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Mighty Morphing Mother Chapter 2

Anna is transformed further.

The hot air made it hard to breathe in the bathroom. The mother was riding her son's friend's dick right in front of him. Her sweat glistening breasts were bouncing up and down.

"Look how wild she gets!" Tom yelled at his friend. Laying on the floor his hands held her rocking body. Her cunt was hot and mushy. Tom let out a moan each time she let his dick slip deep into her. She was aware that her son was watching her but at the same time it seemed that she was also enjoying it. Her face was expressionless but he noticed in her glassy eyes that she was indeed enjoying the sexride. A moan slipped sometimes through her clenched teeth.

Mark watched in horror how his mother had licked his friend's dick and was now fucking him away like some horny slut. His dick was swollen and ready to burst. The shock revelation made him tremble again. Just the image that his mother was fucking his friend's father already for some time made him mad. Why didn't she tell him about this problem? There was certainly another way out of this misery. Why did she sell her body? His thought was interrupted by a little moan from his own mother.

"Come on Mark touch her, suck her, fuck her and do whatever you want you little perv!" said Tom. Mark watched how his friend squeezed his mothers breasts. She started to moan more often and her hips seemed to move automatically. Tom continued to grin at Mark yelling at him to join in.

"Your moms ass is also quite nice Mark. Put it in! You will love it. Don't worry about her?she is not your mother anymore. She is just another slut." That was it. Mark had enough of it. He snapped. Mark screamed rushed over to Tom and smashed his right foot hard into his face. Toms face spun to the right blood flowing out of his mouth and nose.

"Mark what are you doing!!" he heard his mother scream.

"Shut the fuck up mother!" he screamed back and stormed out of the house.

She looked how her son ran off and closed her eyes. What had she done? She stood up and wiped Tom's blood covered face with a tissue. He was unconscious. She looked at his face for a long time and remembered the first time she was taking by him. All this madness around her started 4 weeks ago when she forgot to make just one phone call. One phone call to confirm the offer. She still couldn't figure out how she just forgot about it. The multi million dollar business went down the drain. She looked into the bathroom mirror and pulled her damp blond hair back and tied it to a tail.

"What are you doing to yourself Anna?" She whispered and rubbed her face. She felt exhausted. All the fucking over the last three weeks clearly made her tired. Every day she was taken by different men. Everyday she was sucking their cocks and drinking their cum. Every day her breasts and nipples were being touched, her pussy eaten and fucked. How much more could she take? Anna knew that refusing the men would mean loosing everything she owns. She had no husband, no friends she could turn to for help. Asking her parents for help was out of the question. She was already humiliated enough. Anna closed her eyes and recalled that day when her world was turned upside down.

"So Anna? could you just remind me again what the fuck just happened?" The deep anger filled voice of her boss sounded like growling animal.

"I know it cannot just be cleared off with a simple sorry?but I am truly sorry Mr. Yates. I just don't know what got into me. I never forget something like that normally." Anna's eyes were filled with tears. She was sitting in her bosses room. It was a cold and hostile environment. He was pacing up and down behind his large black desk. He had put down the jacked of his pin striped suit and rolled up the arms of his blue shirt. He stopped sometimes looking out of the large window behind him. Anna could see the reflection of his face in the window. It didn't look good. His sharp blue eyes seemed to stare into something in the sky. Anna felt uncomfortable sitting in the black leather stool. Her hear was racing. She could have jumped out of the window for the mistake she just had realised. But it was too late to change it. The only thing she could think of at the moment was that her boss would turn around any minute and fire her. That was the logical thing. Next thought which popped into her head was what to do after she got fired. She had to pay bills and to find a job like this one at the moment was hard. Her Boss turned around finally and stroke his right hand through his grey, short hair.

"Do you actually know how important this was? DO YOU FUCKING KNOW IT ACTUALLY ANNA?!" He started to yell and Anna jumped. His face turned red and his fists came thundering down on his desk. The loud bang echoed in her ears. She shut her eyes.

"I am sorry Sir?" it was the only thing she could say.

"You BETTER be fucking sorry. This was not just some shitty business deal you fucking bitch. The entire life of this very company depended on that fucking business which you killed single handed. You not only lost billion of dollars but also made us loose our image and trust!" He sat down on his chair and waved a paper in front of her.

"This is your contract Anna!" She knew it. She was getting fired. What else could he do!

