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I had taken my dinner early and was looking through the window, at the night sky heavily clad with dark clouds. It was brightly lit with occasional serpentine lightning followed by roars of deafening thunder. Interestingly, what was going on outside was exactly happening in my mind too while waiting for my hubby to return home from his friends house. He was supposed to go back leaving me behind for few days. Weather outside was exploring my desires to be in my husband's strong arms. My feelings for love and sex were increasing with every moment passing. Soon, the nature unleashed heavy storm making trees sway their heads menacingly. As expected, heavy downpour started, each drop of rain measuring like a bucketful of water.

After about five minutes, I went to the door of our bedroom seeing him there, to welcome and let him in. His condition was really pathetic. He was completely soaked in the rain and was standing outside of the bed room. I was surprised that he was not coming inside, instead telling me to come out in the lawn from the other door of our room. I shut the door and went towards other door opening in the lawn. He too reached there taking a round of our bungalow. It was 11.30 in the night and my parents in law were sleeping in their bed room. He pulled me out in the rain holding my hand. I too love to be wet in rain with my hubby. Soon, my wet sari stuck to my fair body like a second skin showing off the contours and curvature of my silky body in a voluptuous way. The transparent sari, blouse and light pink bra which became see-through being wet, gave a semi-nude appearance of my well-shaped breasts. The nature continued with its furious onslaught of torrential rain, storm, lightning and thunder. I am sure that we would have done complete fucking in the lawn under the rain but we had to careful because we were not alone in the house. We were in the shower for some time and then returned to our room and went to the bathroom straight away.

We did under the shower in the bathroom what we could not do outside in the rain. We hugged each other very tight and removed our wet cloths. We rubbed our sexy body against each other?s body. The mysterious chemistry began to work. History was going to repeat once again. Our eyes met for a few seconds which spoke to each other in an unknown language. We also became aware that our bodies were boiled up enough to play hot sex game. He hugged me tightly keeping his face buried on my neck. I did not know if he was kissing or licking my neck, as both of us were in another world. When his searching mouth covered my lips, his hot breath was all over my face. His kisses were very soft but sensual. His hands were caressing all over my naked back. The temperature generated inside our bodies was so much that our wet body dried up in no time.

He lifted me in his strong arms and made me lay on our bed. He sat on the bedside, looking at and admiring my nude body for a long time as he does always like he is looking me naked first time. Slowly, he came closer and began to kiss me from head to foot. I moaned when his hot lips touched my erect nipples. He planted hot, sensual kisses on my forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, neck, armpits, breasts, nipples, navel, thighs and foot. Then he began to lick my sexy body, again from head to foot. On completion, he turned me over and concentrated on the erotic zones of my body. First he took my each lip into his mouth and began to suck ? first softly and later hard. Then, he took my tongue inside his mouth and sucked it hard. In return, I too sucked his tongue taking it inside my mouth.

Next, he moved to my firm, sexy breasts. He wanted me to sit on bed and milk him like a baby. So, I squatted on the bed, keeping his head on my left hand rested on my lap. I held my left breast with my right hand and slowly thrust the nipple into his mouth. He took it inside and began to suck it, first delicately and then hard. He cupped my right breast with his left hand and began to play, fiddle and squeeze it while he continued to suck my other breast. Though my nipples were soft and tender, but they became firm and erect as he began to suck it. Due to his squeezing, the flesh of my breast seemed to spill out through the gaps in between his fingers. After sometime, I exchanged with my other breast for his sucking. As he sucked, I kept my upper body bent a little backward in extreme pleasure. My eyes were closed out of the pleasurable sensation while he sucked and squeezed my breasts. This went on for quite some time.

Once both of us were satisfied, he made me lay on my back on the bed again. Now, his mouth was making its downward journey from my bosom. As his mouth touched my cleanly-shaved pussy, suddenly I arched my body a little with a shrill moan. His mouth probed my entire pussy with frequent hot kisses. Occasionally, he rubbed his chin and cheeks on my pussy giving titillation and pleasurable sensations. Then he began licking it madly. This made me squirm in bed in utmost ecstasy. He licked my entire pussy the way one wipes the floor with a cloth. Then he separated the outer and inner labia with his fingers. He found my clitoris, took it inside his mouth and began to suck it. Ohhhh?..aahhh?. I released a wild shrill and yell out of extreme pleasure of ecstasy as he continued to suck my clitoris hard. After five minutes or so, I observed my pussy became very hot, wet and secretions almost oozing and dripping out. He separated my vaginal walls and slowly inserted his tongue into my love-tunnel. He began to twist his tongue and lick the inner walls of my vagina in a wild way. This made me go out of my head as I moaned and bounced on the bed involuntarily arching my body frequently. I held his head with the hairs, pulling them apart and pressing his head very hard to my pussy encouraging him to suck more hard. I was enjoying myself by his sucking and gulping my pussy juice, now secreting profusely. He seemed to be thirsty for a long time or so by the way he sucked my pussy. I think the more he sucked, the more juice my pussy secreted. Sometimes, his sucking was so intense and hard, it made whistling sounds. And the wriggling of my body was so wild I thought I may nearly topple out of the bed.

