Kaala Jaadu

Black Magic

Disclaimer:- This is purely my work of fiction which has no association with any real person or life event. I personally do not encourage or support superstition such as Black Magic. This story is just for fun. Hope you guys will enjoy it..

I saw recently that xossip is flooded with incest stories. Well I dont have problem with that, I also like incest stories but now its kinda boring... So I have come up with this Fantasy cum Thriller Sex Novel. I hope this will will be a change of taste for those who need a break from incest stories. Also I have seen many good stories being abandoned by their writers. As a reader I felt hurt seeing that, so now as a writer I am commited in completing this story whatever happens. So BOOKMARK this thread because it is going to be a fun and thrilling journey.

Thank you all,
Abhay Raichand