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Mighty Morphing Mother Chapter 3

Anna's first day of training.

It was dark. Pitch black. It was as if her eyes would have vanished. She couldn't make out anything around her. Where was she? The last thing she could remember was that these crazy people in the office tried to inject something into her. No...they didn't try. They successfully injected something into her. The place where the needle had stung her skin felt a little numb. How much time had passed since she had passed out. She concentrated all her senses. She was lying face up on something soft. It was hot and Anna tried to move but realised that her arms and legs were tied up. She couldn't move an inch. Suddenly the darkness became unbearable. What were these people doing with her? She started to panic a little. Her heart was racing.

Suddenly the lights went on and Anna winced. The bright neon lights on the ceiling hurt her eyes.

"I hope you got a little rest Anna." She heard an all to familiar voice.

Through the cracks of her eyelids she saw Phil.

"You know I can sue you for what you are doing with me! First you rape me, inject me with some kind of substance, abduct me and chain me onto a bed."

"Still so feisty... I like it. I really do like it when woman put up a good fight." He whispered and walked closer to her. Anna's eyes got used to the light and she had a quick look around. It did not surprise her that she was tight naked to the bed. Was he going to do it again to her?

"This is the room where you are going to work from today onwards." Phil explained her in a calm voice.

The room had no window and it was a perfect cube. 4 grey concrete walls surrounded the bed which looked as if more than 4 people could sleep in it.

"As I said already in my office. I don't want to fire you. You keep working for this company. Only in a...well different position. You will be a company representative." He sat down next to her and cupped her breasts. Anna tried to fend off the touch but she couldn't do anything. She spat at him but he just shrugged it off.

"I'm offering you a good job Anna. It is far more comfortable than your previous one."

"Phil...please let me go. I will try to pay you back. What ever it will cost me just let me go. I will forget about what you did to me in the office..." Anna started to cry again. "I just want to be left alone...please." She begged but Phil shook his head.

"Your ass belongs to me now. No further discussion. I'll introduce you to your personal trainer now." He said and stood up.

Anna leaned her head back and prayed.

"This is Greg. He will take care about everything from now on. He is your secretary, your coach, friend...lover what ever you want him to be. He will be there for you 24 hours. So, I see you in a couple of days. Have fun."

Anna screamed. "Wait! You can't just leave me here! What are you doing with me!? PHIL!" But he just waved and left the room. More tears flowed out of her eyes.

"This is not right! This is illegal. You can't do this to me!!! I have to go home! My son must be waiting for me... Please let me out!!!!"

"Please calm down. You are allowed to go home after our exercise." Explained the person who Phil just had introduced to her. "Who are you?" Anna hissed at him. She decided to pay a little attention to him as he just had said she might be able to go home.

"My name is Greg."

He was a hunk Anna thought but that couldn't impress her. His hair was black as the night and his grey blue eyes were staring at her naked body. He was young and she guessed his age around late twentieths. Anna felt uneasy in front of him as he kept on just staring at her. His skin was well tanned and he wore a tight white T-Shirt, which expressed even more his muscular body. He moved towards her and Anna snapped at him.

"Don't touch me!"

"I don't want to hurt you Anna... I just want to sit next to you and explain your new job." He said and sat down at the bottom of the bed. A piece of his black pants touched her leg and he apologized when Anna twitched nervously.

"From today on I will teach you everything what you should know about your new job." Greg started talking. He had a pleasant voice but far more important was what the new job actually was.

"What do you mean with new job?" Anna asked him.

"First thing first. I don't want to hide any facts about this job so I will tell you this. This job is as hard as any other job out there. The training will be hard and will take a lot of time. There are a handful of other women beside you doing this job at this moment. Many of them found it hard to adjust and complained but at the end you will be thanking your boss for this new position." Greg paused and watched her carefully.

"You talk in riddles... you still haven't told me what kind of job it will be." Anna replied as calm as she could but she couldn't hide her anxiety. She was sensing something bad.

"You will take care of any company member and guest who wishes to be relieved sexually. What ever they want you will have to give it to them. May it be a blowjob, anal...bondage? From today on you are going to be a sex slave for the company." Greg stood up and distanced himself from her. Anna trembled. "This is not happening... you are telling me to become a high class prostitute?! NEVER!!!" she screamed at him.

"Calm down Anna please. I want to make it as easy as possible. We can do it the easy way or the hard way ok?! And you don't want to experience the hard way. Definitely not!"

"Let me go off these chains you mad fuck...!" Anna refused to listen to him.

Greg sighed and took out a stun gun and pressed it against her naked thigh. The scream that followed the electric shot was deafening. Anna screamed, cried while her body jerked uncontrollably. After a brief moment Greg let go. Anna snapped for air. She cried and nearly chocked. Her heart was pumping hard and her body was covered in sweat.

"Please cooperate with me Anna." Greg said and wiped the sweat on her face away with a towel. Anna shook her head. The rape this afternoon was humiliation enough. They won't break her. She swore that she would never degrade her to that kind of level.

