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SEXPOSE - A Night Float

We arrived in Switzerland and my husband joined the duty here.

We have been already allotted a beautiful apartment, even before our arrival and our house hold goods, that air freighted from India was already in our allotted apartment. Our apartment is in outer part of Zurich, on the middle way to Zurich hills. It is a beautiful, three bedroom apartment, well furnished with a beautiful garden within the compound of our apartment.

On very next day of our arrival, a beautiful and spacious Toyota car was presented to my husband by his office for his use during our stay in Switzerland.
In the first week of our arrival here, we used to prepare a list of the things which we needed to purchase and have purchased all the necessary materials required by us. We used to go for shopping every evening, after return of my husband from his office. The first week was very busy and hectic for us. Now, everything was in order at our home and we have settled well here.

For your information, Switzerland is not a new country for us. Both of us have visited here many a times before. Even we were here for our honeymoon. That is the reason, we does not feel ourselves new here. We know this country very well, corner to corner.

It was the month of June. It was summer here. The weather here was beautiful. Not too cool.

After a week, we decided to go for outing on Saturday night to enjoy. We decided to go to a river, about 200 kms from our home, for a night stay there. We knew that we get there house boats on rent with all the facilities.

We prepared ourselves for an overnight fucking picnic, our first night outing in this beautiful country. I have purchased the swim suites for both of us, a tinny bikini for myself and a swim short for my husband. In case we decide to swim in the river in presence of other peoples, we needed this. Our plan was to remain out for whole night and to play our fucking game out there in nature, under the open sky according to the situation.

We left in the Saturday evening, with a bag, packed with cloths and other necessary things. We have also taken the baby cart of our son, who was Seven months old that time. We took our dinner early, and after that, I did breast feeding to my son Raktim. (His name is Raktim, but we call him RAJU, RA is first two letters from my husband's name and JU are first two letters from my name.)

My husband was watching me when my son was sucking milk from my breasts. He always enjoys watching me breast feeding to my son. We also took some warm milk in a flask for emergency, for my son.

We kept the bag and baby cart on the back seat of the car. My son was playing in my arms and my husband was driving towards the river bank.

We arrived at the river around nine o'clock. The sun had been down for about an hour. For your information, the sun remains shining till 8.00/8.30 PM here in June/July. As I got out of the car, the air felt a lot cooler than it had earlier when we started from home. It was dark but the open parking lot here was well lighted. Not many cars were there, that means there is no rush here and only few house boats would be there in the river along with ours.

We eased ourselves for some time coming out of the car and took out our bag and the baby cart. My son was already sleeping in my arms. I let my son sleep in baby cart under a light baby blanket.

My husband was carrying the bag and I was rolling the baby cart. We reached to the booking office for the house boat. We selected a latest model of the boat with a small room in it. We decided to take the boat without operator as my husband knows how to operate the boat.

We purchased some snakes, some cans of beer and some juices from the shop before going in to the boat.

It was a beautiful boat. A beautiful carpet was all over on the floor. There was a small room, some chairs and swimming materials were on the deck. We had a look on the boat. Then, I let my son to sleep in the small but a beautiful bedroom in the boat and have kept the door open.

Boat's staring wheel was just opposite the room.

He started the boat and the boat was started to move smoothly and slowly in the river. The water in the river was not looking like floating in speed. It was looking still like a lake, due to very wide river bank.

When we came in the middle of river, we saw two/three boats were floating far away from us in the middle of the river.

I did not waste much time and have opened the bag, took out my bikini. I also took out him his swim short. I was removing my clothes in the room and he was watching me while on the boat wheel. First, I removed my T-shirt and the bra. My boobs were clearly visible to him in the bright light of the room. Then I removed my scandal and opened the hook of my jeans. He was continued to watch me. I removed my jeans out of my legs and looked at him standing only in my black panty. I knew that I am not less than a killer when I pose like this. I removed my panty too and just walked few steps naked in the room to show him a beautiful view of my boobs, my clean shaved pussy and my naked body.

I took the two piece bikini and put it on my sexy body before coming out of the room with his swim short. I handed over him his swim short and returned to the room again. I leaned farther over to put my removed clothes on the sofa lying near the bed on which my son was sleeping. I knew it very well that the view of my ass in or rather out of my new bikini held his full attention. As mentioned, I brought that bikini two days earlier.

