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Mighty Morphing Mother Chapter 4

Will Mark save Anna from slavery?

Hot. Burning. Steamy. Scent of Sweat. Feel of naked flesh.

The bright light of the morning sun filled the bedroom. The summer sun showed no mercy even in the morning. The room was clean and neat. Just as the person who was waking up in the bed. Anna was a neat person. Every item in her bedroom had it's own place and every weekend she cleaned and hovered the entire house. She wished she could spend more time on redecorating her house but work kept her mostly too busy. She used to get up an hour earlier to go for a jog. But for the last 5 days sleep was more important than running around. The training as her personal coach called it was tougher than she could have imagined. Her body was starting to get exhausted.

Her mind was already on the verge to collapse. She knew that she was going slightly mad. Fucking had become something of a daily duty. She remembered the pounding she had gotten yesterday. Over and over again... Greg never gave her time to recover. Something was always keeping her body busy. The injections she was given by him every day showed the first physical effects. Her body was getting slimmer, the extra fat around her belly was nearly gone, her breasts were firmer and her muscles growing stronger with each day. Greg was excited about her physical change. Anna couldn't quiet believe that these changes to her body were possible at all.

Her eyes opened and readjusted to the bright light. 9AM. The red light on her radio alarm on her nightstand told her. Greg would be here in around an hour. She sighed when visions of his prick appeared in her mind. His name alone triggered off a sexual arousal in her. Anna shook her head and tried to get rid of the visions. It was a long nightmare from which she could just not get up. The pain in her heart grew stronger; the tears in her eyes flowing down her cheek again. In what kind of life did she slip into? There seemed to be just no escape from this sinking ship. Anna cried more when her right fingers automatically caressed her clit. The heat she had felt was not only the effect of the sun shining into her bedroom. Her body was aroused and her wet love hole burning up for another day. The urge to touch her and relief herself grew with each day. Yesterday was the first day where she was actually looking forward to be fucked by Greg.

"No..." she exhaled sensually when her other hand grabbed around her breast.

It was an odd feel. Her mind yelling at her to stop but her body would just not listen. And slowly passion and pleasure were clouding her thoughts. It was getting harder for her to fend off these feelings. And since when was she sleeping naked? Anna thought. She tried to remember how she got into bed last night but could hardly recall anything. Every day passed just like a haze. Anna told herself to write everything down... but that was easier said than done.

After the shower she had a quick breakfast and walked through the house. When was the last time she had seen her son? The house was silent and didn't answer any of her thoughts. She heard the familiar sound of a car engine outside. Greg was here. She opened the front door and breathed in the warm summer air. She put on her sunglasses and walked over to the red sports car. Greg smiled at her. Anna looked back to the house before she entered the car. A sigh left her parted red lips. Another day of training was ready to start.

Anna was lost in her thoughts. The vibration of the powerful engine made her cunt twitch. She couldn't help it. The injections had changed her body to something she had no control over.

"I like your outfit..." Greg said and woke her up.

"Thank you." She replied.

Anna didn't like what she wore. But she had no choice. Greg had ordered her to wear it. A white, tight tank top, which showed off her large breasts. She sensed that Greg was staring at her cleavage and sensed at the same moment her heat rising in her vagina. Her body loved it being watched by him. Greg's eyes gazed down along her slim waistline to the Jeans hot pants exposing her long and tanned legs. Today she wore her long blond hair pinned up in a neat twist. The medication did already its wonders, Greg thought. She looked already 10 years younger. After another week she should be ready...

Arriving at work Anna sat down on her bed. The room had no windows and the neon lights made it far more depressing. It was like being in an underground car park. She sighed and sat down on the bed. The springs were soft and made extra for the sexual activity on the bed. Greg had explained it to her once.

"Stand up Anna. I want to kiss you." Greg said.

