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Mighty Morphing Mother Chapter 7

The story's climax.


The day as you know it isn't anymore. The world around you has changed and you have to change too? but you do not want to accept the change. You fight against the change because you want to return to that day where everything was so easy and peaceful. You don't want the change because you are not sure what future it will bring with it. Are you afraid of the change?

"No?" whispered Mark. "I am not afraid of the change."

So, why resist it? Or are you running away from it? Running away from the conflict, the problem, the fight? do you really think by running away the problem might go away? It will be following you like a ghost through every chapter of your life.

"But how do I fight it? How? They are looking for me? I'm suddenly a killer, a rape killer?! I am too weak and powerless to fight such foe."

Get up Mark. You have to fight it. It's only you and no one else. You are the only one who can swipe this dirt out of your life. The time has come to kick back!

Since the announcement in the radio Mark had been hiding. He had dropped the car somewhere in the woods and walked slowly back to the city. In the darkness of the night he was running through the city. Every 10 minutes he stopped and looked around. Nobody was following him. It wasn't far anymore to the house where he would meet this person who had tried to help him. Passing the noisy area of the city he came into a quieter place. Apartment houses made out of red brick stones stood on both sides of the empty street. It was quiet. Too quiet for Mark. Rubbish and other unidentifiable stuff were lying in the streets. Everything looked pretty deserted. Mark looked closer at the windows and couldn't see hardly any lights in the apartments. It was pretty deserted. But this was the correct street. He took out the note and double-checked.

"Number 34?" he mumbled and slowed down his pace.

After a couple of minutes he found the place. He saw a heavy oak door with white paint crumbling down and a rusty sign showing the house number. He looked up the building but saw nothing else than darkness. There was no doorbell so he just hammered his fist against the door. The thumbing noise echoed behind the door through the entire building. For a long time Mark stood there and listened for any noise coming out of the house. He was just on the verge to knock again when the door handle was pushed down and it swung open. Out of the inner darkness came out the face of Julie.

"I was worried about you? everything alright?" she asked.

She came out of the building looking around before she grabbed him and pulled him inside. The door shut with a loud noise. Mark watched her as she locked the doors. She was even more beautiful than he had remembered her. Her brown hair and eyes looked soft and comforting. Mark just wanted to crash into her arms and cry. He was so tired of all this shit. She wore a white blouse and dark skin tight trousers. Her cleavage was exposed and Mark looked at her well tanned skin for a moment remembering suddenly the amazing sex they had together.

"We have to hurry Mark. They know that we are here. Both of us have a tracking device buried somewhere under our skin." She said and vanished into the darkness of the house.

Mark waited outside until she came back.

"Take this." Mark grabbed one of her bags and followed her.

"You are very late Mark? where were you?" she asked him while they walked down the road.

"I? I just went home for a while and encountered a little problem there?"

Julie shook her head in disbelief. "I thought you would follow the directions on the paper as soon as you would wake up."

"Do you actually know in what kind of deep shit I am?" Mark asked her.

"We are already in pretty deep shit but you obviously had to drag us so deep into it that I hardly know how we can get out of it again." She muttered.

"Thanks? I didn't know they would be at home and do something like this to me."

Julie stopped and turned around to face him.

"They just want to catch us Mark. We both know a tiny little too much about that company. And the important point is now that we have to get out of this town as soon as possible."

"If they have a tracking device how do you think we can get out of here?" Mark asked her. Maybe I shouldn't run away. Maybe I should just face the fucking consequences?

Julie grabbed his hand. Her sudden touch surprised him.

"We have not much time Mark. The tracking device is not the only thing they have implanted inside us?"

Her eyes were serious and Marks heartbeat rose. What now? He thought.

"The drug they have injected in me and you? don't ask me how I got it I will tell you later but I got hold of the antidote. There is a catch though? it is not a permanent solution. In my case it looks pretty grim. I was subjected to the drug for over 2 years now. It changed my body and my mind? the antidote can lift the effects of the drug on your mind and your body only for a while. Soon I will start to yearn for a new shot of the drug. My body cannot live without it."

