिये
वर्जित है । इस कहानी के सारे पाव और घटड़ेगये
काल्पनिक हैं जिनका यथार्थ से कोई ॰सम्बघ नहीं है ।
इस कहानी में सैक्स के अनेक दृश्यरै का अत्यधिक
स्पष्ट ब्यौरा है । यदि आप संबन्धि-की के बीच सैक्स
को घृणित मानते हैं तो कृपया इसे न पढे।

Family Virus


This is a work of fiction for adults only. The characters and their actions are fiction and none of this has ever happened. This story does contain underage characters having sex. The author does not condone or endorse any illegal activities written of in the story. This just a story, do not do this at home. If you are not old enough to read this please go somewhere else.

Hamara Nepali Naukar Aur Meri Maa

One Nepali boy of son's age came to the house and soon a beautiful and young mother and her young daughter fell for him.

Freudian Slip

Fight over remote control leads to sex between mom and son.

Fucking Mom in Hong Kong

Mom and Son take relationship abroad and to the next level.

This is a sequel to "Skinny Dipping with Mom" and "In Love. With my Mom." Thanks for reading!

In Love. With My Mom.

Mom and Son find incestuous love in Padre Island.

Skinny Dipping with Mom

Summer in Padre Island gets a bit hotter.

One Night Stand. With My Mom.

Friendship date with mom turns into one night stand.

Dirty Little Secret

Are you sure there is no one in the house?

rathi parivaar incest saga...

ye kahani h rajasthan ke rathi parivaar ki . ye ek hasta khelta sampurn parivaar h , or kyunki ye rajasthan ke ek chote se kasbe se h isliye kafi traditional b h . par jaise ke aksar hota h jo bahar se dikta h wo sab sach nahi hota ... aaiye zara is parivaar ke kuch secret jante h ... kuch unhi ki or kuch meri zabani ,,,,

धूमधाम चुदाई कहानियाँ

धूमधाम चुदाई कहानियाँ

धूमधाम चुदाई कहानियाँ

Ek Maajboor Maa

Ek majboor maa ke erotic journey

Meri maa aur judwa behan

Meri maa aur judwa behan