Her legs listened to his command immediately. Her mind was screaming in disgust. His strong arms wrapped around her and pressed her petit body against his. Her soft breast crushed on his chest. He could feel her erect nipples. He gave her a deep kiss. His beard stubble hurt in her face. His tongue forced her lips apart and moved in.

"MMMM..." Anna muffled when he pressed very hard on one of her breast.

But her didn't let her go just yet. His tongue slurped around in her mouth. Both breathed heavily. She could feel butterflies in her stomach. He was a great kisser. Another hand of his went down between her legs. Greg could feel the heat underneath her pants. Anna closed her eyes when he started to rub his fingers around her clit. The texture of her pants was giving it an extra arousal. Her body was happy. Her vagina wanted more. She wanted to be fucked by him over and over again. NOO, not again. She was fighting against a powerful urge in her. Every day the battle began in herself first. It was a battle her mind could not win.

Greg let her go. Suddenly his arms let go off her body and she stumbled on her weal legs to the bed. She fell on her stomach and gasped for air. Her cunt was throbbing. She screamed a little when Greg pulled her up by the pants and ripped them down. The next thing she could feel was his long cock going into her. Anna screamed out again but in pleasure.


He fucked her doggy style and shivers of excitement attacked Anna's body. Anna bit her lip trying to let out more sounds of passion. His dick slipped into her without problems. She was wet and welcoming the bone. His hands held on her slim waist, his dick thrusting into her, his balls slapped against her butt cheeks. Anna and Greg groaned both. It felt so good. She started to push back and response to his thrusts.

"YES Baby...that's my girl. Fuck my dick... I know you want to FUCK IT!" he yelled and slapped on her butt.

Anna let out a long moan. Her body was so horny since the crack of dawn. This was it. This was what her body had been waiting for and Anna couldn't help it anymore.

She moaned and gasped pushing back against him. Tresses of her hair fell on her sweat-covered face. Anna exposed one of her breasts underneath the tank top and started to caress it. God, it felt so good, she thought.

"LOOK AT YOU!" the sudden voice of a different voice shocked them both.

Anna couldn't see from her angle who just walked into the room.

Greg slowed down a little and her pussy complained immediately. Her cunt muscles twitched trying to get more and hold the penis inside her.

"My, My...only 5 days. I am impressed by your work Greg." Now Anna knew who it was. It was Phil.

"Thank you Mr. Yates. But I'm not quite finished yet." Greg answered and his cock slurped out of her dripping cunt.

"I was just introducing one of our clients to Trisha. I was just around the corner so I thought why not come in and have a look at gorgeous Anna? So how are you doing Baby?" Phil asked her.

Anna sat down and pulled down her tank top. Her pants were on the floor so she couldn't hide her wet pussy hair. Her body trembled. Anna was ashamed. This guy just saw her fucking Greg like an animal. She knew he must have seen her expression of fulfillment in her face when he came in. Her eyes filled up with tears again. His face, his eyes, HE, was responsible for her misery. Anger got in her voice when she yelled back at him.

"You disgraced me enough! Let me go now. LET ME GO! YOU piece of shit" she hit the bed with her fists.

Phil raised his eyebrows and looked over to Greg.

"I thought she had changes. Your report stated that clearly. But what is this? She hasn't changed at all." Phil wasn't happy at all.

"She was alright until you came in Sir. I mean it has been only 5 days. I still have over a week left on her."

"At the end of next week I want my cock stuck up her arse! And she will Goddamm plead me to do so! This at them moment is just absolute BULLSHIT GREG! I want her to be an OBEDIENT SLAVE SLUT. NOT a mind numbing WOMAN, I already get that at home and that is enough! DO WE UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER GREG?" Phil was yelling in a loud voice.

"Yes, Mr. Yates." Greg mumbled.

"You piece scum!" Anna cried and ran over to Phil. But before she could get to him Greg intervened and held her back. She kicked her legs and screamed at her. Tears were running down her cheeks. All the frustration of the last couple of days was coming out now.

