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Mighty Morphing Mother Chapter 5

Anna's will is finally broken.

The room smelled of sweat and sex. The white bed sheets were drained with the cum of several wild orgasms. The Neon light burned down on the two moving figures beneath them. Their sweat covered flesh glistened, their gasping and moaning sounds filled the room. It was Greg and Anna. They were fucking away in a frenzy.

Greg was happy with the result of the double dosage. After he came back from his lunch he found her lying on the bathroom floor. However, she wasn't just lying there. She was finger fucking her swollen, wet pussy. Her juices running all around her. It was a pretty amazing sight.

"You're feeling better Anna?" he had asked her.

"What did you do to me?" she said between a moan of pleasure.

"I've done nothing honey. I just went to grab a bite, I come back and see you in here masturbating as there would be no tomorrow."

"You bastards? AAA? please don't touch me."

She tried her best to resist. Greg gave her credit for lasting this long. But with a double dosage of that medicine no women had ever successfully resisted it's effects. Anna was stubborn but when he finally touched her she cried and cum shot out of her vagina like a waterfall.

"Now? you made a mess in here. Lick it up and clean it!" he had ordered her.

She shook her head. Her chest rising up and down. She was gasping for air. Anna shrieked when Greg grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head down on to the floor.

"I said lick it!" he pushed her a little more and her face met the wet floor.

"Lick your juice." He had pulled her hair hard when she didn't comply with his order.

Anna had screamed in pain, but her tongue came out and she had licked the floor clean. At the end she was starting to enjoy it. She had slurped up every inch of the floor where her juice and cum had landed. Her cheeks were red and Greg knew that her body wished for his dick. Without anymore questions he threw her on the bed and fucked her. There was no more crying or screaming. Anna was rather screaming in pleasure. This time for real.

Right now she was riding his dick, her breasts wobbling up and down and she loved it. Greg grabbed one of her bouncing tits and knelt it. Her hips were moving fast and his dick was gliding into her hot hole. Anna's cunt wanted more, she wanted to be filled up with every inch of his thick pole, filled up with his cum and to be fucked by him forever. Her mind was trying to explain that this was wrong. But she was pumped up with the medication and nothing made sense to her anymore. Just fucking this guy seemed to be right at the moment. Her cunt screamed for his wet prick to slide in deeper and deeper into her.

Two days later and two days without sex Anna was more than horny. She sighed each time Greg's skin brushed against hers. Her fingers were not enough to relieve herself anymore. Her mind was clouded and her feisty arguments with Greg had ebbed away.

"Tell me what you want right now." Greg asked her.

Anna stared on his zipper.

"Give me a blowjob!"

Anna moved towards him knelt down on her knees and opened his pants. His dick flipped out. Anna nearly broke into a triple orgasm. She knew this cock so well by now and just wished it inside herself. She licked over it with the tongue and enjoyed the salty taste. Slowly she opened her mouth and drove the hot prick inside her. "SUCK IT." Greg yelled and watched as her head bobbed forward and backwards.

She sucked until her cheeks hurt and her tongue got tired. The dick was dripping with her saliva. Anna rubbed and sucked on it. Licking along the shaft she sucked up his huge balls and circled them in her warm and wet mouth. Greg groaned. She was good. He was pleased that she stopped yelling and punching him each time he tried to force her to sex. This was a very good sign. Greg balls suddenly tightened and he held her head back. Anna tried to move back and moaned. She could feel that he was ready to burst. Greg pumped his dick back and forward into her mouth. She gagged and suddenly a hot stream of goo filled her mouth. She coughed but Greg told her to swallow.

"Drink it?you better get used to this taste."

Anna closed her eyes and swallowed the cum. Tears were flowing down her eyes. Somewhere in her head she was screaming. Her mouth opened gasping for air. Greg shoved her rough onto the floor. Anna landed on her back and Greg climbed immediately on her. He pumped his dick into her cunt and she screamed out again in pleasure. She panted and her cheeks turned red with pleasure. Her mouth was hanging open, her hips jerked wildly.

"Now, that's what I call a good girl. Move your hips?Yes that's good." Grinding his dick against her clit he teased her.

"UNNNAAA?" Anna yelled and spread her legs wide open and wrapped them around his body.

Pushing his throbbing deeper into her both of them grunted in pleasure.

"Say you love it Anna. Say it!" he whispered into her ear.

