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Surprise on the highway

It was a beautiful evening. I was driving on the highway alone, dressed in comfortable clothes of short skirt, low cut, and body tight, top. I was returning after a business meeting with a buyer of farm products. (My father exports farm products mainly to Switzerland and I still help my father in marketing.)

I did not meet my father's client in the clothing which I was wearing while driving the car on my way back to home. I was wearing my business suit while in the meeting. Now my meeting suit was lying on the back seat of the car, which I removed after the meeting.

I pulled over on a side road rest area to freshen up and have some coffee on the way. I located the restaurant and I was sitting at the table there sipping my coffee.
I could see a very attractive girl of about twenties across the table from me. She was a fresh and great looking, sexy looking girl, having blond hair, blue eyes. She was dressed in very sexy revealing clothes like me. She was wearing a short fluffy skirt, tank top, seemed a bit chunky.

She was a owner of firm and sexy tits. She gave me a few smiles when I was looking at her. I somehow figured that she seems a bisexual girl. The reason of my thinking this about her because of her obvious looks at my body, staring at my legs under the table and closer looks at my tits as I lean over or so.

After finishing my coffee, I went to the bathroom to freshen up. I could not see her at her table when I came back from bathroom. I shook my head and took little hand bag, paid the bill and headed towards my car.

When I was about to start my car, I saw the same girl with a back pack hitch-hiking. I pulled the car closer to her and she smiled seeing me.
"I am looking for a lift." She said.
I asked about her destination and coincidentally it was on the same direction of my journey.

I felt lonely anyway. I knew I could use the company which felt safe, besides, she attracted me. I decided to oblige her by giving her a lift, and why not, for a nice chat with her on the long boring road.

On my signal for her to hub in, she gladly placed her bag on the back seat and got in the car. She thanked me with a seductive wide smile on her face. She sat by my side and I drove.

I could obviously see parts of her legs which were very attractive and sexy. For a few moments there was no much talking except of some questions and answers, with lots of admiring looks from both of us all over each other. She told me that her name is Habiba and she is a Turkish Girl. I looked at her face again. She was not looking like a Muslim girl from Turkey. Her complexions were giving a impression of an open minded girl from western Europe. She told me that she is working in a Bank here.
I knew that I was interested in this sexy girl. I was attracted towards her and had no doubts she was too. I noticed this from her looks, smiles, and the way she was moving around and was trying her best to show me as much as she could of her legs, her thighs and her tits as well.

I could even see her nipples under the top she was wearing, as she was braless. She was acting brave by obvious flirting, and admiring my body, telling me I have sexy attractive looks.

She was obviously flirting with me; I was flirting back, as the admiring was mutual between both of us. I told her clearly how sexy she was, and almost made it clear that I was attracted to her body looks.

I believe all of that gave her the courage to start, as I felt her placing a hand on my thigh smiling and saying,

?It looks so soft, does it feel as soft??
I smiled saying, ?well, your hand is on there, what you think? ?
She moaned by closing her eyes and said, ?Oh god, soft as silk and mmmmmm?.
"Oh?? I said in a sexy seductive voice.
She looked in my eyes, giving me her sexy looks nodding her head.

She said, ?Yes, I love what I am touching. I hope I am not offending you, as we are both women?.
I smiled saying, ?No honey you are not, I like yours as well, I am bisexual by the way?.

She closed her eyes bringing out a high sound of moaning saying, ?Oh thanks god?, but this time bringing her hand higher under my skirt rubbing my inner thigh, almost touching my pussy.

I laughed saying ?you like that ha?? I spread my legs apart, giving her hand room to get deeper between my legs and she grabbed the first chance moving her hand over my pussy.

Her hand was over the sheer material of my undies. She was rubbing her hand on my pussy above my panty and was smiling. I moaned a bit and she got braver by leaning over me and said, ?You drive safely, I will do the rest?.

She placed a couple of kisses over the top part of my tits, on my bare cleavage saying, ?I love this type of body?.
I said, ?So do I and your body and your assets are lovely and great too?.
She leaned back bringing her tits higher up front shaking them, saying, ?You like them ha??

?I am sure, I do.? I said and I touched her tit while driving, by extending my hand.
She grabbed my hand and placed it under her loose top, placing it right over her tit. I cubed it squeezing it, pinching her nipple.

