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We planned a holiday in Shimla and have arranged a bungalow there on rent for our stay. We were very happy to be there for spending a lovely and sexy time together in beautiful cold weather in Shimla. We had visited here in past also but, than we stayed in hotel. This time we have booked a tourist bungalow for more and more enjoyment in privacy.

We reached there in evening and our planning to stay here was for two days. My hubby have park the car in front of the house, double checking the address, to make sure it?s the right place. We stepped out of the car, stopping for a moment as the cold winter air stings my lungs. I stopped a bit and turned back holding my hand bag. I take a couple steps toward the house, when I see the front door is open and my hubby standing there, staring at me with his dark, sultry eyes. I approach the porch, never taking my eyes from his. He had opened the door with keys he was having.

He smiles, inviting me to come inside. When I slipped through the door way and past him, my hair brushes against his skin. He inhales deeply, intoxicated by the sweet smell. We get into the living room locking the main door where he tells me to have a seat. I sit down on the couch, and looked around. It is a beautiful and well maintained bungalow ready to live. Everything was there neat and clean. He sits down and hugged me. As always, I forget the world in his strong arms.

I finally speak, telling him that I am so happy to finally reach here in beautiful weather. His eyes twinkle and he tells me that he has to do something. He pulls me into his arms, hugging me tight. We both close our eyes, relaxing against each other, enjoying the feel of one another. We spend several minutes, seeing who can hug the other the hardest.

Our bodies feel as if they are melting together. My breasts press against his chest, radiating heat through his clothes, into his very core. I gasp when he starts to move against me, I can feel his arousal. Our hands begin to explore each other. I slide my hand in his pants. I feel him shaking as I massage his shaft through soft fingers.

His hands cup my both melons over my t shirt, causing me to moan. I grind myself against him as our lips lock together in a heated kiss. My fingers fumble with his pants, opening them up. I slide my hand in, and pull his cock out. I feel it throbbing against my skin.

I put my finger to his lips and say, "Ssshhh, Its Okay. We will be gentle"

His eyes roll up into his head as I move my hand, stroking him. He groans in pleasure. With shaking fingers, he pulled out my t shirt. I arch my back toward him. My breasts are bursting out the top of my black satin bra. Since it?s a front hook bra, he is able to unclasp it very easy. My tits bounce wildly, when my bra falls open.

He cups my breasts and squeezes them together. "Oh, God.? he whispers.

I moan and move my hand a little faster. His cock is slick with pre-cum. He leans forward and twirls his tongue around my hard nipples. I gasp in pleasure. He sucks a nipple into his mouth, as his cock begins to twitch against my hand. He applies more suction, as I stroke him to orgasm, harder and faster. He grunts, then his body stiffens as his cum starts to shoot out as I already made him too hot in the running car during our journey. It oozes all over my hand. I keep rubbing him until his muscle starts to relax. He lifts his head and gives me a sheepish grin. He watches as I take my cum covered hand and caress my breasts with it, painting myself with his cream. He sits back against the couch, trying to catch his breath.

A smile comes over his face as I slide my face to his lap. I was already running my tongue along his staff. I lick him slowly, savoring the flavor. I tease him with the tip of my tongue, lapping, from the head to the base. Then I give each of his balls a gentle kiss.

I sit back up and smile at him. He lets out a sigh of relief. His cock is feeling a bit sensitive, right after Cumming. His eyes follow my hands when I started to push my pants down over my hips. He moans as I reveal the fact that I'm not wearing panties. I step out of my clothes and move onto his lap, straddling him. I kiss him passionately as I help him out of his shirt.

I wait until he slides his pants down before I lower myself onto his lap. The feel of his hot skin against mine, is soothing. By this time, his shaft has grown to full size again. I rock myself against it, causing him to tremble. I am careful not to rush things, knowing that we have a lot of time for love here.