"Give her a higher dosage. And make it two injections per day." Phil said, shook his head and left the room.

Greg had problems to calm Anna down. She was still kicking in his arms. He threw her on the bed.

"Shut up Anna." He screamed at her.

"No! I don't want this anymore. I just can't take this anymore... please Greg help me. Let me go!"

This was not only a hard job for her but for him too. Before Greg was scouted for this job he was a B-movie actor sliding in to the porn business. Renown for his stamina and his long dick he was soon scouted by an unknown company. They told him that he would be working with the most beautiful women in the world. Teach them and train them to also become the best sluts in the world, they told him. At first it sounded great. Being paid a million dollars per year for just having sex with good-looking woman? Little he knew that these women were being forced and drugged to become sluts. Anna wasn't the first woman he had seen resisting this much. It was mainly the drug, which made them into slaves rather than his teaching. He was growing tired of this job but he needed the money. Greg looked down on the bed. Anna was curled up and sobbed. Greg sighed. The boss said double doses. It would change Anna in less than a day. The mixture would be powerful. He had done and seen it before. The women became far more than just sex slaves...

Whatever you wish... he thought and pulled out the little aluminum suitcase with the drug and injection needles. Give her the first one now and the second one before she would go home.

Anna fought against him. He pinned her down and slapped her hard in the face so she would calm down. After the injection he left her alone in the room and went to grab something to eat for him and her.

Anna heard him leave. Silence returned. Her eyes were dried up and she couldn't cry anymore. The pain deep in her remained though. A pain that wouldn't go away in minutes or hours. It was a pain that would be there in her forever. With wobbly legs she went over to the little bathroom attached to her room. Her face was pale and her black mascara was all over her cheeks. The eyes were red and puffed. She looked away from the mirror over the sink. The bathroom was all white; from the tiles on the walls and the floor to the bathtub and sink, everything was white. The neon light made the roomer brighter than necessary. She had neither taken a bath or a shower here yet. It looked inviting.

She felt dirty and needed some sort of refreshment. A pain ran through her head. It was as if somebody was thumping with a little hammer against it. A cold shudder overcame her. Her head spun and she felt sick. She staggered towards the wall and rested her forehead against the cold tile. The neon light burned into her eyes. She closed them but the dizziness got worst when she did so. It must be the injection she thought. Too much for her body... Her mind blanked for a brief second. It happened out of the blue. It was very quick. For a second she reeled over to the other side, her body felt weightless and she saw nothing than a white sheet in front of her. Her legs caught her before her body tipped over. Anna slid down the wall and rested her back against it. Dazed she looked at the white wall only 2 meters away from her.

"What... is going on?" she mumbled.

It was like as if somebody was sucking out her life force. Her power was being drained from her. Her head tipped over onto her right shoulder. Her mind was blurred and it was hard for her to think straight. The pain in the head grew stronger with the minute. She groaned and her body finally fell on the cool ground. Her mind slipped away.


Mark ran. He ran and ran. This was not happening, he thought. The image of his mother sucking on the cock of his best friend was still fresh in his mind. The story about his mother being a sex slave for Tom and his father? He shook his head. Sweat was running down his face. His chest hurt and his legs were getting heavier. Mark stopped and leaned forward. He panted for breath. The sky was turning orange and night was about to set. His stomach signaled for food but he ignored it. He wiped his face with his damp blue T-Shirt. He had run far. His school was just around the corner. Mark searched the pockets of his grey shorts but there was no money to be found. He scratched his short light brown hair. In his rush he had just ran out of the house. He couldn't go back... Not now. It was hot and he needed to sit down. He decided to go to the school. Mark knew it was closed but the gym might be open and he hoped for some of his friends being there. Mark walked to the corner of the street when suddenly a car with roared next to him. Mark raised his eyebrows. A red Mazda sports car... nice he thought. The windows on the passenger side moved down and he heard a man shouting at him.


I don't think so... Mark thought, ignored the car and started to walk again.

