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Mom and the Boys in the Band Chapter 2

A nasty bar orgy.

Everything is starting to spiral out of control, one week after our overnight concert in another town everyone mothers were still acting like smutty groupies whenever nobody was around. When Billy Thomas finally arrived home from school, his mother was on the living room couch on all fours. His buddy Chuck was fucking her hard from behind while Chuck's mom Donna stood in front of her, letting his mother lick her pussy.

"Mmmm Billy, would be a dear and fuck Donna?" His mother asked in between licks.

Billy walked over to the couch and extended a hand out to Donna, she took it and he helped her off of the couch. She takes him into her arms and they kiss passionately, she slides down and sits on the heavy oak coffee table. She unbuttons Billy's jeans and pulls them down, then she pulls his semierect cock out of his boxers. Billy pulls off his shirt and looks down at Donna now grasping his cock.

Donna engulfs it into her warm wet mouth, sucking it until he is now fully erect, Billy starts to pump his hips back en forth fucking her pretty face. Finally she stops him and she gets up off of the coffee table, she places her hands on the table and bends over it. Billy shoves his cock up into her pussy fucking while watching Chuck fuck his mother.

"Oh god Chris, your boy has got such a great cock, oh that's it babies fuck me, fuck me." Donna moaned.

"Yeah, fuck her Billy. Oh Chuck fucking shit I'm going to cum again sweeties." Screamed Christine.

Soon both boys were shooting there cum inside of both women, both boys collapsed naked on the couch. Their mothers left the living room with their clothes to get into the shower, the boys sat speechlessly together when the phone rang.

"Hello." Said Billy

"Hey is this where I can get a hold of Rock until you Puke?" The voice asked.

"Yeah that is we." Billy replied. "What can I do for you?"

"Well if you can be at my bar, the Dirty Glass at nine o'clock Saturday night I have a job for you, that will pay five hundred bucks." The man on the other end said.

"Sure we have that date open." Said Billy "We will see you Saturday."

"Cool another gig." Said Chuck. "I wonder if we will have our groupies again or will have to get new ones."

"New what?" Asked Christine coming back out into the living room drying her hair.

"Oh we got another gig, this time at the Dirty Glass bar." Said Billy.

"The Dirty Glass, boy that is one of the roughest bars in this area, a lot of bikers hang out there." She replied.

"It pays well and we already told the guy we would take it." Said Chuck.

"Well I guess we better go along to chaperone." Said Donna now joining them in the living room.

"We better get dressed and let the other guys know." Billy said getting up from the couch.

"Yeah and we will call Colleen and Sharon, see if they are free on Saturday." Christine said getting out her cell phone.

Saturday night rolled around and the boys were busy loading up the van for the show at the bar. The boys were disappointed when the four women came out in their normal conservative clothes.

"Look boys we had to lie to your fathers in order for us to go to your show tonight, so we are going to dinner and movie. We will meet you there a little later, so keep an eye out for us." Christine explained.

The boys got to the bar and the owner showed them where to set up, he also put his biggest, toughest bouncers by the stage as well. He called the guy Hugo, and he had to have been around six foot eight and probably weighed three hundred pounds.

Once they got set up the bar started to fill up with a lot of big bikers and assorted thugs, these guys did not want to hear any ballads so the boys would just have to jam out every fast song they knew. While in the middle of a song by Aerosmith the four most beautiful women just walked in, it was Christine, Donna, Colleen and Sharon. The four of them wore tight black leather skirts, spandex tube tops and spiked five inch heels. They sat at the table closest to the stage watching the boys play.

Several guys were hitting on them throughout the night, and the mothers kept the men at bay and still watched the show. With an hour left to the show two big bikers with pool cues came up to the table. After a brief discussion Sharon and Colleen got up. The two men led them to the pool room in the back of the bar. Donna got out of her chair to go to the bathroom, leaving Christine there by herself. Two big guys came over to sit in the vacant chairs, they dumped some coke on the table and after a little encouragement they got Christine to snort some of it up.

Then one of the guys started kissing Christine on the neck, while the other guy was rubbing her long legs. The guy who was kissing her then lifted her top and began to suck on her erect pink nipples. The other guy got down on his knees and found she did not have any panties on, he dove his face into her crotch eating her pussy.

Christine was so horny she could not stop what was going on, she let the two men fondle her and lick her pussy. Then she saw a nice cock being waved in her face by the guy who was fondling her. So she took it into her mouth, the guy who was licking her pussy, then started to lick her asshole. In all of her years she had never had her asshole licked, she liked the sensation of the man's tongue swirling around her anal bud. The guy whom she was sucking finally shot his load down her throat, she took a long swallow from her drink and then lifted her leg higher to give the other guy better access to her pussy and ass. Once the guy brought her off to a powerful orgasm she got him to stand up so she could suck his cock. This guy did not last very long, after a couple of minutes this guy too was spilling his goo down Christine's throat.

Suddenly Hugo chased the two guys away, he then stepped over to Christine and pulled out his cock. Christine gasped when she saw it, she tried to suck the monster but could barely get her mouth around it. Hugo pulled her out of the chair and lifted her up easily onto the table, Billy watched in horror as the monster pushed his huge cock into his mother. He watched his mothers eyes bug out of her head as he inched it in inch by inch.

