Animal Instinct

A Dream or true?

Doston ye kahaani thodee alag rahegee, jaldi jaldi me likh deraa hun. ye ek experimant hai, different narration style, different theme, Pasand aaye toh bataana, tabhi aagey likhunga. naa pasanad aye to bhi batanaa. Theek karunga.

Papi Parivaar

Papi Parivaar

यह कहानी 18 साल से कम उम्र के लोगों के लिये
वर्जित है । इस कहानी के सारे पाव और घटड़ेगये
काल्पनिक हैं जिनका यथार्थ से कोई ॰सम्बघ नहीं है ।
इस कहानी में सैक्स के अनेक दृश्यरै का अत्यधिक
स्पष्ट ब्यौरा है । यदि आप संबन्धि-की के बीच सैक्स
को घृणित मानते हैं तो कृपया इसे न पढे।

There's Something About My Mom Seetha

There's Something About My Mom Seetha

Zaheer and his horny family - Vol-1

Ultimate Mom-Son Incest Story:

Disclaimer: The whole story involves various kinds of incest relations. If you don’t like incest sex, then please don’t read this story. And for the incest lovers, I guarantee that you will like this stories very much as I continued this story after getting a lot of positive responses from readers who read my stories under the name, Me and My Mummy Ruby. This is a real life story. After reading the story if you feel it is not real, then think it as just another fantasy of an only adult son of a beautiful lonely and horny mother.

Indian Wife and the Nukkad Guys

Indian Wife and the Nukkad Guys

Note: I am trying my hand at a long multi-part story like aurelius1982 and bdrew86 are known for. It will start off slow and progress slowly. Will take weeks, maybe even months to complete. I am posting as I write. I will try to update whenever I get time but there may be long periods of inactivity. Please bear with them. I do have a life outside erotica after all, and it can be demanding sometimes. So with those words, here goes.

Shilpa's Affair with Neighbour

A mother follows her true insticts

Modern Family

Son watches mom have sex with his friend cum employee...

Then Tell Me Why?

Megha, A Girl in blue dress.

Very Thanks to madengineer3, for editing this chapter for me, despite of all his health problems. I was confused about its category, I was sure over all story will fall in Loving Wives category but no about this chapter, so I chose the closest one. This story is taking place in Indian context, and some of you may not agree with value system used in it, but all the character in this story are real, some incidents, are just based on perception. So I warned you.

Meri Patni Mere Boss ke Saath Soi

Boss sari raat ghar par rahe

Enjoy kare.


A man to remember.

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Birthday True Story

My Boss's Slut

She wanted Childeren But he could not give her.