"Wait?" Mark interrupted her. "Please don't tell me you only have a few of these antidotes with you?"

She looked away from him and just nodded with her head. "I didn't have much time. Greg was busy with some new girl and I realised somehow in the haze that the door to the supply room was unlocked. The urge to get out of that shit hole was stronger than the effect of the drug itself. I hate that place?" Tears were flowing down her cheek. "It took them less than 2 years to destroy my entire life. I lost everything Mark? my friends, my parents and my identity. I want it back!"

Mark put a hand on her shoulder and gave her a hug. It felt good. He could have cried as well. Her face pressed against his upper shoulder. She smelled wonderful.


"They left the apartment?" Greg whispered.

He was hiding in the darkness of a car. He had watched Marks every move until now. The boy wasn't stupid. He had dropped the car as soon as possible and avoided crowded streets. Greg stared at Julies round butt in her tight trousers. She was the most beautiful girl the company had in the underground harem. No wonder that Phil wanted her back.

"He is a handsome boy." The woman seated next to him whispered back. "Is he under the influence of the drug?"

Greg's eyes moved from the butt to the boys face. "No. He had only one shot until now. He is clean."

"I want him?" she whispered back.

"Not satisfied with me?"

Greg turned his head and looked at the woman. She was dressed in an expensive looking black business outfit. Her black hair was neatly tight together and her cold blue eyes stared into his eyes. She only had a light makeup on her small but beautiful face. His eyes followed her neckline until the clothes covered up the view he was wishing for. Greg thought for a brief moment what she would look like without her clothes on. He had worked with her for couple of times now. Strictly business of course. When he feared someone in this world than it was her. An elite ex KGB woman with connections to a world he didn't want to know too much about. Her personality was as cold as ice could be. He was fascinated by her beauty but at the same time scared as shit.

"Let them go for now. I want to see how the drug in her will adapt itself to the new environment." She whispered to him.

Greg looked at her full red lips for a while. "Phil wants them back now Jelena. Otherwise he wouldn't have instigated the thing with the mayors daughter."

"They don't care about him anymore Greg. You better listen to them for your own sake." She said in perfect English.

"What do you mean by that?"

"That you will drive me to the company now. As always I have to put the things back to order." She stared at him and smirked. Greg nodded and started the engine.

They didn't exchange words until they arrived back at the company building. Greg parked the car in the garage and followed her into deeper into the underground. The floor filled with bright neon light lay in front of them and to Greg the entire compound seemed to be dead calm. When he left here a while ago it was filled with girls and men screaming and laughing. Greg looked at the slim figure of Jelena when she suddenly stopped at one of the doors and opened it up. Both of them walked in. Lying on the bed was the tiny naked body of the mayors daughter. The bed was surrounded by familiar faces. Phil, Tom and the mayor.

"Well, nice of you to come at last. Where the fuck where you?" Phil shouted at Greg.

"Easy Dad. Look he brought with him a very nice present for all of us." Tom said and looked at Jelena.

"Please gentlemen I didn't want to disturb your session. Greg and I will watch for a while and then join. So, please continue." Jelena said with her calm voice.

"I didn't expect you to come Jelena." Phil said and gave his son a wink to continue.

Tom climbed on the bed and put his swollen dick back into the young girls cum drooling cunt. She was barely alive. His cock slid back and forth and she moaned a little when her own father grabbed one of her tits and squeezed it tight.

"What is this all about?" Phil came over to Greg and Jelena. "Where is the boy and Julie?"

"We let them go for now." Jelena answered.

Phil scratched his balls and shouted at Greg in anger. "What the fuck are you doing? Since when do you take orders from this antic piece of Russian cunt?"

"If I would be you I would watch your mouth Sir." Greg whispered.

"Would you? Eh? Would you really?! Why? This is just another cunt. Why should I be afraid of her? Let me show you that she should be afraid of me!" Phil said and with a quick and brutal move he ripped the suit from Jelenas body.

Shreds of her suit fell on the concrete floor. She didn't move. She just continued staring at Phil. He threw away the remains of her suits in his hands and grabbed her around her small waist. His hands felt her soft round butt cheeks through the fabric of her long skirt.

