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Mighty Morphing Mother Chapter 1

Young mom is slowly turned into a sex slave.

It was well after 2 AM when Mark and his friend Tom staggered back home. Both were heavily drunk and somehow they had managed to walk the right way back to Marks house. It had been the last day of High school and both decided to get drunk for this occasion. The 2nd step of their plan in getting some extra fun with the opposite sex failed miserably. Mark was tired and was glad to see the front door of his house. Both walked in, climbed the stairs to Marks room and lay down to sleep.

After a deep sleep Mark woke up suddenly. He was thirsty as hell but at the same time too tired to get up. However, the urge for water was too strong to keep him in bed. He got up on his wobbly legs and looked through the curtains. The sun was already rising and the bright light hurt his eyes and head. He turned around and checked the floor for Tom's body in case he was in the way to the door. Rubbing his sleepy eyes he turned once or twice in his room but couldn't find anything on the floor resembling something like a body.

"Where the hell is he..." Mark mumbled and left the room.

Marks bladder was also sending out an emergency call so he stopped at the toilet. There was also no sign of Tom in the bathroom. Maybe he was lying on the living room couch he thought. After he finished his Business in the toilet Mark went downstairs. But Tom wasn't in the living room either. Mark was too tired to think more about Toms disappearance act and his thirst was at the moment rather more important. He went through the living room and around to the kitchen. Tired he rubbed his eyes. The door to the kitchen was open and Mark nearly screamed. Quickly he turned around the corner and pressed his body against the white painted wall. His heart was thumping hard, his head spun and Mark wasn't quite sure if his imagination was playing games with him or not.

"Please let this be some totally weird dream..." he whispered and slowly turned his head around the corner of the kitchen door.

But what Mark had seen a minute ago seemed to be the awful truth. There he was, his best friend Tom, sucking at the breast nipple of his mom. Mark just could not believe it. His mom stood there, her eyes closed in pleasure. Her black silk bathrobe was wide-open showing off her large jugs. One of Tom's hands cupped her left breast twitching her nipple, while his mouth sucked at her right one. His mother moaned a little and grabbed Toms back head pressing his face tighter against her breasts. She ran her fingers through his wavy brown hair. Mark looked at the well-tanned breasts of her mother. Tom's hand pressed and knelled the holy flesh, rolling his thumb over the erect pink nipple.

Mark gulped. His cock twitched in his grey shorts. He turned his head away and didn't quite know how to work this out in his head. How did Tom manage to get so far with his mom? And how could his mother even allow this to happen! His parents were divorced and he knew Mom did not have a boyfriend and certainly she might have been overcome by the sexual desire...but! Looking at her now Mark realised how beautiful she was. She just had hit 40 but her body was well trimmed. He was watching how Tom got rid off her bathrobe revealing her slim waist and the black thong she wore. Mark gaped. He couldn't believe that this woman was his mother. She looked just too good. Her skin was well tanned and there seemed to be no gram of fat on her. Her round tits and pointing pink nipple looked delicious.

"You are all wet down there Mrs. Anderson." Tom whispered touching her pussy through the fabric.

Marks Mom stroke her long, straight, blond hair back and they kissed passionately. Their tongues played with each other, their hands stroking their partner's bodies. Tom got off his T- Shirt and shorts and Mark had to admit, that Tom had a large dick. He always mentioned that point to him but Mark never believed him. Now he was looking at the bulging prick being stroked by the hands of his Mother. It was a strange sight; he was disgusted by it and disgusted that he was getting horny watching it. Unconsciously he was holding his pulsing dick in his hands.

Tom ripped down the black thong of Marks Mother. He slapped his fingers around her firm butt cheeks massaging them as he did with her breasts. Her blond pussy hair was wet and he smelled the musky odour of her cunt. He knelt down and she automatically spread her legs open, inviting him to taste her juices. Slowly he entered his fingers into the warm and wet hole. She shuddered, her hands holding the corners of the kitchen counter. Tom smiled at her and circled around the clit with his finger. Slowly he entered the third finger. He teased her by only touching the clit a few times. Each time she moaned and begged him to touch her more. Her cunt got wetter by the minute and Tom was surprised how fast she was getting ready. The flesh was hot and her cunt lips were swollen and she was wiggling her ass cheeks against the counter table each time his finger dug deeper into her.

"Take me Tom...please...I really want it right now!" She was sweating, her face cheeks reddened.

