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I am enjoying my sex life in a beautiful way which I wanted to. There are so many other things and a lot of responsibility in life other than enjoying the sex but I am very happy and feel proud that I could make such adjustments and have successfully organized the balance in all the necessary things in regular, happy and sexy life. A lot of credit goes to my loving husband for his guidance, understandings and love for making our life so beautiful, so lovable and so sexy. You all are aware that we both never missed any chance to love each other. Some time we get chances and some time we create the chances. But the ultimate goal is love, love and love...

I am being fucked by my loving husband in every possible manner in my own home whenever we get the chance. But his lust is always increasing with the passing time.
Last time, my mom in law came to us for staying with us for few days. I love my mom in law like my own mother and in turn, she also loves me like a daughter. This is the reason that she wanted to stay with me for few days and I too wanted her to stay with me. I am very lucky and I always thank god for giving me such a wonderful and loving mom in law.

Things were going as usual, but, some time, we were missing afternoon sex. You are aware that my husband's office is on walking distance from home and he comes to home for the lunch every day. Many times, we play afternoon sex game before lunch or after lunch. It is always very exciting and enjoyable for both of us to fuck in day time without any disturbance. Somehow, the day sex was restricted up to morning sex in our bed room because of presence of my mom in law. We both respect her a lot and we never wanted to lock our bed room in day time.

Once, when my mom in law was on fast, my hubby told me that we both will have lunch outside in a five star hotel which is little far from his office and our house. He told me to be ready by 1.30 so that he can pick me up from home. The idea was to have adventurous sex in day. We both love adventure in sex where we satisfy each other without being caught.

Accordingly, I had finished my work at home and have prepared some food for my mom in law which can be eaten in fasting. I was ready to move before 1.30 and my mom in law was reading some religious book. There is no restriction from any one in wearing western cloths, so I was wearing a short brown skirt and a short white top over the set of my white bra and panty with black stiletto heels. I was waiting for my hubby's call which I received sharp at 1.30 asking me to come down in the building lobby. I took permission from mom in law and went down to join my hubby for lunch.

We reached the hotel President soon. We handed over our car for wallet parking and he held me fast and hugged me as we both entered the restaurant of the hotel. We got seated there on a table and ordered some soft drinks. My hubby turned his chair to face me, his eyes was running over my face, legs and getting darker with desire before it came back up to look me in the eye, a crooked smile slowly made its way onto his face. My heart was pounding hard when I returned his smile then I opened the menu book and pretended to read. We ordered some nice lunch and then usual talks started between us both, as always, he started making comments on my beauty and my looks that I look sexy and hot, he always love to have me.

The lunch came in between and we had it while talking. When I finished eating, we were searching some secured place where we can do our wish.

"Swimming pool", my hubby whispered in my ears and I stood up taking my purse with me and made my way around the tables, headed for the swimming pool. He followed me.
When we reached to the swimming pool, I saw that no one is there for swimming in the afternoon. He pushed the door of changing room open and we stepped inside, setting my purse on the counter I turned around towards my hubby. We stood there just looking at each other; I could feel a tingling sensation in my pussy, letting me know how much I wanted to feel him, his part of body.

?Maybe you should lock the door.? My voice echoed off the tiles.

He turned and the locked the door of changing room. We both were alone in a big changing room. It was all set for a quickie. In a few short steps, he stood mere inches away from me; my pulse was beating a steady rapid rhythm. He placed his fingertips against the pulse in my neck, his fingers felt cool against my warm skin. Slowly his lips met mine, the kiss soft and gentle. His tongue lightly played with mine, it was the kind of kiss that would make a girl's body melt.

He pulled his lips from mine as his hands moved firmly over my body and caressed my breasts. My nipples pressed against the fabric of my bra in search of more. My knees felt weak while his hands glided over my hips and down my legs as he went down to kneel on the floor before me. The feel of his hands grazing over my legs caused goose bumps to appear across my skin. I held my breath in anticipation as his hands made their way up under my skirt, lightly kneading my thighs before he traced a finger along my slit, and felt the dampness through the lace. He slowly slipped my panty down, and after I stepped out of them, he brought them to his face, and inhaled deeply of my scent. When he pushed my skirt up over my hips, I spread my legs as he leaned in and tenderly kissed my pussy. I rested my ass back against the edge of the counter and his finger lightly traced along my slit. I tried to move my hips, wanting to feel him inside of me, but he placed an arm across them forcing me to endure his sweet torture. He placed his tongue on my pussy lips which gave me the feeling being in heaven. He again traced it along my slit, this time he slipped it in just far enough to lightly graze all my sensitive parts, my entire body screamed for more. My eyes closed as I enjoyed his teasing, my hands grabbed his arms and I spread my legs wider as I begged, ?Oh, please.?

His tongue slipped between the lips of my pussy, gliding between them, teasing my opening before settling on tormenting my clit. He moved his tongue over my clit as he experimented with different pressure and direction until finding the perfect rhythm. My breathing came fast, my moans of pleasure getting louder as my fingers dug into the flesh of his arms, his treatment in to my juicy pussy bringing me to the brink of explosion before he pulled away, and left me breathless with my muscles quivering.
I gave him a questioning gaze as his hands pushed my top and bra up over my breasts to reveal my taught rosy nipples; he took one of my erect nipples in to his warm wet mouth. My hand moved up to unzip of his pant and as expected, his hard toll was ready for playing sex game. His tongue swirled around my nipples sending shots of fire through my body. I ran my fingers on his zip, opened it and took control of his hot rod gripping it in my fists...

His mouth moved to my other nipple and he raked his teeth across it. His fingers moved in and out of my wetness as his thumb rubbed against my sensitive clit, my hips almost bucking off the counter.

