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Mighty Morphing Mother Chapter 6

Mark tries to rescue his mother.

She looked at herself in the mirror. The steam had faded... she must had been staring at her own image for quite some time. Her body looked young and fresh. But she didn't feel that way at all. Her son had just discovered the truth... he had seen her fucking his best friend in the kitchen and the blowjob act just a while ago in this bathroom. Anna couldn't hold her body back. She tried not to suck Tom's dick but she had no control over her body. Her vision blurred. She sunk to her knees, the towel strapped around her body fell off her, and tresses of her blond hair fell onto her face and hid the tears flowing from her eyes. In what kind of woman did she turn into? A slight headache settled in. She wiped her tears off with the back of her right hand. The headache turned quickly into a hammering pain. Maybe it's the crying... but soon a stabbing pain ran through her entire body. Her body started to shake uncontrollable. God, this could just mean one thing... her body was asking for the injection. Greg once warned her that she should get the daily dosage at the same time or her body would start getting jittery. She cursed herself.

Anna turned around and saw Tom lying there still unconscious. Maybe he had some shots. With shaking legs she pulled herself up, got a cold, wet towel and slapped it against his face and neck. Desperately she shook him and yelled his name.

"Tom! Get up! Come on!" she screamed into his ears.

But he didn't move. He didn't even twitch. Anna was concerned and a sense of panic started to cloud her thoughts. She started to feel very sick. The pain was unbearable. Everything she touched gave her a shot of pain. It was as if her body was hypersensitive to everything. Her mind was screaming for mercy. One part of her was screaming for the shot, another was screaming to find her son and get the hell out of this situation. But the latter lost. She robbed out of the bathroom, each move triggering out a flash of pain, her heart was racing so fast that she was worried it would burst. Drooling from one side of her mouth she reached the phone in her room. She had no other option than call Greg. It was an emergency. An inner voice of reason told her not to. It would just clarify the fact that she depended on the services of Phil's company. But that thought was drowned quickly with flashes of pain and her bodily urge to get the drug fix. She faintly heard the voice of Greg.

"I'm at home... Greg... I need an injection badly. I cannot take it any longer, please hurry. " She whispered into the phone.

"Is this you Anna? What the hell are you doing? I will be there in a minute. " Greg answered.

He arrived in less than 10 minutes. She heard him storm the staircase up. Anna was lying naked on the floor. She had closed her eyes fighting against the pain. A warm hand touched her shoulder and carefully turned her on to her back.

"So, you want your shot?"

Her eyes opened instantly.

"Phil! What are you doing here?" she whispered. Terror overcame her.

This guy was a rough and ruthless. Even in her drugged mind she felt that way. The sex with him was far more than enjoyable. It was torture. But her body quickly reacted to the touches of this man. It knew that he was always a challenge and a good sex partner. He stroked his palm over her slim thigh. Anna's head jerked back. She gasped.

"Please Phil... I really need the drug. My body... I'm in pain. " She whispered.

It was painful just being stroked. Where is Greg she thought? She knew that Phil would tease her until she was on the verge of collapse. The last sex with him was pure torture. He licked and fingered her pussy but always stopped and denied her to enter nirvana. She hoped this wouldn't be the case now.

"My, my how you have changed. Do you remember that last time you were begging me to fuck you? Where is that feisty little woman I loved?"

"Please Phil... I need the shot. Give it to me please. " She begged.

"You have such a beautiful body my dear. Your tits... God I love them. " He knelt them with both his hands.

Anna let out a moan.

"I heard that your son found out about this little change of yours. What a shock that must be for a son... his mothers a high class prostitute. A slut who makes her living by fucking strangers. It must have hurt him pretty much... don't you think? He unzipped his pants and smirked.

"If you want your shot suck my cock!"

Anna closed her eyes. She couldn't believe it. Couldn't he just give her the shot?

"It really hurts... Phil. I cannot even move my body. "

Phil sighed and scratched his balls. His dick was swollen and he wanted that warm mouth of Anna wrapped around it. This bitch just keeps on moaning around... if she wants the shot I will give her a damn shot that will sent her to heaven, Phil thought and got out a little pouch with injection needles. He filled three needles full with the drug. He smiled. This will drive her to the edge of madness. Anna watched carefully each of his movements. She was yearning for the relief. The pain nearly drove her into unconsciousness.

