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I was feeling little tired after having continuous and non-stop fuck with my husband for three days and three nights at the nude resort on the occasion of Valentine day.
Our fucking was continued as usual even after we returned from holidays. Both of us need at least on fuck daily and mostly we have more than one fuck daily.

At this point, I remembered Brooni, the beautiful massage girl. I wanted a good body massage with sexy lesbian act to refresh myself.

I contacted Brooni on the number printed on her business card. All of you perhaps remember that she gave me her card after a wonderful massage in last month. She was busy for whole day and asked me either to wait till next day or she can arrange immediately a male massage man.

I am not a conservative woman, but I prefer no man to do the massage on my sexy body. I wanted a trusted girl, and Brooni was the most trusted and tested girl for this job.

So I confirmed my massage appointment with Brooni for the next day at my home. She reconfirmed the same and told me that she will be at my house at about 11.00 AM.
As the bell range, I asked who it was. After seeing Brooni on my door on CCTV, I have pushed the electric switch to open the door. She walked in my house. She was wearing a mini sporty skirt like those used for tennis with a tank top. As I was just out of the bathroom after taking the bath, I greeted her just a towel wrapped around me, covering me from shoulders to mid thighs.

I smiled at Brooni and said, ?I just took a shower, to be ready for the massage.?
She looked at me, but nothing abnormal in her looks at my body. She did not forget to comment again that how pretty and young I looked. She liked my body outfit.

I know I looked sexy and attractive for any man to bite his lips or interested woman to do so. It was clear to me that she was too bisexual like me which I knew because of my last massage by her. You may be aware that she massaged me last time fortunately. Actually, that time she was here to massage Melina, but she was out that time and I took a very sexy massage from her on his offer.

She thanked me for calling her again.

We have a special dining table with adjustable height and width, set up in our dining room. We just walked up to the dining room.

Both of us were in no mood of wasting the time. She asked me to lie down on the table.

I dropped the towel which was the only cover on my body, revealing my lovely naked body to her once again showing her my right curvatures and great, necessary meat on right places of my sexy body.

My nice, firm and full, round tits, lovely waist, very sexy belly button, the most gorgeous, well round ass, pointing outwards gorgeously were once again before Brooni for her magical massage treatment. She too had almost the same round size as my tits, making a matching set leaving a thin waste in between, nice long legs, soft as silk, bright white skin.

I was ready on the table for a wonderful massage by Brooni. She kept her shoulder bag on the chair nearby. I saw that as expected by a professional massage lady, she carried all the necessary materials and tools in her bag. She removed her short skirt and top.

The matching set of bra and panties looked gorgeous on her. I seem to have forgotten myself staring at her gorgeous body, when she smiled, waking me up with laughter.
She was a real professional, as she knows that she will be getting paid for this job.
I lie down on the table with my back up and face down. I knew, she was supposed to start with my shoulders and back.

She asked me of my favorite essence of massage oil and I selected one. She put some of it on her palms, rubbed them together and started on my shoulders. My silky and soft bobs were under her magical hands.

She was massaging my back along with my shoulders, avoiding my ass part. She jumped over it, to my legs, thighs and so on. I smiled on this. She knew it very well that what to do when. I was feeling very good for being massaged by her lovely soft hands.
Her massage magic started to speak on my naked body, especially on my naked bare back.

She went on with his magic massage, which really made me relaxed. Obviously I was enjoying it so far, but nothing special have started, except a few sexy touches here and there on my naked body, especially when she moved her hands next to my tits, her fingers touched my tits sides.

She asked me and helped me turn around. Now I was on my back, with face up and my eyes were closed. When she started massaging my frontal shoulder side, on my belly and concentrating on my belly button, around my tits, the magic started to build in my body with her magical massaging hands.

I loved her massage and she tried taking advantage of it; she was massaging my tit sides now, making circles and rubs to almost my entire tit, except the nipple. She was moving her hands from my one tit to another, then going to my belly, neck and back to my tits.

One move of her made her palm touch my nipple, as she cubed my tit top, rubbing around it.

I noticed that my nipples were semi hard already. Not because of the relaxation, but because of being turned on by her magical and sexy massage on my sexy body.