"You have such a hot ass? Baby?" he whispered into her ear.

With another quick move he ripped her blue blouse from her body. This time Jelenas eyes twitched. Greg looked with a gaping mouth at the exposed body of the woman. He always had dreams about undressing Jelena? and now she was standing in front of him; showing off her big round breast packed in a dark blue bra. The cleavage line was mouth watering. Her milky white skin looked soft and tender and Greg wished for the chance to touch her and lick her body. But still the fear about Jelena made him stay put.

"Look at those knockers!" Phil said and whistled.

"I want to fuck her too Dad!" shouted Tom from the bedside.

"She belongs to me." Phil answered and one of his hands quickly cupped one of her breasts.

He could sense the heat of the flesh and her erect nipples. The sensation of the soft and bouncy flesh made his dick hot and hard. Phil chuckled but started to scream in pain when Jelena suddenly grabbed his dick and jerked it violently to an angle it normally shouldn't go to. Another quick and fatal blow landed on his throat. Phil's lifeless body fell to the ground. Tom screamed and ran with a furious expression on his face towards Jelena. But his body jerked and he flew to the ground in a fountain of red blood. Another quick shot from a silenced gun followed to knock down the mayor. Greg couldn't believe what was happening in front of his eyes. The movement of Jelena were quick and precise. He had watched how she suddenly took out a small gun from a holster tight to her beautiful slim thigh. She moved to the bed where the mayors daughter lay in a pool of cum and sweat. Jelena stroked her forehead and shot her dead. She slowly turned and looked at Greg.

"You are not going to kill me are you?" he whispered, a drop of sweat ran down his back.

"No Greg. You are not on the agenda for now." She answered.

"So? you killed them all. What now?" Greg asked her. His eyes started to wander off to her breasts again.

"With today this company and this place is officially seizes to exist." She put on a white blouse which lay on the floor.

Greg continued to watch her get dressed. The blouse was a number to small for her. She had to open a few buttons and left a perfect window for Greg to look at her cleavage. She smiled at him.

"Let's get out of here. Otherwise I have to kill you as well." She told him.

Greg stumbled out and couldn't quiet believe that Phil, Tom, the mayor and the girl were dead. It just went so fast?

"What about the other girls?" he asked.

"Don't worry Greg. Your job is still safe. I said officially this place is closed down. But it will continue to exist somewhere else. The girls were transported earlier to the new place. A change at the administration level was imminent." She said and they left the underground.


The strangers came two days ago. Both of them young and fresh out of the big city. From the moment they set foot into his shady motel he knew that something was wrong with them. They were scared, hardly left their room and never reacted to his polite small talk. Their problem seemed to be deep rooted. He gave them the special room fitted with spy cams and bugs. The girl was the hottest thing he had ever seen in his life. A kingdom for touching her big round and firm tits he thought. He was expecting some good sex but neither of them ever touched the other. After a while he had lost interest in them. They hardly spoke and the girl seemed to be on some drugs. Maybe time to call the police and get some nice bounty he thought after recognising the boys face. Or maybe time to get some fun with the young lady.

"Frank! The goddamn phone doesn't work again!" the sudden loud voice startled him.

"Frank? Where the fuck are you again! I said the phone doesn't work again!"

Frank walked out of his little room located behind the reception desk. The bright sun of the desert shone into the little lobby. The faded reddish carpet, old magazines on a wooden table, the white paint falling of the walls, all indicated that Franks motel was in desperate need for an overhaul. The windows were covered with dust and gave view to the empty car park and the motels compound. From the reception desk Frank had a good overview of his old motel. The huge motel sign on the roadside was covered with rust and at night the lights hardly went on. Along with the new strangers Spencer was the only guest he harboured. Spencer wasn't exactly a guest he was a permanent guest. A leech living off Franks little income.

"Do you hear me old man?" Spencer said and slammed his fist onto the desk.

