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We both were sitting naked in front with each other and I was wondering that how will the long, thick and hard dick of my uncle in front of my eyes will enter in my small pussy. I have noticed one difference between my dad?s and uncle?s cock. I could compare only two cocks which I have seen till then. My father?s cock I have seen without any skin on head of the same. The head of dad?s cock was pinkish which I have seen clearly. Uncle?s cock was covering black skin on its head. I could see only small part of cock head around a hole on it.

This was first time that I was naked in front of any male and the same time I was thrilled that I am going to be fucked. Uncle?s hands were moving on my body. I was lying on the bed without any activity because I did not know what to do exactly? Uncle told me that ?? baby! Today I will make you a woman and I will give you all the pleasure which you want and you should get. My small sized boobs were between hands of him. He said... oh baby! You have small but hard boobs. I have seen this size of boobs first time in my life. He was massaging my boobs very gently. He took one of my nipple in his mouth and have started licking it like a child wants milk from it. My eyes were closed and my lips were closing and opening. I was feeling a never before sensation throughout my body.

My body was going stiff in pleasure. Then he took other nipple in his mouth and given me the same treatment/feeling. My pussy was already wet and started releasing juices in more quantity. His hands were moved to my small but firm and round ass. He had given a good massage to my ass. I started feeling to be fucked soon. His hairy chest was in front of me and I could not stop my self to take his small nipple in to my mouth and did the same what he did to my nipples. He had started moaning and said?. Oh my little darling? no women did this to me?. It is wonderful?.. Continue it?.. Suck hard?. Oh yes?. Yes?? yes?.. Oh dear. Then he offered his another nipple and I did the same.

I was feeling his hard cock stroking slowly against my pussy. His waist was not moving but still his cock was moving upwards and upwards. That time I could not understand that but now I know that this is a natural process of an erect cock. I was thinking that why he is not starting fucking and taking so much time. I was going out of control and I moved my hand toward his cock. Oh my god!! It was very hard and like a hot rod. First time in my life, a male?s erected, hot, long and thick cock was in my hands and I was thinking what to do with it. I remember having seen my mom once handling my dad?s cock. His cock was in my hand and I have tightened my grip on it. His eyes were closed in pleasure.

I could not see his cock in my hands because we were completely sticking with each other. Then he moved little away and sits on bed resting his back with a pillow on his back against wall. His legs were straight and his cock was dancing like a long pole in fast air. He pulled me near him and I was sitting near him with my legs folded. Then he offered his cock to me. It was amazing to see a cock and I have taken it in my grip. I have noticed that length of his cock is so much that even my full palm was covering only 50% of his cock. I have it in my hands from bottom of it and upper portion of his cock is uncovered. There were small black hairs on the bottom of his cock. It was black colored, covering skin up to head of it. Top of the pink head of his cock was visible and some fluid was coming out of from the hole on it. Even though he was my uncle, but once when we were in that position, it was useless to feel shy.

I asked him ?. Dad?s cock looks different from yours. I have seen pink head of his cock very clearly but yours is fully covered with skin. Why so? He smiled and asked me to hold the dick tight from top. Then he told me to push my hand downward holding the cock tight. I did that. Oh?. Oh?? I surprised that the skin moved down and head of the cock is visible very clearly. It was also pinkish like my dad?s cock head. Some liquid coming out from the cock touched to my fingers and I moved fingers towards my nose to smell it. The smell was very good and I liked it. He told me to taste it. I tested it and it was fantastic. He said that the skin from head of cock moves down automatically when penetrated in pussy. Some men got it cut due to different reason. I understood. He told me?? do you know that every man wants that his female partner takes cock in her mouth to give him more pleasure? I replied that ?. Yes! I have seen many times mom taking dad?s cock in her mouth, but what should I do after taking it in mouth? He smiled again and said ?.. My little darling! You are my little baby and you have to learn a lot of things. I will make you a perfect fucking expert. You do the same what you were doing to my nipple. We both will enjoy.

I could take only 30-40% of the cock in mouth as it was so big and thick. It was warm. I have given a blow job for some time. Then he told me to sit at his place like he was sitting and asked me to wide my legs, folding them upward slightly from my knee He has come in between my legs and his eyes were widening seeing my virgin, tight lipped, pink and hair less pussy. He said?? oh my little darling? this is the first time for me to see virgin, small, hair less and tight pussy. This is my luck that I will fuck you. I never imagine that you are having such a beautiful pussy. Your ass is also beautiful and you are making me mad!!! He moved his hands I thrilled on his fingers touched to my pussy lips.

Now I was in a position to see my pussy clearly and I could also see what he is doing. He put his middle finger between lips of my pussy and moved it from down to up. This was done before by Angelina and also by myself but the feeling I got with a touch from male cannot be explained. It was something amazing and new feeling to me. He has increased his speed of his finger and I was moving my lower part upward with every movement of his finger. Juices was continue to flow out of my pussy which helped him to move his finger smoothly. He has noticed that I am excited and near to my climax. He withdrawn his finger and put his lips on my wet pussy. He was licking it and swallowing my juices. He inserted his tongue tip inside of my pleasure hole and was moving it in and out.

I was excited so much that I was moving my ass upward, downward and rounding my back like anything. And?? And?? And?? I was finished!!! I REACHED TO THE CLIMAX. I tighten my legs around his head/neck and he was drinking my juices like a thirsty man. Slowly, I removed my grip and widen my legs. He made my pussy completely dry from outside and looked at me. He has noticed fucking wish in my eyes and come close to me and said?.. Julee dear!! I know that you want me to fuck you immediately, but I have to take care about you. Your pussy is small virgin pussy and my cock is too hard and big for you. You don?t know this is not as simple as you have seen your parents. It is going to be a painful for you. I will try to give you pleasure with minimum possible pain. I warn you that it will pain. But it will be only for first time, after that you can enjoy without pain. Are you ready darling for a painful fuck?