I place his hands on my waist as I position myself against his cock head. I wiggle around a little, covering the tip with my juices. Then I very slowly start pushing downward. His eyes widen a bit, as my warmth envelopes him. He whimpers as exquisite pleasure over takes him. My pussy muscles grip him like a velvet glove as his shaft slides inside me. When I feel his balls against my flesh, I stop moving, momentarily, giving him time to adjust to the feel of my pink folds.

Then, very slowly, I begin to glide up and down his pole. His hot rod was moving it in and out, slow and easy. We were moving against each other in a slow dance of passion. I very gently osculate my pelvis, massaging his cock by moving, round and round it. He groans and grits his teeth. I knew that he will take a long time to cum, and I wanted to enjoy every moment. We were moving in well adjusted position and soon, I had my first orgasm. He understood and felt it. He stopped for a while to enjoy me orgasm pleasure and slowly slowly started his moving action back to give another wonderful and strong orgasm. I too was back in my action and my second orgasm started to build under my belly. We were in full speed action and there was a sexy sound in the room coming out from touching our sexy bodies and body parts with stroking hard to each other.
Faster... faster... harder... harder. Action of loving game on its peak and I was about to explode. I wanted him to cum with my orgasm and I could feel from his cock's extra hardness that he too is nearing his fire.

"Cum for me, cum in me ...babyyyyyyy... fill me...", I whispered.

I know that each time he cum, he fills my juicy pussy fully. His body tenses and he suddenly thrusts upward, driving him very deep inside me. I cry out in pleasure as his cock twitches against my g-spot, shooting wave after wave of warm cum inside me. He pulls me closer to him, kissing me with urgency. I was in the same pleasure which I experienced every time with him. He is such a wonderful lover, a hard fucker and a caring husband. The kiss takes my breath away. When our lips part...I look deep into his eyes and I knew that we will have this type of many more sexy games, many times during our stay.
We went to bathroom together, leaving our cloths behind on sofa, to have a hot water shower to become fresh after a long tiring journey and a hard fuck immediately on our arrival.
After shower, he went to the market to bring some food. I was waiting for him wearing the only gown on my sexy body.

I look out the window and see him coming back in car. I hurried to the door. He was coming out of the car with food packets in his hands. There were cold waves outside which we does not feel inside.
We had the dinner and went inside the bedroom which was beautifully decorated. We went under the woolen quilt removing our cloths as usual. For your information, I do not remember when last we were in the bed in the night having something on our body. As we both were feeling tired, we both gone sleep unknowingly while talking.

I woke up in the morning and saw my husband is still in deep sleep with smile on his face. He must be dreaming. I smiled and remembered what a wonderful dream I had in my deep sleep. I came out of the bad and went to the kitchen to prepare tea for both of us. I pulled back my gown on my body. It was little cold inside the bungalow. I put pot on the gas stove for tea and went back to my dreams which I saw. It was beautiful and sexy dream which I wanted to experience once again... In the dream, I woke up with sweat pouring off my body. My pulse raced, as I tried to slow my breathing. The throbbing between by legs made me squirm as my juices seeped along my slit. My swollen nipples longed to be kissed. I threw back the covers and moaned as cool air swept over me.

It felt as if a fever had overcome me. Raw heat burned deep inside me. I knew there was only one way to relieve the intense hot pressure within me. I slid out of bed, walked through the house and opened the back door. I stepped out onto the balcony. I gasped as the cold wind stung my naked skin. My nipples hardened, sticking out in front of me at least half an inch. The cool air danced against my nether lips, teasing me unmercifully. I slipped a finger between them, opening them to the wind.

I moaned as the breeze seemed to move inside me. Wild sensations moved from my pussy to my clit, feeling as if a thousand tongues were devouring me. I massaged my swollen clit button with the tips of my fingers, intensifying my pleasure. The cold wind would have lowered my temperature. Instead, I seemed to be growing hotter. My body burned with lust. As I imagined that my naughty husband was there, touching me.

His soft lips brushing on my wet pussy lips, and he swirls his tongue around my little clit button. He slips a finger inside me, tickling my g-spot as he devours me. This of course, is so intense that my knees buckle. His strong hands catch me, holding me firmly against his hot mouth. "Oh God!? I gasp.