Hugo was now pounding his monster in and out of Christine, he roughly squeezed her tits and you could actually hear her screams and moans over the music. Her legs were now wrapped tightly around the big man, pulling him tightly toward her.

"Oh yes fuck me, fuck me, oh gods you are so big, oh fuck me, fuck me with that big cock." She screamed over and over.

Soon the giant was blowing load after load into her unprotected cunt, and he gently eased her off of the table and back into a chair. He pulled up his pants and then sat next to her for the remainder of the show, she could feel his cum dribbling down her leg not bothering cleaning it up.

Meanwhile Donna on her way back from the bathroom was stopped by five guys, she was told if she wanted to get back to her seat, she would have to get all five of them off. She sucked the first two guys off, when one of them lifted her off of her knees pushed against the wall and fucked her against the wall. Donna came several times as this young biker fucked her very hard against the wall. The next guy turned her around and fucked her from behind against the wall, he reached up and roughly pulled her tits out of their top. He roughly fondled them, pulling hard onto her nipples as he fucked a sloppy cunt. Soon this guy was shooting his cum into her cunt, and the fifth guy now came into view. She was going to get down on her knees, but he stopped her, he spun her around.

"Oh gods my pussy is going to be so sore." She moaned.

"Pussy who said anything about pussy." The guy said.

She heard the guy pull something out of his pocket, it was a lubricated condom, he slid it over his cock and shoved it up her ass. It hurt at first, but at least the condom helped it go easier, her ass wasn't virgin, she had let her husband have it a few times and her son on Wednesday. Now here she was being treated like a dirty slut, getting fucked in the ass outside the bathrooms of a bar. The guy lasted long enough to make her cum and then he too was filling up his condom, she returned to the table where she sat with Christine and the surprising Hugo.

In the pool room the other two moms lost their game against the two guys whom they went out to play with. There must have been ten guys out in the room, when the one guy they played with told them to get on the table and dance. The two women did as they were told and danced on top of the pool table, they did a seductive dance and strip tease. They gave the men peaks at their pussies, asses and tits.

"Get it on" Yelled a guy from the back.

Reluctantly the two women started kissing each other, then they started fondling each other as well. Sharon had a few lesbian experiences so she was the one who started to take the initiative, she pulled Colleens' tits out of her shirt. She licked, squeezed and sucked on her nipples, then she encouraged Colleen to do the same to her. Finally a dozen guys were gathered around the table watching the show as the two women started to get into each other.

They pulled each other down on top of the table kissing, licking and sucking on each other, they then began to finger each others pussies while kissing. Sharon rubbed gentle circles on Colleen's clit, while Colleen fingers fucked Sharon's wet pussy.

"Sixty-nine me." Said Sharon.

Without waiting for an answer climbed on top of Colleen and began to lick and suck on her pussy. Colleen now had Sharon's pink slit in her face, not sure what to do with it, when she felt Sharon's tongue on her sensitive clit she let a moan escape. Then she hesitantly stuck her tongue out, having her fast taste of another woman. Liking what she had just tasted she was now licking Sharon's pussy with as much passion as Sharon was licking hers.

While the two women were making love to each other, the crowd of men around the table all had their cocks out. As the women continued they were oblivious to the occasional shots of hot white cum being sprayed onto their bodies. They brought each other off and at the same time fifteen different guys had cum on their bodies. They fixed their clothes and walked hand in hand back out to the table, they still had the cum of fifteen strangers on them.

After the show was over the four women used the bathroom cleaning each other up and changing back into their original outfits. Hugo helped the boys load up their equipment and the manager gave them the five hundred bucks as agreed. Then he gave them each an extra fifty bucks, he claimed this was the best night he has ever had in the bar.

The boys were disappointed that none of them got to sample their sexy mothers or their friends mother after the show. When Billy finally got home, his mother was waiting in the living room with just a robe on.

"Hey, great show tonight." She whispered.

"Yeah, how are you doing after what you did at the bar?" He asked sarcastically.

"Well the coke I snorted is finally wearing off, as for my pussy, it will be sore for a few days I think, that Hugo guy was huge." She said. "Oh babies you're mad at me aren't you?"

"Well it's just you looked so hot tonight, I was just hoping to have some of my sexy mothers."

He said sullenly.

"Come over here baby." She said.

He went over to the couch and sat down next to her, and he could smell the strong scent of her shampoo. She ran her fingers through his hair and then she undid her robe to reveal she was naked underneath. He was going to say something, but she placed a finger over his mouth, then she undid his jeans and pulled his hard cock out.

His mother gave him a long, wet blow job on the couch, while his father was in their bedroom sleeping. Billy could not believe how long he lasted, nor could him believe how long his mother was making it last. She loving sucked his cock until she felt the warm release of his hot young cum unloading itself into her mouth. She swallowed her son's load, kissed him on the forehead and went off to bed. Billy put his deflated cock back into his pants, and he fell fast asleep dreaming of his mother and rock n roll.

Chapter 2