I had never worn a thong of this kind of body flashing bikini before. It does not mean that I never worn any bikini before. But what I wore was a good bikini covering full boobs and complete ass rounds. I had only seen pictures of this kind of tinny bikini before, but I did not wear this kind of bikini anytime when I was in India. Well, he always liked both my ass and boobs in any kind of dressing and most when there is no dressing on my sexy body.

Right now, I knew, with my knees spread wide for balance and my head down on the sofa, keeping the clothes by folding them, my ass was magnificent to him for viewing. The narrow yellow strip of cloth running up the cleft of my ass cheeks just accented the tight ass cheek on either side. The wider piece of cloth that barely covered my pussy and mound was strained tight.

My breasts may be not so big, but they are full and well rounded, having large, highly sensitive nipples. Now, as my nipples rubbed against the bikini material, they were growing to their full size, raising small tents in the bikini cloth. My boobs were only covered about half around the nipples by the bikini. The rest part of my boobs was delightfully and deliciously bare, visible to him.

He was staring at me.
"Beautiful. That's truly the word," He said letting his eyes wander up and down my slender, sexy and trim body. "Just beautiful, that bikini on you makes any occasion totally special."

As I stepped out of the room, I put my arms around him and hugged him tightly, kissing him with all the love.

Speaking through my hair, he said, "Now I see the need of the t-shirt for you. If you walk up in the boat ramp wearing just that outfit, you would shock and kill half the men who see you. Their hearts couldn't handle the overload."
I laughed softly. "There may be a lot of very sexy, sensuous and beautiful women in other boats showing through and around that bikini. May be you can see some naked beauties too"

He bent and kissed me hard and passionately. His hands roamed softly and slowly over my back and my bare bottom, my round ass. The kiss went on and on.
When it finally ended, we slowly released each other.

Still grinning, he reached past my hip, pumped my ass rounds again and again.
I handed over to him his swim short to wear. He moved away from the wheels by shutting the engine. Now the boat was lying still in the middle of river water. He took this opportunity to remove his t-shirt, pant, and shoes. Than he removed his underwear before wearing the swim short, giving me a flash look of his clean shaved, lovely manhood. I took his clothes and shoes to keep them in the room.

As he turned toward me when I came out of the room, I saw his hips, illuminating the small styled swim short that he was wearing. The outline of his semi-ridged manhood was clearly outlined against the stretchy material of his short.

As he walked toward me, he shown his hips to me again and he said, "You must like what you see."

When he reached near me, his hands settled on my hips. His lips on my lips cut off any reply I may have been going to make. Once again, He let his hands roam freely over my sexy and beautiful body.

When we finally came up for air, we realized that we could see fairly well by the moonlight. There was a full moon tonight. It was still fairly low in the east but quite bright. It lighting the river well and make for a romantic float.. That was what we had in our mind anyway.

With another short hug, he asked, "Ready to get wet?"

I laughed and replied, "I'm soaked already in down under my bikini. Oh, you mean in the river?"

When I bent on the steel bars to see in the river, he put out his hand and cupped my sexy ass from behind. He must have noticed that I was not kidding, the material of my bikini bottoms was really sopping wet.

"I think you've got your own river going there. Can I swim upstream?" He laughed.

I straightened up, clasping my thighs together, trapping his hand in my hot, wet grip. He could just barely wiggle his fingertips. A small, fast shudder raced through my body.

"If you don't behave for a little bit, you're going to have a waterfall on your hands from my pussy," I said softly, relaxing my thigh muscles, I stepped away from his hand.

He brought his hand up to his face and inhaled the sweet, pungent smell of my pussy juices, the wonderful smell of my sweet heart pussy fluids. I stood a short distance away and watched him take a long lick of the sticky fluid on his palm and middle finger.

With a hint of mischief in my voice, I said, I'm going to rape you right here and you will forget the river."

With a laugh, we reached another corner of the boat.

Now it was my turn to smile, as I moved over in front of him and leaned over to lightly kiss his sweet lips. I had other ideas though. My arms locked around his neck, as I laid a kiss on him like I hadn't in a long, long time. A kiss from the past, a kiss from our first dates, before sex, had given us another way of expressing our love and longing. I gave in to the emotions and returned what I was giving to him right that time.

If there had been much more passion in that kiss, both of us would have had steam coming out of our ears.