"Here we go my little princess. " Phil whispered and chuckled.

This was the highest dosage he had ever given to anyone. Anna sighed in relief when the first shot entered her body. Soon she felt a tingle in her belly and a comforting warmth-spreading out in her. She didn't notice the second and third shot following in rapid succession. Her head spun, her mind was fogged and she had the feeling that her pussy was twitching uncontrollably. Something was wrong... she sensed it. She couldn't quite tell what it was but something... "Let's fuck...!" Phil grabbed her legs and spread them wide open. His dick hammered into her tender vagina like a sledgehammer. Anna's head sunk to the side and her eyes stared lifeless at something in the far corner of the room. The hot and powerful rod dived into her pussy enjoying all juices. Her cunt muscles twitched nervously and Phil spoke tenderly to her stroking her hair.

"You have a wonderful pussy. "

Anna just lay there enjoying the dick and the sensation of the pain residing. Her head felt very light and her belly was warm. Her hips moved automatically to meet his thrusts. Phil's face was right in front of her. He had a serious expression on his face, concentrating on his movements, enjoying every inch of her cunt. His fingers moved over her breasts and squeezed her hard nipple. He grunted loud and Anna felt his hot seeds shooting deep into her.

It was like waking up from a dream. A nice dream... a very pleasant dream. Mark shook his head... no he thought. It's like waking up and had this vivid dream of having fantastic sex with a beautiful woman... and you were allowed to do everything. She didn't mind if you touched her breasts or her lovely butt and the sex was mind numbing good. But what is THIS? Mark thought and focused back on reality. He was sitting on black, soggy and stinking garbage bags. He was dressed in a black short sleeve shirt, khaki pants and sandals... these were not his clothes. Mark stood up, wiped the dirt off his pants and looked around. In the distant he could hear the bustle of the city. The sky was dark and it was even darker here in the back ally where he was standing. The high brick walls of the buildings surrounded him and Mark had no clue where he was. He walked out towards the light of a busy main street. His heart pounded. Mark just couldn't remember what had happened to him. Wasn't his mother... yes, then he ran out... but thereafter? He met someone... his memory was a huge blur. The moment he came out onto the street sounds of cars, sirens and people hit him. It was a busy place. Neon lights, were flickering above him, sirens of police cars were driving his ear drums mad, masses of people were travelling the side walks, people huddled in front of shops and restaurants and Mark stumbled around in the chaos.

"Watch out kid!" a man yelled at him when he stumbled out onto the sidewalk.

The stream of people carried him away. He quickly turned into a quieter side street. Mark looked around and tried to figure in which part of the city he was but nothing seemed to be familiar to him. Everything was so alien to him... even the people around him. THINK... he thought to himself. Your mother... she fucked with your best friend. WHY? Reason for this was... Mark closed his eyes and concentrated.

"The reason for that was because she... Come on... Tom explained it to you, he said... " Mark stopped.

He couldn't remember it. Whatever happened to him it must have taken his memory. But how and why? I better go home... he thought and looked for a Taxi. Taxi equals money... he thought. Quickly his hands dug into the pockets of his pants. Left hand nothing... right hand... something. He pulled it out. It was a 20 Dollar bill and a piece of paper. Mark moved closer to the main street to get some light. It was a note but difficult to read. It seemed as if somebody had written it down in haste.

"Help us... go to this address. It's safe. " He read out.

Mark flipped the paper round and found a street name and house number.

