Shameless Dicks

My Mom’s First Threesome With Two Shameless Dicks

Kaala Jaadu

Black Magic

Disclaimer:- This is purely my work of fiction which has no association with any real person or life event. I personally do not encourage or support superstition such as Black Magic. This story is just for fun. Hope you guys will enjoy it..

I saw recently that xossip is flooded with incest stories. Well I dont have problem with that, I also like incest stories but now its kinda boring... So I have come up with this Fantasy cum Thriller Sex Novel. I hope this will will be a change of taste for those who need a break from incest stories. Also I have seen many good stories being abandoned by their writers. As a reader I felt hurt seeing that, so now as a writer I am commited in completing this story whatever happens. So BOOKMARK this thread because it is going to be a fun and thrilling journey.

Thank you all,
Abhay Raichand

My wife and Tailor

My wife and Tailor Adventures

Hamara Nepali Naukar Aur Meri Maa

One Nepali boy of son's age came to the house and soon a beautiful and young mother and her young daughter fell for him.

Freudian Slip

Fight over remote control leads to sex between mom and son.

Fucking Mom in Hong Kong

Mom and Son take relationship abroad and to the next level.

This is a sequel to "Skinny Dipping with Mom" and "In Love. With my Mom." Thanks for reading!

Skinny Dipping with Mom

Summer in Padre Island gets a bit hotter.

One Night Stand. With My Mom.

Friendship date with mom turns into one night stand.

Indian Wife Plays With Construction Workers - Part-9

Purva's initiation in the slums

Hi all, I am Poorvika. I guess some of you readers who are active on this forum are aware of me know me from the story Indian wife plays with construction workers. I believe this story started by sir Aurelius needs no introduction. I have been always a patron of the story and I have also contributed to some of the parts of this legendary epic tale of Purva. Unfortunately, it ended prematurely from my end, as well as some of the writers who put efforts into continuing this epic tale. However, I have been getting personal requests from quite a few people asking me to reconsider writing this story. I have to say the erotica potential of this story is simply unbelievable as I reread all the parts of the story once again. Finally, I budged and here I am. I will make best efforts to update the story timely, for which I have a lot of ideas. However, I request you all to politely bear with my writer blocks if any. I am going to continue from where the writer vista01 left off as this is where I can imagine there’s a lot of potential to mould the story. Please mind that there will be small changes going forward from vista01’s story however I deem fit.

rathi parivaar incest saga...

ye kahani h rajasthan ke rathi parivaar ki . ye ek hasta khelta sampurn parivaar h , or kyunki ye rajasthan ke ek chote se kasbe se h isliye kafi traditional b h . par jaise ke aksar hota h jo bahar se dikta h wo sab sach nahi hota ... aaiye zara is parivaar ke kuch secret jante h ... kuch unhi ki or kuch meri zabani ,,,,

Betty's Story

MF, Multiple Male/Female, Male Dogs/Females, Very Detailed Sex between human females

Dog Bikers' Gang Bitch

Anal, gangbang, blowjobs, cum swallowing, consensual sex

The Bet

Son bets a friend that he can't score with his mom.

Happy Nude Day

National Nude Day embarrasses Jason.

Mother's Ruin

Fortyish son drugs & controls his sexy mother.

Inspired by A Shamed Son

Easy Mom

Grandpa blackmails cheating Mom

Dutiful Son

Mom changes when son finds a girlfriend.