Kaam Vasna Ya Fir Chudai Vasna

Ye kahani meri family me aayi kaam vasna ki hai, janiye kaise mann ki kaam vasna badhte badhte chudai vasna me badal gayi.

Padosi Dharm, Ya Chudai Dharm

Main apne liye apni ek aur desi chudai story lekar aaya hoon. Yeh sex kahani mere parivar aur mere padosi parivar ke bichh ki hai, padhiye aur maja lijiye.

Uncle Aur Mummy Ka Affair

Dosto life me kuch baate aisi hoti hai jise hum dusro ke sath share nhi kr pate, lakin iss site ke jariye me apni life ki ye ghatna ek kahani ke type me aap sab logo ke liye likh raha hun

Kumar Apartment

Sari me nahi yaha to bhabhi sirf ek shirt pe thi

Corrupting My Traditional Indian Mother

The story of a young boy who starts getting attracted to his mother's body. He makes his mom the model of their business and then have a sexy photoshoot.

Mummy Ki Chudai Puja

Main aksar mummy ki matkti gaand ko dekha karta tha par mujhse jada utavla to mera dost tha jo bas chudai ki bhukh me rehta tha aur mummy par bhi uski najar thi.

Tauji Ne Ki Maa Ki Chudai

Mummy bade bade gol gol kulhe aur lachakti hui kamar. Gaon ke har mard maa ke figure pe fida hai. Pitaji mahine mai sirf do baar maa ko chodte hai.

Two Horny Families

Two Horny Families

Two joint families were staying as neighbors. They have deep burning, lustful desires since a long time to fuck among themselves and enjoy to the fullest.

Murmur of Heart

So loving mother that you can accept anything for her?

The Rebel

When son tries to catch mother red handed

Hello friends. Its probably longer than two years since I last wrote on xossip. So for stepping into story section for this another time, I have chosen to write my own story "The Rebel" in english which was previously posted in marathi on regional group.

This story is little different from regular incest stories posted here due to "hair fetish" associated with incest theme. I hope you would appreciate my attempt to write this story.. Thank you.

Animal Instinct

A Dream or true?

Doston ye kahaani thodee alag rahegee, jaldi jaldi me likh deraa hun. ye ek experimant hai, different narration style, different theme, Pasand aaye toh bataana, tabhi aagey likhunga. naa pasanad aye to bhi batanaa. Theek karunga.

Mom's Sex Journey

This story is about sex life of my mom from age 13 to 52

Papi Parivaar

Papi Parivaar

यह कहानी 18 साल से कम उम्र के लोगों के लिये
वर्जित है । इस कहानी के सारे पाव और घटड़ेगये
काल्पनिक हैं जिनका यथार्थ से कोई ॰सम्बघ नहीं है ।
इस कहानी में सैक्स के अनेक दृश्यरै का अत्यधिक
स्पष्ट ब्यौरा है । यदि आप संबन्धि-की के बीच सैक्स
को घृणित मानते हैं तो कृपया इसे न पढे।

Family Virus


This is a work of fiction for adults only. The characters and their actions are fiction and none of this has ever happened. This story does contain underage characters having sex. The author does not condone or endorse any illegal activities written of in the story. This just a story, do not do this at home. If you are not old enough to read this please go somewhere else.

Pariwar ka Pyar

Sara Pariwar

Disclaimer: This is adult story, you must be above 18 years of age to read it. This is a work of complete fiction and involves sex between family members, Please stop reading here itself if you don't like incest stories.
Commonality between names is just a coincidence, doesn't relate to any members living or dead...The author doesn't encourage incest sex its just a fantasy story. Author is not responsible for behavior of the readers after reading the story. No inspirations please

Author recommends safe sex practices, always use condoms during sex...

PM me know if you find the story abusive. We will close this thread ASAP...

Brief intro of the characters:-

Mohit Mehta Age : 42

Bhavna Mehta, Mohit's wife Age : 40 Stats : 36C - 31- 36

Priya Mehta, Mohit's daughter Age : 20 Stats: 34C - 26- 33

Ravi Mehta Mohit's son Age : 18

Komal Khanna : Ravi's Girlfriend : Age :20 Stats: 34B-28-34

Reema Khanna Komal's mother: Age 39 Stats: 34C-30-35

Radhabai : Mehta's housemaid: Age 37 Stats: 38D-32-38

Monica D'Souza: Manager in Mohit's office: Age 25 Stats: 34A-28-32

Kamini Kumar Mohit's sister: Age 36 Stats: 34C-30-36

Roma Kumar Kaminii's daughter : Age 20 Stats: 32C-26-28

Warning : It contains strong and abusive language , Strictly for adult ...Continue if you like incest ...otherwise read another story