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The Silver Jubilee Episode

Dear readers,

I feel very happy and proud to present the silver Jubilee part of MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY. I thank all the readers for their love and support which gave me the strength to write about my sexual encounters.

First of all, before you start reading this part, I would like to mention here to clear that I do not favor or support the sex with any minor. I am writing this because this was just happened with me in the heat and my love towards teen aged virgin, somewhere in my heart; I still think that I should have not done that. But, things cannot be turned back after happening and I am the victim of situation.

Anyway, I write everything which I did and shall await your judgment about my act. Right or Wrong, I did that. But I say and advice to my lover readers to avoid sex with minors and stay away from involving minors in sex. I am not justifying my act; I am just telling you the truth.

I tried my best to keep the story as short as possible, but at the same time, I did not want to hide anything from you. Resulting, the story is little longer. But, I am sure that you will like it.

So, I present here under the next part of MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY for you...

That was a fine morning when I came out of my villa, in the parking area near our garden, holding Raju in my hands to see off my husband, who was going to office. My husband kissed me, kissed our son and got in to his car. When he moved out of the compound, I saw towards our neighboring villa, where my little love Melina stays with her parents. I was surprised to see that Melina was also there and was doing bye bye to her parents. This was the time when Melina should be at her school. Suddenly, Melina saw me and waived her hand towards me. She indicated me that she was coming to me.
I stood there outside of our villa with Raju. Melina turned back, locked her villa's entry gate and turned walking towards me. She was smiling and I gave her a return smile.

"Good morning Julee Aunty!" She said with a lot of love and kissed me on my lips.
"Good morning Raju" She said and kissed Raju too. She took Raju in her hands from me.
"Good morning Love! You should be at school this time. I am surprised to see you at home." I said.
"Today is my holiday." She replied.

We were talking and walking towards my home. We reached inside of our villa and locked the door.

I went straight away to the kitchen where I had to do a lot of things. Melina started to play with Raju as usual.

I would like to mention here that now Melina is not unaware about sex pleasure. She learned everything from me and she remains happy whole day. We were involved in lesbian sex game many times since we did it first time few weeks ago. She is a very sweet, lovely and a sexy girl like me. She learned so much about sex and pleasure from me that now I need not to tell her anything. I was happy to see her dominance in our lesbian games.

I was happy to learn that today was Melina's school holiday. I was thinking about another lesbian fuck fun with her as soon as I finish my morning work. Only thinking about it made my nipples hard, standing and erected under my gown. No need to mention that I was wearing only gown on my sexy body. As usual, my bra and panty were removed by my husband in the night before fucking to me. As always, I enjoyed a good and hard fuck by my husband in the night. Then we went to sleep naked as we do always. In the morning, I put the gown on my naked body and prepared the morning tea and breakfast.

So, I was already feeling heat of lesbian love in my body and my pussy too started to react on my thinking. I clearly felt wetness between my panty less pussy lips.

Melina was still playing with Raju. I prepared milk for Raju and asked Melina whether she likes to have a coffee. She said yes and I also prepared a coffee for her.

I stepped out of the kitchen where Melina was playing with Raju. I made Raju sleep on the nearby couch and gave him his bottle of milk. He started shipping milk from the bottle.

I headed over the cup of coffee to Melina and she was sipping her coffee by keeping her teen, lovely and sexy body as close as possible to my sexy body. I understood that she was also feeling heat of love and sex with me soon after some time. As she was sipping her coffee, I already had my morning tea with breakfast with my husband, so I was empty handed. I started to move my hands lightly on her slim and sexy body and she was enjoying it while sipping coffee. I touched and lightly pumped her lemon sized boobs. She needs not to wear the bra because her boobs do not need bra support as they are only lemon sized. I clearly felt from over her top that her nipple going erected by my sexy touch to her. You can imagine my wonderful experience and unique pleasure having a virgin teen girl's lemon sized and hard boobs under my palms.

She finished her coffee. Raju was still sucking milk from the bottle.