She put her hand between my legs again by spreading them apart lifting my skirt all the way up. She was leaned over and placed a quick kiss on my pussy, over my panties material which was showing wetness already.

She moved my panties aside and placed her hand there. She started rubbing my pussy as I was moaning and shaking. But I noticed something kind of strange in her act, which did not bother me at first.

Each time I reach to place my hand over her pussy, she tenses up and stopped me by placing my same hand over her tits, on her thighs or even holding it and sucking on my fingers.

It was some kind of slow traffic hour, the highway was almost empty except for few cars, and I was cruising in slow speed, on the slow right lane, while she was massaging my pussy and my tits in a very sexy way.

She almost got me naked by lifting my skirt all the way to my waist. She pulled over my top showing my tits. She moved my panties aside showing my fully balled pussy.
She was playing and touching all over my body giving me lots of pleasure. I was using my free hand for rubbing her tits. I was pinching her soft lovely nipples while she kept moaning louder and louder.

By this time she had the chance to pass her tongue almost all over my body, even licked my pussy as much as she could without disturbing my driving.

Finally I was disturbed by her not letting me touch her pussy. She was trying to use some excuses like I should concentrate on my driving and touching her pussy would be unsafe while driving.

When I insisted and tried using force to get my hand under her tight and thick material of her panties, she was really tensed, and lost her smile.
As of a sudden, she stopped all of her movements. She took her hands back, looked at me in my eyes and said,

?Look, I know you may hate me for this, but I will be honest with you?. She continued,? I know you are bisexual and seems very open minded, but I do not know if you will accept this surprise of mines or not??

I was shocked to hear her unusual answer. I got lots of thought in my head. What could that be? Does she have her period? Or what else would it be? The moments of silence between us got me thinking deeper.

She looked at me again and said ?Look, sooner or later you will find out. So why don?t you pull the car over there, where there is an emergency parking.
Usually, emergency parking on the highway is used for quick rest or flat tire change or so. I pulled over and turned the car off the highway and parked it in the emergency parking. There was not any other car in the parking. My car was the alone in the parking.

Then I looked at her saying, ?now what??
She spread her legs wide a part, put her hands under the waist band of her panties saying, ?Are you ready for this??
I said ?Yes I am?. She pulled down her panties in one shot revealing something which I have never expected, even in my dreams.

It was a very hard cock of around 6-7 inches long, fairly thick, balled, no hair.
My jaw dropped down and I was speechless. She was looking at me and was not smiling at all. But she looked afraid and guilty.

She broke the silence by saying, ?Should I take my stuff and get off your car now? I am so sorry if I offended you or cheated you, in any way, while I did not mean any of that at all. I swear?.

Honestly, I admit here that I was having a fair, clear and every chance to pull myself out from that situation. I could have avoided that encounter with a lady boy if I wished the same. Actually, I was excited to find a real lady boy next to me, who was open for me and she was interested in me. Somewhere in my heart, I was interested in her too. I have an open mind and a big heart for the sex in my life. I did not want to miss that fortunate opportunity in life by my good luck to have a sexual encounter with a sexy lady boy.

I said nothing at all, but I kept looking at her. After a while, a smile was drawn on my face without a word. I found myself leaning over to her side by placing my head between her/his legs.

I took that lovely cock between my fingers, kissed its shiny head, and then placed my tongue on it. Then I took it between my lips, lowering my head slowly and started sucking on it up and down. My action felt her relaxed and moaning.

I pulled my head up again and hugged and kissed her on the lips. It was a long and passionate kiss. Then I said,
?Look! Does that tell you anything??
She said, ?Yes! You seem to be OK with it and I understood that you like it??
By the way, I am still calling her a she, her?etc. I was seeing much more of a woman in her than a man. Her body, her tits, her legs and softness of her silky feminine body was like a girl. Her beautiful and feminine face, her eyes, even her voice, all was of a gorgeous sexy girl. In the bonus, a lovely cock was added to her lovely, sexy and beautiful body there. I must admit that her cock was a hell of a lovely dick.

To me, she was a girl and I felt like I was having a female relation and lesbian cum fuck game with her.