Old man? Frank was old indeed. Alone and surrounded by the desert one grew older faster than in the city. Yet he was only in his late 50's. But his hair what was still left of it was all white. His body was small and fragile, the Aloha shirt far too big for his figure and his faded jeans looked old like his sun tanned and wrinkled skin. But his blue eyes were sharp and alive. His face was covered with white beard stubbles. Frank looked at Spencer whose big body placed him in the shadow. Spencer was the equivalent size of a bulldozer. His black skin was dark as night.

"If you are going to pay for your long distance calls your phone might work again." Frank told him wearily.

Spencer sighed. "You white ass know exactly that I am going to pay for those calls in time!"

"Well, your last payment was 6 months ago?"

"You want to argue with me Frankie boy? You wanna step outside again? Do I have to clarify myself again? The money will be coming in time! Is that understood old man?" Spencer's angry voice filled the lobby.

Frank closed his eyes. He was scared of this man. There was just nothing he could do. Spencer did help him in the bad days of business and was a valuable asset to his motel. Without him he wouldn't be still standing here.

"Ok, Ok?Spencer. I will fix the problem immediately." Frank said. His legs were trembling.

"That's my man!" Spencer said and smiled broadly showing off his white teeth. He clasped his huge hands against Franks shoulder who nearly crashed by it's force against the corner of the desk.

"So, I saw some young white babe running around. What's that all about?" he asked him.

"They came in 2 days ago. I have no idea what they are doing. Folks don't talk much. Are kinda shy." Frank said and looked back for a brief second into his back room.

"Definitely like that bitch. Like to fuck that pussy." Spencer said and laughed.

Frank just nodded in reply.


"How many shots do you still have left?" Mark asked and flicked through the TV channels.

Julie came out of the steaming bathroom with a towel wrapped around her slender body. Mark wasn't quiet sure if the drugs in him were still causing him to act so but she made him extremely horny. He looked away and treid to focus on the TV.

"It's a good thing that you were still clean Mark. With the two of us the antidote would have been gone already." She sat down on the screeching bed and combed her wet hair. "I think I can last another week? if I stretch it to the limit." She whispered.

Another week. Mark had no clue what they could do in a week to reverse all this. It could take years to clarify what had happened in the last couple of weeks. Here I go , he thought. All this doubt made him feel that he fell into some kind of deep depression phase. Maybe he was just thinking too complicated. But when he saw his picture on the local news channel he switched off the TV and threw himself on the bed. He felt how Julie softly touched his hair and stroke it.

"What are we going to do?" Mark asked her.

"Let's stay positive. I'm going to change, get something to drink and then we make a plan. Ok?"

Julie got up and put on a short black skirt and a tight, low cut, light blue top.

"I should buy some normal looking clothes" she muttered. "Don't you think this is a little too revealing?"

Mark looked at her cleavage and long legs. "It's fine. I like it." He said with a smile.

"I know you like it?but what about the creep at the reception? Didn't you notice how much he was staring at us the last day?"

"It's not surprising. First, my pictures are all over the place?second you do know that you are gorgeous looking." Mark said. "Shall I come with you?" he asked her after a while.

"I should be fine." She said and left the room to head to the reception area to get some cold drinks.

It was hot outside but it still seemed to be cooler than in the room. She walked out onto the car park and into the full sunlight. The sun felt good. How she had missed these walks in the sun. She opened the doors to the reception and a wave of cool air invited her. She looked disgusted towards the empty reception desk. Why did this guy have an AC but not the guests? But by the standards of this motel Julie didn't expect much anyways.

The drink dispenser was at the far end of the lobby and Julie bought quickly two cans of coke. She wanted to hurry back. But when she turned the old man was standing behind the desk waving his hand at her and a big grin on his face.

Julie forced a smile on her face. "Hi!" she said and tried to walk away.

"It's hot today isn't it?" he said.

Julie stopped for a moment. "Yes? but it's nice and cool in here unlike outside and in our room."

"Sorry, about the lack of the AC's? until when are you folks going to stay?" he asked and Julie shivered when his eyes ran up and down her body. It was like being licked by him. And she knew that the other darker side of her absolutely loved it. Her cunt twitched as it tried to remember it's last invasion.