"Right... " he mumbled. "Thank you for getting me more confused. " He crushed the paper in his palm. At least he had 20 Dollars now. He could take a taxi and drive as far he could pay for into the direction of his house. The drive from his suburban place to the city took normally 30 minutes by car. 20 Dollars should be more than enough he thought. But the curious note made him worry. I still can go to that place later. Mark ran out to the street caught a taxi and drove home. Maybe he thought he would remember something there. Mark was in luck. The ride only cost him 18 Dollars. He paid and rushed up the lawn to his house. The house was dark but his mother's car was parked on the side. The front door was locked so he tried the back. It was open. He came in through the kitchen and recalled the day when he had seen them fucking here. Why could he remember that but not the important facts. He touched the cold kitchen floor and saw for a moment the scene in front of him. It was dark and quiet and Mark decided not to switch on the lights. Something was odd about this silence. He could hear his blood rushing through his ears. Slowly he moved to the living room. His eyes quickly got used to the darkness. But the room was empty. The standby button of the television was staring at him with an angry red light.

"Mom?" he whispered but his voice seemed awfully loud.

But the living room remained silent. He had no other choice then move upstairs. Lifting each of his legs carefully he moved in utter silence to the top floors of the house. The air was damp and sticky. A thin layer of sweat lay on his forehead. He could smell her perfume. The bathroom door was open and looked like a gaping dark hole. Mark started to feel a little nervous. The urge in him to switch on the lights grew. What was he actually looking for? His mother? Why shouldn't he just shout for her... why this precaution? He didn't know... only something in him said he should be careful. Next to the bathroom was his mother's room. The door was shut. He stood in front of it for a minute and waited. His breathing was so loud that he couldn't hear anything else. Leaning closer to the door he his hand slowly grabbed the doorknob. With a slight push it opened. The room was dark. It was darker than the corridor. There seemed to be no light source at all in the room. The air was stale, hot and stank of sweat. Suddenly an arm grabbed him and pulled him with great force inside. He tried to halt his fall but unable to do so he crashed into something hard. For a moment he saw stars. Soon a number of hands grabbed his arms and legs. Mark screamed in pain when somebody twisted his knee into a direction, which it normally shouldn't move at all.

"Stop it for fucks sake!" he screamed. His body jerked from one side to the other but strong hands kept him on the ground.

Mark sensed a number of people in the room. Some were moving. He winced and closed his eyes when the light was turned on. Blinking his eyelashes he quickly scanned the room. Three muscular guys were holding him steady on the ground. They stank of sweat. A shadow fell on Marks face and he looked up.

"I kill you... you piece of shit!" he grunted.

"How sweet. Thanks for coming by... but, the party is already over. You missed it again. " Tom chuckled and looked over to his father.

Mark tried to move but he couldn't. Tears of frustration filled his eye. Tom is a real hardcore bastard, he thought. Why is he doing this again? But what Mark saw in the next minute made him remember again. It was Tom's father. He was naked, sweating and out of breath. Somebody on the bed was moaning when he climbed of and looked Mark into the eyes. Mark knew instantly that it was his mother who was on the bed... all the memory came back. How Greg had given him some weird drug, the amazing sex he had with that girl in the secret compound of Tom's father's company. He also remembered this girl... Julie giving him another shot after which he nearly passed out, whispering to him that she would help him... he recalled how she had dragged him into a car... the note! It must have been her who slipped him the money and the note... Christ and he just ran back into these bastards' arms again.

"How did you get here?" Phil asked him.

He looked at Mark in a puzzled way.

"I thought you are with Greg. What happened?" he asked him. Mark didn't say a word. The guy holding his arms bend them further. Pain shot through his body. Mark screamed.

"I don't know!" he yelled.

"Tom, take care of his mother while I'm talking with him. She is asking for a dick. "

"Yes, Dad, with pleasure. Mark's mother is always a good fuck. That you know don't you Mark?"

Tom chuckled and looked into his friends face. Mark screamed and his face turned red with anger. He didn't care about the pain anymore. He just wanted to rip these people into shreds.

"GET OFF HER!" he screamed. But his outcries were soon muffled when one of the three men threw his massive hands on his mouth.

Tom undressed and vanished from Marks vision. There was another fat man beside the curtain. He was just staring at the bed. Mark wanted to see what was going on there. He could hear a long and passionate female outcry. What are they doing to her... Mark thought.

"So," Phil turned back his attention on Mark. "How was the fuck with Julie? She is one tight pussy isn't she? I hope you had a thrilling ride. "

Mark couldn't answer so he went on.