She turned and sat on my lap facing me, keeping her legs on both the sides of my legs. I took her face in my palms and took her sweet, small and juicy lips between my lips. I was kissing her and sucking her lips. She was enjoying the moment by closing her eyes. We were involved in a very long kiss and when we finished the kissing, she was breathing very hard, very fast. She pumped my boobs lightly over my gown and inserted her hand under my gown. She also noticed that I was not wearing bra under the gown. I saw a naughty brightness in her eyes and she parted my gown. My boobs came out of my gown and she was looking at my boobs and my already erected nipples. She moved little backward and took one of my nipples in to her hungry mouth. I was feeling great by giving my nipple for sucking to my teen aged little love. She was sucking my nipple in a very sexy manner and was sipping the milk coming out of my nipple. I still breast feed Raju because my body, my boobs still produces milk. She always enjoys sucking little of my breast milk. And I too.

I was feeling restless and have noticed that she was getting restless too.
Suddenly, she pulled out her mouth from my boob and she kissed on my lips. I tasted my own breast milk from her lops.

"Raju is awake. We should do it when he sleeps. And I just woke-up and need to get fresh too." She said.

I smiled and told her that she should get fresh first. By that time I was also expected to finish my morning work so that we can spend much time for enjoying each other's sexy body in lesbian love.

"OK! I will also finish my work and will play whole afternoon." I said.
"Not whole afternoon. I have called a lady for my body massage in afternoon. She is a very good lady recommended by one of my school friend. She can do much more than a massage if any clients wish. Do you wish me to bring her here so that she can massage both of our body?" She asked.

I understood what she was telling to me. I knew that the massager can perform oral or real sex with their clients if client wish. That's the business. But I wanted Melina to enjoy her body massage in the way she wants.

"No dear. I am happy with you. Finish your morning work and we will make love till your lady massager comes." I told her.
"And my boyfriend Christopher will also be visiting me at 4.00." She told me.
"Good. It means today you will be in heaven during the whole day. Good planning dear. You are learning very fast." I told with smile.
"Yes dear. After all, I am your favorite student." She smiled too naughtily. "I have already informed both of them that if I am not at home when they come, they will find me here in your house."

I appreciated her smartness and asked her to return as soon as she finishes her work. I told her to take lunch with me at my home as she very much likes Indian food.

She left and I covered my boobs again with my gown and started to finish my work. By that time, Raju also finished his milk. I took him in to the kitchen with me so that he can play there before my eyes.

I have finished all my work by 10.00 A.M. Raju went sleep after my breast feeding to him. I have changed my clothes and wore a nice pair of bra and panty under my T-shirt and jeans so that Melina can have the fun and pleasure to remove them from my body. I feeling too horny and was waiting for Melina. My pussy did not stop leaking since the time I knew that there will be a lesbian fun with Melina today.

Suddenly, from our drawing room window, I saw Melina's father's car in their compound. It was surprising. At this time her parents should be at their shop in Zurich market. I did not understand the reason for Melina's father or mother at home at this time. I saw Raju. He was still sleeping. I stepped out of our villa leaving the door open to find out the reason for this. When I was walking towards Melina's villa, I saw Melina running towards me. I stopped where I was. Melina looked very tense. She reached to me and said in a hurry:

"Julee aunty! My uncle at Luzerne met with an accident and we are rushing there to see him. As my parents are with me, I cannot call the massager lady and my boyfriend Christopher about my non availability. By any means, they will be coming to your house when they will not find me at my home. Please tell them this. I have to rush." She told this speedily and ran back without hearing anything from me.

I was looking at her back and I saw her parents coming out of their house and rushing towards their car. Melina too reached up to the car by then. They got in to the car and I saw their car racing away.

I returned to my home by closing the door. I was thinking about Melina's uncle. Luzerne is far away from here and it will take about an hour or so to reach there by road.

At about 12.00 O?clock, my doorbell rang and I saw a lovely young and beautiful girl of about 22/23 years at my door. She was holding a hand bag on her shoulder. I understood that she must be the massager lady and there must be her massaging materials in her shoulder bag. She asked about Melina and I informed her situation. She told me that it is alright. She offered me a massage on my body. She told me that she can give a good massage on my body will charge only $30.00 as a very special case. She was ready to give more than a massage in the same charge if I wish.
I thought for a moment. Sexy body massage is not a new thing for me. It was done a lot of times on my sexy body by my uncle, by my husband and also by Neeta. But I did not take any massage from any qualified and professional person up to now. I prepared myself for this new experience and said yes to the professional massage Girl.