Tom stood up and kissed her wildly massaging her lush breasts. These were no girl tits. These were tits of a woman he thought. He licked over her erect nipples. He knew she was ready. His hard cock was slapping impatiently against her stomach. The feel of her warm skin against his prick head turned him on. Suddenly she turned around and stuck out her butt in front of him. Holding the edge of the kitchen counter with her hands she spread out her long tanned legs. Tom looked a while at her stunning body. He touched her long legs and licked her inner thighs. She closed her eyes and enjoyed all the attention the boy gave to her body. Each time his tongue met her skin Goosebumps ran over her body.

Softly with his fingertips he stroked her soft skin from her shoulders to her ass. Grabbing the cheeks with his hands he knelt them for a moment. This woman is fit he thought. She didn't look like somebody's mother.

The cum of her pussy dribbled down her legs. She looked back at him with a sultry glance in her eyes.

"Fuck me... Fuck me Tom!"

Holding her waist firmly Tom entered her with a swift move wasting no time.

"Aaaa...GOD!" he heard her scream. She was hot. The wet walls of her cunt seemed to cling around his dick, pressing it, holding it not to let it slip away. He breathed heavily after the first few strokes. Her ass cheeks were wobbling with each penetration. His dick drove deeper into her, his balls slapping against her. He leant over her body, licking with his tongue her back line. She moaned heavily when he grabbed her swinging jugs with force, squeezing them and twisting her nipples.

"HAA...give it to me Baby." She cried panting for air.

Her blond hair swung wildly with each stroke Tom made. Her cunt was dribbling, her muscles ready for the orgasm. He held her slim waist and started to bang harder and faster. The slapping sound of fucking filled the air of the kitchen. She screamed and crawled her fingers on the counter table. He clenched his teeth together holding back the urge to come.

She moaned deeply. His fat cock was driving her crazy. It was a big and fat one and she realised how much she had missed over the years. She had the occasional sex but she had never been driven to such a height of lust in years. Her body screamed to be fucked more by this boy. She loved how he touched her, how he licked her and how he fucked her. His fingers circled and twitched her breast nipples, his hands massaging the soft skin, his tongue moving up her spine. The shaft of his dick was grinding against her clit.

"Honey, I'm not on the pill so please take care when you burst...AAA" she barely finished the sentence when she felt her climax coming, rolling like a big landslide.

He felt how she came. Her muscles contracted and a hot gush of cum swamped the cunt. His dick was getting the ride of its life in her hot hole. With 2~3 strokes he got his dick out squirting his white cum over her backside. For a moment there was silence only to be disturbed by their heavy breathing. Cum was running down her legs dribbling down on to the kitchen floor.

Mark leaned his head back against the wall feeling the urge to jerk off. But soon he turned his eyes back on the action. He watched his mother's wonderful breasts swinging around while she rode on his best friends dick. His mother had started to fuck him again! Mark couldn't believe it. That woman was going berserk. She seemed not to notice that by now she was screaming her head off. Tom was laying on the floor with a grin on his face his hands on her waist keeping her body steady, so she could get the fuck she required.

Mark had seen enough and moved slowly away. Running up the stairs to the toilet he jerked off his load. He could have never imagined that he would feel so horny by the thought of fucking his mother. Such a thought never ever crossed even his mind. But now after seeing her beautiful naked body Mark wanted to fuck her brains out. He envied Tom and felt pathetic whilst he wiped his cum off his dick.

4 days later

Since that morning Mark had not seen Tom. For days now, Mark was constantly thinking about the kitchen incident. Each night he dreamed about sex orgies with his Mom and each time he saw her bending over he wanted to fuck her like his friend did that morning. He lusted to touch her body, her lush's breasts and plunge his rod into her wet hole. The desire was strong and the amount of frustration grew larger with each passing day.

He was flicking through the T.V. looking for nothing particular when she came back home from work.

"Hi Mark." She heard him calling from the doorway. Immediately he felt uneasy.

"Hi...I'm starving!" he replied.

"I'm Sorry. The... ah project... there was a mistake and I had to recalculate some figures. I just go under the shower before I make you something for dinner. OK?" She stood at the doorway and seemed to wait for some answer. Mark was deeply involved with the thought fucking her in the shower and required a moment to realise that she seemed to wait for an answer.

"Alright... take your time"

After a while he stood in front of the bathroom. He could hear water splashing down on the other side. The thought of her wet naked body made him tremble. His dick grew harder in his shorts. Mark quickly looked into her bedroom and saw her white underwear on the bed. His heart began to thump wildly and he broke out in sweat.

"Get a grip man... we are talking here about your own mother for Christ sake." He whispered to himself. The thought fucking her in the shower could not be stopped anymore. He had to do it whether it would destroy his life or not. Maybe she would beg for his dick like she did for Toms.

