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In the last week of March, I and my husband have decided to play our favorite game of fuck in the darkness of the room without seeing each other. Till date, we fucked each other either in day light or bright light in the night seeing each other in act. This was proposed by my husband and I have accepted it to have a new experience of fucking without looking at each other.

It was Friday. In the evening, I received a phone call from my husband that he will not be able to join me on dinner due to a dinner meeting with one of his office client. He asked me to have my dinner and to be in the bed without any cloths on my body by putting all the lights off in the bedroom. He would enter in the house using his key and will join me in the bed room for a sex game in the darkness of bedroom.
As suggested by him, I had my dinner in time and went to the bedroom. I pulled all the curtains on window and have removed all my clothes from my sexy body. I looked myself naked in the full size mirror and once again, I felt proud of my sexy and beautiful body. I went to the bathroom to clean my anal tunnel because I was anticipating ass fuck too after really a long time. I have inserted the cleaning chemical in to my ass hole with the help of niddle less injection and sit over toilet seat. Soon, the chemical worked inside of my ass and it was cleaned by flushing off.

I cleaned my ass with water and applied cream inside of my ass hole using my finger. Now I was ready for a safe ass fuck too. I returned to my bed and I switched off lights of the bedroom using duel button system near the bed.

I was lying naked on the bed waiting for him because I knew he may reach home at any moment as he phoned me that he was already on his way to home.

After some time, I heard opening of the main door. I could see him entering in the bedroom because of the night lamp in living room. He closed the door of the bedroom and everything went dark. It was so dark that I was not able to see anything.

I heard the sound of a belt being removed, then a zipper opening, and then clothes dropping to the floor. The footsteps moved around the room until they reached the side of the bed. I felt a hand patting the bed, and I reached over grabbing the hand placing it on my firm breast. Immediately the big strong hand began to squeeze my breast as the rest of his body lowered at my side. A pair of lips moved up my cheek to my mouth and engaged me in a long, passionate kiss. I worked my hands up a well-developed chest and felt broad strong shoulders which I caressed as he kissed. I rubbed down the arms feeling bulging, well defined muscles there. This really turned me on and I could already feel myself getting wet between my legs. His lips moved down my throat to my erect nipples, kissing and sucking on one nipple, while his strong hand squeezed and rubbed the other. I started breathing more heavily as the lips slowly worked their way down my tight abs.

I could feel a bristly goatee rubbing roughly against my skin as his lips move down to just above my shaved mound. The pair of strong hands then gently spread my legs apart. His lips kissed my inner thighs, and then slowly moved closer to my love triangle. His hands slid up the backs of my thighs to just behind my knees. I felt my legs being pushed forcing my knees almost to my chest. His hot wet tongue began licking my shaved outer pussy lips, and then teasingly began licking the inner lips.

I loudly moaned. His tongue then moved to my now erect clit. My clit was licked and sucked by him until I poured out a flood of juices. His tongue then went down and lapped up all my hot juices. I was just thinking about my strong desire to suck on his hard cock, when almost as though reading my mind, his body turned and laid at my side. I quickly rolled on top of him, sliding my pussy down on to his lips in 69 position. I felt his hard cock brush against my cheek. I reached out and grabbed his cock. I gently massaged it with my hand, as I worked the tip towards my mouth.

I felt the wetness of pre cum on the tip of his huge cock and licked it off with my tongue.

I licked this huge cock projection from the shaft to the tip teasing it with my tongue, and then slowly let it into my mouth. His cock is too big to go all the way in my mouth, so I had to let it enter my throat, as always. Once his huge cock was all the way in, I began to probe it, slowly at first, then faster. I felt the goatee being rubbed against my swelling clit, while my slit was vigorously tongue fucked by him. This mix of sensations made me cum and orgasm uncontrollably.

I lay next to him breathing heavily. Suddenly, his strong hands grabbed me. A huge pile of pillows was stuffed under my ass, until the pile lifted me to my knees. His hands began gently massaging my shoulders, then my back, then my butt cheeks. His action was so sexy which turned me on again and I started to drip pussy juices again that ran down to my mound and onto the pillows beneath me. I felt his gentle finger rubbing my wet cunt from the slit to the clit, up and down, over and over. It didn't take long for me to achieve another orgasm again. Just at the peak of my orgasm, my body jerked uncontrollably with screamed out in pleasure from my mouth. His strong hands caressed my butt and worked their way up my back and to my shoulders, until I was completely relaxed again. Then I felt my breasts being massaged and my erect nipples being pinched. I knew that was not finished with yet. He then knelled on me and rubbed the head of his cock along the length of my hot wet pussy opening. I wanted his cock in me so badly that I wiggled my hips trying to suck his cock into my wet cunt. His hands came down and held my hips tightly, preventing me from further movement.

The cock rubbed and tantalized my pussy nearly entering me, and then teasingly moving away. In this process, my pussy juices were reached up to my ass hole making it wet too. I was craving his cock so badly that I began to whimper like a hungry child. I couldn't take this anymore; I had to have his cock deep in to my wet and hot pussy. Head of his cock teasingly rubbed against my dripping slit, and then with a great thrust, he slammed it into my slippery cunt. He slammed his cock in and out with thrusts that banged my ass with a fury. He held my hips, pulling them back, making his thrusts hit even harder. The real fucking game has started once again between us in the darkness of our bedroom. I do not remember that I have been fucked in darkness ever. My pussy spammed around his huge and strong cock. Just as I felt the spasms intensify, he pulled his cock out and slammed into my wet ass bud. I orgasm immediately and his cock head entered in to my ass hole. He was continued to do in and out movement of his cock in to my ass.