His hot breath breathing into her ear turned her on.

"Now where did the feisty little woman go? Where are those cool eyes? Eh? Look it you. Pumping your hips so hard?you love it don't you Anna?"

Anna's eyes were filled with lust. The only thing that was important to her was to get a good fuck. Anna lost the game. The double dosage of the medication was too much to keep her sanity. 7 days onwards and she was willing to rock on anybodies cock. There was nothing she could do about it. Her body craved to be touched and fucked. It became a natural urge like hunger and thirst. Weeks passed and her body showed also signs of the drug. Her body, her face, her skin, her breasts, her butt and even her vagina looked and were young as early twenty. Men started staring at her, wolf whistling after her and she loved it. Her pussy got hot and wet each time she walked outside and sensed the men's attention on her. She couldn't believe it herself? she was over 30 but she looked so much younger than that. Anna felt young. Whatever this drug was, it made her beautiful. The training with Greg had just finished a couple of days ago. She missed him? the few customers she received thereafter could not satisfy her hunger for sex. But he still came around everyday to give her the shots.

It was a warm summer day when she had her first sexual encounter with Marks best friend Tom. Anna already saw him a couple of times at her underground workplace. She was a little ashamed but at the same time she wondered also how good he would be in bed. Her body depended on the daily drug shots now. Still there was a flame of revolution in her but her body craved for the injection and sex. She had no choice anymore. Running away was no option and after a while she stopped thinking about it. The company was after all taking good care of them?and the new work was satisfying?or not? It just gave her the headaches to think about it. Greg and Phil had decided to let her live her life alone again after careful observation. Greg didn't pick her up anymore as now it was safe that she wouldn't come.

The sun was burning down on her when Anna got out of her car. Instantly all men on the car park gaped at her. Anna's straight blond hair shined in the sunlight. She was wearing a skin exposing skimpy red summer dress. The dress was held by two thin straps around her shoulder. The low cut dress showed off her delicious cleavage. Anna wasn't wearing any underwear. The men nearly got the feeling you could see through the flimsy fabric. The dress was short and only went down to her upper thighs. Her long legs were well exposed. Her nipples poked out of the dress and her ass cheeks wiggled as she walked into the supermarket. Drifting through the various food isles she randomly grabbed the stuff she needed. She could swear that each time she bend over the men around her stared down on her merciless. Everywhere she went in the supermarket an audience of men seemed to follow her. God?Anna thought. Her body was shivering. Goose bumps ran down her skin. They were making her hungry for sex. She took a number of deep breathes.

"Having trouble breathing?" somebody suddenly asked her. She turned around quickly and looked into a charming smile on the face of Tom. She recognised him immediately. He looked similar like his father Phil. His face nearly as handsome as his fathers. And those eyes were twinkling with lust. Quickly the image of Phil popped into her mind. Anna brandished him as a beast. A sex beast who hadn't fucked her since the attack on her in his office.

"How are you Mrs. Anderson. I haven't seen you around the house lately. Being busy?" he asked her.

He smirked. Her heart was pounding. He knew what she was doing? the thought of her son crossed her mind. I hope he doesn't tell Mark. But Anna realised that this was not the only reason why her heart was racing so fast. This young man, his smell, his voice and his close presence was also the reason. Her body was reacting towards it.

"Are you looking for anything particular?" he asked her. "Maybe I can help you." He stared into her cleavage and his tongue licked over his lips.

Anna was staring at him. The thought of seeing herself naked with this young man was filling up her mind. She couldn't say anything. She was just standing there. It was awkward but she already had lost all control over herself. There was a strange excitement growing in the pit of her belly.

"I can help you Mrs. Anderson? just follow me." Said Tom and took her hand.

He pulled her and Anna stumbled with him. Something in her said no but the voice was overthrown by her desire. They past an isle for canned food, past the meat section and stopped when they came to a door marked "Staff Only". Tom pushed her through the door. She tried to protest but her heart wasn't in it for a long time already. The door led to a long thin corridor with other doors leading off it. It was dark. Tom tried the first door but it was locked, the second gave way at once. They walked into a tiny room. Anna was breathing hard. Her palms were wet and the touch of his skin made her nearly come. Tom flicked the lights on. It seemed to be a little office with barely enough room for a desk and chair. Nobody else was in the room. Tom turned around to her. He was breathing hard. Anna could see the bulge of his manhood underneath his trousers.