She asked me to flip over again. She started rubbing my untouched areas from last time and my ass cheeks too. I saw that she started applying more oil on her hand. I understood that this oil is to use on my ass cheeks.

She tapped my ass in a naughty loving way and smiled.

She started the greatest massage job all over my ass. She massaged on my outer and inner thighs and I started moaning as her finger edges touched my pussy sides while massaging.

She made sure that her fingers go down to the sides of my pussy lips. I did feel some dampness inside my pussy, and the moaning was even more than that of just a massage pleasure.

She was rubbing, penetrating and pinching every inch of my ass, thighs, inner thighs, back of my legs and thighs, to my feet , then up wards again to my back and shoulders, back to my ass, which took me in to the different world of pleasure. The massage was so good, and her sexual touches were even better with my moaning reaction. My Pussy was wet already.

Now she made a smart move by taking my hand and placed it between her legs holding it there while massaging it up and down slowly and carefully, till she was done.
She moved me to my other side, took my other hand, placed it between her legs, but this time my hand was much higher, almost touching her pussy over her sexy panties.
She must have felt my hand moving higher up pushing it on her pussy. She moaned as I felt how wet she was, but no words or comments at all. But everything was already clear and we both knew that where were we heading.

She helped me to flip over to my back again.

I kept my legs closed to each other for the magical massage. But I knew she could see upper part of my pussy.
"wawwww" was her reaction, when she saw my lovely silky soft gorgeous hairless pussy. She was not seeing my pussy first time. It was already seen and cleaned by her while she massaged me last time.

Seeing my wonderful pussy again made her unintentionally moan. Her moaning sent an electric current through my wet pussy to my hard nipples.

She started, massaging my frontal parts again. She massaged my tits again. My clearly pointed up hard nipples on my firm standing tits, were pointing up to same direction as her nipples were.

She went downwards to my tommy, belly button, making her palms of both hands for the first time cover in this massage and passed them clearly and closely over my pussy, which made me shiver. I closed my eyes and moan louder.

She passed her each hand on each side of my pussy and my inner thighs, letting her fingers slip in between my thighs touching my swelled, clean shaved and very wet pussy lips.

She brought her hands back, in opposite direction, parting my thighs, and this time passing her fingers over my pussy lips.

I wish to mention again that she is a beautiful, sexy and a wonderful massage girl. Being a professional, she knows it very well that what to do and when to do. This the only reason that I called her to massage my sexy body so that I feel relaxed with lesbian sex satisfaction.

I spread my legs wider to give free movement for her fingers, revealing the whole look of my lovely pussy, which seems to be melting her so far. Sexy movements of her hands on my sexy and naked body were melting me as well, and it was so obvious.
I could feel that she was ready for her most awaited move of actual touching my cunt. I closed my eyes in anticipation and arched my back up.

My hand, which was extending on the table side in between her legs, was intentionally lifted upwards, and touched her inner thighs till it was over her pussy, above her panties.

By the time my hand reached up to her pussy, she had fingers of her hands spreading and splitting tight lips of my pussy, passing her finger over my pussy crack.
She said, ?You are already wet here.?

And of a sudden, without any warning to her, I slipped my finger under her panties by moving her panty aside and fingered her pussy. I opened my eyes, looked at her and said, "Am I the only one who is wet?"

I looked her in the eyes and gave her a very seductive look. She shook her head ?no?. She closed her eyes because of the pleasure.

We, Brooni and I, were going on the way beyond the massage as expected and anticipated by both of us. We both knew it very well that her massage cannot be remained only massage. She knew me very well and I knew her very well. There was no limit between us in sexy massage. We were aware of that.

She did not take much time due to the lesbian sex heat developed within both of us.
She lowered her head between my legs.

She passed her tongue over my clean shaved, wet and silky pussy crack up and down. I was shivering of joy with spreading my legs wider, lifting my pussy up wards to her.
I pushed her head to my desperate cunt. I started fingering her pussy with my free hand's fingers. She started moaning so loud.

I knew I got her fully seduced, fully turned on, horny enough for me to do her act, for which she seems to be dying. Frankly speaking, I too was dying for it.
She helped me to move my body downwards to the end of table in order to make her job easy.

She spread my legs wide open, lifting them up, and started giving me a very special tongue massage, over my pussy, on my pussy lips, on my hard clit and on my ass crack and on my asshole too.