Her name was Brooni and she was a German girl. I let her in.

There is a big dining table, just outside of the kitchen, on the corner of our drawing room and she told me that it is perfect for the job.

She told me: ?Please wrap any big towel around your body if you do not want to expose before me and remove your clothes. But, if you remain clothes less, it will be easy and better for both of us.? I did not hesitate to become nude because she was a female like me.
"I want to do complete massage and for that I need to see what you got beneath. Help me to serve you better.? She told me with a professional smile.

I removed my T-shirt and Jeans, thrown them on the sofa nearby. Now I was standing before Brooni only having the bra and panty on my sexy body. She looked at me and has appreciated my sexy body. I saw her removing her clothes too.

"I am removing my clothes because I have to wear them again after the massage. I cannot afford them to get messy with the massage lotion. If you do not want me to be naked, I will wear my massage gown. But if you want me to feel and want me to feel you, it will be better that I remove all my clothes like you. She said with a professional smile.
In reply, I gave her a lovely smile and my nod to remove all of her clothes.
I started to remove my bra and panty and saw that by that time she already removed all her clothes and become fully naked. She kept her clothes nicely on the chair lying nearby.

I have thrown my bra and panty on my T-shirt and Jeans on the sofa.
I have inspected her naked body like an expert body reader, which I am. I have seen many females naked before seeing Brooni. First in my life, I saw my mom naked and after that I saw my friend Angelina, Anu, Neeta and my latest love was Melina.

She too inspected my sexy and naked body. She was really an expert. She knew how to handle a female client. She took me to the dining table and asked me to lay on it on my stomach. I followed what she told me. I lay on the table with my face down. She opened her bags and took out a bottle of massage oil. She applied a perfumed body lotion all over my body and started massaging my body.

Oooooo???.wow what a massage. My body felt it nicely with such comfortable situation.

She started her hand movement from neck, then shoulders then spine and finally reaching to my ass. She applied some more lotion on my ass cheeks. She slapped my ass cheeks playfully and I clearly felt my ass rounds jiggled like a jelly cake. She giggled at her own deeds. Again she began massaging my ass. Her hands were creating magic on my back. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her deft touches on my naked body sleeping on my stomach on the dining table.

She inserted her hands in my ass crack too. Her fingers were almost reaching my pussy crack but she did not touch my pussy hole. Her actions were making me wish for more. Where ever she kept her hands I would get goose pimples. She was expert in massaging and teasing a woman. She would reach my pussy then when I wished her to insert her finger in my wet pussy hole; she would remove her hands from the target. Remember, I never had such a body massage by any professional before on my body. Gosh, I was getting wet by a woman?s professional touch and I was lifting my ass up to enable her to reach up to my pussy depths.

Then suddenly she moved to my legs. I cursed her for this. She massaged my back thighs and knees. Finished it in minutes and asked me to turn over. I turned facing the ceiling all nude and my boobs heaving up and won with my hard and fast breathing. She sensed my hardened nipples and began pouring lotion on my boobs. She fondled my boobs taking them in to her palms.

I was simply enjoying her each moves as she applied little more lotion on my boobs and started giving circular massage. She carried on her movement on my breasts for nearly 15 minutes. She took extra care for my nipples. She was pressing my boobs and tweaking nipples and even massaging the base, giving me immense pleasure of a professional massage for the first time in my life.

She was bending forward to fondle my boobs. Her boobs were inches away from my face. I wished to lift my head and kiss and suck her boobs or at least touch them. But I knew what she doing was her job for earning the money and she may not be feeling so much excited and hot as I was. Her hands were doing wonders to me. But, somehow, I felt that she too is enjoying her job. Her face told me that she was also enjoying fondling my milky boobs.

Her subtle massage was increasing wetness in my pussy. I could feel my pussy lips quivering and wetness was oozing out of my pussy.