He helped me took his tool out through zip opening and I was holding his cock, rubbing it against my clit. A wave of satisfaction washed over me as my pussy started to releasing juices as always. I was down on my knee on the floor holding his hot and hard tool in my hand. My mouth was ready to suck his tool and I could not wait much before moving my tongue around his cock head. We wanted to finish it as early as possible before noticing by anyone in the hotel.

I was aware that he is a very good fucker and always takes a longer time to cum. It was necessary to bring him in his half way by giving him blow job so he too finishes with me. My hubby always says that I am a very good sucker and once again I was busy in proving myself.

His half cock was in my mouth and I was moving it in and out of my mouth by using my tongue skillfully to make him hot, hot and hot near to his destination. We were keeping control on our moaning in pleasure. It was my experience with him that I noticed that he is ready to finish with me and then I released his cock from my mouth.

My legs wrapped around his waist, his hands gripped my hips as he plunged himself in and out me fast and hard. I slid my hand down between my legs and rubbed my clit causing my orgasm to build fast before it exploded in a muscle clenching collision. My pussy clamped down on his cock as the rush of pleasure kept building and a second orgasm burst and coursed through my body like white-hot lightning making its way across the sky.

He slammed his hips into mine as he threw his head back and let out a deep guttural roar firing his warm cum in the depth of my pussy, his face contorting with his climax. One last deep thrust and his body shuddered while collapsing against mine. I leaned my forehead against his shoulder as my muscles slowly unclenched. My voice become weak as I told him, ?I need to pee.?

"You always need to pee after sex", he said.
He slowly pulled himself out of me and I placed my feet on the floor, my legs were weak and unsteady. He placed an arm around my waist and offered me a smile. ?Are you going to make it okay??

I gave him a return smile and reply, ?Thanks. I'll be all right.?

I kept my balance by holding onto the counter as I made my way over to a stall taking tissue paper from my purse. When I was on a toilet seat, I saw he was cleaning his cock with help of tissue paper and pulling zipper of his pant. He lifted my panty from the floor. We were watching each other as I did not close the door. I have flushed out pee.

When I stepped out of the stall, he was standing by the door watching me and handed over my panty to me. I put the panty on the place and I washed and dried my hands then arranged my clothes before he unlocked the door. I grabbed my purse and we walked out together.

No one was there outside to look in our direction as we made our way back to the table in restaurant. No one, neither the hotel staff nor the other persons taking lunch there could notice that what we did there in a changing room of swimming pool. It was very exciting.

We left from there together after he paid the bills, we came out. I told my hubby that I need to buy some pairs of panties from market.

Soon we reached the main market and in front of the biggest shop of the city he stopped the car there. We both entered the shop and reached on the counter, I asked the guy on the counter to show me some nice pair of panties and he shown me many. I selected one of them asking the boy for the changing room and moved from there to try on telling my hubby to wait for me there only.

He said "OK" and I ran towards the changing room, I entered the changing room and tried to wear the panty, and found that it is little shorter then my size. I stayed there for some time. Meantime, I received call of my hubby on my cell asking "Why am taking so much time"? I told him my problem and he said he is coming to help me. He told the boy on the counter about my problem. The counter boy handed over him some pairs of panties little bigger than what I took with me in trial room. He came fast and knocked the door asking me to open. I opened the door and he entered in by closing the door behind him. There he saw me standing and the panty which I had to try was just up to my thighs, it had not gone up the skirt at all. I told him that the only panty I liked didn't fits on me as I haven't told my size to the boy, he said that I should remove this panty and try other panties which he brought along with him.

As I removed the panty, he hugged me from behind, he started kissing my on my neck and put his hands on my chest and pressed my boobs very hard, I moaned loud by that act of him.

He started moving his hands on my nude thighs and was kissing me from behind; I was also loosing the control now. I correctly understood that there will be another game between us within short time. This was today's second innings within an hour. We had to do it within no time as anyone can knock the door any time.

He told me to bend down in front; I took hold of the rod on the wall in front of me and bend like a bitch facing my ass towards him. He opened his zip, took out his cock and put it on the crack of my ass saying "going to fuck your ass hole darling".

I kept silent as I love to get fucked in my ass by my husband but this time it was without cleaning it and without condom. This time he was going to do that first time with me in a changing room of a shop that excited me more.

He pushed his cock inside my ass hole and it was very painful as the head of his cock had nearly tear off my ass crack and entered his cock in to my ass hole. Although, he used his Sylvia as lubricant but still it was big for my small ass hole. Now he entered half of his dick inside my ass hole and started giving soft pumps from behind looking to the pain I was feeling.

I was now able to enjoy his fuck in to my ass and soon he was fucking my ass hole with the full length of his eight inches cock very hard. He was giving me hard jerks in my ass hole and at the same time, he was rubbing my clit too to give me equal pleasure for orgasm.

I reached my orgasm well before he finished his fucking in my ass. After fucking me for longer than the normal time in the same position, he reached up to his climax and fired his hot load down in my ass hole.

He released me and I wore my panty very fast after cleaning his cum coming out of my ass hole. He also got adjusted with his cloths, and we selected a pair of panties of little bigger size brought by my husband.

I opened the door of the trial room and we both came out taking the panty in my hand which I had gone to try. I reached the counter and told the boy to prepare bill for the selected pairs of the panties. The counter boy was looking at us like wanted to know that why it took so longer to try and select panties in trial room. We do not know whether he was having any idea about our act in the changing room or not. However, we left the shop by paying for the panties of our choice.

He dropped me down at our building and left for his office. It was a nice and exciting outdoor fuck which both of us enjoyed as change.




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Chapter 16