"Very unlikely..." he muttered and sighed. But his body moved before he could reconsider his position. His fingers trembled when he opened the door to the bathroom. Immediately a wave of steam blew into his face. For a moment the bright light from the ceiling blinded his eyes. He could make out the shape of her body through the fabric of the shower curtain. The noise of the water covered his movements. His mouth was dry and his heart was nearly bursting when he ripped the curtain aside. Mark looked at her two well-formed butt cheeks and then her perfect tits of which he had dreamed for the last couple of nights.

"What the hell are you doing!" she screamed out. Her eyes showed her confusion and shock. Mark jerked. He was staring like in a trance at her body and did not realise that she had stopped the shower. She got him before he could get her. Mark was as confused by his irrational actions but the pure lust for her body took over the control over him.

"I know you fucked Tom in the kitchen!" he shouted at her. Mesmerised by his words she required a moment to think.

"How...how do you know? Mark did not reply.

"Stop gawking at me and give me my towel Mark Anderson." She said. He could feel anger in her tone.

"No." he said and trembled a little. She stared at him in shock and stepped out of the tub to get her towel. He let her not through. His mother was a head shorter than Mark and he grabbed her shoulders with ease. She yelled at him and slapped his face. But Mark did not let go. Lust and Greed took over his body. Her skin was hot and slippery. She smelled wonderful. Mark's right hand groped her full breasts and he nearly came on the spot. The flesh was softer than he had thought. He could feel the erect nipple under his palm.

"Well, I see you are enjoying yourself!" The sudden call by a different voice shocked them both. Tom stood in front of them with a big grin on his face.

"What the fuck are you doing in our house..."

"Well, what are you doing with your mother? Trying to rape her? That's not very nice is it Mark?" Tom said. Mark stared at his friend... he could not think straight. What was he doing here?

"Let her go Mark! She belongs to me."

"Only because you fucked her once does not mean she belongs to you!" Mark said.

"I rephrase it. Your mother is property of my father and me. No one fucks her without our permission."

"Mark... just let me go...please." suddenly his mother whispered.

"My mother is no ones property!" Mark yelled. "Who the fuck you think you are Tom!"

"To put it into context... just for you Mark, your mother fucked up big time in her job. She lost a lot, and I mean not some million dollars or so. This house, the clothes you wear, the food... everything actually belongs to the company your mother works for now. And it is not hard to guess I think that my father owns the company. In other words, if your mother does not act as we wish her to you will loose everything."

"Fuck you Tom. Do you really believe I buy that shit?" Mark replied.

"Tell him!" Tom said to Marks mother. Mark loosed his grip and his mother covered shyly her breasts with her arms.

"Come on tell him! Tell him the reason why you were late today was that you were fucking my father." Tom continued to grin.

"Get that grin out of your face you piece of shit!" Mark walked over to his friend and raised his arms.

"Stop it Mark!" the voice of his mother pierced through the air.

"It is true... I made a big mistake. They threatened me Mark... they threatened me to take everything away from me, from us!" tears ran down her cheeks and Mark looked at her in disbelief.

"I had no other choice... please Mark don't be mad. I didn't want to loose you." She whispered. Mark couldn't say anything. There was nothing to say. His head spun around. This couldn't be real...

"It seems so that you have seen the little fuck in the kitchen a couple of days ago." Tom turned to Mark and patted his shoulders.

"Your mother is really a hell of a slut. Look how my dick has swollen up her cunt Mark. Do you want to see how she sucks my dick?" Tom said and chuckled. Mark trembled. He was angry with Tom and ashamed that he had seen his behaviour in the bathroom.

"Mark... go to your room. I handle this." The voice of his mother echoed in the background.

"You cannot do this MOM! I beg you don't. I don't care if we loose everything... it's just not right that they can threaten you in such a way. Don't you have any pride left in yourself?" Mark screamed he was crying. He could not allow this to happen. But both of them did not listen to him. Tom pulled down his shorts and his mother put his thick dick without hesitation into her mouth. Mark looked in utter disbelief at the sight.

She closed her eyes, rolling her tongue over Tom's dick head. She slurped loudly. Her fingers twitching his balls. Tom put his hands on her damp hair forcing his throbbing shaft deep into her. Her hot and wet saliva ran over Toms prick and he moaned.

"You are getting better indeed. My father told me that compared to two weeks ago when we started to fuck you; you are now getting slowly the hang of it. But...aahh...it is still a long way to perfection." Tom pulled his dick out of her mouth, spurting his thick white cum over her tits.

"How about you Mark? As my friend you are welcome to give it a try." Mark stood there looking at him and then at his mother. She was panting for breath, her cum glistened on her breasts under the bright light. His dick twitched... the lust in him began to burn up again.

Chapter 1