I did not stop screaming and moaning holding her head between my hands pushing it closer to my pussy.

Her tongue was sinking deep in my pussy hole. Then she used her fingers as well, which were immersed in massage oil. She even inserted her oily finger in my tight ass hole which was sliding in and out so easy because of the massage oil on her finger. Another finger was already in my pussy while she was sucking my clit.

It did not take a long time and my body started tensing up. I tightened up my grip on her head between my legs. She was very good on her sucking job due to which I was shivering and moving right and left.

She knew that I was so close to my orgasm and she continued sucking my clit and fingering in my pussy and in my ass.

I could not hold my powerful orgasm any more. My pussy juices were so high, squirted out of my cunt all over her face. She was so quick licking all of my pussy juices.
I relaxed and I let my legs fall down. She looked away from me. When I recovered from my powerful and wonderful orgasm, I moved my face closer to her face, pulled her face to my direction and kissed her on the lips.

We kissed and sucked each other's lips with full of love, with our tongues wondering in each other's mouth. When we broke the kiss, she was looking me in my eyes.

Now I took the charge this time and I removed her panties aside, down on her thighs and I started rubbing her already wet pussy with my fingers.
She said, "I am really happy. I consider myself a lucky girl, getting to lick your beautiful and lovely pussy twice within a short duration."
?Really?? I asked, while trying to push her body upwards, pulling her panties down.
?Yes? She said. Then she helped me by taking her panties off and she removed her bra too. She got fully naked I said, ?If you insist, let?s do a mutual pleasure; I want your pussy juices again in my mouth."

I took position on top of her naked body, making my head over her pussy, while my pussy was over her head, for a perfect 69 position.

She started rubbing my pussy, touching it and looking at it, while I was parting her pussy lips, inserting my finger in her crack, shoving one of them into her wet pussy hole.
She was doing the same to me as if she was learning, following my steps.

When I lowered my body over her face, I felt her long soft tongue touched my pussy lips, which gave my whole body a shiver again. I screamed.

She said, ?I know what it takes to make a pussy happy and cum. I play this game with pussy of almost every female who call me for a body massage."

She shoved her tongue in my pussy and we were doing mutual job of burning on each other's naked body.

We continued pleasing each other, licking each other's pussy and sucking clits. We were moaning as a pair of sluts fucking each other like there was no tomorrow.
Finally both of us were so tensed and our sounds of screaming and moaning filling the room or even the whole house.

It felt like it was a top joy, on both ends of course, finally at the very same time we both exploded in heavy orgasm.

Mine was wetting my pussy, her face, leaking over, but here?s was a fountain like squirt of pussy juices, which is a lovely sight I could never forget.

We then washed together, took a lovely and sexy hot water shower together and stayed fully nude, sat on my bed in my bedroom. I made us a couple of wine drinks for both of us, and we had a lovely conversation.

She asked me about my husband, about his fucking power and about the size of his fucking tool. I told him all true and informed her about wonderful fucking power of my husband and about his long, thick and hard fucking tool.

She was impressed a lot and as expected, she expressed her desire to be the second female in a fucking game of my husband with me. She clearly told me that if I wish, if my husband wishes, she is happy to join us in a wonderful group sex with us.
I assured her and told her that let me tell my husband about her and I will be happy to have her as the second female in fucking by my husband.

She told me that she have been fucked by some males, mainly after her body massage on them. Men call her for a massage only to fuck her and her charges were extra for a fuck game. But she found most of the men not too strong in sex. Some were very strong and she experienced more than a single strong orgasm in fucking with them. But most of them were just able to provide her an orgasm. She also experienced that few of them just fired cum immediately on entering their cock in to her pussy or soon within few strokes.

She told me that she really dream about a strong, long and thick cock which my husband is having. She knew that she will be sharing my bed soon with my husband and me. I was also sure about this. I decided to have a talk with my husband for this.
Even Melina wanted to have my husband's cock in her small pussy, but she was too small and her pussy was not matured enough yet to have my husband's long and thick fully matured cock.

Now Brooni too is my good friend and sex partner now.
I feel very happy that I got another lesbian sex partner here in Switzerland. Melina was already on my side and now Brooni too joined me.




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Chapter 53