Oooooohhhh ...God... I was about to cum on the table by her sexy massage. I began moaning responding to her hand movement on my naked body. I was in heaven. I was sure she would easily understand that I was about to orgasm before her eyes. Imagine I was laying on table nude and a lady massaging me and I was reaching orgasm. I knew that much more than a massage will be coming from her as she already told me that she will be doing much more than a massage on my body. May be, that was the reason for a female going for a full body massage. Professionals do understand wish and demand of the clients.

But before I could cross the threshold she changed her position. (Such a tease)Then she came to my foot and massaged my every fingers and toe. Then she moved to my legs and thighs. Then sometimes slowly, sometimes fast she was rubbing my thighs and legs.

Slowly she reached up to my waiting pussy. She playfully touched the pussy lips. My wet pussy was quivering at her each touch. She stroked along the pussy lips for the first time in this massage session.

I wished to ask her how she found my pussy but before I could say anything she commented, ?Madam you have a nice and lovely pussy.

I smiled again and she concentrated on my pussy. Then slowly she reached my pussy area. She poured little extra massage oil on pussy and started rubbing my pussy lips in slow circular motion. Her deft fingers were dancing on my pussy lips. It was too much for me.

Finally, she inserted her fingers in my pussy hole; I jumped up in excitement as I was waiting for it. She kept on fondling my pussy lips and eventually found my clitoris. God... ohhhh... Every inch of my pussy was responding when it was touched by her expert hands.

I was really aroused and it felt so horny. I was so hot and needed an immediate orgasm. You can understand my position that I was thinking that if she were a male, I would have simply asked her to fuck me hard then and there. Such was my condition.

Brooni understood my condition and she took bit extra time for my pussy, massaging it for eternity. Within few minutes I felt as if I was about to climax. Seeing my facial expressions she planted her mouth on my wet pussy and began licking my pussy juices. My pulsating pussy lips were too much for her too. I bit my lower lip in excitement. She inserted her tongue in my pussy hole. I raised my buttocks in air to meet her tongue.
I began moaning like anything. She found my clit and began flipping her tongue around it. She sucked my clit in a sexy way along with my pussy lips. Her hands were parting my pussy lips wide for her tongue to access the deepest point in my pussy, a place where every female needs hands, mouth or a strong fucking cock.


By that time, she inserted her middle finger in my anus too. Within minutes I reached my climax. I saw stars dancing before my eyes as I finally climaxed. I clasped my thigh with force trapping her face inside my thighs. I orgasm in earth shattering waves after waves. It was very strong orgasm. I clinched her hairs very tight. I lay there catching my breath and smiling with my eyes closed.

Seeing this, Brooni smiled naughtily and asked, ?How you feel madam? Did you enjoy? Looking to your pussy, I can understand that you always keep your pussy clean shaved. At this time, there are little hairs on your pussy. You must have cleaned the hairs before three four days. If you wish, I can remove the small hairs too so that you need not clean your pussy for another week. I have a good quality of hair removing cream that works very fast."

She was right. I removed hairs from my pussy during last week and cleaning of my pussy hairs was due. I clean the hairs from my pussy myself or my pussy is being shaved by my husband regularly in order to keep my pussy free from hairs and shining every time. I wanted to have this experience too. I told her to go ahead with removing my pussy hairs.

"Please sit on the chair with legs spread apart.? She told me.

I did so and she took a hair removing cream's tube out of her bag and applied the hair removing cream nicely and neatly on my pussy hairs. She finished applying hair removing cream on my pussy and sat on another chair facing me. I knew that we have to wait for some time to let the hair removing cream work to remove the hairs.

I looked at her and hold her hand. She was a thorough professional. She very well understood that I want to play with her naked body till hair removing cream to be removed from my pussy. She was standing near me and I took charge of her lovely boobs. I fondled them and took one of her nipple in my mouth and started sucking it. I was enjoying sucking her nipple and was sure that she too must be enjoying my sucking.

After few minutes, she started to remove hair removing cream from my pussy.

I stroked my pussy area and found it very smooth as always after removing the hairs.