"I want to know how you got out. I had given specific orders so you could live happily ever after in my pleasure garden. So Mark, who was it? Who set you free?"

The big hand was lifted of his mouth. Mark just stared into his eyes.


"Of course... stubborn as your mother. Well, I won't have time to have a discussion with you all night. It is already past 12. " Phil said and gave the men a wink.

Mark was lifted up onto his legs.

"Now you have a better view on it. " Phil grinned at him.

Mark knew it. It was his mother. Tom was fucking her. Her legs and were wide spread and wrapped around the back of his friend. She was crying out loud in pleasure. Her sweat-covered face was contorted into a mask of pure pleasure. Her eyes and mouth were wide open. With each swing of Toms cock an incredible sound came out of her mouth. He couldn't believe this was his mother. What had happened to her while he was gone?

"FUCK, FUCK YES... FUCK IT. FUCK MY HOT CUNT. " She was screaming and swinging her arms.

Her head jerked back and forth. Tom was panting, his hips moving faster with each thrust. He licked his wet tongue over her erect nipples and groping them deliciously. Mark was shocked. The woman he had seen this afternoon was already far from normal... but now she was mad. Her eyes had a weird shine and the look on her face had something of a wild animal. She seemed to have lost all senses.

"MOM!" Mark yelled.

She turned her face towards him and smiled.

"Oh Baby... I'm so sorry that I was so mean to you this afternoon. Come here! Let me give you a nice blowjob. "

Everybody in the room laughed. Including his own mother. She licked her tongue over her lips.

"Come on Mark. I want to see your big dick! Fuck your Mother with your fat cock. Spread my vagina, pump your hot rod into it and fill it with your lovely sperm. "

"Your mother seems to want you badly. " Phil said. "How about we let your penis decide what you want eh?"

The men ripped his pants down and Mark's cock sprang out. He couldn't hide the fact that he was horny. But this came not from his naked mother. It was already like this when he woke up in the city just an hour ago. It must still be the effect of the drugs they injected into him.

"I think you want her... Mark" Phil whispered.

"No! Let us go you piece of shit. Otherwise I will go to the police. "

"I like that. You have guts Mark. You are not afraid of me... that's good. Like your spirit. But Mark... unfortunately I don't like threats and I don't think that I can let you go... EVER. Your mother has a contract for life in our company. Everything she owned including you is mine now. You can even say that I am your new Dad. " Phil paused and watched for a moment the sex act underway on the bed.

Tom was fucking her ass now while the fat man was suddenly under Anna and fucking her pussy. She was still crying out loud wishing for more cocks.

"So Mark. I have a deal for you. As from now on you can live out your fantasy. You get everything you want. Everything is possible if you stay with me. You will have money, a great job, fast cars, vacation houses everywhere around the world, and a harem with the best women of the world and happiness. You don't have to worry about anything else anymore. How about that Mark? Isn't that a fucking nice deal?"

Mark shook his head. This is not the way it was supposed to go. Again he cursed his mother. Why didn't she tell him about this earlier? Now, they were in deep, deep shit and only a miracle could help them out.

"I don't want your kind of happiness. This is not happiness you spread. You spread disaster. All the women in your harem are being drugged. They loose their mind and you turn them into sex puppets. They don't want this life you give them. " Mark spitted out the truth.

"Well, well... only because you have seen one girl doesn't give you the right to claim that my girls are treated badly. They have their rights. I protect them and they are happy. " Phil paused and came closer to Mark. "Do you really think that your mother wants to go with you? She won't. She will stay here with me. Just go ahead and ask herself. "

Mark stared with anger filled eyes into Phil's face. This bastard... Mark knew that while his mother would be drugged he couldn't convince her to come with him.

"She depends on the drug so much now Mark. I think your mother is happy. She got a nice body now and has great sex. That's what counts you know. So what's the deal then? Do you want to stay with us? If you liked Julie, well, you can take her as your girl. But I promise you there are hundreds more from which you may pick your choice. And who said one girl... " Phil grinned and opened his arms.