Suddenly, I had a change of mind. I told him to lie on bed on his back and he understood what I wanted. Mounting and sitting on his face, I separated my legs and thighs as widely as possible and thrust my pussy on his face and mouth. As my pussy found its way into his mouth, I closed my thighs covering his face in a suffocating manner. As he began to suck, I bounced and jumped in sheer ecstasy and pleasure thrusting my pussy very hard onto his mouth. As I wanted to suck his cock, I stopped him. He immediately didn?t know the reason why I declined for the same; I turned towards his rock solid hot rod by changing my position sitting on his chest. We were in 69 positions and he again reached his mouth on my hot and wet pussy. I had a close look of his cock. What a lovely cock my husband is having. There were few drops of pre cum fluid on tip of his cock head. I tasted it moving my tongue over it. I slid back his skin covering his cock head and took his cock head in to my hot mouth. I started milking his cock by my sucking. One of my hand was holding base of his long cock and I was doing up and down action so that he do not take much time to cum inside me while fucking me. He is very very strong in sex and mostly, he always makes me to experience two strong orgasms in his one fuck. I was making him hot and hot by my skill full sucking moving my tongue and hand over his cock stroking it in a sexy way.

We reached the final stages of our lovemaking. As our sucking continued for more than fifteen minutes, my body was completely gripped with lust and libido. He knew that I could not sustain any longer as I wanted the real thing soon and fast.

I lay on my back keeping my legs and thighs widely apart and rose, inviting him to penetrate and bury his cock inside my juicy pussy.

I observed his hot and erect cock curiously. I was unable to restrain any more with the burning desires; I wanted him to make real and final love to me soon. He mounted on me, but not exactly sitting on my body, taking care not to put any weight of his body on me. I pressed my boobs together with my hands. He inserted his cock in the cleavage, between the breasts and started making thrusts. I have felt his cock very hot and rock-like. He continued to fuck my breasts for some time. Then I caught his cock, placed its tip on one of my nipples and drew the outer skin of his cock to cover my nipple. He made delicate thrusts with his hot cock to my nipple. It looked as if my boob was milking his cock or his cock feeding my boob. We were getting pleasure, indeed.

He made me lay on my back keeping my buttocks close to the edge of the bed. I kept a soft pillow under my buttocks and widened my legs and thighs maximum possible apart keeping the toes resting on the bedside. Yeah, this position made my velvet juicy pussy elevated and very much revealing. He placed himself between my legs and kept the head of his erect cock at the opening of my vagina. My pussy was welcoming the entry of his cock. He made delicate thrusts and pushes. I reciprocated releasing soft erotic moans. As my pussy was already wet and juicy, his thick and long cock penetrated smoothly, inch-by-inch, inside. Once fully inside, he made slow thrusts then increased force and speed. I was fully enjoying his thrusts. As the momentum gained up, in extreme pleasure, I locked his body with my legs tightly around his hips and bounced to give upward reciprocating thrusts to match his. I looked as if immersed in the ocean of sexual pleasure as I released wild shrills out of sheer ecstasy. Each time, when our thrusts coincided, his cock was driven fully inside my love-tunnel shaking my body. I moaned fiercely each time he entered me, swaying my head sideways releasing ecstatic moans. Every time, his hot cock went deep inside my pussy, it made soft plushhhh? plushhh.. plushhh?.Sound. In utmost ecstasy, I moaned: ?Oh?dear?.fuck me hard?.faster?.deeper? plough my pussy?.tear it apart?.?.kill me? Aaahhhh?.. ooohhhh? I am getting extreme pleasures?." He responded and really accelerated, his cock now working inside my hot pussy like the piston of a steam-engine running at 1000 kilometers per hour. Erred and withdrew in quick succession. This went on...and went on... I knew, I was about to reach climax as I made spasmodic movements and gyrations with my body, my vaginal muscles gripped his cock tightly crushing it inside my vagina. He also enjoyed it and in another few seconds, I made a loud shrill and cry and went limp. Yeah, I attained a strong orgasm.

As I opened my eyes a little later, they must have reflected my fullest satisfaction. He was still licking my pussy juice from the vagina as an After-play. We rested for a few minutes. He told me that it was my turn to dominate now. So, He lay on his back. I seated on his body near his thighs keeping my legs folded backward at each side of his body. I held his hot erect cock with my right hand and with the help of my other hand; I slowly guided it into my wet and hot pussy. With a little pull and push, it went fully inside. Then, I speed up with violent and vigorous thrusts sending his cock deep inside me. I was bouncing and jumping in the act. The pleasure was too much for us as I leaned my upper body backward keeping my hands at the back of my buttocks, as a support, so that I could thrust my pussy forward with more brutal force. While I was fucking him in this way, he cupped my boobs and squeezed them. I was reaching the pinnacle of sexual pleasure and ecstasy indeed. Later I bent forward, hugged and kissed him passionately on his mouth as I continued my onslaught of vigorous lovemaking with my pelvic in a crouching manner. While I did so, he lovingly caressed my back. In another short time, I reached my second climax. It was too much for him to control and he also burst out flooding my love-tunnel with his warm cock milk with a great force.