After a few minutes, he said, "I wish to use a beer. What about you?"

I handed over one beer can to him along with a small piece of yellow cloth. It was my bikini top. He smiled and dropped my bikini top on the floor of boat. I took another can of beer for me and handed over him another piece of yellow cloth. It was bottom of my bikini. He nearly dropped his beer, seeing me sprawled out on that boat totally nude.

I turned my head towards him and smiled. "Oh, you still like this outfit too. Going to join me, in the buff?"

He dropped my bikini bottoms too on the boat floor near the bikini top and soon followed me by removing his swim short, the only cloth he was wearing. Now both of us were completely naked, natural in nature, on the boat. We always love to be naked before each other and now we did the same thing again. Other boats were far away from us and no one could watch us naked on the boat. Frankly speaking, we, here in Switzerland, do not mind, if anyone can see us naked or see us playing sex game. Everyone here is open minded and involving in sex in public is not a new and surprise deal here. This is a part of culture here which is not there in our country India. And we knew that the similar action must be going on in the other boats too, because everyone comes here in the night to do what we were doing. So we were not afraid being seeing by someone.

We were shipping our beer, playing with each other?s naked part of the sexy bodies. I brought some snakes too on the deck of boat and we were enjoying fully as we planned before coming here.

About forty-five minutes, another beer and three kisses later, he started the engine of the boat and the boat started to float on the silent water again. He was driving the boat towards other part of the river.

We arrived near the sand on other end. He tied the boat on the small pole with hooks and ropes available there. He grabbed the two big beach towels and I took our son again in the baby cart and we stepped out of the boat. He spread the beach towel on the sand and I kept the baby cart near us.

We walked on across the sandbar and into the water, naked, holding each other?s hands on the river side. After some time, we returned to sit on the towels next to each other. Moon was shining bright and our sexy, naked bodies were looking great in moon light. I opened the two beers again.

This was something else we did not do anytime around there in India but we did this a lot of time, very often our at home.

I lay back on the towel, propped up on my elbows... He joined me; our naked hips were touching with others.

The moon was just clearing the trees far down the straight stretch of river in front of us. Between it and us was the main downtown bridge. We could see cars and trucks crossing back and forth over it. With the distance and the railroad bridge behind us, we knew we couldn't be seen from up there. We know, we've checked it out.

There was a cool wind blowing up and across the river, swirling from different directions as it encountered the trestle. It felt great on our bare naked bodies. I dropped off my right elbow and turned toward him. He turned toward me and gently kissed me. He placed his hand on my hip and caressed my ass rounds. My hand was doing the same to him.

The moonlight, the caresses, beer and the kisses were having an effect on both of us. The kisses became more passionate as did the caresses. I could feel his manhood rising to the occasion. My nipples were rock hard under his palm. Our breathing was growing more rapidly.

When my hand grazed along the length of his shaft, there was a small gasp from both of us. My hand returned to stroke and pets his hard dick. He moved his hand down to the junction of my thighs. I raised my right knee giving him free access to my pussy. He gently stroked his fingertips across my smooth hairless mound and outer lips of my pussy. There was another small gasp from me.

After only a few seconds of this, his middle finger slipped between the spreading outer lips to feel the warm folds of my inner pussy lips. They were slippery with my juices and passion. My hand was moving more urgently over his shaft and balls. As he continued to stroke me gently, he could feel my pussy opening for him like a flower. I was getting wetter and wetter. As his finger dipped lower, I could feel the heat and throb of my pussy opening.

It matched the heat and throb I felt from his hard dick. In one smooth swift motion, I moved back away from his hand and rolled upward to straddle his hips. His manhood was now trapped were his finger had been just second before. I sat up right and slowly rocked my hips back and forth and from side to side. I could feel the bottom side of his shaft settle farther into my hot wet slit.

Slowly I started to slide up and down along the entire length of his long, thick, hot and hard shaft. With each stroke, I get hotter and wetter, as if that was possible. It was having a terrific effect on him also. As I rubbed upward across the swollen head of his dick, I could feel his balls draw up at the exquisite pleasure. As I slid downward they would relax slightly, but the sensations along the length of his shaft kept me on the edge.

