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Although, socially it may not be considered to be right or good to have sexual relationship with own uncle, but I did not see anything wrong in it. He is my first love and I remember all the things happened during that night. I am sure that it is only because of my uncle that today I know all good and bad about sex. I would have been in wrong hands now if I was not having sexual relationship with my uncle, because I was sexually very excited and wanted to have sex very desperately with any male. I think my uncle have saved me from making sexual relationship with some wrong guy out side.
Now coming to the point????story begins...

He was lying on me hugging me tightly in pleasure. I was also very satisfied with never before experience but the pain in my pussy again started which was noticed by my lover/fucker uncle. He kissed me on my lips and said... thanks my little darling for giving me your virginity and giving me a chance to make you a woman.

He pulled out his cock slowly from inside of my pussy which I have seen was full of blood and also with some other whitish liquid. I noticed that his cock was not so hard now. Size was almost same which I have seen before but it was looking little softer and its head was downwards. I was really in very much pain. He pulled the bed sheet out of the bed which was having a lot of blood on it. I noticed that the bed was also having a big blood spot. He had cleaned his soft cock with the bed sheet and also cleaned my pussy from outside with the bed sheet. Then he pushed that blood stained bed sheet in to a plastic bag. I was feeling increase in pain when he touched my pussy to clean with bed sheet.

I tried to stand up with great difficulty but I could not walk further towards bathroom to wash my pussy as blood and liquid are still coming out of my pussy when I was in standing position. He smiled and he has lifted me in his arms as I am a child and walked to the bathroom. He made me standing in bathtub and said??. Wait dear!!! I will help you in cleaning. He took hand shower in his hands and asked me to wide my legs little. He sprayed water on my pussy from hand shower and I was feeling good. Then he moved his one hand between my legs and cleaned my pussy completely. I told him to use some soap or shampoo but he denied it saying that it will be painful at this time.

Then he has also step in bathtub and turned the shower towards his cock. He cleaned his cock with by using soap. We came out of the bathtub and wiped off ourselves with a soft towel. Again he took me in his hands and we returned in to the bed room. He asked me to sit on a chair and had changed the side of the bed upside down to hide the blood spots. Then he had put another bed sheet on the bed. He lifted me again and asked me to lie down on the bed on my back. I was feeling little better but the pain was still there. He brought a bottle of wine with two glasses and offered wine to me. I did not test wine till that day but he told me that have it baby!! It is pure Italian wine and this is harm less. It also helps you to recover from pain. I am going to offer this wine to your sweet pussy also. I thought he was joking. But he got some soft cotton, dipped it in wine and told me some burning will be there but everything is alright very soon.

He asked me to wide my legs, looks to my pussy and said ?.. Little swelling is there but nothing serious. He inserted wine dipped cotton in to my pussy and asked me to keep my legs together. He helped me to sit on the bed with my back on the pillow on the wall of the bed. I was sitting in relaxed position. I felt little burning in my pussy as the wine must have entered in my pussy. Slowly I was feeling very relaxed. He has given me my glass of wine and sat on my side in the same position in which I was. CHEERS!!! My little darling julee for having first fuck. I wish you many more successful fuck in your life from your fucker uncle?. I smiled and also said CHEERS!!! Uncle darling!!

I could see his cock while sipping wine. It was looking like a small rat, resting on his balls. Now I know everything, but that time I did not know, because I have seen two cocks till that time, one of my dad?s and other of uncle, both in erected position. I never saw any cock in their normal position. Before that day, I was thinking that a male?s dick always remains in erect position and I was wondering that how they keep it in their cloths during the day because I did not notice anything like keeping erect cock in his pant on many efforts.

I was seeing continuously rat like cock of my uncle. Then I though it must be under a man?s control that the can erect it as and when they want and for as much time they want. I was having wine glass in my left hand and I moved my right hand towards COCK ? RAT. I took it in between my finger and OH MY GOD!! It was amazing feeling to me. It was very soft like my boobs. In fact, softer then my boobs. I asked him?? will this remain soft for as much time as you want.

My uncle started laughing slowly. He explained to me the actual thing that it erects with thought of a man. Then he told me a very interesting thing???? ?

