Streak of Grey

My wife was seduced by her friend with my implicit consent.

हँसी तो फँसी

मेरी बीबी ने हम सब को कैसे हताशा के अँधेरे कुँए से निकाला।

मेरी बीबी ने हम सब को कैसे हताशा के अँधेरे कुँए से निकाला।

Bahu Se Pyar

Love story of an indian fil & dil.

What You Wish For

Why did she leave, and what do I do now?


When I wrote my last story, I promised my next one would be a detective story of some kind. Sorry. I lied. Maybe not really a lie, so much. More like I tried to do it, but the story just kept going nowhere. Then I was out for drinks a month or so back and heard a guy telling his story. It started the way this one starts, and it got me to thinking about why people act the way they do. And it also got me to thinking about the endless criticism I get for not fleshing out my female characters enough–a criticism, granted, that was more muted with The Bar and Grill, bit is valid nonetheless.

So I decided to write this one and see where it took me. Halfway through the outline, it all just clicked. Sure, you may hate it, so the outline may have [email protected]#cked. But it was easier than hell to write. And, even though the main character and storyteller is a male trying to figure out life after divorce, the more interesting characters–at least the ones I really enjoyed inventing and writing about–are the women. None of them, I think, are really the same. All of them, I fervently hope and pray, are three-dimensional. So be forewarned: Three-dimensional characters have flaws. Sorry, but I'm trying to write about real life.

Before you begin, I want to warn you about a few things. First, this is a 6-part series. Don't, for God's sake, judge the book by the first part. Unless, of course, it really [email protected]#cks. HarryinVA, please don't hate my main male character until at least part three, but make damned sure you weigh in with your thoughts. All of you, these characters are going to grow as the story goes forward, so please keep an eye out for that.

And DanielQSteele, get your ass moving on When We Were Married! (Sorry, but I'm going to nag you until you're done with it. Despite my comments to the past several chapters, you really are [email protected]#cking brilliant!)

Thanks to all for taking the time to read this, and particular thanks to those who take the additional time to comment.

స్నేహితుడి అమ్మ

హల్లో ఫ్రెండ్స్ నేను ఈ సైట్ కి కొత్త.నేనెప్పుడూ కథలు రాయలేదు. మొదటిసారి రాయడానికి ప్రయత్నిస్తున్నాను. మీరందరు నన్ను ఎంకరేజ్ చేస్తారని ఆశిస్తూన్నాను.

నా మొదటి ప్రయత్నాంగా 'స్నేహితుడి అమ్మ ' అనే కథ రాస్తున్నాను. పేరుకు తగ్గట్టే ఒకడు తన స్నేహితుడి అమ్మను దెంగడమే..ఈ కథ .

మీ సజెషన్స్ కోసం ఎదురుచూస్తుంటాను.

Simple Housewife

Story of a young Indian mother getting along with her nephew so much that the whole thing takes a new turn... which of course results in a happy way.. but whose??

Kaam Vasna Ya Fir Chudai Vasna

Ye kahani meri family me aayi kaam vasna ki hai, janiye kaise mann ki kaam vasna badhte badhte chudai vasna me badal gayi.

Bacche ke liye Asharam me Rangraliya

बच्चे के लिए आश्रम में रंगरलिया

Train mein bina ticket ke

ट्रेन में बिना टिकट पकड़ी गयी

ट्रेन में बिना टिकट पकड़ी गयी

Uncle Bolu Ya Baap

Hum sab delhi me rahte hai, hum yahan 2 bhk ke flat me rahte hai, papa ka hardwere ka business hai, bhaiya aur bhabi mumbai gaye hai kyun ki bhaiya ki job mumbai me lagi thi.

Padosi Dharm, Ya Chudai Dharm

Main apne liye apni ek aur desi chudai story lekar aaya hoon. Yeh sex kahani mere parivar aur mere padosi parivar ke bichh ki hai, padhiye aur maja lijiye.