She finished her work and I paid her the massage fee. She gave me her business card and told me to call her anytime for her services. She left my home. I put my gown on my body to cover it.

By that time, Raju too awoke and I gave him fruit juice. He started to play. I needed to have a bath after the massage, So I made Raju sit outside of the bathroom and gave him his toys to play.

I took my bra and panty from sofa and hang them in bathroom for washing them next day. I kept the bathroom door open so that I can see Raju also playing with his toys outside of the bathroom. I did not spend much time in bathroom and finished my bath within no time.

I put the gown again on my body and started to play with Raju.

I took my lunch and was resting with Raju in the bedroom when doorbell rang again.

I saw a young, tall and handsome boy of hardly 15 years on the door.
"Good afternoon madam. I am Christopher, Melina's friend. Is Melina there in your house?" He asked.
"Please come in." I told him and he came inside the home.

I informed him about Melina and I saw a disappointment on his face hearing the situation. I offered him coffee and some snacks. He seems to be very well cultured boy. I just remembered Ratan by seeing him. You must be aware that Ratan was working in our farm house in Goa, India and I made him fuck me about 10 years ago when he was about 15/16 years old. He was virgin and I took his virginity. It was a short time affair.

I knew that Christopher was here to fuck Melina but have disappointed on knowing that Melina is not available here.

Suddenly a naughty thought ran in my mind and I started to think about taking Christopher?s virginity. He was less than half of my age and was still minor. It was not good to take his virginity and made him fuck me against his wish. Yes! I decided that if he is agreeing, I will give him a chance to fuck me and will take his virginity.

It was due to the sexy massage by Brooni that I was feeling hot and horny. I wanted to have a fuck. I knew, as informed by Melina, that Christopher was not able to fuck her when he got the chance due to both of theme?s young age and due to not having enough sex knowledge.

Christopher finished his coffee and wanted to use the washroom. I guided him up to the bathroom and my dirty mind has started to think about having a fuck with Christopher.

Christopher was still in the bathroom and I felt that he is taking unusual longer time. I got suspicious about him and looked inside the bathroom through the key hole.

Oh My God... I stunned to see Christopher in my bathroom. It was nearly unbelievable for me. I saw Christopher jerking his cock with his one hand and his other hand was holding my panty near his nose. He smelled my pussy juices from my panty and was masturbating hard.

I saw his cock was not a big, thick and matured cock as told by Melina. His cock was nearly 3.5" - 4" long and as thin as my thumb. I was not able to see whole of his cock as he was jerking his cock just taking out it from his pant zip hole. He was masturbating very fast and hard. I saw him firing his cum and cleaning his cock after finishing the act.

I was standing just outside of the bathroom and was waiting for him to come out. Christopher stepped out of the bathroom and was stunned to see me there. He started looking down and must have understood that now I knew what he was doing inside of the bathroom.

I took him with me, by holding his hand and we were in our bedroom. I made him sit on the bed near me. Without wasting any time, I said:
"Christopher! I know what you were doing in bathroom."
He could not speak anything except "SORRY."
"It is OK. I will keep this up to me only. Now relax. But you are inexperienced in sex. You need to learn the art of sex." I said.
"Yes madam. I tried it with Melina once but I could not do anything. We made a plan for today, but unfortunately she is not here. I saw your undergarments in bathroom and I could not control myself after smelling them. I did it because I was feeling too hot since morning. I was desperate to meet Melina and ended with masturbating" He expressed his feelings clearly.
"OK! I can teach you if you wish to learn from me." I said this coming straight on the point.
"Really? Will you?" He surprised.
"Yes!" I said. "You need to learn this. Sex is not just fucking. It is an art, it is love, it is a pleasure. You need to have control over yourself in this game and once you learn this properly, not only you will enjoy it fully but you can give the maximum pleasure to your partner too." I said.
"I am ready to become your student madam!" He said.
I understood that he too is desperate to play the sex and fuck game. I was fully aware about my situation and now also knew that he too wants the same what I want.

I removed my gown from my body. As mentioned above, I was not wearing bra and panty under the gown. My naked, just massaged and glowing body was before his eyes and he was looking at my sexy body from top to bottom, bottom to top with his eyes wide open.