My hand teases my nipples as the other one zigzagged wildly along my slit. I imagine that he removed his finger from my juicy love tunnel, replacing it with his long tongue. I cry out in ecstasy as it wiggles wildly inside me. He swirls it with such expertise that I think his mouth must have been made just for this task.

I feel all my muscles begin to spasm as an orgasm sweeps me away. I sway as I am overpowered by his wonderful mouth. I slide to the floor of the balcony, breathing raggedly. After a moment, I no longer feel his touch. My nectar begins to chill against my legs, sending shivers through me. I struggle to get to my feet, turning to go inside...
Boiling water sound disturbed my thoughts about my remembering the dream and come out of it in to the reality. Oh my god! What a wonderful sexy dream it was. I could feel heat of that dream till morning, preparing tea.

I was in bedroom with two cups of hot tea in my hands. He just woke up noticing some movement in the house. We both were sipping the tea looking in to each other?s eyes in sexy mood. I knew that there will be another game of hot love and hard fuck between us after finishing the tea. And it has started immediately... His body, presses close to mine, backing me up against the door. I was wearing the gown but he was in his birthday suit in which he slept in the night. I gasp as his excitement brushes my thigh. He plants a soft kiss on the side of my neck and inhales deeply. The scent of my hair causes him to moan in pleasure. He just pulled out my gown from my body making me naked like him. I begin to shake as his heavenly mouth, leaves soft kisses along my body, taking extra time to taste my nipples. He mumbles incoherently when he lowers himself onto his knees and smells my desire.

I part my legs for him, allowing him to taste my exquisite juices. His tongue moves in frenzy against my slit. I cry out in pleasure as I was already hot and horny by my dream. I hear him giggle as he begins to lick me faster. My body begins to thrash wildly as my orgasm rips through me with the force of a hammer. "Oh Yes! I squeal in delight as his tongue laps up my juices. When he has lapped up every drop of my hot liquid, he rises to his feet again.

He leans toward me and gives me a very sensual, deep kiss. I taste myself on his tongue. I moan in pleasure and grind my body against his. We made our way to the bed.. I lay down and watch him. I saw his swollen erection, shines in the day light, coated in pre-cum. I lick my lips in lust, wanting to taste him.

I wait until he crawls on the bed, and lay down next to me. Then I roll over on top of him, catching him off guard. His eyes twinkle as I straddle his legs, and begin to kiss him. I start at his neck and slowly work my way down. I replace the gentle kisses with soft licks when I reach his stomach. He gasps when I swirl my tongue around his shaft, before moving down his legs.

My breasts rub against his skin, as I slither downward. The warmth of them envelops his entire body. I look up at him, and see the fire in his eyes as I continue teasing him with my mouth. When I reach his cock again, I place a soft kiss on the tip before I rise up into a sitting position. I slowly lower my tight, wet pussy onto his staff... My wet heat, sucks his length in, gripping him like a velvet glove. He groans in pleasure as my muscles ripple around his cock.

I gasp, when he slides his hands up my body, to cup my breasts. He squeezes them as I rock against him. I glide up and down his cock, enjoying the way it seems to fit perfectly inside me. We move against each other, slowly, not wanting the moment to end. Each enjoying the touch, feel, smell and taste of the love and fuck. I look into his eyes, watching his every reaction as I made love to him. His eyes seem to pull me inside him. Everything around us disappears. It?s as if time stands still.

All we know is the intense pleasure we feel. The sounds thrilled us of our heavy breathing, our sweat slick bodies, gliding against each other, the rippling and twitching of our muscles as they moved together. My pussy begins to contract against his pole, milking him very slowly, as I am swept away by orgasmic bliss. He groans and let?s himself go. We both cry out as our bodies begin to thrash against each other.