Suddenly I froze in mid stroke. A shudder ran up and down my body, as the outer and inner lips of my pussy, compressed and relaxed on his hard shaft. Quickly I lifted up, reached down to raise his cock straight up. Centering the head against my hot opening, I slowly lowered myself until I again sat fully on his hips. My insides were rolling and squeezing him as I reached to a wonderful orgasm, though he was still in the middle of his orgasm.

My hands were squeezing and caressing my own boobs. I started to bounce again up and down in short, sharp movements. I was fucking him wildly sitting on his rocket cock. I could feel his shaft still growing and expanding with the terrific pleasure's I was producing.

With a loud groan and a lifting of his hips, he exploded. As spurt after spurt erupted from his cock inside of my pussy, my face got bright and shiny in sex satisfaction. My ears were singing. I continued to bounce, but was slowing. Finally, I released my boobs and placed my hands on his chest for support.

I lowered myself to lay full length on top of him. I was breathing hard and fast as if I had just ran a mile. As he hugged me, I straightened my legs and wrapped them around his. He was still in the position planted his cock deep within my pussy.

My pussy was still milking his slowly softening shaft. A mixture of our juices was running down over his balls and inner thighs. It made his shaft twitch, which made me clamp down on him. We held each other for a long, long time.

Our breathing was back to normal. I was to the point that I was feeling asleep on receiving a good, strong orgasm in fuck. Finally, his soft manhood slipped out of my pussy. When it did a deep, long sigh escaped from my lips. I lay were I was, then he untangled my legs from his and he sat up. Again, there was a tickling sensation of fluid dribbling down between my legs.

We exchanged a long gentle kiss. I pulled back and sat down on my heels. We both just sat looking into each other's eyes. Slowly a grin crept across both our faces. I started to giggle, which made him laugh, which made me laugh. Finally we settled back to just grinning from ear to ear.

He looked deep into my eyes, to see the shining happiness there. He reached up, caressed my face, and stroked my hair. I kissed his fingers as they passed my lips.

With a deep sigh, he lowered his hand to the top of my thigh. He paused for a second then went on. "I think it's a combination of things. The thrill of your new bikini that's so much more daring than anything you've ever worn. Its effect on me and the compliments I gave you earlier. The fact is that you walked near the river nude for the first time."

Again, he paused. "Actually this is the most time you or I either one have been naked outside our house. The thought of maybe someone catching a glimpse of what we were doing. The fact that we both knew why we were coming here and were in no hurry, nor did we have any reason to hurry. All these things add up to the whole of what happened."

He rolled me over and covered my, tight body with him being careful as always not to apply too much weight. His manhood was again hard and hot where it pressed against my belly. I gave a little gasp, as a big smile filled my face.

He moved down kissing my chin, neck, and upper chest. When he licked his tongue across my left nipple, it was stiff and hard. He sucked it into his mouth and swirled his tongue around and over it, feeling it grow more. Releasing it, he ran his tongue all over and around my boobs. Finally, he kissed and licked the slight crease that is under my boobs. A soft sigh escaped my lips.

Switching to my right breast, he repeated the procedure only in reverse, starting at the crease and ending at my nipple. He started to kiss down across my ribs but I grabbed his face and pulled him back upward. "I don't think I could handle where you're heading right now. Anyway I want you inside me," I said in a low halting voice.

He moved so he was between my parted legs, which I lifted and wrapped, around his lower waist. My arms were tightly wrapped around his upper back and shoulders. He slowly slid his hard cock up and down the trench of waiting my pussy, marveling at the warmth and wetness. As my breathing got stronger, he moved in my pussy deeper with more forceful strokes.

On one backward stroke, I wiggled and lifted myself higher with my legs. He entered in me open, drenched pussy in one long, hard thrust. I let out a long groaning breath, wiggled my heels down around his ass, and pulled him tightly and ever more deeply into my hot and wet pussy. I grounded myself, my ass and my pussy against him.

A few moments later, a shutter ran throughout my body. It was my orgasm. I was enjoying my orgasm by closing my eyes, keeping his hard and hot dick in to my pussy and by hugging him hard. When I relaxed slightly few moments later, He started to make long slow strokes of his cock deep in to my pussy. At the top of each thrust, I started to lift and tilt my pelvis to meet his. We were spiraling higher and higher. Soon, he increased the speed of his fucking strokes and strength of each penetration and I was enjoying this joyful fucking on the breach towel, in the open, on the river sand.