"I wont fire you Anna. I know you need this job. I know that you have to pay off your fucking husbands debts. Tell me Anna! What kind of a husband leaves behind a family with a million dollar debt? I knew Frank? he fucked every woman he could lay his fingers on gave them expensive presents and drank himself to death. He never thought of you did he? That piece of shit is not much better than you are." She never could have imagined her boss getting so mean. Tears were flowing down her cheeks now. Every word which came out of his mouth felt like a blow against her face.

"I make your life so miserable that you will never forget this day you fucked up big time! You could leave this company but I will do everything I can to stop you getting another job. Your son Mark has a bright future at the moment?but that could change any moment."

"STOP IT!" Anna screamed. Her boss chuckled.

"Why are you treating me like this suddenly? Just fire me and I will go and you will never see me again."

"I don't want you to go Anna. See, I like you?and I gave you a chance with this business but you had to fuck it up. You were my pet in this company. I was watching every step you made and helped you out wherever I could. Never thought about it though that you might pay me back like this one day." She was speechless. He stood up from his chair and moved around to her. She felt uneasy when he put his big hands on her shoulder. Anna could feel the heat of his hands through the thin fabric of her white blouse.

"It is time that you pay me back Anna." He whispered in her ear. She instantly knew what he wanted from her. Anna felt sick and started to tremble. His hands were slowly massaging her shoulders.

"I will never sleep with you Phil?" Said Anna and stood up. She turned around and looked up to him. He was a tall man but Anna was not going to be intimidated by that.

"I quit this job. It was my responsibility and I blew it. I will walk out now and that's it."

"You have certainly not forgotten what I told you 5 minutes ago did you?" Anna stopped. "You cannot threaten me like that."

"Sure I can." He walked up to her and grabbed her by the waist. Anna screamed and tried to fight him off but his arms were like steel.

"What the hell are you doing!?" she yelled. Phil threw her on the ground and held her there.

"I want your cooperation on this one Anna. These are no harmless threats girl. I mean it. I will crush you to the ground and destroy your entire life if you don't listen to me. I already have taken over your house and everything you fucking own. You owe me so much money that I legally purchased the rights to whatever belongs to you."

"That is not true!" Anna screamed.

"IT IS!"

Phil ripped open her white blouse revealing her white bra. He pulled out his tongue and licked over her cleavage.

"Please let me go Phil?I beg you I will do whatever you want. But not this please." Anna cried. But he could not be stopped anymore. Breathing heavily he touched her full C Cup breasts. I squeezed them hard and she let out a moan.

"I wanted you for so long Anna?!" he shoved his right hand under her black tight skirt. She felt how his fingers reached inside her. The rough skin of his hand stroking the naked flesh of her thigh. It went so fast that she could not react against it. The fingers touched her crotch. His middle finger playing around the crack of her pussy lips. Tears were flowing from Anna's eyes. Her bosses heavy body kept her in check. It was impossible for her to escape from this torture. He pulled her panties down and moved her skirt up her thigh. His fingers were going into her pussy. They parted her cunt lips for real now. He immediately found her weak spot. Two fingers dived deep into her and squeezed her clit. For a brief moment Anna lost power over her body.

"No?don't." she fought against him but it made no difference. He continued relentless. She was growing tired of punching and kicking and soon had to calm down a little. Phil was finger fucking her and Anna's pussy started to enjoy it. She could feel how her lower belly was getting hotter. Tension in her body rose higher. Her cunt was getting wetter and wetter with the moment. Anna closed her eyes and concentrated. She didn't want to come in front of this man.

Phil looked at her face and grinned. By the feel of her pussy he knew that she was ready to come any second now.

"When was the last time you got a decent fuck Anna?" he asked her. She didn't answer.

"Your body is very sensitive. I think it was longing to be fucked by a real man again. Your cunt is just yelling at my dick to come inside and explore it a little more." Anna wasn't listening. This man was just scum.

"Sooner or later Anna you will start to ask for this. I will make you into a new woman." Phil pulled his pants down and stroked over his hard shaft. It was pulsating. It wished to be entered into the hot, wet and tight hole.

"I see that you keep your pussy hair well trimmed? you must have been dreaming of having sex one day or another. Haven't you my dear?" He moved his fingers deeper into her. Anna opened her mouth slightly giving away a moan.

"Please don't do it Phil." She said in a weak voice.