His hot cream sprays inside me on the walls of my hotbox. My juices gush out, onto his balls, bathing him in warm cum mixed with my juices. His hands find their way to my long hair, pulling me forward until our lips meet... We melt into a passionate kiss, muffling our moans of pleasure. Our tongues were dancing against each other very slowly.

When at last the kiss ends, I roll off of him, onto my side. He turns and lays against me with his arm wrapped around me. I feel so warm and safe in his arms.
We took bath together and went out for sightseeing after breakfast. The weather was beautiful and cold. To be very honest with my readers and friends, I accept that we both tried to have at least one time fuck under the open sky of Shimla but we could not do that because of rush of tourist everywhere. Any way, we left it for our next visit to some other place where we get enough time and privacy to do that.
We returned back to the bungalow in the night having our dinner. We gone sleep having a quickie in the night as it was too late and we were feeling tired also because of day long sightseeing.

I wake up the next morning, feeling his soft lips nuzzling my skin, leaving a trail of wetness. I moan in pleasure, goose bumps rising in response to his touches as he moves up and down my body. I quiver in delight when each of my erogenous zones gets tickled. My back was arching to meet his every kiss. The wet heat was seeping down from my thighs as he approaches my clit. He softly blows warm air into my wet slit, aroused by my gasps of pleasure. I whimper, begging him as my desire mounts.

Instead of meeting my need, he works his way down my legs. He kisses each sensitive spot as I began to thrash against him. He holds me firmly against the bed with his strong hands.

"Tell me how much you want me to kiss you here.? he whispers as he blows more cool air against my sex.

"Please, lick my clit. I want your mouth there, now!? I plead.

He snickers to himself and continues avoiding what I wanted most at that moment as he starts kissing my stomach. He begins to lavish me with licks while he moves toward my breasts. My hard nipples ache to be in his mouth. He knows this and teases them by swirling his tongue around the aureoles. I shudder when he finally sucks them into his mouth one at a time.

He lifts his head, looking me in the eye and says, "You still haven?t told me how bad you want me to kiss your pussy."

I told him..., "Lick me! I need it badly. Please kiss my pussy. I want your magical tongue to taste me."

My pleading peaks his arousal as he makes a nose dive between my legs. I squeal in delight as he slips his tongue between my swollen pussy lips. His tongue swirling around my love zone zigzags it round and round. I started to moan in pleasure while he laps at my dripping wet slit. I shudder and buck against his wonderful mouth, as tingles surge throughout me. He slips his tongue inside my hot and juicy pussy and wiggles it wildly. I tighten my muscles around his tongue while he probes me with it. He moves it slowly, going in and out with expertise.

"Oh Yes!? I say between breaths.

He moans and works his tongue faster as my juices increase. He works me up to the brink of orgasm, and then he pulls his mouth away. I try to push his face back to my throbbing slit but he moves out of my reach. He crawls up the bed and lies down next to me. He grins at me while I lay there breathing heavily.

"Show me how much you want me.", he says with a smile.

I roll over on top of him, planting my lips on his. I kiss him deeply, moving my tongue deep inside his mouth. He responds with urgency that feeds my arousal. I pull away from the kiss and sit up. Then I straddle his cock, placing my dripping hole above the head of his cock. I wiggle my wet snatch against him, teasing him by lifting myself up each time he tries to thrust inside me. His eyes become wild passion as my hot juices make his cock slippery. I wait until he relaxes against the bed then I drive my pussy down on his length with one hard push.

My warmth envelopes his shaft like a velvet glove. He groans in pleasure, moving against me as I begin to glide up and down his pole. My hotbox massages him in from the tip to the base with each stroke as I ride him slow and steady. He cups my breasts with his hands, caressing them each time with my strokes. My nipples harden against his soft touch, longing to be kissed. I increase my pace, rocking harder and faster. Each movement brings cries of joy from me as the intensity grows. I tighten my muscles around his girth, milking him. He groans and thrusts harder.