He could feel that I was nearing my fuck peak; he was trying to cum in my pussy to match my coming orgasm. He was fucking me like a fucking machine without stopping. I lost my control and he too came deep inside my pussy, which tripped me over the edge. We held each other tightly as we trembled and shuttered through another overwhelming orgasm.

When we calmed and were once again under control, we rolled over on our sides and just held each other enjoying the afterglow of good sex. Relishing the pleasure, we had shared, luxuriating in the feel of our hearts beating against each other.

We heard a whistle of train which broke the calm of the night. The railway line was a little ways away and we could see the lights of a train which was heading towards town. I started to roll away from him but he held me tight. "Where are you going?" He asked.

I looked into his eyes and cracked a joke. "The other end of the sand bar so I can wave at the train driver."
We both laughed on my presence of mind and the joke.

I said: "I just want to check my son Raju whether he is all right and sleeping well."
The baby cart was just lying near to us. I had a look. Our son was seems to be in deep sleep, unaware about what his parents were doing there. I checked and noted that his diaper needs to be changed as it was wet. I changed his diaper and let him sleep again in the baby cart.

Suddenly, I got up and started to walk down the sand bar. I made my ass swing towards him. Damn, I thought, I must be looked sexy and sensuous to him. He was watching me. Only after a few steps, I stopped and turned back my face towards him. He must have understood what I was about to do.

I just sat down on my feet and have started peeing on the sand. He was watching me closely in moon light. He was able to see my pee clearly coming out from my pussy pee hole and the sand below absorbed all my pee immediately. I was happy to show him myself peeing and I knew that he too loved it.

When I returned towards him after peeing, I was rubbing my pussy by myself. I hurried forward to reach my husband sitting there on the beach towel. I needed an urgent attention and an immediate treatment on my wet and hot pussy. I lay down spreading my legs before him and he immediately knelled down between my spread legs. He moved my hand from my pussy and replaced it with his tongue. As he took that first long lick from my pussy opening to my clit, I groaned loudly and lifted my hips and ass. He cupped my ass cheeks, one in each hand and held me up. He continued to make long gentle sweeps with his tongue from my tight puckered anus to my clit.

From time to time, he could feel my body shake and shutter in pleasure, always, when he would very lightly flick his tongue back and forth over my clit or when he bury it deeply in my hot, dripping hole. When he drop lower to lightly ream my ass hole, I jerk and groaned a long low moan, my hips jerking and bucking. He continued licking and sucking on my pussy until I wrapped my fingers in his hairs and pulled his head away from my sexy, wet pussy. I was already on the destination of another orgasm. I lay there breathing hard, still holding him by his hairs. His cheek was resting on my rising and falling stomach. Slowly my fingers released his hairs. I absently stroked his hairs with one hand and his face with the other. The one I caressed his face with was the same one which I rubbed my pussy with. He could feel the smell of my pussy juices all over my fingers.

He kissed and licked it. When I removed my hands and stretched, he sat back on his heels and looked down at me. I was all women and totally satisfied with him, with my sexuality and with my fucking. He smiled at me on happiness and the part I had played in it.

He said, "I think we need to take a swim and clean up. I've got sand everywhere and you taste and smell like me."

We walked into the water near the floats. The sand drops off sharply so we only went far enough to squat and get wet to his chest, my shoulders. I dipped my head under and rubbed at my face, then over the rest of my body. I took care of the rinse but had problems getting the sand out of my hairs. He turned and leaned back toward me, using his hands and fingers to work and comb my hair until the sand was gone. When we got out of the water and headed for the towels, it was almost cold. The wind had drop off to near nothing, which helped. I glanced up at the moon, which was nearly overhead. I wondered what time it was and then realized I really didn't care. He picked up one of the towels, walked a short distance away, and shook as much sand off as he could. Handing it to me, he said, "Here wrap up your hairs in this."

I realized that my son must need night feeding and immediately I took him in to my arms and pushed my boob nipple in to his mouth. He immediately started drinking milk from my boob while in sleep. It is very good habit of our son that he sleeps soundly from late evening till sun shine without wakening up if I feed him once or twice in the night. He was sucking milk from my breast and as usual, my husband was watching both of us sitting just opposite us.