Uncle Aur Mummy Ka Affair

Dosto life me kuch baate aisi hoti hai jise hum dusro ke sath share nhi kr pate, lakin iss site ke jariye me apni life ki ye ghatna ek kahani ke type me aap sab logo ke liye likh raha hun

Kumar Apartment

Sari me nahi yaha to bhabhi sirf ek shirt pe thi

Corrupting My Traditional Indian Mother

The story of a young boy who starts getting attracted to his mother's body. He makes his mom the model of their business and then have a sexy photoshoot.

Raju Rikshawala Aur Mummy

Ye baat tabki hai jab mai dasvi mai padhta tha. Mai aur mummy shoping karne nikle the. Achanak tez baarish shuru ho gayi. Mai aur mummy lagbhag pure bhig..

Tauji Ne Ki Maa Ki Chudai

Mummy bade bade gol gol kulhe aur lachakti hui kamar. Gaon ke har mard maa ke figure pe fida hai. Pitaji mahine mai sirf do baar maa ko chodte hai.

Two Horny Families

Two Horny Families

Two joint families were staying as neighbors. They have deep burning, lustful desires since a long time to fuck among themselves and enjoy to the fullest.

Indian Wife Is a Diwali Night Treat

Wife's retelling of Aurelius1982's story.

Note: This story is a re-telling of Aurelius1982 Indian Wife is a Diwali Night Treat from the wife's perspective. One of his readers. Mili, sent him a suggestion for having the wife's narrative too, similar to my first story which Aurelius helped with. He asked me to do it, so here it is. Obviously, the main characters are Aurelius' creations and he deserves credit for fleshing them out so well. I suggest reading the original story from his submissions page before starting on this one. I also suggest reading his multi-part Indian Wife's Descent story that introduced the Yashodhara-Ajit characters to understand their history, although doing so is not absolutely necessary.

Indian Wife & Construction Guys

Purva takes a leap of a trip.

Preface: This is my completely original "fanfic" story using characters from the classic story by aurelius1982. I have had multiple comments on my past stories requesting a female narration of that story, and I was a big fan of the story anyway, so I thought why not. The author of the original story, aurelius1982 already has read this story and approved my posting it here.

It is not exactly a female re-telling of the original story though, like with the Diwali story. It's more like a new chapter that was inspired when aurelius1982 posted his "6 years later" sequel chapter 6. In terms of timeline, this story takes place soon after part 5 but well before part 6. It's been years since I read the original story start to end, so some details might get mixed up here or there. There might be continuity errors or even some contradictions from the original. But mostly, this story will fall within that narrative. I don't think you absolutely need to read the original to follow this story, but it will certainly provide better context.

Indian Social Worker and the Bully

I convinced her to leave her abusive husband but then...


Aslam Ki Randi Dr. Kamya again

Aslam Ki Randi Dr. Kamya


Mother and Grandma strives to save child with the help of Sadhu

Hello friends, Although I have written couple of stories here (see my siggy), none of them was exactly what I would call my dark fantasy. I enjoy stories where mother is enjoyed by man and son somehow witnesses this. There are dozens of very nice stories under this categories and while reading through them I came in contact with 'Rupakpolo'. I just can't explain how much I favored and enjoyed his stories "Bad seeds" and "The villege of damned". So I requested him to present a new story in English as recently he writes in Bengali only and give us like minded fans a treat to remember.

But actually he was so busy that he told me to write story myself and he will give suggestions regarding this. I was little disappointed for sure, but didn't wanted to put down his first word with 'NO'. So this story is outcome of our joint work. Although most of the story is written by me, He has kindly contributed some of the content of the story. So I am modestly suggesting here this story is not 'mine' its 'our' - rupak and me.

Lastly I want to mention here that, the story is almost finished and I am planning to post whole story in less than a week.. so be ready for daily update . At the same time, I request comments and reps from you guys. I hope you will really enjoy this story