"No Anna. Please do it. That's what you are supposed to say." He spread her legs wide open revealing her puffed up cunt lips. Her juices were flowing down onto the carpet. The odour of the pussy made his cock twitch. It was time to fuck her. With a quick move Phil lifted her into position and shoved his fat dick into her. Anna screamed. It hurt. The last time she had sex with a man was a long while ago. But that wasn't the reason. This dick which moved into her was big. She could feel the sheer size of the fat meet stick inside her. Phil pushed it hard and deep into her. Her cunt muscle contracted. Phil gasped. Her cunt felt good. It was perfect. Tight and lusting for every inch of his dick. It was much better than the used up hole of his wife. Once inside her he slowly retracted.

"Relax Baby?you are so tense." He whispered into her ear.

Once Phil had tested out her cunt he started to get faster. Anna could not take anymore. She clenched her teeth fighting back the urge to scream out and throw her legs around him. His dick was extraordinary. It was unbelievable. Was he on Viagra or what, she thought. It was so hard and swollen up that she was afraid it would rip her pussy open. Phil grunted and started to bang away. His dick was sliding in and out of her cunt which was now flowing with her love juice. She moved her head aside when he tried to kiss her.

"You feel so good Anna?AA God." He moaned and slowed down. His prick was deep in her. It was filling her up and Anna's cunt muscle were twitching. Phil slowed down a little enjoying every inch of her deep hole. He let it slip it out and slip it in so slowly that it was driving her mad. Every time his dick went in Anna clenched her teeth and held her breath. He circled his dickhead slowly in her pussy and Anna let out a loud moan. This animal is driving me into an amazing orgasm, she thought. Her body was shaking and sweating. She wished he would come soon and leave her be. But on the other hand she wanted him to fuck her harder. Unconsciously she pulled him closer towards her with her legs.

Phil grinned. He stepped up a gear. He put his two hands on her lovely butt cheeks and held her steady. His fingers sinking in her soft butt flesh, he rammed his cock deep into her. Anna let out a scream of pleasure.

"Haa?God?" she took in a deep breath when she sensed that Phil was getting ready to bang her senseless.

"Here we go Baby!" he said and fucked her away. He pounded his meat into her. The sound of their slapping bodies filled the room. Anna closed her eyes and started to drift away. Her entire nerve ending seemed to be concentrated on her pussy. It felt good to be fucked by a man again. Immediately she was annoyed by herself to even consider this as a positive outcome. She was being raped? but Anna could not stop to drive along her hips with his fucking motion. No?No what are you doing? She thought but could not stop to respond to his movement. Her hips answered his calls. Her body seemed to have a mind of it's own. Suddenly she sensed a hot gush in her lower belly. Phil was breathing heavily and jerked once more in her. He just came in her.

"God?that was lovely Anna. Your are a good fuck." He whispered into her ears and laid his head down on her chest. Anna leaned back on the ground. Her heart was pounding and her juices combined with Phil's sperm was running down her thigh. Her pussy was still burning hot. Phil sucked on her nipple and she shoved him away. Realising again what just happened, tears were flowing down her cheeks again. She took her cloth and got dressed.

"You are not allowed to go yet." Phil said.

"I want to go now?haven't you disgraced me enough?"

"Well, Anna." He moved up to the desk and pushed a button on his phone. "Karen?please let in the doctor now."

"Please Phil?let me go now." The door suddenly swung open and a man in a black suit entered the room. He seemed not to mind that Phil was half naked and herself in tears. He put down his little black business suitcase on the desk and with a snapping noise released the locks.

"Thank you doctor for coming in such a short notice."

"That is fine Mr. Yates." He whispered back. His voice was calm and quiet. Anna could not see much of his face due to the dark sunglasses he was wearing.

"Shall I put her down?" Phil asked the doctor. He only nodded as an answer. Anna moved aside. "What are you trying to do?"

"There is no need to get hysteric my dear. You come here and sit down with me."

"NO!" She screamed and wondered why his secretary didn't hear all this noise from the room. She tried to make a run for the door but Phil was quicker. He grabbed her again and pulled her down on the ground.

"This is just a little experiment. It won't hurt and you might even benefit from it." Anna saw the man in the black suit coming up towards her. He was holding a injection needle in one hand. She panicked. She kicked and punched around her but Phil's strong arms put her quiet. He stretched her right arm out and held it stable on the ground. The doctor kneeled down and soon Anna felt a sting in her arm she and watched in horror how the clear substance slowly glided into her body.

"It should be effective in approximately half an hour." The doctor said to Phil.

"Thank you?"

Anna's vision blanked out and she drifted into unconsciousness.

Chapter 2