He wraps his arms around me and rises up to a sitting position. We look each other in the eye as I ride him harder. His rod slips into me deeper with each stroke. Our lips meet for another heated kiss, tongues meshing wildly. I wrap my hands around his neck, holding him tight as I am swept away by an orgasm. He moans when my juices gush onto his manhood. He rocks against me faster, going deeper and deeper. I osculate my pelvis, massaging his cock with my pussy. His muscle hardens and begins to twitch inside me. I pull my lips from his as a scream of passion escapes my throat.

"Oh my God!? we both say as we erupt in shuddering orgasms.

His hot cream shoots deep inside me while more of my juices cover him. What a pleasure we felt, it cannot be explained in words. Our sweaty bodies stay locked together until his cock softens and slips out of me. Then I fall back onto the bed. He slips out of the bed, grabbing a towel to soak up the cum off the sheets. He lies down next to me and waits for me to catch my breath. I turn to look at him when he speaks.

"Want to take a bath together?? he asks.

I nod my head. He stood up and lifted me in to his strong arms and took me in to the bathroom. There was a king size bath tub. He put me on my feet and turns the hot water on in bath tub. He checks the water temperature, then scoops me up into his arms and sets me down into the water. It is perfect. Not too hot or too cold, just right. He slips into the tub with me, and then scoots behind me. I lean back against him and sigh as he begins to rub my shoulders. The feel of the water and his touch was amazing.

He fills a vase with water and begins to slowly pour it over my head. I close my eyes and enjoy the feel of the water as it cascades down my body. He pours shampoo in the palm of his hand and gently rubs it into my long hair. His fingertips massage my scalp with slow circles. I moan in pleasure at his touches. He kisses my neck softly while caressing me. He rinses my hair, and then leans close to smell it. He inhales deeply then groans.

I gasp in pleasure as he begins to wash my body with a cloth. He moves his hands in small circles, covering me in soap suds as he works his way down my back. Then he reaches around me and washes my breasts. He takes his time, making me quiver before moving on to wash my stomach. When he reaches down to my pussy, instead of cleaning me with the cloth he covers his hands with bubbles and begins to rub me with his fingers. He slips them inside me, massaging my insides. I moan and press my body against his, wanting more. His thumb pressed my clit, teasing it as he washes me.

I pull away from him and stand up. My ass is inches from his face. He rubs it softly, making me shiver. Then he soaps up my legs. I let him rinse my skin, and then I turn to face him. He smiles and rinses my pussy before wrapping his arms around my knees, pulling me close. I part my legs just as he slips his tongue between my pussy lips. He licks me slow and easy, just enough to make me cry out then he pulls me down onto his lap.

I lift myself onto his hard cock and wrap my legs around his back. He holds me tight and begins to move against me. I keep still, letting him do the work. His full length, hard, hot, thick and long cock glides in and out of my hot pussy, filling me completely with each stroke. He moves faster and faster, enjoying the tight grip my cunt has on him. Without losing a beat, he stands up and steps out of the tub while keeping his shaft buried deep inside me. He lifted me in to his arms and walked into the bedroom and sits down in a recliner. I put my feet in the seat next to him, and then I begin to bounce up and down on him, wildly.

He grunts each time I slam down on his balls, then thrusts against me. His body stiffens as he erupts in a huge climax. I squeal and take him all the way inside me as my muscles begin to ripple around his twitching shaft. He pulls me to him for a kiss. His lips smother mine as his tongue whirls around mine... Our lips don?t part until we have both emptied all the hot juices from our bodies. Then we look at each other for a moment.

"Wow! That was intense.? he managed to say while gasping for breath.

I nod my head in agreement then climb off of him. My legs shake as I walk to the bed, collapsing on it. I lay there collecting my strength back while he gets cleaned up. I seem to have no strength left inside me as he dressed me and put my bra and panty on the right place of love and sex. I smile. He covered me up and gives me a kiss.

We went out again for sightseeing with our bags in our car.

Then in the late afternoon, we started our journey back to home as we were there only for a week end due to the work in his office. I feel satisfied and complete with company of my husband as always... because we had some beautiful moments of love and fucking during this trip.



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Chapter 18