After a pause, I said:
"When I started moving towards you after peeing, I realized I wanted to do something I'd only fantasized about. That's when I laid down, spread my legs, and started to masturbate. I hope you must have enjoyed watching me. I got so hot, so fast I couldn't stop. I was so happy when you joined me. The first touch of your hot tongue got me off. Then it kept me going and going, or rather coming and coming. I was to the point of continuous small orgasms until your tongue started to circle and tickle my ass hole. That blew me away. God, it was heavenly."

He was looking at me smiling. When I finished, he said, "You surprised me, that's for sure."

Raju finished his night feeding and now he was again in the baby cart sleeping soundly.

We decided to take a naked walk along the river and we did it for nearly about an hour. We did not go far from the baby cart and we always kept an eye on the baby cart while roaming naked there. We saw one more couple in moonlight taking naked walk. They too saw us and they waved their hands towards us. In reply, we did the same.

After some time, we decided to return to our boat. We took our beach towels and baby cart and walked towards the boat again.

We were still naked and he started the boat engine but did not move it.

He was looking at me, sitting on the chair of boat staring wheel. My left hand grasped his semi-ridged fuck tool. My right hand was slipped forward to cup and squeeze his balls gently.

I started to lick his shaft from my hand to the tip of his cock head as though it was an ice cream cone. I could feel his hot cock growing and hardening in my soft hand. Only when he was completely hard, I slipped his cock head into my warm mouth. My tongue was working over and around his sensitive cock head, as my lips worked at his cock shaft. My fingers were alternately tickling and rolling his balls.

Slowly I began to bob my head up and down, taking a little bit more of his cock into my mouth on each movement. Both my hands were slowly working counterpoint to my mouth.

I knew he would last long, it just felt too good to both of us. He was moving his fingers in my hairs and I was sucking his cock sitting on the floor. By the time, he became too hot and I knew that he was in urgent need of fire his cum. It was not possible for me to make him cum only by sucking as most of his cock remains outside of my sucking mouth because of his cock's length and its thickness. I was aware that either he needs to fuck my pussy or he needs to masturbate with speed so that he can cum.

I just released his cock from my mouth and looked at him. He smiled and took his hot fucking tool in his palm. He started stroking his dick with a great speed and I was watching it sitting on the floor. His hand was moving like a machine, up and down on his fucking cock.

After some time, I saw some changes in his hand movement and expressions on his face changed quickly. I understood that he was about to cum. I wanted to have my night drink of his cum and I immediately took his cock head again in my mouth. His cock head was in my mouth and he was moving his hand on his cock length which is still out of my mouth.

The moment head of his manhood touched the back of my throat he was well past the point of no return. I had the maximum possible of his cock length in my warm, wet, sweetly sucking mouth. I could feel his stomach tense and his balls drawing up.

I sucked harder and faster, taking even more of his cock in deep of my mouth. I could feel his cum starting to move up in his shaft to shoot out. All he did was moan a long drawn out. "Oh."

I never quite moving and sucking as he came and came again. Only when the flow was over, I continued to suck greedily at the very head, running my tongue around and around the wide flange. That is by far the best part of a blowjob, when the lady swallows and continues to work on the head. It draws the pleasure out for a far longer time and makes it more intense.

As he finally quite jerking and twitching, I released his cock from my lips but slowly, almost reluctantly. I lay there completely satisfied with his cum drink.
Finally, when we saw evidence of the morning, he moved the boat back toward jetty.

I handed over him his swim short and t-shirt and I took my jeans and t-shirt without wearing bra and panty under them. We need not feel it necessary to dress well as we were to return only at our home.

I packed the beach towels, his underwear, his pant, my newly purchased bikini and my bra and panty in our bag and we were ready to go home.

We returned to jetty, handed over the boat to the jetty supervisor there and walked towards the parking with baby cart.

I was thinking that both of us did not use our swim clothes at all. My bikini was in the bag and he was wearing his swim short.

We enjoyed out full fuck sexposing night out of the home, natural fuck in the nature and after doing all the hard fucking work in the night, we were returning to home. We were feeling tired and sleepy. The sun appeared on the sky.

But, I knew it very well that there will be more fucking between us at home when we take bath together on reaching home. I was preparing myself to have his long, thick, hot and hard cock in to my cute and clean shaved pussy again on reaching home. He always loves to fuck me and I always love to get fucked by him, no doubt about this.



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