"Mark Anderson right? I am a friend of your mother. Get in the car I need to talk to you!"

Mark looked back. A massive guy sat at the wheel. A friend of his mother?

"I don't know you! I'm sorry. You know and don't want to necessary raise the number further on the statistic of child abduction...so sorry Mister." Mark replied.

"This Tom guy is in your house isn't he? Trust me Mark...I want to help your mother. She got into something bad."

"How do you know?" Mark started to get interested what this guy had on offer.

"This must be strange for you but trust me. I know what is going on with your mother. They are brain washing her. You can help her before it gets too late." The guy in the car opened the door.

"Get in. We have to talk."

Mark waited for another minute. He wasn't sure. But what he said fit into the story he heard from Tom.

"Alright..." Mark said and got into the car.

The guy accelerated the car and Mark had a good look at him. He could see the muscles beneath the black T-Shirt. His hair was a black and oily and Mark disliked him immediately. The gold chain around the guy's neck gave it the rest. Mark could smell the scent of a Playboy.

"So what about my mother then..." he asked him.

"Let me first introduce myself to you. My name is Greg and I work for the company that turned your mother into... well, something like a prostitute."

Mark sighed. So it was true what Tom told him. Why didn't his mother ask for his help?

"I take you firstly to the place where she works now, so you can get a picture of the situation. I'll talk you through what happened up to now and you can ask me questions later. OK?" Greg said.

Mark just nodded. Anger started to boil up in him. These fuckers are going to pay for whatever they did to his mom, he thought. Not with us... he thought and the image of Tom's grin appeared in his head. How could his best friend betray him like this? Had he no human decency in himself left?

"Alright..." Greg started. "...Everything started 3 weeks ago..."

The car drove into the city and skyscrapers came into the view. It was dark by now and the lights of various sources coloured the view. Mark could not believe the story coming out of the mouth of Greg. What kind of man would do this to his mother? Greg drove the car into a garage beneath a high rise. Mark followed Greg into a building, down a stair, up a floor, around corners, through doors and down in an elevator. It was like an underground dungeon. A maze from which he would certainly not find out his way Mark thought and shuddered. Was it really safe to follow this man? Mark couldn't quite believe the story that Greg belonged to the care taking staff responsible for the food of the slaves. Mark's mother apparently opened up to him and asked for his help. It was a long concrete corridor they got to. The only light source being the neon light bulbs on the ceiling. It was cold and silent. Their steps echoed and to his right and left were a several numbered doors.

"Number 12 out of 30...this is your mothers room." Greg told Mark and opened the lock of the heavy steel door.

Mark gulped and entered the room. There was not much to look at. Only a bed with white linen, a small bathroom and no windows. There was a little aluminum suitcase on a chair. He couldn't believe that his mother was being held here for 3 weeks. He hadn't seen her recently that often and he didn't suspect anything... Mark was busy himself...

"No way..." Mark mumbled.

"She was being trained here Mark. See the bed? Fucked from all positions you can think of, fucked by not only one at the same time. There was much more... which you shouldn't know." Greg said.

Mark stared at the bed.

"Let's go to the police Greg. This has to be made public. It's I mean not only my mother is it? You said there are 30 rooms so that makes 30 women... are you actually aware of what is going on here? Why didn't you go straight to the police?"

"It's not as easy as you think it is... the police is also in this business. These are high-class prostitutes. From politicians to major company bosses come in here daily. This is their private playground." Greg explained to Mark who couldn't be still anymore.

"These people have to be punished. This is fucking illegal man."

"Calm down Mark. As I told you before, we have to keep cool and think over carefully what we should do."

Greg just finished talking when the lights went out.

Mark was surrounded by darkness.

"GREG? What happened?" He said and tried to make out something but it was impossible.

It was a strange feeling being surrounded by absolute darkness. Mark had the feeling he had lost all senses. It was as his body was drifting through an ocean of darkness.