"Hey come on Mark. Tom and I would welcome you on board. It will be great fun. "

Something in Mark was really thinking hard about this offer. What it must be like. He wouldn't have to worry about his future. Girl's... money. But would he be proud of it? What if someday the truth would leak out... he would be charged, put into jail... and these girls are forced to do it. Like his mother. She must have been definitely against it.

Mark shook his head again. "NEVER! I will never join you sick people. I want lead my own life. A normal life. Not a fucking twisted life as yours. "

Suddenly a flash hit him. His cheeks burned and tears shot into his eyes. Phil had smacked him very hard.

"Well, it's your choice. But if you think we will let you go like this than your wrong. " Phil whispered.

Mark shuddered. Panic was rising. His voice was cold as his eyes. Mark knew that this man wouldn't hesitate to kill him... he looked over to his mother. She was sucking Tom's cock furiously. Her belly was glistening with somebody's cum. Her hair was all messed up but she seemed no to be worried about something like that. Only the two dicks around her were important. One in her mouth the other in her hand. Her pink tongue glided on the smooth skin of Tom's dick from the tip to the hilt. She sucked on his balls and Tom groaned out loud. Her right hand moved quickly on the other prick. The fat and oily man was fondling her breasts and Mark closed his eyes. His prick twitched. The desire he had felt this afternoon for this woman was growing in him. But now he didn't see this woman as his mother anymore. She wasn't his mother. She was a slut. A slave of Phil's company. He remembered Julie and her hot vagina.

"What do you think Tom? What shall we do with your friend?" asked Phil.

Tom turned around. His face red through the heat of sex. He shrugged his shoulders.

"Just get rid of him. Or better make him a male slave for your company Dad. That would be great. Mother and Son working side by side. "

Everyone laughed out loud. Phil nodded.

"That's a brilliant idea. Let's take him with us now. Tom buckle up. We are leaving. "

Tom's dick slurped out of Anna's mouth. Her mouth immediately took the other dick. But Tom held her back.

"Please Tom! Don't tease me like this. I need it. "

"Later. I promise you. Come on we have to get going. "

Mark looked in disgust how Tom helped Anna to get dressed. While putting on a very sexy bra on her he cupped her big breasts and looked over to Mark and grinned again. This grinning of his was driving Mark wilder with each minute passing. These men were still holding on to him. The fat man wobbled towards him with a big smile on his face. Mark guessed his age to be around 60. He was bald, his blue shirt tainted with his sweat. His smart bombs of sweat attacked Marks nostril nerves.

"I liked the lady Phil. Gotta give her to me next time for a special all night service. " He laughed and left the room.

Anna put on nothing other than her lingerie and walked out with Tom. Mark followed them and tried to ignore Tom's hand on his mothers butt. Two men were escorting him out of the house, Phil and another gorilla following them. The fresh air was relieving. The air in that room had been horrible and Mark breathed in the cool night air. When he saw he two black limousines parked in front of the car he asked himself why he didn't see them first when he came into the house. The fat man, Tom and his mother went into the first car. The men shoved Mark forward when he stopped for a second. He could hear his mother laughing and screaming. Suddenly the fat man tumbled out of the car with a black bra in his mouth. The men started laughing and Mark thought now or never. With a quick and powerful move he swung his arms out of his opponents clutches and ran down to the street. He heard the angry screams of the men. He heard Phil swearing, shouting after him.

"Stop you piece of shit or I kill you!"

But Mark didn't look back or stopped. He ran as fast as he could into the night. He crossed the street, climbed over a wooden fence, and ran through the neighbour's garden onto the next street. He knew this area like the back of his hand. So did Tom, so Mark wasn't surprised when a car swirled around the corner. The headlights blinding him for a brief moment. He heard dogs barking and lights going on. His heart pounded, he had no time to think about what to do or where to go. His legs carried him somewhere. Mark just wanted to get away from this place. Houses surrounded Mark and for a moment he panicked. There was no way he could get out of here. Suburbia was a maze and he could walk for ages and wouldn't get out. He ran around and saw that they were following him. Mark did a big circle and came back to his house. As he had thought no one was there anymore. Quickly he ran into the house got the car keys from the kitchen table, ran into the car, started the engine and drove off with screeching tires. In what kind of action movie was he suddenly? Mark thought. Nervously he looked into the side mirror and back mirror of the car. They must realize it soon that the car was gone. He punched the wheel with his palm.