I knew that now he will not stop stroking till he cum. His cock moved deeper and deeper in to my ass with his every strong stroke. Now it was moving in and out in slightly easier way. My pussy was leaking and I could feel wetness of my pussy juices on the pillows under my ass.

He moved his finger towards my clit while fucking my ass and started to massage it resulting development of another orgasm within me.

His cock was moving in to my ass and his fingers were moving on my clit. I could feel his cock head swollen in to my ass and I understood that he is near to his climax. I too was reaching towards another orgasm. I was enjoying his cock in to my ass as my ass was being fucked after a long time.

He pushed his cock deep in to my ass with a great force and my pussy have released another round of juices with a great and strong orgasm. At the same time, he fired his hot cum gun in too deep of my ass.

He laid on top of me, breathing hard, his heart pounding against my boobs.
We finished wonderful fucking in darkness of the room. I did not know before this experience that darkness can also give the same pleasure of sex.
We went sleep after a wonderful fucking in dark. As the next day was Saturday, his holiday, we were not in hurry to get up in the morning.

I woke up in the morning at about 8.00 before him and looked at him. There was some day light in the bedroom because of the bright sun shine outside. He was in deep sleep with a lovely smile on his face. His naked body made me proud to have such a handsome and strong life partner. I rubbed my bare breasts against his thick chest hair. He immediately woke up and I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him an open mouthed morning kiss. We licked and kissed each others' lips and tongue for a while.

His palms caressed my smooth ass cheeks. His hands casually fondled my bare breasts and played with my stiff nipples. He slowly moved down, caressing and tickling my soft round belly until his fingers reached up to my pussy.

His fingers continued to explore downwards until they slipped into my slit and I let out a little moan. As usual, all set for another round of sexy and fucking love making between sexy couple. My cunt was completely wet with his play on it and was dripping with my slippery excretions.
He then sat on the dressing stool and made me kneel between his legs. I bent forward, took his cock in my mouth and started to suck on it.

His fingers lightly rested at the back of my head as he gently guiding my mouth on his erect hot rod.

"Aahhh!" He exhaled as I hit his sweet spot as usual, jerking his hips up.
I engulfed his cock with my mouth and closed my lips around his shaft as I felt the tip of his long and stiff rod touched the back of my throat. He twitched his hips up while holding me lightly at the back of my head. Soon we got into the rhythm and I started giving him good morning blow job.

I was lying on bed on my back and he was giving me a erotic massage. He knew that he is a master massager and I always enjoy his skillful massage on my sexy body. He continued with massaging my feet, rubbing them with greater vigor and alternately squeezing the heels and feet between his hands. He rubbed the sole of a foot against his erect cock, enjoying the sensation of the smooth, hot skin of my foot against it. He raised a foot and kissed the toes one by one. Then he suddenly bit me little hard, but the effect was nevertheless electric.

"Aaahhh!" I screamed, my eyes closed and hips jerking up and down as a wave of intense pleasure coursed up my legs right into my pussy and lit a liquid fire there.
He pulled me down a bit. He then pushed a pillow under my ass and nudged my knees apart to expose my pussy.

He started kissing my satiny smooth, muscular calves and gradually moved up to my knees, then to my thighs. He planted gentle kisses and little licks on my inner thighs, prolonging the pleasure as he moved inexorably towards my open pussy. It had been more than 12 hours since he had shaved and his stubbly cheeks & chin rasped against the delicate skin of my thighs. He bent forward and deeply inhaled the aroma wafting up my open cunt as he spread my pussy apart with his fingers. My pussy juices continued to trickle out. He finally rewarded himself by sticking out his tongue to lick up my nectar, savoring its clean, fresh, earthy aroma.

All this time, I was enjoying the exquisite sensations emanating from down below. I kept moaning and writhing in pleasure.
"Aah!", I was coming very close to climax.

He continued to lick up my slit and eventually flicked his tongue over my protuberant clit. This sent me over the edge and I experienced a long intense climax. I experienced a great thrill in travelling towards orgasm and he continued to lick and suck my drooling cunt and stiff, shiny clit until I lost in a strong orgasm. Finally, He rose up and planted a wet kiss on my lips, his mouth smelled of my pussy juices and my cheeks were wet with my own pussy juices. I tasted my own juices with this lovely kiss.

He positioned himself between my knees, raised my legs on to his shoulders, positioned his cock between my half open pussy lips and thrust in. In a couple of shoves his cock was fully buried into my hot, tight, snatch. He then proceeded to enjoy fully the pleasures of plundering my tight, hot young cunt that eagerly gripped his thick cock as usual. I was almost doubled over as he leaned forward, my open mouth inches away from his, my hot, intoxicating breath blowing over his face. my full breasts mashed against his chest. He gripped my shoulders to prevent me from slipping out from under him.

He fired his cum gun deep in to my pussy and I was feeling great like flying high in the pleasure sky. He was continuous to fire his cum jet with his dancing cock in to my pussy. Then he loosens himself to lie on me keeping his cock in to my pussy.
It was Saturday morning and I knew there will be more fun during the day and next day too.

He got up from me pulling his softer cock from my pussy and his cum started to flow out of my pussy.
As many times before too, we decided to take our bath together and we walked together towards bathroom.



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Chapter 31