I asked him to remove his clothes too. He hesitated a little bit but finally, he removed his clothes too. I have inspected his nakedness like an expert. He was a slim boy. His little cock was in flaccid condition and was looking like resting on his small balls. I noticed that hairs on his pubic area just started to appear.

My pink nipples between brown circles were fully erected and Christopher was looking them like a hungry cat.

"Want to feel them? Want to suck them? I asked him.
He nodded.
I saw his cock started to grow now and it was getting harder.
I sat up further on the bed with my back against the bed frame.
"Come here, dear." I said lovingly. He looked at me.

He climbed up on the bed up to me. I pulled him to Me. My nipples were bright red and glistened with the milk because I was still feeding Raju with them. I held him by the back of his head, gently bringing him to my boobs. A hard nipple brushed against his lips. He opened his mouth instinctively and took my nipple in to his mouth. He sucked my nipple like a child and has tasted the sweetness of my breast milk. He reached under and cupped my boobs in his palms. He tentatively sucked, and was surprised of my breast milk that suddenly came in to his mouth. He sucked harder, drinking deep the fluid of life. While he sucked, the other nipple brushed against the side of his face.

I kissed the top of his head and ran my fingers playfully through his hair. He sucked hungrily at my boobs, and greedily swallowed my boob milk. He held on tightly with both hands to the soft abundance of my boobs. I knew that this was all he ever needed.

I could feel his body start to stir with excitement. I pressed his head firmly to my boobs and started spreading my legs. Christopher?s naked body was lying between my open legs, slightly resting on my bare thighs.

"Oh, Christopher!" I started moaning.

He continued to suck hard my boobs, my nipples one by one. It was a great feeling to give my lovely, sexy and milky boobs for sucking to an inexperienced, virgin and teen aged sexy boy. He was a virgin boy, an inexperienced boy, but he was not a complete raw material in sex. He was surely knowing something and was aware that what to do and how to do with a female partner. I wrapped my legs around Christopher?s knee.

"Come on, Christopher." I moaned softly.

His little and thin cock was throbbing. The heat, the love and the sexy moments forced me to tight my grip on his naked body. He started rubbing his fully erected, tight and hot thin cock against my thighs.

He found a rhythm, and continued to suck deeply at my nipple. He decided to tease the nipple with his tongue as he sucked. When his tongue lightly touched my nipples he must have felt the electricity go through my body. He played with my nipples and was continued to suck them. I allowed him to dominate as I was feeling very happy about him and I was enjoying it.
Suddenly I felt that Christopher ejaculated violently on my thighs. Feeling sorry, he lay there silently for some time.

His lips were still on my boobs is but he had stopped sucking them.
He forced himself to sit up. He looked at me and felt embarrassed and guilty, but I smiled back sweetly at him. He was in a mess with milk on his mouth and dripping down his chin and little quantity of his cum was on my thighs and on around his cock which was turning soft now.

I kissed him said "Are you all right, Dear?" I held his hand and gave it a kiss.
"Yeah, I am ok, mam." He said in thin voice.
"Look, I know you probably enjoyed it. I knew about teen aged boys and their fixations." I smiled. "And I tell you that I enjoyed it, too. It's the way a boy's body is designed so that he ejaculates when he reaches on the peak of the pleasure." I made him understand that nothing to worry. It happens many times with inexperienced lovers.
"Don't be ashamed of." I said and kissed on his lips.
He was now feeling much better.
I told him "You need to learn how to control yourself. You are still a little boy and once you learn how to do it, you will be able to do it with any female in a good and satisfactory way. It is very important for a male partner to satisfy his female partner in sex. Do not be so excited and don?t think only about fucking. Think about love, think about pleasure. I will teach you again how to do and you can read the articles on the net how to control your over excitement in sex."

I turned to him sitting on the bed. I sat up again against the headboard as before and spread my legs slightly, giving him a full view of my shining pussy which was just cleaned and massaged. I saw that he was closely watching and inspecting my lovely pussy. Then I slide down like lying position.