We lay side by side and rested for some time before resuming a new sex game.

We love watching our images of lovemaking reflected on a mirror, which gives extra pleasure to both of us. Both of us stood up and came to the big dressing-table having a full-length mirror. He placed a writing table in front of the mirror and made me stand on the floor touching the table, facing the mirror. He made me bend forward, the upper body facing and resting on the table, keeping my legs and thighs widely separated. He stood behind me and tried to penetrate his cock in to my pussy. Yeah, he had difficulty. I helped him by keeping my thighs maximum possible apart and separating my vaginal walls with my hands. With a little adjustment of our postures, his cock went half inside me. It was then he made a thunderous thrust with his cock. It pained both of us a bit, but his cock went inside fully the way a hot knife cuts through a lump of cheese. He bent forward lying on my back, embracing my body with his hands. He clasped his legs with mine. Then he started fucking me while he cupped and squeezed my breasts. This posture was more or less the way a dog fucks a bitch. He made vigorous thrusts with his cock ramming it deep inside my pussy and taking it out in quick succession and force, simultaneously, he was squeezing my boobs with his hands. I held my pelvic thrust backward, each time he made forward thrusts. This way, he hit my uterus violently. I moaned and yelled, a little with pain and more with pleasure while we both enjoyed seeing our nude, clasped bodies and lovemaking reflected on the mirror. I like this position very much which he knows. In fact, we were enjoying this doggy position the most as with each thrusts of his and mine; my body was moved a little forward along with the table. In another short time of his vigorous fucking, I reached my third round of climax.

We came to the bed again hugging and kissing each other, now a little tired and exhausted.

He sat keeping his back resting on the side-rail of the bed, while I sat in front of him keeping my back resting on his chest and my legs and thighs separated. His one hand was busy squeezing one of my boobs while his other hand was playing with my pussy. It was really astonishing for me, but his play turned me on very soon as I turned to look at him with expression with a smile. We were again ready to play our favorite game of sexy fuck.

So, as suggested by me, we stood on the floor, facing each other in front of the mirror. He kept my hands circled around his neck tightly. He held me at my buttocks with his hands. Then I made a big jump mounting on to his waist-line circling his pelvic with my legs. The attempt was to insert and drive his erect cock deep into my pussy at one go. But we did not succeed. We tried 3-4 more times, yet we failed. Lastly, we could manage inserting it inside my pussy with the help of my hand. Now, I clung on to his body with my hands and legs while he held me tightly at my buttocks with his hands and his cock fully buried inside my pussy. Once the penetration was full and perfect, I started bouncing, still clinging to him and sending his cock deep inside and a little outside. We both looked at our own reflections on the mirror while we made love this way and enjoyed to see it. I bouncing on him and his cock was moving in and out of my pussy giving a great pleasure to both of us.

This time, I wanted him to cum with me as I have already experienced four good and strong orgasms but he ejaculated only once. I wanted him to fill my pussy with warm love cum. I was about to reach my fourth climax and I wanted to delay it as much as possible to let him cum inside of my pussy with my orgasm.

I could see he was little uncomfortable by holding my body weight in his hands. We decided to come to the bed.

We returned to the bad without removing his cock from my pussy and I was on my back on the bed with his cock inside of my pussy. I widened my legs and thighs and then he started his real assault inside my pussy, sending his cock deep inside me. I wanted him to get his climax and sexual satisfaction. His back was moving forward and backward with increasing speed and the sexy body touching sound was coming to our ears. My pussy was fully wet which was helping his long, thick and hot rod to move in and out of my pussy. I could notice from his speed and little extra hardness in his cock that he is very near to cum. I was also ready with a fully build up orgasm.

Oh my god... we both reached together at final station of our fuck and we both hold each other tightly in a great pleasure. He kept his entire cock fully thrust inside me deeply at that moment. I could easily feel his cock pumping and spraying his warm cock-milk deep inside me. Though, I wanted my body to absorb every drop of his fluid, but, it oozed and dripping out of my vagina. As soon as he completed his ejaculation, he limped and his body fell on to me like a fallen tree-trunk. I caressed his head, now he was resting on my bosom. I kissed and licked his entire face passionately.

A few minutes later, he slowly withdrew his soft cock from my vagina. We bathed together under the shower and soaped each other. While we still stood under the shower, I knelt in front of him and began to drink the water flowing through his body and dripping out of his soft cock. Smilingly, he asked me: ?Hey? naughty lover?.are you still thirsty?? I did not reply, but gave him a smile which spoke volumes.
We wiped and dried up our bodies and came back to the bedroom. It was still drizzling outside. We sat on the bed and talked for some time before we gone sleep tiredly in each other?s arms without any cloth on our body as always.



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Chapter 23