Greg saw the expression in her eyes and had no choice than to give her another shock. The gun zapped loud and the blue electric fire came into contact with her skin. Anna's body jerked up into her sky only to be held back by her chains. She had the feeling as if her heart would stop beating. A tremendous pain broke out at the contact point with the electric shock and it flowed with the same force through her entire body. Her mind nearly passed out when he stopped and her body bounced back onto the bed. Her legs twitched and she coughed wildly. Her lungs were screaming for air, tears were flooding her eyes and her nose was running as hell.

"This is torture..." she mumbled after a few minutes.

"Don't give me any of these human rights crap Anna. I have to start with you soon. We have a lot of clients to satisfy. The earlier you are ready the better it will be for all of us." Anna had no more strength left to reply. It was hard enough for her to keep breathing.

"Now, let me explain these injections I am going to give you every day from now on. You already got one earlier on today haven't you?" Greg waited for her to answer. But she made no move and so he continued.

"The substance in them is a new growth hormone especially made for women like you working in a special job. These hormones will have surprising effects on you Anna. You will notice it after only 3 days. I'm not lying if I say that you are truly a beautiful woman. You have wonderful long and slim legs, your hip is round and sexy, and you have large breasts. But you are not getting any younger. The tits are starting to hang down and you have taken on a few pounds." Greg stopped for a moment and looked at her. She was finally calming down a little but her eyes expressed tremendous fear. This is the way Greg liked it. She should always be afraid of him. It would be much easier for him and her if she starts to respect him.

"The hormones will bring the necessary changes for your body to become perfect. They will burn up your excess body fat, tone your muscles, your breast will get bigger and rise up but overall you will be responding to sex quicker. Your body will become so hot and horny that you will have to relieve nearly every 2 hours. Sex will become your life. Sex will become normality for you like breathing air at the end. Did you understand what I said up to now? If yes nod." Anna nodded in response. Tears were rolling out of her puffed up red eyes.

"There is, however, one thing we cannot change with this medicine. That is your mind. Your body and your mind will go separate ways. Which of them will be stronger? You will naturally fight against me but the question is for how long. Some have fought for weeks others fell in few days." Greg paused and got a bottle of water from a knapsack he brought with him. Anna still couldn't believe this was happening to her. The substance he was talking about was already flowing in her blood system. It must have already taken effect. She felt sick.

"As I said earlier I will train you to become a perfect slut. I tell you how to dress, how to behave and how to fuck and be fucked. You listen to me and nothing will happen. You can even go home and live your life but you will have to do your job properly. You will be paid all expenses but nothing more. That's the deal."

Greg didn't wait for an answer. He pulled out a thick, black vibrator from his knapsack and showed it to her. "You'll have to get used to having a dick in your vagina again. For today's session I will shove this thing into you. It will run on maximum. You are not allowed to come until I say so. Understood?" Anna shook her head. This was insane. Greg shrugged and pulled out the stun gun. Anna moaned and closed her eyes. Better this than to degrade her further. The shock was long and painful Anna lost nearly her conscience. At the end she screamed for mercy. Greg only smiled and inserted the vibrator into her. The tip of the artificial cock parted her cunt lips and the injection from couple of hours ago already showed its effects. Her Vagina juices began to flow immediately when it sensed that something was ready to invade her. Greg kept on to circle the tip around the entrance.

Anna's body felt numb and she was drifting in and out of conscience. The only thing she could definitely feel was her burning love hole. It was hotter than she had felt it ever before. Greg saw into her parted pink pussy and shoved the vibrator up to its hilt in one easy go. It was so wet that it sucked up the 10inch without any problems. He pressed the bottom button and the vibrator started to work. The mechanical sound of the motor began and Anna closed her eyes. She was used to having a vibrator in herself but never before felt it so good. Her nerve endings seemed to be so sensitive. Next Greg lay on top of her and he felt her naked body through his shirt. He smelled her distinct smell of perfume on her skin. Slowly he stroked her shoulder with his fingertips.

Anna's body reacted immediately to his touch and goose bumps appeared on her soft skin. She had her eyes closed and felt how his fingertips moved up her neckline, to her face and through her blond hair. They massaged her scalp and for a brief moment she felt relaxed and the pain from the shock faded. But soon she told herself not to fall for it. He was trying to relax her and make her horny. The vibrator in her vagina kept on drilling into her merciless. Her upper lips trembled and she let out a silent moan. It was getting harder to resist the impulse to move her hips. Her body wasn't listening to her mind. Her juices were flowing and she could here the mushy sound of the vibrator in her hot cunt. The fingertips meanwhile continued downwards. They were circling around her nipples.

"No..." she whispered weakly as she felt Greg's hot breath on them.

His lips covered the dark red flesh and his mouth started to suck it. He could feel the nipples getting harder in his mouth. He carefully bit on it.

"AA...don't please..."

Anna's mind started to get hazy. Her nerves were sending out feelings of pleasure that it was mind numbing. A voice in her started to scream to go with the flow.

"NOOO!" Anna screamed out.

The vibrator hammered in her, his hands were touching every one of her sensual body parts and it was getting too hard to resist against the urge to come. Anna panted. Her cheeks were red of the heat of the room and the passion that was flowing in her body. His tongue licked her ear and she shuddered.