"HEY! Are you still there GREG?" Mark yelled.

Something hard hit him on the back head suddenly and Mark fell on the ground. He screamed in pain and felt how somebody grabbed him by the clothes and threw him. He felt a brief second of weightlessness but in the next his back hit the hard concrete wall. Mark groaned. What the fuck was going on?

"Stop for God's sake..." he yelled when another blow hit his stomach.

He was lifted again, thrown on the bed and his legs and arms were tied up to something. Marks heart was thumping like mad. What was going on? He knew he shouldn't have driven with that shithead Greg. He pulled and kicked but to no avail. He was bound and the lights went on in the next minute.

As he already thought Greg was standing in front of the bed.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR MATTER!" Mark screamed at him. "Let me loose or I'll smash your fucking head."

"Easy Mark. You remind me of your mother when you scream like that." Greg said.

"Why are you doing this? What is this shit?" Mark continued to yell.

"Everything will be ok. I just want to make you happy ok? I will give you a nice present. You won't regret it." Greg clapped his hand and laughed.

"This is going to be exciting. A new chapter of the Anderson family."

He turned around and walked over to the chair and opened the suitcase. Mark couldn't see what he was doing. He pulled his hands but it was not possible to get rid off them. These were solid handcuffs. Mark turned his head back on Greg when he sensed him coming towards him. He was holding a injection needle in his hand.

"What? What the fuck is that?" Mark said. His eyes were wide open in fear.

"Something that will change your life...!" Greg grabbed the boys arm stuck the needle into the skin.

It was a double doses as his mother was getting. It would have immediate effects by a horny 18 year old like Mark. The boy continued to scream at him but Greg ignored him and left the room after he closed his suitcase.

He had to pick a nice present for the boy.

Soon terrible headaches and the urge to throw up overcame Mark. His eyes went all glassy and lost his conscience after a while.

When Greg came back Mark was still gone. He stripped the boys close off and had a look at his erect penis. He nodded. The body was showing a good response to the medication.

"This is your boy Baby. Are you sure you can take him?"

The woman standing at the door way came up to the bed. Greg looked at her. He made a good choice. Julie was perfect for a job like this. She was with the company for little over a year now. Young and tender 22 years. Julie was a natural brunette with wonderful hazelnut eyes. Her curly hair came up to the tip of her shoulder. She had been a career model when she was picked up by the company. Her body was already perfect. She was extremely beautiful and a very asked slave. She had a tight pussy which they enhanced through the medication. Most men only could fuck her for few minutes. Her young tits were firm and a handful which was the perfect size. Her blowjobs were excellent... Greg's penis stiffened. Maybe he should let her blow him. She was wearing only wearing a red thong and push up bra which made her look delicious. Greg slapped on her nice round bubble butt.

"Easy Tiger." Julie said and looked into his eyes. "What do you want me to do with this young stud?" she asked him.

"Just fool around with him. Don't fuck him until I say so. I want to see him wild. I want to see him so horny that his balls will hurt."

"His dick looks so delicious." Julie said in a sweet voice and licked her lips.

"Well, suck it and wake him up."

Julie jumped on the bed and wiggled her ass smiling back to Greg.

"You can fuck me while I'm sucking honey...my pussy is burning hot." Said Julie.

"I will but not now. Suck him first!"

Marks dick was standing up like a skyscraper in the city. His dick was pulsating and Julie touched his shaft. It was hot. Her pussy was getting even hotter. She threw her hair back and went down on him.

Mark felt a funny when he got up. Something wasn't quite right. It was if he would get up in the morning with a painful morning erection. His eyelids twitched and he closed them immediately. The bright light of the ceiling hurt. Mark remembered slowly what just happened and his body rose up but he fell back quickly. The chains were holding him steady. He saw Greg sitting on a stool and watching him. Next thing which came into view was a young woman slurping on something on the bed. He watched in utter disbelief that she was slurping on his cock. His eyes widened and his heart made an irregular beat. WHAT IS THIS? He thought.