"Not for long?" she replied and walked towards the door when he started to talk again.

To Julies surprise he had emerged from behind the counter and walked straight up to her. His eyes constantly locked on her body.

"I really have to go. My friend is waiting." She whispered and turned around.

But the old mans hand grabbed her by the shoulder. Julie surprised by the sudden touch and force that the Coke cans fell on the red carpet. When he noticed that she didn't move he loosened his grip and let his fingertips run down her shoulder and over her curvy round butt.

"Yes your friend? he looks really familiar to me you know. Really familiar." He whispered into her ear.

Julie faced the door and looked out to the parking place. Inertly she whished for someone to appear. She felt how close the man was standing behind her. He breathed into her war which made her tingle. She could feel his body heat and she could sense his lust. Her neck hair raised when he whispered into her ears again.

"You know a man like me gets pretty lonely out here?all by myself." He lifted her short black skin and touched one of her butt cheek and massaged it wildly.

Julie closed her eyes. Her pussy was getting wet by his presence and his touch. The antidote was loosing the battle against her rising now natural urge to fuck and be fucked. Why didn't she invite Mark along with her? but maybe it was good that she left him in their room. For at least now he was safe.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"Isn't that quiet obvious" Frank replied. His arms embraced her and Julies body was pulled back and she could feel his hot and swollen manhood between on her back.

Julie tried to move away from him but it was too late. He was stronger than he looked and slowly while holding her he backed down towards the private room behind the reception desk.

He shoved her into his bedroom and closed the door. It was dark and the air was filled with the smell of cheap booze. Frank pushed her rough towards the bed and she landed with her belly on it.

"Please? let us talk about this?" she said but in no time he lifted her ass up and ripped her skirt and thong off her.

Julie felt the cool air on her exposed butt. Her pussy was soaked by now and she turned her head just to see how the old man got out his bulging dick. He was smiling and smacked her butt cheek when Julie tried to say something.

"You shut up bitch and better enjoy it so your friend can see the sunset tomorrow." He said. "Fuck?you are already wet. You're friend wasn't too good for you what? I give you what you deserve!"

"Please don't?NO! A?" Julie closed her eyes. It was just too much. She watched how the old man holding his stiff dick slowly inserted it into her juicy hole.

Her fingers dug deep into the bed linen and her mouth opened to let out a cry of pleasure. Julies mind went blank. She felt how her old self took control of her body again.

"God?your tight." Frank sighed and let go of his dick which he had forced into her. He slapped her butt again enjoying the pressure on his shaft.

He heard her scream and rock her body. Slowly he pulled his dick backward and sighing at each inch his dick moved. Her cunt muscles gripped hard around his rod? Frank had never experienced such a perfect pussy. Wanting more he increased his speed slowly fucking her deeper and faster. Her juices were running down her legs and covered his balls which slapped against her butt with every deep stroke. After a couple of rough stroked Julie started to lift her butt even higher. Her legs spread wider apart. Still she was fighting against the urge to scream for more.

"Stop?" she whispered but her voice was weak.

The sound of their two slapping bodies filled the room. Franks wrinkled hands grabbed around her slim waist. He felt her young and soft flesh on his rough palms. It felt so good to fuck such a young girl. His dick seemed to twist and wriggle in her wet pussy. Moving it deep into her Julie finally broke. She moaned and pushed her butt against his dick trying to get it even deeper into her. Frank could feel her pussy wall striking against his head of his dick. Sweat started to sprinkle his face. His nuts were swollen and ready to shoot it into her. Frank got out his juice covered dick and flipped her over. She was panting wildly and her sultry look in her eyes made him even more hornier. She spread her legs wide and started touching her clit. Massaging it hard with her finger so that she let out a small moan. Julie removed her light blue top and showed off her big C cupped sized breasts. Her nipples were swollen like her hungry pussy. Frank stared down at her and could not believe his eyes. She wiggled her body.

"Are you just going to watch me or are you going to fuck me mister?" Julie asked him.