I pulled him on me and he immediately began to suck my boobs again. It was better this time. This time he was sucking my boobs, my nipple in a very sophisticated way. He was seems to be in total control and was not showing any sign of over excitement. He was a fast learner and he understood what to do and how to do. He felt my naked body relaxed against him. He drank my warm, sweet breast milk again. His tongue again started teasing the tip of my nipples, and as before my naked body started stirring under him. I wiggled against him while he sucked and played with my boobs and with my nipples.

Now could feel the excitement starting to build in him and in me too. We pressed our bodies against each other's naked bodies. In our squirming, we re-positioned ourselves until our hips were pressed tightly together. His throbbing and erected thin cock was pressed against my crotch. We were now pushing rhythmically against each other. Caught up in the fever of the excitement, he cautiously reached down and my hips jerked against him. Instinctively, I opened my legs further and started moving my ass. He pushed himself up against naked body. He was prepared to move and I showed no resistance. With both hands he squeezed my ass rounds. His cock, having a life of its own, pressed at my inner thigh and tried to gain entrance in to my wet pussy. He pressed and pressed but he couldn't get in! I could have helped him by holding his cock, showing his cock the correct way and door of the heaven of men's cock. But I wanted him to find out the door and entrance of my pussy so that he will be able to gain his lost confidence. Finally, the tip of his thin and hot cock found the entrance to my wet pussy. It was definitely wet, and emanated a warm from within. He paused for a moment and then pushed his cock slightly in to my waiting wet pussy, and I felt his cock slid into my pussy like a knife in butter. His cock was small and thin. My pussy was well fucked and I am a mother of a child. But still, my pussy is well tight for my husband's well build, long and thick cock. It was so easy for Christopher to push his cock fully in to my pussy. It felt great to me. My pussy is being fucked daily by my husband's long and very thick fucking tool. I remembered Ratan again when he fucked me with his virgin and thin cock. Ratan's cock was surely much longer than Christopher?s cock. Thickness of both the virgin cock's were the almost same.

We both paused for a minute. I reached behind him and grabbed his buttocks. I pulled him to me, making his cock slid all the way inside of my pussy. The feeling was indescribable. It was like tight, wet and warm velvet glove was lovingly grabbing his cock.

I started fucking him slowly by moving my ass up and down. It felt like heaven. Now he took the charge of fucking me and tentatively he pulled his cock out of my pussy slightly and pushed it back in to my pussy. The friction sent fire into both of us. I returned his thrusts by arching my hips. He lifted his body up a bit and kissed me on my lips. He could feel my bare boobs pressing against his chest. I returned his kiss, and soon his tongue snaked its way into my mouth. We embraced and kissed deeply while our hips banged together. I could feel that the tension built in his loins, and could feel that he was fighting for control against his own body. I was happy that he learned the lesson correctly which I wanted him to learn. I pinched his buttocks tight and forcefully pulled him to me.

He successfully controlled his excitements and now he was fucking me with more confidence, with more force. He continued to fuck me like a matured man and I was about to reach my orgasm with fucking by a small and thin cock of a teen aged boy.

I reached to my orgasm and I noticed that immediately he tried to shout in warning. But it was too late for him. He came in a violent eruption, ejaculated in waves in to my pussy.

"Oh, Christopher!" I moaned in orgasm pleasure and wrapped my legs around him, and pushed my hips back and forth against him.

I could feel his naked body relaxed against my naked body. He tried to climb off of me but I pulled him back to me. He could feel my heartbeat and I could feel his heartbeats and slowly we climb back to normal. Eventually, he rolled off of me lay next to me. Both exhausted.

Finally, he broke the silence; "It just felt so good."
I stroked his cheek tenderly. "Yes! It was good, better than I thought. But I will not allow you to do this again with me. I love Melina and that is why I wanted you to learn art of love so both of you can enjoy in a good way."
I was still stark naked exposing my just sucked boobs and just fucked pussy to him. I looked at him with pleading eyes. I was surprised to see his cock was throbbing again so soon. He surprised me. I saw a request in his eyes. I understood that he is still fuck hungry. I could correctly understand his position. He fucked any female first time in his life. This was his first fuck and he just lost his virginity to me. He wanted to do it again with me. I thought for a moment and decided to give him one more chance to fuck me with his small and thin cock, which just lost the virginity.