He could call himself lucky to have escaped. Who knows what they might have done to him. Millions of thoughts flashed through his head in seconds. What should he do? He had no money, a car with nearly half a tank; he couldn't just stop by at his friend's house... Tom would know where to find him. God, Tom knew everything about him. He was his best friend. Mark recalled his face and punched the wheel again.

"Fucker... " he called and sobbed.

The situation was desperate. Should he just leave the county... should he go to the police, the Feds...? He sped through the night and didn't quite know where to head. "The note... for fuck sake... THE NOTE!" Mark pulled out the piece of paper from his pockets. He had no clue where this street was. Quickly he grabbed the map from the backseat and flipped through it. He had to stop and couldn't find it. His hands were shaking and he was jumpy as hell. He didn't want to be caught again. This time they wouldn't be generous as the first time.

Phil was fuming when he entered the underground level of his company. He walked down the long hall way and stormed into one of the rooms. This bastard son, he thought. The kid really turned into a nuisance. He had hoped that Greg would take care of this... Greg was surprised to see Phil and stopped undressing the young girl standing in front of him. He saw the anger and frustration in Phil's face.

"Is something the matter sir?" he asked.

"YES. Do you actually know where Mark is? I was amusing myself at Anna's house when he suddenly bursts in. I thought you had an eye on him!" Phil's voice trembled.

"Well, as you know he was with Julie. After you left we had a long threesome session, they continued to fuck and fell asleep. I had to deal with this young girl so I left. You have given me specific orders to take a look at this girl. " Pointed Greg out.

Phil looked at the girl. She was pretty. Light Brown hair, green eyes, high cheekbones and perky breasts... a good girl that would fit perfectly into his collection. He smiled.

"Guess what. Julie has vanished as well. "

Greg raised his eyebrows. "That cannot be. She is on the drugs and Mark was on it too. They should still be in their room. " Greg moved.

Phil held him back.

"They are gone. Tom checked the room already. Luckily we have implanted a tracking device in her. They are on her. Don't worry. But Mark is another. We lost him and God knows what kind of damage he could do to us. Maybe he is shitting himself but... I am not sure about this kid. "

"We just hunt him down sir. It should be over in matter of hours. "

Phil nodded and looked back at the girl. Her eyes were staring into empty air. The drug circulated in her system and her body belonged to him now.

"That's when this baby comes into my plan. Get on the phone Greg. Calls the chief of police... tell him to call the mayor and give him notice that they have found his missing daughter. Then they come to us... we present him his whore... and our paradise. He should soon belong to our group of puppets. With his cooperation we will call on a search for Mark... the apparent kidnapper of his lovely daughter. " Phil chuckled.

"You are pure evil sir. " Replied Greg. "I'll get on the phone immediately. "

"Yes... and Greg! Take a break. I will handle this girl. " Phil turned to the girl, walked up to her and cupped her warm breasts.

He waited until Greg left the room. Her skin was smooth and young. She just turned 20 and according to the report still very immature about sex. With his hands he pulled her long hair back and tied it with a string. They will be just in the way, he thought. Her slender shoulders and waist turned him on. The only fabric left on her hid her private parts. His fingertips stroked over her soft flesh. Phil grabbed her ass cheek, massaging it wit passion and gave her a kiss. She reacted slowly but after a while her tongue mingled in his hot mouth.

"Good girl... " he whispered to her. "You will learn to love this. "

His hands were on her breasts as his lips touched her again. The feel of his fingers tweaking her nipples soon had the juices oozing from her hot pussy. Gently he pulled her white panties down as he stroked down her legs. She stood now completely naked in front of him. Her pussy was puffed up and her eyes were sparkling with lust. Phil stepped back and admired her body. His greedy eyes tracing a path from her toes, up her long silky legs to the triangle of fine hair between her thighs to her erect nipples and to her face. She opened her mouth and let out a slow and quite moan.