We have finished our wine and it was 2.00 0?clock in the night. Even though there was some pain, but I was feeling better. Then uncle told me??. Baby!! I think you will not be able to attend school tomorrow, better to take rest; you will be fine by noon. Tell your mom in the morning that you are having headache and you cannot attend school. I will be also there at home for whole day. Then he asked me ???.. Would you like to learn something more?
I said ??. Why not? But it is too late.
He said??. It will take only 10/15 minutes.
I said?.. Ok.
He said?. Would you not like to taste softer dick?
I said?? yes! But I am not ready for another fuck.
He said? no?. no?. no practical fucking now. I want to show you something. Come dear. Have it in your mouth and feel the difference.

I came forward and took his soft cock in my mouth. It was very good feeling. I could take full cock in my mouth and started licking like ice cr?me. Immediately I could feel that it is becoming bigger and bigger. Bigger and harder. One time it was full in mouth but now I cannot keep it full in my mouth, again, it was fully erected like before and only cock head was in my mouth.

He said?? suck baby!!! Suck it hard!!! Suck it fast!!

Then he showed me that how should I suck it pulling his fore skin down and rubbing up and down it with my hand. His cock had become like a hard hot rod. He was moaning in pleasure and excitement. I was continued to give him blow job as well as masturbating with my hands.

He said?. Baby!!! Would you like to taste some wonder water? You must have seen your mom drinking it.

He was right. I have seen my mom to drink my dad?s fluids with interest. I nodded while doing my job. At one point, he told me to stop. I have taken my mouth and hand out of action. Now I was sitting near his cock and he had taken control of rubbing it hard and fast by his own hand. He was doing it very fast. His hand was moving up and down like a machine. His grip on cock was very tight. He was increasing his speed?? fast??.. Fast??. Fast.

Then he moved his back upward and told me??. BBAABBYY??.. OPEN YOUR MOUTH TO TEST IT???.. IT IS COMING OUT??.. OH??? OH????.. DEAR???. OH.

I kept my mouth opened against his cock and waiting

Suddenly????. There was a spray of white liquid from his cock, direct to my opened mouth. My mouth was full but it was still coming. I closed my mouth and swallowed it. It was salty and very testy. He sprayed a lot of fluid on my breasts. His cock was still in his hands and dancing. Some fluid was on his hands. He removed his hand and I took it in my hands and cleaned it with my tongue. He moved his head towards my boobs and drinks his own fluids all over from my breasts and boobs. I could see a full satisfaction in his eyes. I stood up on the bed. Pain was little less than before. I went up to the bathroom myself and cleaned my body with water. I wiped my body with soft towel and cane out.

I walked so carefully that the wine dipped cotton was still inside of my pussy. I have not pulled it out. I walked to the bed room. My uncle smiled seeing me and told?.. Wait a minute baby!!!! Don?t put your clothes on. I just come. Lie on the bed and rest.

I could not understand what he is going to do now?

He returned from bathroom washing his hand. He brought a tube from bathroom and sat between my legs. I thought, he is going to fuck me again
I said?.. No uncle. Don?t do it now. It is paining.
He said?.. Don?t worry darling. I am not going to fuck you again today. It is enough for you today. Now we will do it after 2/3 days by then you will be ready to receive my full cock in your pussy for a wonderful fuck. Now I am applying an ointment so that you will feel better.

Then he pulled out wine dipped cotton from my pussy and has applied ointment gently with his middle finger. He was giving me a gentle massage on my pussy. He inserted his finger little in to my puss hole to apply ointment inside the hole.
Then he helped me to wear my panty and skirt. I took my top on and was ready to go to my bedroom. He got his cloths on and told me??. Come on baby!! I will drop you at your bed. He again lifted me in his hands like a little child and brought me up to my bed. He whispered in my ear??. Sweet dreams my little baby!!! Have a good sleep. See you in the morning. As I told you don?t go school tomorrow and tell about head ache to your mom. Good night my little loves.

He kissed me on my forehead and returned to his room by closing door of my bedroom. Pain in my pussy was eased.

I do not know when I have gone in deep sleep by thinking about what my uncle and I did.


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Chapter 4