Julie's tongue licked his prick head and her fingers caressed his balls. Mark groaned when her lips wrapped around his cock. God. What was this girl doing. She looked beautiful. Mark couldn't believe this...

"I promised you a present! Enjoy it Mark." He heard Greg's voice from the background.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Mark mumbled and moaned when his dick was sucked deep into her mouth.

It felt so good. Mark couldn't believe it. What is this... his cock felt like being on fire. All his nerve endings sending out pleasure and arousal to his mind.

"GOD...AA...Fuck..." Mark leaned his head back and closed his eyes.

Fuck this was too good to resist against it. This was the first time in his life that a girl gave him a blowjob. It felt so good and he didn't want her to stop. Her tongue was licking along his shaft. His cock was so sensitive. He felt horny as hell and wanted to fuck her. This made his cock twitch and Julie smiled at him. Mark's eyes were lost in her cleavage. Her breasts moving up and down behind her red bra. He groaned aloud when she sucked one of his balls and licked down towards his anus. His hear was racing. Everything in him wanted to fuck this girl. No matter what. He breathed heavily by the thought of his dick banging into her wet pussy.

Greg smiled. He knew that guys like Mark where walking testosterones. They just wanted one thing to fuck. The medication helped him just a little bit to tease out that wild side of him.

"Do you want to fuck her Mark?" Greg asked him.

Mark was so much concentrated on the girl that he didn't hear him. There was still a little voice of reason in him that told him not to do this. But the urge that was building up in his balls couldn't be ignored.

"Hi baby... my name is Julie and I'm all yours." She said gulping his dick again into her hot mouth and sucking him deep.

"Please suck it... suck it harder." Mark moaned and clenched his teeth. He wished he cold touch her but she was out of reach.

"As you wish my little baby." Julie said and her head bobbed up and down.

Her tight lips wrapped around his dick and she slurped the thick bone with such a force that Marks hands curled up into fists.

"JESUS..." he yelled and nearly came when he could feel the back of her throat on the tip of his dick.

Julie took it deep into her and caressed the shaft with her tongue. She knew all the right spots and soon she had him on the verge of a climax. Mark sighed. She was too good. His balls were ready to shoot the load. He watched in horror when Julie let his meat stick glide out of her mouth. She looked over to Greg and he shook his head. Julie stood up in the bed and took of her bra and thong. Mark watched in amazement at her naked body. She was so beautiful. Mark longed to touch her. He went crazy when she threw him her thong on his face. It was wet and he could smell the odour of her cunt. His nostrils breathed in the lovely scent. His body trembled. Mark breathed like a caged and angry animal.

Julie moved up her body and stroked her finger tips over Marks chest. He shivered and got goose bumps. He smelled her lovely perfume. Slowly she stood up again and hovered her pussy over his face. Her juices were dripping on his face and Mark had a good view on her shaved vagina.

"I want you so badly." He told her.

Suddenly Greg appeared behind her. He was naked. He forced her to lay next to Mark. With one move he forced his dick into her pussy.

"GOD...You are so fucking tight..." Greg moaned.

Marks dick pulsated and it really hurt. It had to be relieved. He was begging for it.

"Just a moment Mark...AAA...soon I will let you in me." Julie said.

Her head was just under Marks arm. His arms twitched and the chain holding him steady rattled.

"FUCK ME...GREG! OH YESS...FUCK ME HARDER!" Julie yelled, her body rocking.

Greg groaned and as he had predicted it filled her hot and tight hole with his seeds in minutes. His dick slurped out and slapped against her lower belly.

"Let me clean it for you please." Julie begged him.

"Go ahead." He stood up and Julie sat in front of his dick and licked up the rest of his cum. She slurped and licked, every drop tasted so good. The hot and salty stuff was something out of this world.