Frank gulped. This was one twisted lady he thought. He studied her slim and trim body for another minute and laid down and pushed his dick back into her wet pussy again.

"Yes?Baby? that's good." He heard her say.

She wrapped her long legs around him and pressed his body down so his dick entered her hot hole up to it's hilt.

"Fuck me bastard. Fuck me?" she said and lifted her body to his rhythm. His hands admired her perfectly round and bouncy tits. He circled his finger around her nipple which made her sigh in pleasure. Frank's rod was burning inside her cunt and he fucked her furiously. It felt so good that he clenched his teeth and held back his urge to come until the last minute. He tried to savour the moment of pleasure as long as he could. Julies pussy was by now so wet that his hot and throbbing member went easily in and out and deeper and deeper.

"I have forgotten how good this actually feels?" Julie whispered and leaned her head back.

Frank lifted her knees and pushed them back so they pressed her breasts and started to fuck again furiously. His speed and stamina was surprising. With a long scream Julie came multiple times in a row. Franks dick was showered by her juice and her flexing muscles. With a loud grunt he spurted out his semen deep into her.

"Give it to me Baby?Yes?shoot it inside me." Julie cried out.

Holding her legs he pushed his dick deep inside her for a last time and let her pussy milk out the rest of his sticky cum. Exhausted and breathing heavily for air he collapsed on her body. He felt her soft breasts underneath and heard the beat of her heart. She kissed his sweaty bald head.

"This is just the beginning old man?" Julie whispered.


Mark awoke screaming and nearly fell off his bed. He was covered in sweat and his heart was racing. It was dark and with a slight panic he looked for the light switch for his bed light. After a while in the light he calmed down and reassured himself that it was just a bad dream. Slowly waking up from the trance of his sleep he realised that it was already night time and that Julie wasn't in the room.

"Hey Julie?!" he shouted and opened the door to the bathroom.

Empty. After another quick look in the room he noticed that it hadn't changed much since she had left it this late morning.

"Good?ok?not here?means not good." Mark mumbled.

Find her. He thought and moved out. Racing through the half lighten up dusty parking area he entered the reception. It was empty. But this is the only place she could go to? except if she would take a car and drive away? but all her stuff was in the room. With a beating heart Mark went up to the reception desk. The door normally open was closed. He punched the bell a few times but nobody came out. He ran behind the desk and knocked on the door.

"Come in?" a sweet voice replied and Mark heart made an irregular beat.

"Julie?" he yelled and opened the door. The room was dark and Mark had trouble to see something. Suddenly the door crushed behind him and he was tackled to the ground.

"WOW?Take it easy!" he screamed.

A huge hand grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and dragged him with him. Mark was thrown to a corner and rubbed his sore neck. A giant stood in front of him.

"It's the white boy." He said and moved away and cleared the view for Mark.

Behind him a single light from the ceiling illuminated a bed on which Julie was resting. She had her back leaned against the wall her legs spread wide open while the old man from the reception licked her pussy.

"Nice to see you Mark. I was wondering where you were. At least you didn't leave me behind alone." Julie whispered.

The black giant moved towards the bed and kneeled down starting licking Julies tits. She stroked his back and smiled.

"Want to join us Mark?" she asked.

"Julie? I thought the antidote was working."

She just smiled back and got into a doggy style position. The old man got beneath her and waited patiently until Julie lowered herself down and her pussy sucked up his dick with a mushy sound. She looked right into Mark's face and opened her mouth when the black man opened up her anus and forced his huge cock into it. The black rod vanished into her hole and came back out with a sucking noise. Both of the men fucked her without saying anything. They just moved like machines and Julie smiled at Mark who still sat there in the corner. He saw of her love juice ran down her thighs and dripping on the bed. She shook her head wildly and her brown hair waved through the air. The air smelled of sex and cum. Marks dick started to throb and to swell up by the sound of their fucking. He remembered again the feel of her pussy and it made him want to fuck her. Shit? that's what she wants me to do. Look at those guys they are like zombies? they are hooked? Mark slowly understood what Phil's harem was all about. The drug passed from the girls to the men who became infected and always came back for another shot at the girls. Mark didn't want to know about the money that was passed behind their backs.