I thought and could not understand fully what he was saying. I knew on seeing his big cock that this difficult to have that full in my small pussy but I was not aware that it will be as painful as explained by him. I nodded and given him permission to go ahead. He got-up and taken the tube lying at corner of the bed which he brought and shown to me earlier. He himself applied the cream on his cock. Then he applied large amount of cream on my pussy. I was watching him. He inserted cream in to my pussy hole with his finger and asked me to apply cream all over on his dick with my palm. I had applied a thick coat of the cream all around his fully erect cock with both of my hands.

Then I was lying on the bed on my back, spreading my legs and was waiting for a fuck. He sat between my legs and holds his cock in his hands and put it on my pussy hole. Oh!!! What a feeling? Cock waiting on the door of my pussy. I smiled and looked at him. He also smiled and said?. Hold your breath darling. I am going to put it inside. There will be little pain but don?t make big noise otherwise your parents will be on the door of my bedroom. He pressed his cock gently and it was little pain. I could feel that his cock is going inside of my small pussy. He pushed it more and there was pain. I have raised my head and seen that only his cock head had penetrated and whole cock was still outside. I surprised and understand what he was saying before. Only cock head is in side and I am already in pain.

He said?.. Now careful baby??.. Tight your lips and be ready for lot of pain. Since you are a virgin, there will be a lot of pain with bleeding. Do not worry, your pussy is not going to torn, this is quite natural to bleed while virgin hymen breaks. I hold my lips tight and was waiting for his action. He has increased his pressure and his cock was going inside slowly. The pain was increasing gradually. He stopped and said ready darling??? here I go. He pulled is cock back and pushed it with force in side of my pussy.

Oh my god!!! Oh god!!!! My mouth has opened in pain to make a loud noise but he immediately put his hand on my mouth. My voice remained inside my mouth. My eyes became large round in pain and there are a lot of tears coming out of my eyes in pain. It was a tremendous pain and I was crying like anything. I was trying to remove his cock out of my pussy. I felt that he must have torn my pussy from up and down in process of inserting his thick and long cock in my small virgin pussy. It was unbearable pain and I thought I will die out of pain. He bent on me and kissed me on my cheek. His hand was still on my mouth. I was requesting him thru eyes to take the cock out.

He whispered in my ears ? ok darling??. I am removing it??. Please don?t cry and do not make noise? it will be alright?? believe me my little darling. My hand moved down and I could feel that about 50% of his cock is still outside of my pussy and only 50% is in the pussy. I thought, if he would have inserted his full cock, I would have been died. I feel some thing on my finger. Some sticky liquid!!! I brought my hand up and seen that was blood!!! Red and thick blood coming out of my pussy. He said... I told you that there will be some bleeding ? but don?t worry??.. Everything will be ok. I am removing my hand from your mouth and taking my cock out?.. Ok?..doesn?t cry?..try to control?.. Ok darling? I nodded and tried to control myself. He has removed his hand from my mouth and put his lips on my lips.

He started licking my lips very gently. I could feel that he has taking his cock out slowly. My pain has reduced little and I stopped crying but tears from my eyes were still coming. He has finished kissing and said?.. Wait for some time??. The pain will reduce and you will enjoy fucking. I told ?.. I don?t want any fuck now. You have damaged my pussy. How can I enjoy with bleeding pussy. He smiled and said?.. Wait for some time?? you will feel better?.. I have withdrawn my cock??only cock head is in side??.. You can check yourself. I moved my hands down again and found that he was right. My pain started to ease and we remained in that position for about 15 minutes. Then he said?? should we go ahead?. Again the pain will be there but you will start enjoying also and after some time there will be more pleasure then pain.

I hesitated but he was behaving like a good gentleman and I smiled. He took his cock completely out, put it again on my pussy hole, pushed it little bit, again taken out some part, pushed it again. I started feeling pain again. But it was less than before. He was repeating the act, pushing and pulling his cock. I realized that pain was not so much and it was giving me a pleasure when he is moving his cock in and out. Now he has increased his speed little bit and I am forgetting the pain and there was never before pleasure. My virgin pussy is being fucked by my own uncle. He stopped and said?? how you are feeling darling??.. I am fucking you with only 1/3 rd cock pushing inside??. Can you take more?? you will enjoy?? I said try but slowly.

He said ok dear and started again doing in and out. I feel that his cock was touching on something inside of my body and I have started enjoying more. He stopped again keeping his cock in side and said?? darling?.. Your pussy is small but it has eaten my full cock?. You can check yourself. I moved my hands and find his balls touching my ass hole. His cock was full inside of my small pussy. He has started stroking and was increasing his speed. Now I was not feeling pain and I was like in haven. My lover uncle has taken me there for a pleasure tour. My body has becoming stiff and I understand that I am reaching climax. He could also feel that. He told me??.. You are reaching baby?. But I will take some more time?.. Can I continue? I said yes dear I am enjoying and you should also reach up to destination. My body was getting stiffer and stiffer. And?. Suddenly I reached where I was never before. He has increased his speed and fucking me like anything. Suddenly he hugged me and has stopped stroking. I felt something warm inside my body, under the stomach. It was like some forceful spray of warm water inside. He was lying on me and still moving his back sometime like he is trying to insert his cock more inside and I could feel that his cock was dancing inside of my fully wet pussy ???????



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Chapter 3