Aslam Ki Randi Dr. Kamya again

Aslam Ki Randi Dr. Kamya


Mother and Grandma strives to save child with the help of Sadhu

Hello friends, Although I have written couple of stories here (see my siggy), none of them was exactly what I would call my dark fantasy. I enjoy stories where mother is enjoyed by man and son somehow witnesses this. There are dozens of very nice stories under this categories and while reading through them I came in contact with 'Rupakpolo'. I just can't explain how much I favored and enjoyed his stories "Bad seeds" and "The villege of damned". So I requested him to present a new story in English as recently he writes in Bengali only and give us like minded fans a treat to remember.

But actually he was so busy that he told me to write story myself and he will give suggestions regarding this. I was little disappointed for sure, but didn't wanted to put down his first word with 'NO'. So this story is outcome of our joint work. Although most of the story is written by me, He has kindly contributed some of the content of the story. So I am modestly suggesting here this story is not 'mine' its 'our' - rupak and me.

Lastly I want to mention here that, the story is almost finished and I am planning to post whole story in less than a week.. so be ready for daily update . At the same time, I request comments and reps from you guys. I hope you will really enjoy this story

Murmur of Heart

So loving mother that you can accept anything for her?

Majdoor Ne Meri Pyaas Bujhai

raat me pyaar

Ye desi sex stories patna bihar ki ek divorced lady ki hai jo ek private school me job krti hai, ye ek sachi kahani hai jo khud usne mujhe batayi ki kis..

Family Cuckold

Wife decides to include daughter in their domination games.

Twist of the Knife!

A loving couple's eventual fall into madness!

Note, to readers.

Fair warning: this is a TEN CHAPTER, 65,000+ WORD STORY, and if you skip a chapter you will surely be lost.

If you do not have a sense of humor, don't bother. However, if you don't mind laughing and crying, and you enjoy that twisty gut-wrenching feeling like I do, you might actually like my story.

The Rebel

When son tries to catch mother red handed

Hello friends. Its probably longer than two years since I last wrote on xossip. So for stepping into story section for this another time, I have chosen to write my own story "The Rebel" in english which was previously posted in marathi on regional group.

This story is little different from regular incest stories posted here due to "hair fetish" associated with incest theme. I hope you would appreciate my attempt to write this story.. Thank you.

Animal Instinct

A Dream or true?

Doston ye kahaani thodee alag rahegee, jaldi jaldi me likh deraa hun. ye ek experimant hai, different narration style, different theme, Pasand aaye toh bataana, tabhi aagey likhunga. naa pasanad aye to bhi batanaa. Theek karunga.

Bachelor Party Switch

From the story ideas forum -- Title says it all.

American Dream

Wife's stupidity has consequences.

All at Sea

Revenge for a crime.

Dark story with no actual sex, and not really erotic in any way. For your info, 'a brief' in the Uk is the nickname for a barrister, or the lawyer who represents you in court. It is a revenge story, but not a conventional BTB tale.

You've been warned!

A Wooly Tail

Don't jumper to conclusions.

A Happier Man

Marital trickery.

Short and sweet, with very little explicit sex. A straightforward willing cuckold story for your enjoyment. Or is it?

Mom's Sex Journey

This story is about sex life of my mom from age 13 to 52

London Se Aya Mera Dost

A friend who comes returns home after long time, and starts relationship with his friends mom.