Julie was now riding the old mans cock and giving an extremely loud blow job to the other. He grabbed Julies head and forced her to suck harder on his black cock. Julie licked her tongue over his dick head and deep throated him. Mark's dick was pressing hard against his trouser.

"Come Mark? I know you want to. It's ok. Don't fight it. Just do it?fuck me!" she said and slurped now on the wet and cum covered dick of the old man.

Mark couldn't stand this any longer he stood up grabbed Julie by her arm and pulled her away from the bed. The two men stood up immediately and stared at him in pure anger. Mark locked left arm around Julies neck and smashed a bottle that was lying on the table and held it against her neck.

"Nobody move?or your pretty girl here will get hurt." He yelled.

Both of them stood still. They seemed to wait for an order to come from Julie. Suddenly her hand squeezed his dick through his pants.

"I knew you were horny Mark. Let me go or I will squeeze them so hard you wont be able to fuck a girl for the rest of your life!" she said.

"Come on Julie!" Mark clenched his teeth he tightened his arm around her throat but she didn't let go. He threw the end of the sharp bottle in his right hand away and punched her stomach hard. The grip on his nuts loosened. Mark knew that Julie was light and he lifted her up and ran out of the room. The giant followed him immediately. Mark ran like hell out of the reception out into the darkness. He could hear the footsteps of the two men right behind him. Quickly he ran into the room locked it, threw Julie on the bed and pushed a table against the door. Mark had no time to catch some breath. He turned around on the spot ran and grabbed Julies bag. He got out a new needle and one dosage of the antidote. Carefully and with shaking hands he injected her and quickly stuffed their bags.

"JULIE! For God's sake wake up!" he shouted when he heard the two men throwing themselves against the door.

He slapped her face a couple of times. Mark looked through her bag and grabbed a white T-shirt and grey fluffy shorts out of it and somehow got her dressed. The guys by now where screaming and smashing the windows.

Time to go Mark thought and carrying Julie and her bag he climbed out of the back window and ran as far as he could into the darkness.


Anna didn't know how she got back to her own house yet how long she was back here again. Her memory was a haze and the last couple of days were very strange. She remembered now leaning against the kitchen counter and drinking her coffee how she was taken by Phil and his son. The problem at the office and the consequences she could remember that? but what happened afterwards was not clear at all. Anna couldn't figure out why her body was so well trimmed and looked so sexy and why Mark was not at home. The news show on the television this morning had shocked her. Phil dead, the company bust, Mark apparently the mayors daughter rapist and killer? disturbed by all this news and about her amnesia she decided to take a shower.

Looking at herself in the mirror she still couldn't believe that this body was hers. Her breasts were fuller and rounder, her waist, arms and legs slim and her face without any wrinkles. She looked like mid twenty. Her pubic hair was shaven which she normally never did and her body trembled when she brushed her finger across her pussy lips. An urge to masturbate overcame her. She jumped into the shower and suddenly remembered the incident in this bathroom. Mark and his friend Tom were here? and she had fucked the latter one. Her body trembled by the thought of the young mans dick sliding in to her cunt. The big cock fucking her lonely pussy hard and making her come several times. Looking into her sons eyes, fucking right in front of him and enjoying it like a slut. And how she had longed at that time for fucking her little boy too. How lonely she had been without her husband, without the sex. Anna massaged her clit under the running hot water. Her juices mixed with the water and her fingers slid in easily into her hot hole. Suddenly her mind exploded with images of various men fucking her making her scream in joy, the sweat and cum on her body, every hole in her body filled with hot dicks and filling her with semen. Her body rocked and her breasts bobbed up and down her orgasm came in fury. Anna panted for air and wiped the water from her face. She jumped out of the shower and looked at her red face in the bathroom mirror. What was wrong with her. This sexual urge wasn't normal. Her cunt lips was swollen and she wanted to be fucked badly. There was this primal urge in her that could not be extinguished. The voice of reason in her was not strong as it used to be anymore.

"What happened to you?" she mumbled to herself and got dressed.