"AA God..." She clenched her teeth. The shudder had made her nearly come.

Her pussy felt like a dangerous volcano. Any slight movement would create an explosion. She could feel the heat of Greg's muscular body on top of her. The musky odour of his sweat and his touch was driving her body mad. No, she thought, you have to resist. I won't be anybody's toy.

"Good. You didn't come yet. But I know you want to. Your body is burning up and inside your pussy everything is melting away. Do you want to come?" he asked her and squeezed her left breast hard enough to make her squeal.

Anna just shook her head. Suddenly Greg removed the vibrator. It was dripping with her juice. Her Pussy was hungry and it yearned to be entered again. Her body was weak and it became hard for her to focus on something. Something in her wanted to be released. Her body ached it cried and gave every possible signal to her brain to let it go.

"Open your mouth!" said his voice.

But when she saw that he tried to force the vibrator into her mouth she turned her head away. Greg grabbed her cheeks, pressed them hard and forced her mouth open. The plastic vibrator in the left hand he stuffed it this time into her mouth. Anna protested but he held it steady and the juice flowed down into her mouth.

"Suck it clean. It's only your own love juice. It won't harm you." He said and waited until she finally sucked it.

It was a battle of the wills and Anna tried not to loose. But he used such a force that she just couldn't win. Furthermore, her body stopped listening to her. Her tongue licked around at the plastic shaft of the vibrator. Her precum tasted salty. She nearly chocked when he pushed it deeper into her. Anna was so much preoccupied with the thing in her mouth that she realised too late that Greg was holding his penis in position. She yelled at him but nothing than growling came out of her mouth. It wouldn't have helped either if she could have said something. Greg's dick was pulsating. Deep blue veins were running through the huge stick of meat. It was bigger than Phil's. It must be well over 11 inches she thought. He didn't wait or tease her. Greg shoved his dick with brute force into her. He didn't need much time. She was already so wet that it was even too slippery for his taste. He grabbed her shoulders to get extra weight on his pumping motion. The vibrator fell out of Anna's mouth. "AAA...Noooo...JESUS!" She screamed.

Her entire body was shaken. Her breasts were dangling up and down. His strong hips forced the penis like a spear into her. It was driving her crazy. Greg pumped fast and furious. His dick was sliding in and out, in and out. He fucked her good. Her cunt muscles wrapped around his dick each time he entered her. He pushed it deep into her and Anna moaned and screamed.

"HAAA...OH God...AAAA." It was not the sound of refusal but the sound of pleasure that came out of her mouth suddenly.

Greg smiled. She was not as strong than he had though at first. It seemed as if her body had missed the sex a lot. It responded faster to the medicine and his touches than by any other woman. He enjoyed it. Her pussy was a tight hole and his balls were ready to give it a go. Suddenly he sensed that her cunt muscles contracted. She closed her eyes, her hands rolled up into fists; her entire body was tense for a brief second. Then she exploded like a volcano eruption. He felt the warm gush flowing in her vagina.

"AAAA HAAA...Fuck..." she yelled and her head fell back onto the cushion.

Greg continued to pump into her. His cock mixed her cum with her other love juices in her fired up vagina. The hot gush felt good and Greg was near to orgasm as well. He touched her clit with his right fingertips and caressed it while he was fucking her. Anna groaned again and her body jerked skywards.

"NOO...AA...AAA...YEES...AAAA.!" Her body was rocking. Sweat was on her skin and she came a second time. Anna inhaled the musky odour of her rooms. Her heart was beating hard in her chest. Her head spun, her mind went blank, and she shuddered. She had never before experienced such an orgasm. Two in a row with such a force that she nearly passed out... the medicine was certainly having an effect on her. She was ashamed. Anna realised that she had screamed in pleasure at the end of the last orgasm. The thick penis was still in her grinding along her vagina walls.

After a while Greg let his dick slip out and sprayed without changing his facial expression his sperm on her belly. The hot, white and thick juice dribbled on her. "In future you are going to drink this stuff." Greg mumbled and climbed down from her.

Anna was just lying there exhausted. Her pussy was still throbbing and she had the feeling that her mind was drifting away. Her cunt muscles were still jerking a little from the aftermath of the explosive orgasm. Her own cum was dribbling down her inner thigh and his cum spread out on her belly. She felt dirty and disgusted but at the certain time something in her felt satisfied. No...she thought. This procedure wasn't satisfying at all.

"You can go home now. We will continue tomorrow." Greg said and could see an expression of relief in her face. "I have to give you another shot for tonight." He continued and got out an injection needle.

"No..." whispered Anna. But she couldn't move and just had to watch how the clear substance was injected into her again.

"This will also make you sleep better tonight. Now, your clothes are in this bag."

He threw her a blue bag on the bed and released her from the chains. Anna rubbed her ankles and wrists. The skin was red and her muscles felt stiff.

"I'll drive you home and will pick you up tomorrow morning. So be prepared."

Anna's first day of training was over and little she knew of how the surprises still left for her.

Chapter 3