He almost jumped out as he felt my hand on his cock. I tenderly and expertly stroked it. This time, I guided his cock to the source of my warmth between my legs. His cock slid into my pussy. I was hot and wet.

"Oh! Mam." he moaned with sheer pleasure.

I bucked my hips against him, pushing his small cock fully into his my pussy. He drove his hips into me. And soon both of ours naked bodies were moving in a heated rhythm by themselves. I heard him moaning involuntarily in fuck pleasure which I was providing him for first ever in his life.

As mentioned above, this time he was fucking me more confidently, more forcefully and we both were in deep of fuck pleasure.

I was nearing my orgasm and I felt that he too was not far away from reaching his target of cum fire. Our hips bucked wildly against each other as we both reached to our orgasm destination together.

We were rested some time side by side of each other's naked bodies. He was a sweet boy and somehow I was feeling satisfied that now he was ready to fuck my lesbian teen love Melina in a good way. I could not resist my smile thinking that.

I knew that he did oral sex with Melina, but his small and thin cock was so cute that I wanted to taste his cock. He was still moving his hands on my naked and sexy body. I knew, he was not done yet. He wanted more and more as he was tasted the sweetness of fuck pleasure. As I told him before that he will not be able to fuck me any more after today, he wanted more and more from me in his first and last fuck session with me.

His cock was very small when it was not erected and I love soft cock very much to suck. I always enjoy my husband's soft cock suck. But It becomes hard, long and thick very soon. Christopher?s cock was too small for me even it is erected. I did not waste any time and his soft cock fully into my mouth. I sucked his soft cock and soon his cock was erected again by feeling warm, sexy movement of my tongue on his cock. I wanted to taste his cum and I was continuing to suck his cock. I was able to take his cock fully, till his balls in to my mouth as his cock was too small for my sucking experienced mouth. He was enjoying this by closing his eyes and was moving his hands all over on my naked body.

I sucked and teased his cock with my tongue until he shot his load into my mouth in a screaming orgasm. I was sure that he must be feeling himself in the heaven by enjoying his fuck with a sexy and hot experienced lady like me.

I saw a great satisfaction on his face. I too felt very very satisfied by teaching a love, sex and fuck lesion to Christopher which will be helping him a lot in his sex life.

The time was 4.00 O'clock in the evening and it was the time to feed Raju. I was not sure whether Raju will get enough milk from my boobs or not, because Christopher sucked a good quantity of milk from my boobs.

We both went to the bathroom and had a quick shower together to clean ourselves. I prepared a bottle of milk for Raju and two cups of coffee for myself and for Christopher.

We were shipping our coffee sitting in the drawing room.

Finally, Christopher was ready to leave.

"Christopher! Just forget what we did. It was your luck and you in cashed your luck fully in a good way. Now, I will not be available for you at any time. I am sure that you must have learned everything which you wanted to. Now it is time for you to move further in your life with Melina." I said.
He stood up and walked towards the main door. I was following him to say good bye to him. He stopped near the door, turned towards me, and kissed lightly and lovingly on my lips.
"Thank you mam. I will not forget you in my life time. Bye bye mam." He said and left.

Raju was in my lep and was sipping the milk from the bottle.

I was thinking about my fuck with Christopher.
Was it right what I did?
Did I do anything wrong?

He was hardly 15 years old and I introduced him to the world of love, sex and fuck. But I was sure that he was desperate to fuck Melina. I show him the right and correct way. I reached to this conclusion that I did not do anything wrong. I helped Christopher and Melina to enjoy their sex life in a good way. And above all, I knew, here in Switzerland, sex is very common in teen age.

Finally, I felt much more relaxed and I decided to tell everything to my husband when he returns from the office in the evening. I was confident and knew that I will be having his full support. He will not mind my fuck with a teenaged boy. We are open minded married couple we have a good understanding as well. And above all, truth is the biggest strength for both of us. Both of us do not hide anything from each other and that is why we love so much to each other.


With Love





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Chapter 50