"That's good. Feel the fire. Feel it rising in you. You want my dick don't you? Yes... tell me what you want. "

He knew that something in her was still fighting against the influence of the drug. But she was feeble minded and it was just a matter of time until she would turn into a sex crying slut. She stepped forward taking his prick into her hands, enveloping the silky hardness, the pulse throbbing like a heartbeat... she rubbed her fingers up and down slowly, teasing him, making it stand harder.

"You know what you are doing don't you. You are not as innocent as you pretend to be... you were fucking around with a lot of men weren't you?" Phil grinned when she leaned forward for a kiss.

They kissed again and this time Phil's hand sought the heat of between her legs. He threw his clothes aside and as soon as he did so she wrapped her leg around him, lifting and opening herself. She enjoyed the feel of his naked body and so did he. Her round boobs crushed on his chest and he could feel her intense fire of her pussy. His fingers rubbed between her cunt lips, stimulating the oozing flow of pussy cream. She sighed and brushed her nipples against his chest, her mouth sucking at his lips again. Phil lifted her higher so that both of her legs were wrapped around him. She put her arms around his shoulder and held on tight. He pussy was now wide open and ready to be fucked. He supported her by sliding his hand under her butt and lifting her higher, his prick nestling against the slippery warmth of her cunt lips without going in.

"PLEASE!" she cried and talked for the first time.

She was surprised and disappointed that he hadn't entered her. He was playing with her, rubbing her against his hardness, maddening her with sensation, building the pleasure to a peak without giving her the ultimate thrill. Phil's hands pulled her backside apart opening her further. His fingers pressed against the smoothness of her butt cheeks. Suddenly he shifted her forward and his hands were under her wet pussy, a finger placed up against her rear hole. He put his mouth over hers and then began to press his finger into her. Her sighs were smothered, her outcries sucked into his mouth in a passionate kiss. His fingers played with her anal hole, pressing in a little way sending flashes of pleasure pulsing through her. It seemed to be the first time for her to be fingered in the butt and her body rocked on his arms.

"Shall I stop now?" he whispered. "No... please don't. " she sighed and wiggled her backside so that his finger penetrated further.

"You like this?" he asked her in a sweet and innocent way.

She was out of her mind with desire and answered him by kissing him furiously on the mouth. He began to move rhythmically, rubbing his prick against her dripping pussy while finger fucking her butt hole. The pleasure was rising in intensity and when at last he forced his prick into her sex she screamed to a huge orgasm.

He carried her to a table and set her down on the edge while she caught her breath. She looked down and saw his glistening prick and felt the desire surge through her again. She fell on her knees and took the piece of hot and wet rod into her little mouth. She sucked it hard, swallowing the taste of her sex so she could get down to the taste of him. She licked and wanked him with her fingers at the same time. Her tongue traced down the thick vein. Phil was close to orgasm. This little girl was giving him the best blowjob he ever had. He struggled to hold back the urge. She stopped, turned and leaned across the table, parting her thighs at the same time.

"You need no training. You already know everything. " He whispered.

He grabbed her by the waist and drove into the moistness of her cunt. The thrill of having his prick drive deep into her made her come again. She arched her back, lifted her chest from the table so that the nipples dangled free of the cool surface. Phil fucked her with a wild passionate rhythm. She climaxed again and sighed a moaned. Her whole body shook with tremors of delight. Her nipples were hard and red, rubbing against the polished table, adding more sensations to the rousing wave of pleasure. Phil cried out, froze, his body moulded to hers. She could feel the huge rod shooting thick wads of cream, waves of it filling her sex. She cried out her breasts shaking wildly side-to-side. As they both sighed the door opened and Greg came in.

"The mayor and chief are here. " He announced with a smile on his face.

"Good... " He pulled his cum dripping cock out of her.

The girl lay exhausted on the table. Her legs still spread wide apart, cum dropping onto the floor.

"Ok... lead them to me. I want to see his face when he sees his precious daughter lying like this on the table. Call Anna too. She certainly would love to take part in this. " Phil and Greg laughed.

Chapter 6