She just strapped on her bra when the doorbell rang. Anna quickly put on a white blouse and some grey tight pants and walked down to the door. It was one of Marks friend from school. Anna wasn't quiet sure about his name.

"Hi Mrs. Anderson. I?. I heard this?" he stared right into her face. His cheeks blushed when she smiled.

"I'm sorry what was your name again?" she asked him.

"Liam. I heard this news about Mark and couldn't believe it you know. I just met him a couple of nights ago down the street? he looked really scared. I shouted his name but he was running like a maniac." He told her.

"You saw him?" she asked him.

Liam was a thin guy, his skin was white and his hair cropped short. He wore a black T-Shirt that looked a little too big on him and red shorts. She remembered Mark talking about him how shy he was. The news about Mark was good. At least she knew now that he was still alive.

"Come in. Tell me more about it." She said and invited him in.

"I really don't have much more to tell? you know I just wanted to see if he is ok or not." He stared right at the level of her breasts.

Anna's cleavage was well visible for Liam as was her black bra through the white fabric. He blushed and looked away.

"Please come in because I have no idea where Mark is Liam. Every piece of information is important. You have to tell me when and where you saw him exactly." She said.

Liam nodded and entered the house. She took him to the living room where he told her his story but Anna wasn't listening. She did care what happened to Mark but not as much as she did care about this young boy. He was sitting right next to her on the sofa talking and trying not to look too hard at her. Anna loved the attention.

"When was the last time you had sex Liam?" she asked him suddenly.

Liam shut up in an instant. He was confused and wasn't quiet sure what to say next.

"Excuse me?"

"What would you do if I would say that you can fuck me right here right now." Anna said and took off her blouse. Exposing her big breasts held together by her bra.

"?I?I am not sure?" Liam was trying to back off but she pulled him and his face landed right between her breasts. She heard his muffles voice.

"I want to fuck you badly Liam. Please may I fuck you?" she whispered into his ear and licked it.

She pushed him back stood up and got naked. Liam stared at her and threw away his clothes in the next minute.

"That's how I like it." Anna smiled and laid down on the long sofa.

Liam's dick was already hard and big. She spread her legs open and widened her cunt lips with her fingers.

"Now? fuck me." She said.


Jelena and Greg were sitting in the car again watching the sun going down. The city lights started to illuminate the up coming darkness.

"So? what have we to report." She asked him.

"Well, the guys at the motel? the level of sexual rage was actually frightening. That same night Mark got away they brought a car with 4 young college girls to stop and raped them for the next two days."

"Interesting. Julie's drug level was pretty high. That explains the infection level? what happened to them?"

Greg sighed. "Well, when we finally had seen enough and entered the motel on the third day the guys were pretty much like animals. They had lost it completely. The girls were in bad shape? but the drug didn't spread over to them. However, they were pretty messed up. One of them is pregnant by now we are checking out the influence of the drug on that baby. The other three we sold to you know who."

"Good work Greg. I heard that you also sold the other girls from Phil's company?" Jelena lit up a cigarette.

Greg nodded. "We sterilized them. The buyers will not even detect a hint of the drug from the girls."

"Very good. And what about my pet project?" she smiled.

"Let's see." Greg brought out a Memo and flipped through it. "Anna's development was quiet different from the others. As you know she was also put on a high dosage level of that drug? but after fucking one of Marks school friend the results on that boy were not the same as in our other cases. In short he didn't freak out or anything. Rather than that? he stayed normal and spreading the word that Anna is fucking nearly everyone to his friend?Jelena we shut her down. This will spread and God know what will happen to her."

Jelena smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "You are always so worried about this Anna character. I think you like her."

"Whatever?" Greg mumbled. "Mark and Julie? well after sterilizing her and clearing Marks name from the records they live quiet happily together. It's sounds like a fucking fairy tale?"

"At least the boy is happy. Give them some money? they have deserved it. And I think it's time for you to play the prince and rescue your princess."

"Why are you doing this?" Greg asked.

"To bring this story to it's necessary end." She said and started the engine of the car.

Chapter 7