Bachelor Party Switch

From the story ideas forum -- Title says it all.

American Dream

Wife's stupidity has consequences.

All at Sea

Revenge for a crime.

Dark story with no actual sex, and not really erotic in any way. For your info, 'a brief' in the Uk is the nickname for a barrister, or the lawyer who represents you in court. It is a revenge story, but not a conventional BTB tale.

You've been warned!

A Wooly Tail

Don't jumper to conclusions.

A Happier Man

Marital trickery.

Short and sweet, with very little explicit sex. A straightforward willing cuckold story for your enjoyment. Or is it?

An Old Debt has to be Paid..

An Old Debt has to be Paid...

The main characters of this story are a married couple.
Nadir, the husband is 35 years old at the Beginning of the main incident. He is a reputable and respectable medical doctor and he is busy as an Assistant professor and surgeon in the university hospital.
Meena, his wife is 30 years old. She is a very beautiful woman who works also as an Assistant professor at the University hospital, she is a specialist in Laboratory sciences.
They were married for ten years at the time.

Nadir is the Narrator of this story…

Sona's Blossoming

Story about how a housewife blossoms sexually

Writing this story for an online friend of mine, she would surely love your feedback(s).

Story of Priyanka, the Slut

How Priyanka falls for her husband's younger brother.


Two families in turmoil.

Sorry, no sex


She did it for love.

My mother

Kaka and his mother

Mom and the Prison Officer

This story is narrated by 18 year old Martin, a boy in a distant occupied city...

This story is narrated by 18 year old Martin, a boy in a distant occupied city...


An extreme love, where it will end?

Waring : this story is not for soft-heart people


Revenge Is The Purest Emotion

Just read the first 4 updates of this story and you'll see for yourself that this story is unlike any ever written in Exbii. It's a new experience and might set a trend for more dark thrillers to come. Let me tell you straight away that this is not for the faint hearted. It's a saga about revenge and hatred and along the way there is unspeakable pain, brutality and things which will make you question about morality and the world we live in. This story is completely different from anything I have ever written and I'll try my best to do justice to the story. Kindly do give your suggestions if you like the story and let me know them through your comments. Last but not least I want to dedicate this story to my friend Sarhad. I was writing this as a short story for Xing but when he just read the start, he convinced me to open a thread here and fulfill the potential of the story rather than rushing it.

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

The erotic saga of Virani family

Revelation Blues

A long Story

This is a long story, a really long story, so please be patient and enjoy it or simply skip over it.

I had hoped to keep the story shorter and publish it in a single entry, however due to its final length I thought it would be more appropriate to have it in four parts, all now written.

American English dictionary used, apologies to those who prefer the British English :)

There is no explicit sex in this story. Apologies if that disappoints some readers. I think most readers know how it works and those who don't will find better writers on this site that would provide the appropriate knowledge or excitement :). Nevertheless, this story is for adults only due mainly to the behavior of some of the characters.

At the end of the story, in a separate part, I have included explanations as to what drove me to write this story and some information about its protagonists

Mom takes son in absence of hubby

Mom takes son in absence of hubby.doc


Sridevi's Story (Not Celeberity)