Susan's New Life

Wife finds happiness in Mexican whorehouse.

Mom needed money

There was Time when we Were Rich.

Mummy is Prostitute

She would just ask if there was anything for today. That's all.

Escort Mom 01

She is an escort in Mumbai.

The Actress

A Woman turns into Whore


Son and His Friend Service A Woman.

One of the most perverted stories I have ever written. This was for a very close friend of mine who has seen naked and semi naked photos of my mother. We hope that one day I will fuck his girlfriend while he fucks my mother on the same bed, side by side.
And my my mother is exactly like i describe in this story, and her all traits in this story are true, she loves to have sex with men with different races,my mother only dates black or mexican or Indian men. She says "I don't like men as pale as me". I want your readers to know that too.