Greg looked over to Mark. His eyes were only staring at Julie. His cheeks were red and his cock, through which dark blue veins ran through, was pulsating.

Marks dick was throbbing. He wanted a fuck. The Desire was so powerful that nothing else mattered.

"Julie fuck him!" Greg said and Mark felt immediate relief.

"Are you all set baby?" Julie asked him.

Mark only nodded. "PLEASE..." he mumbled.

She lifted her slender body and lowered her pussy slowly to meet his rising spike. Both of their bodies trembled. Both were looking forward for first contact. Mark wanted to rip her down and fuck her so fast and furious. When his cock head met her pussy lips Mark felt electrocuted. Slowly it parted her lips and sank into the hot mush of fluid inside her.

"AAAA..." both of them moaned.

She was tight but that felt so good. The walls of her vagina rubbed against his shaft. It took a minute until she had him inside her fully. Fuck, thought Mark. He was already ready to cum. Slowly she lifted her body. Rise and fall. The movement made Mark squeal.

"O God... this is so good Julie. Please go on!"

"Do you want to fuck her really good?" Greg asked.

Mark nodded. "Let me fuck her Greg. Untie me and let me fuck her! PLEASE... I'll do anything what you want just let me fuck her!"

Greg grinned. That was the answer he was waiting for. He released the boy from his chains and let him do the job.

"Get on your knees Julie!" Mark said and she complied immediately.

He stroked her round butt and kissed it. God, how long was he looking for this moment? The last time he had sex was nearly a year ago. All the frustration was relieved when he entered her. The image of him fucking his own mother popped back in his head. YEAH... that made him horny. The night when he was out with Tom and couldn't get any girl...That left him horny too. Now, he pumped his dick into her was the time to be relieved from that. He pushed his cock through the tight pussy spreading her wide open. Mark put his hands on her butt and began to thrust harder into her. She was helping him by pushing back and meeting his motion. Mark wanted to last long but also wanted to fuck her furiously. Julie felt his dick moving slowly yet deeply inside her. His breathing was heavy. He leaned forward pushing his dick more deeper into her. His hands grasped her swinging tits and twitched her nipples.

"AAA That's t Baby... Fuck me...FUCK ME!" Julie yelled which turned Mark on.

She shook her head, her hair waving into each direction. Mark pumped into her harder and faster. His dick sliding and thrusting in and out, in and out of her wet, dripping cunt.

Greg was amazed by the stamina of the young man. The medication were certainly playing a role in this.

Julie's mouth was gaping open every thrust met by a cry of pleasure from her. Her cunt snatched around the thick meat shaft and squeezing it with all it's might. Over and over Mark rammed his cock inside her. Gasping and slapping filled the room. Greg was rubbing his dick. Mark was good. After a moment Julie felt him tremble and hot gush flowed inside her.

Mark panted and his cock twitched in her a last time and he pulled it out. His dick was glistening with cum. Julie immediately turned around and licked it cleaned. Sucking up every drop of cum. She even stuck her finger in her cunt, scooping out the white fluid and gulping it.

She was just amazing. Mark couldn't hold it. He threw her on her back and licked over her breasts and nipples.

"Yes Baby... make me cum, make me cum. I want you to fuck me until I cum."

Mark slid his tongue between her pussy, caressing her clit and licking up her juice. He only had one thing in his head. That was to fuck her again and make him and her cum again. His dick didn't slow down at all. It stayed focused. Mark grasped her legs and pulled her body against him. For the next ten minutes he fucked her slow and kept Julie going. She was getting hotter and hotter. With a long cry her cunt exploded and her body rocked wildly.

"FUCK ME more...Fuck me more! I want MORE!" she was screaming and Mark nodded.

"I want also more of you...I wan to fuck you forever."

He slapped her butt cheeks and gave her rough kiss on her lips.

Greg nodded and looked over to the door. Phil stood there nodding back to him. Everything was working out well. Mark buried his cock deep into Julie both crying out their passion.

Chapter 4