"You know?this has been my dream since I have seen you first in Junior High. I love that dress?you look so good."

The words he purred seemed like caressing her body. She shivered. Tom grabbed her suddenly. He was rough and young. Anna sighed when he ran his fingers down her body. His mouth pushed down on her, his fingers massaging her breasts and nipples through the thin satin fabric of her dress. His hands seemed to be all over her body. Cupping her breasts, running down her back and slapping her butt cheeks. Anna's body was ecstatic. The hours of fucking every day with Greg had made her hyper sensitive, it made her horny and it filled her up with the desire to be fucked more and more. Her pussy burned like fire. She fell on her knees and helped him to undress. His dick sprang put of the pants and his manly odour drove her crazy. She rubbed her face against the smooth skin of his dick.

"Take it in your mouth" Tom said, his breathing deep and uneven.

Anna's body immediately reacted towards the command as she was told over and over by Greg.

She carefully licked over the tip of his prick. The urge to explore every inch of Toms prick was uncontrollable. She licked along the shaft. Tom sighed in pleasure and leaned back against the wall. His hands ran wildly through her long blond hair. The dick twitched in her mouth while she drove it up and down the entire length. Tom pressed his cock harder and harder into Anna's mouth.

"Keep sucking on it?Suck it?YES?" he whispered.

"Please fuck me Tom?I want you in my pussy." She whispered back. The words came out of her mouth automatically. It was a strange feeling. She really wanted to be fucked. Her hand slipped under her dress and felt the heat of her sex. Her pussy lips were already puffy, oozing with little drops of juice. Tom lifted her up and pulled her dress down. He raised his eyebrows when he realised that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

"They are useless for me?" she said.

Tom cupped her large breasts, his mouth going in immediately to suckle on her left nipple. His thumb flicked back and forth over the other hard nipple. Waves of pleasure passed through Anna and she moaned out loud. It felt so good being touched by this boy. Her body was craving for more.

"God, what have you done to me?" she whispered.

"This is the true you Mrs. Anderson. The true woman who was hiding beneath that motherly character. The slut who you kept back is now in charge of you? but it seems so that you do not mind at all. If you think, that the drugs and the training are to blame for your condition now than you are wrong. This horny character was all the time with you. It is in everyone. It's in the human DNA. We humans just love fucking."

Tom bent down and hungrily took the nipple back into his moist and hot mouth. His tongue felt like fire on her sensitive points of flesh. It made her shudder with pleasure.

"AAA YES?AAA." Anna cried out unable to hold herself back.

Her soaking fingers were pressed inside her cunt. His hard prick pressed against Anna's thigh. Tom was unstoppable. He was all over her. Anna came? she just climaxed. Tom's touches were too much for her. Her body rocked. Tom turned her around and made her face the wall. Anna arched her back and offered him her nice round butt. Tom held her by the waist and after a while pressed his hard cock into her wet, hot cunt from the rear. Anna cried out. He was hard? it was so big? she thought for a moment it would split her cunt into two. His dick eased deep into her beautiful cunt. Tom grunted and forced his dick deeper and deeper into her until he had filled her sex completely. Anna winced in pleasure of penetration. Her body rocked by his fucking motion and the slapping sound of their flesh filled the room. She turned her head around and saw that the pleasure was intense for him too. He went in and out of her clutching vagina with a hard almost brutal rhythm that made Anna cry out for more.

"Yes?Baby?that's it?FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME?"

Anna's body twisted and stretched she wanted him to go harder and deeper. She climaxed again. A huge rush of cum washed through her cunt. Her body jerked, her tits swung wildly up and down, she pushed her butt deeper into the rod. After a while Tom's body went rigid and moulded onto Anna's body. She could feel the young man's prick pumping inside her, the thick cream shot into her pussy and mixed up with her own juices.

Tom gasped for air.

"That was a fucking good fuck? you are certainly something special Mrs. Anderson. I will tell my Dad about this? he will be most happy to test you too."

He put on his clothes, gave her a kiss and left the room. Anna was lying in a puddle of cum and sweat. She was exhausted. Better get out of here before somebody comes in she thought and hurried. Tom was a great lover? her face radiated just by the thought of him. She wished to see him again.

Little she knew at that time that their next meeting would lead to her next disaster.

Chapter 5