What You Wish For

Why did she leave, and what do I do now?


When I wrote my last story, I promised my next one would be a detective story of some kind. Sorry. I lied. Maybe not really a lie, so much. More like I tried to do it, but the story just kept going nowhere. Then I was out for drinks a month or so back and heard a guy telling his story. It started the way this one starts, and it got me to thinking about why people act the way they do. And it also got me to thinking about the endless criticism I get for not fleshing out my female characters enough–a criticism, granted, that was more muted with The Bar and Grill, bit is valid nonetheless.

So I decided to write this one and see where it took me. Halfway through the outline, it all just clicked. Sure, you may hate it, so the outline may have [email protected]#cked. But it was easier than hell to write. And, even though the main character and storyteller is a male trying to figure out life after divorce, the more interesting characters–at least the ones I really enjoyed inventing and writing about–are the women. None of them, I think, are really the same. All of them, I fervently hope and pray, are three-dimensional. So be forewarned: Three-dimensional characters have flaws. Sorry, but I'm trying to write about real life.

Before you begin, I want to warn you about a few things. First, this is a 6-part series. Don't, for God's sake, judge the book by the first part. Unless, of course, it really [email protected]#cks. HarryinVA, please don't hate my main male character until at least part three, but make damned sure you weigh in with your thoughts. All of you, these characters are going to grow as the story goes forward, so please keep an eye out for that.

And DanielQSteele, get your ass moving on When We Were Married! (Sorry, but I'm going to nag you until you're done with it. Despite my comments to the past several chapters, you really are [email protected]#cking brilliant!)

Thanks to all for taking the time to read this, and particular thanks to those who take the additional time to comment.

Road Trip

A road trip i never forgot

I am warning you again, it will be slow one too,but how frequently i post , it depends on , how much time i get to write, and not distracted to work on other ones i have started already, I know some of you asked me to coplete those, but i just this one write, and was really exciting so, i started it, sex may come slow and late, so bear with me, to some it sounded boring, hope you wait and want to see more.

Again this story is based on some real experience, and while writing this i had real people in my mind, who will do exactly as written or in my fantasy. Overall it is fiction, but based on real people. It relates to my own roadtrip experience, and result of my kinky and imaginative (or over imaginative mind)
didn't work on typos, yet, myb later i will give time, if i get good response, then repost again.

What Does She Want?

Things Women Want Their Man To Do While Making Love

Ever wondered what she is thinking about while you are trying to give her the best time of her life? They say knowing what women want is really difficult but you can know what she wants while you guys are making love 😉

Receive Personal and Expert Relationship

Receive Personal and Expert Relationship

Types Of Love ? How We Love Someone

Types Of Love – How We Love Someone

It's What's Inside

Unexpected Surprises

A special thanks to psyche_b_mused for making this an enjoyable read.

Dost Ke Papa Aur Meri Mummy Ka Nazayaz Sambandh

Mere dost arun ke papa ne meri mummy ke sath nazayaz samband banaye aur barabar meri mummy ko chodte hai.

Zaheer and his horny family - Vol-1

Ultimate Mom-Son Incest Story:

Disclaimer: The whole story involves various kinds of incest relations. If you don’t like incest sex, then please don’t read this story. And for the incest lovers, I guarantee that you will like this stories very much as I continued this story after getting a lot of positive responses from readers who read my stories under the name, Me and My Mummy Ruby. This is a real life story. After reading the story if you feel it is not real, then think it as just another fantasy of an only adult son of a beautiful lonely and horny mother.

The Time-Machine : Twists & Turns

Aapke sochne ka tarika badal degi ye kahani.

Kya Time-Travel sambhav hai?? Kya koi samay mai peeche jakar apna past badal sakta hai.
Ye kahani aise hi ek insaan ki kahani hai jisne ek hadse mai apna pyar kho diya aur phir use wapas pane ke liye time-machine tak bana dali.
Kaun dost hai aur kaun dushman ye har mod par equation badalte rahenge.
Lekin kya apna pyar wo wapas paa saka?? Sazisho se bhari ye kahani aap jarur padhiye jiske har mod par haii ek naya twist.
Aapke sochne ka tarika badal degi ye kahani.

Fulfiling Lust of Sexy Girlfriend

I took her to lonely place and just looked in her eyes for lust and i put my hands in her waist and pulled towards me, now we were stick to each other. I kissed her lips first and bite it , she had her eyes closed , then i used my tongue to get inside her mouth and we kissed for long time till she was satisfied but

Fantasy Sex With School Girl

Guyz i arranged for music and roses to sprinkle on bed. Then i took her to the flat and kissed her passionately then removed the top and beautiful juicy melons poped in front of me which i sucked for atleast 10 mins each as she moaned like a animal .

Then Tell Me Why?

Megha, A Girl in blue dress.

Very Thanks to madengineer3, for editing this chapter for me, despite of all his health problems. I was confused about its category, I was sure over all story will fall in Loving Wives category but no about this chapter, so I chose the closest one. This story is taking place in Indian context, and some of you may not agree with value system used in it, but all the character in this story are real, some incidents, are just based on perception. So I warned you.

That Old Creepy Proffessor

and a woman way out of his league

Back From Where It Began

Back From Where It Began

If you like, the story please say, so on my mail [email protected] or [email protected]

The Sex Slave Mommy

A love story by Mkarl

My Bizzare Mom

My Bizzare Mom

After The Obsequies

Gavin comes home to a loving mother.