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My First Sexual Encounter

I was 14 and studying in class IX. My bedroom and my parent?s bedroom are parallel to each other. (Still the position of our bedroom is the same) We have one common bathroom in between our bedrooms which can be used from both the sides. The system is that, if I want to use bathroom, I go there and first thing I do is to lock it from inside form opening from my parents? bedroom side. My parents do the same thing. This bathroom is also used like a internal door between our two bedrooms generally during the day time.

At that stage, I was not fully aware about sex and intercourse. What I knowing was a half knowledge. One day I was alone at home for whole day after returning from school. My parents and uncle have gone to the farm house to attend marriage of one of our workers daughter. It was pre decided that all will go there after my going to school and will return in evening. My mother have cooked food for my lunch and kept it in kitchen. We were to have dinner together.

I returned from school at around 12.00 noon and had my lunch. I was watching movie on VCR (VCD/DVD were not there at that time) after sometime I got boar of that movie and started to search for another movie cassette. Suddenly I found a cassette in my mummy?s wardrobe without label and I wanted to know which movie is that. I put that cassette in VCR and I found that it was a blue film. I have seen it and that time I was feeling too hot. My panty gone wet and I could not understand reason for that. I saw an English man with his long, thick and hard cock fucking a black lady in different positions.

I was excited and my finger has gone up to my pussy over my panty unknowingly. I noticed that my panty is all wet. I removed my panty and started rubbing my pussy slowly and leakage from my pussy was continuing that time. I could not understand that whether I am urinating or what. I feel scared and I have stopped rubbing pussy. I took the cassette out of VCD and kept it as it was in my mummy?s wardrobe. I feared something went wrong with my pussy that is why I could not control that discharge like I could control my urine. I went to the bathroom, washed my panty (I wanted to wear it again before my parents return). I also washed my pussy gently with soap and urinated once. After cleaning it by towel, I saw there is no further discharge. I relieved.

Next day, I went to school and told my best friend Angelina about last day?s incident. She laughed like anything and told me that it is quite natural and everything is alright. Definitely, Angelina was more knowledgeable then me as she was elder to me by one year. I asked her, how you know this.

She told that she know it by reading this in sex magazines. I asked her whether she has any practical knowledge of sex. She told that she does not have but she knows how to satisfy herself. I told her to teach me the same.
She came with me at my home after school informing her parents on the way and after lunch, we went to my bedroom saying my mom that we will take rest there. I locked the door of my bedroom and also locked bathroom door as my mummy was there in her bedroom for an afternoon nip.

Angelina have undressed herself and asked me to remove all my cloths. I was shy but seeing her necked, I have undressed myself. She was having a beautiful body. Her boobs were little larger than mine and her pussy was swollen more than mine. Her ass was round and hard like mine. She holds my face in her hands and kissed me on my lips. Oh god!! It was my first kiss and I felt like an electric passed on through my body. I have also participated in kissing act. She asked me to take her boob in my mouth and do like a child drink milk. I did and I felt that her nipple became strong and she started moaning.

She asked me to do it little faster and little harder. I did that. She was moaning in pleasure. Then she asked me to check her pussy and I saw it was wet like mine last day. I also checked my pussy but it was not wet. I asked her that mine is still dry. She told that she will make it wet. She holds me and started liking one of my small sized boob and her hands were roaming on my whole body. I could feel that my nipple is also become strong and I was having a lot of pleasure. Unwontedly, I started moaning in pleasure and I could feel that juice is coming out from my pussy once again.

She told me to rub her pussy with my finger and indicated me her clits. That was the first time that I understand the importance of female clits. I started rubbing her clits and she started rubbing my clits. I was feeling hot ? hot? and hot. Then, she put her lips on my pussy and started to sallow my juice. I told her that it is dirty and she should not do this. She told that it is not dirty as this is not urine; this is juice and it testy and harmless. She took my clits between her lips and oh my god! I cannot write how wonderful that was. She was having a good art of sucking and I was about to reach climax.

My body becomes stiff and I asked her to do it fast. Suddenly, I reached up to the climax and I have gripped her head hard between my legs and she understood that I have reached up to destination. She had slowly swallowed all my juices. I was lying on the bed keeping my eye closed in satisfaction. That was the first time, when I experienced sexual satisfaction. To cut short the story, I did the same thing to her and helped her to reach climax.

We both were lying on the bed when I asked her that whether I am still virgin. She told that we both are virgin till we get a man?s cock inside our pussy. She told me to use my own finger like we did, whenever I feel excited as this is harmless and without any risk. Then she asked me about bathroom door cocking system and told me that your dad and mum are seems to be very sexy and must be having sex almost every night. She asked me to see them while they are in fucking position to learn more. I told whether it is right to see the parents fucking each other. She replied that nothing wrong in it as she saw a lot of time her parents in fucking position.

Then she left for her home leaving me thinking about to see my dad fucking my mother.

In the same night, I went to the bathroom and as usual, I was about to lock the door from my parent?s bedroom, I heard something is going on there in my parents? bedroom. I heard a lot of noises like ooh???. Aah??? oh? yes?.

I tried to see thru key hole. There was full light in bedroom but I could not see anything because bed position of my parents was not opposite the bathroom gate. It is on slightly left side. I put the bathroom light off and tried to open the bathroom gate of my parent?s bedroom slowly. Oh god!! It was not locked. I opened it slowly without any noise and saw a beautiful pose there. The bedroom was shining with full light. Must be my parents prefer to have sex in full light.

First I saw my mom?s ass, standing on the floor, putting her hands on the bed by bending herself, completely naked. What a beautiful and lovely body my mom is having. I saw my dad sitting on the bed and his long, thick and hard cock was in his hands he was doing something with his cock.

(now I know that he was putting condom on it) he stand up and went behind my mom holding his cock in one hand (it was shining due to condom on it) He put one hand on my mom?s buttock and asked her to move further behind. (I was thinking that he is going to fuck my mom?s ass, but now I know that pussy can be fucked from behind also). Then he put his cock on my mom?s pussy opening and pushed his cock further. Now he was holding my mom?s back/ass with both of his hands and started stroking.

He was pulling his cock more than half out of my mom?s pussy and again inserting it back with full force. My mom?s boos (good size) were moving forward and backward with strokes of my dad?s cock. I was seeing my mother was being fucked and I was feeling happy/good about this.

I considered myself lucky to see my dad fucking my mom. They were telling something to each other which I could not understand. My father was continued to move forward and backward and gradually he was increasing his speed.

My hands moved toward my pussy and it was wet again. I touched my clits and by god!! I was about to sought in pleasure but I put my other hand on my mouth and have controlled myself. I removed my hand from my pussy and saw my father fucking to my mother (who was in any animal position, as I told you before) like mad man. His speed of stroking was increased to very fast and suddenly he bent on my mom and took her both the boobs in his hands. I understood that they have reached to the climax now. Then they slowly lay down on the bed. My mom was lying on the bed on her stomach and my dad above her in the same position and cock of my father was still inside of my mother?s pussy.
Suddenly I was like got up from a dream and understand the situation. I moved silently and closed the bathroom door gently, without any noise.

I come to my bed but before that I locked bathroom door from my bedroom side. I was breathing like I was running towards peak of mountain. I immediately removed my panty which was completely wet by then. I could not control myself and started to rub my clits with a speed like 500 kmph

As I was already wet and hot since long time, I reached to climax within 3-4 minutes. After that when I got in deep sleep, I do not know. But I was dreaming whole night seeing my mother fucked by my father.

This is a long story and rest will be in next part.

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Chapter 1