Let me add this. I knew about she males, or lady boys, or transsexuals before this incident, from magazines, from the internet, and have seen videos of them. But it was the first time that I have seen such a beautiful lady boy that could not be totally recognized. I did not know she was one, till she took her panties off and I saw the actual cock of a lady boy first time in my life.

We looked at each other for a while. Then she brook up the silence by saying, ?look I know this area very well. Do you want to stop between driving and wish to relax a bit?" She continued, ?We could play together for a while??
I said, ?I wish to do?.

Then she said, ?Take the first exit out of the parking. There is a nice natural park of wooden area there. It is un-manned and we could be comfortable and safe there."
I drove my car as she said, till we reached up to a nice green area. There were lots of thick trees and we could see no body around. I pulled over to a nice comfortable area under a tree where I stopped the car. I pulled a blanket from my car's trunk. She spread the blanket next to the car on the grass.

We sat there, hugged and kissed on the lips with our hands moving all over each other?s sexy body. We lay down next to each other and were still kissing and rubbing each other's bodies.

She was dominating in the act like a male lover. She started kissing me downwards to my ears, my neck and my belly. She placed her tongue tip on my belly button each time while taking a piece of clothes off from my body till I was fully naked. In return love, I have removed every cloth which she was wearing and made her nude too like I was.

I was on my back and she was between my legs on her knees. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing by admiring my beautiful, clean shaved and wet pussy. She was looking at my lovely pussy with a lot of interest.

She cupped my pussy with her hand and started shaking it while looking me in the eyes. She was smiling and biting her lower lip, an action which was building fire in my whole body.

She stuck out her tongue lowering her lovely gorgeous head in between my legs finally; she reached on my swelled pussy lips. She parted them with her tongue and started licking my pussy with her way up and down.

She lifted both of my legs up by spreading them wide open till she reached to my asshole. She started licking my ass hole as well. I was moaning louder and louder was soon feeling a huge orgasm building up in my boiling horny pussy.

Her finger was rubbing my asshole ring and then she slides her finger in my ass hole. At the same moment I felt another finger sliding into my wet hot pussy, while her tongue was moving in between her fingers locations.

As she took my hard clit between her lips and started sucking on it by pulling it upwards, biting softly on it, I felt my whole body tensing up. I was shaking my whole body and I was trembling while my first orgasm was flowing out of my pussy. As a result, my pussy juices were all over on her face and on her fingers.

She did a great job of licking my pussy again to dry it. We switched places where I was sucking her nipples, rubbing her lovely round firm tits, which were fairly big even bigger than mines. I started kissing her in my way downwards on her body till I was over her hot and standing cock area.

The area I loved most. It is true that I was expecting a wet pussy there before she shown me her lovely cock. But I was not disappointed at all, as I felt having both of man and woman body in her body.

I held her dick in my hand and massaged it a bit. Then I placed my tongue over her dick's thick shiny head. I did not waste any time and started sucking it. I loved taking her cock so deep in my throat, as it was surly much smaller than my husband's long and thick dick.

Again forgive me for still saying her "she". What I had between my hands, legs and all, was a pure beautiful, sexy, gorgeous woman, except for that lovely dick which I loved dealing with it too.

I took a deep breath, allowing her cock head to reach my throat entrance, allowing it going deeper and deeper inside my mouth till I felt her balls on my lips. It felt good sucking a dick by taking it so deep in my mouth. At the same time, I was holding and massaging her real huge tits and her hard nipples on her lovely feminine body.

It was so unique and lovely. I was doing it till she was moaning louder and louder and soon, she was ready to cum and pumps her cock load in to my mouth. She wanted to pull out her cock out of my mouth. I looked at her giving my sign of approving to cum inside my mouth.

I really wanted to taste the special cock cream coming from the place of a pussy. It was not long when I felt her warm and hot cock started to pump her warm cum into my throat, in to my mouth, filling me with her lovely and tasty cum dripping down from her body through her lovely cock.

I took as much as I could of her cum in my mouth. I swallowed every drop of it. It was tasted like the same of my husband?s cum. It has the same taste, salty and lovely. I kept massaging and sucking on her dick which softened a little bit then became hard again so fast.

I understood that she was having a normal fucking stamina like a male, enough to satisfy any female in fucking.
Her cock was getting harder and harder again.

It was the time to feel her cock in my pussy. I told her ?I want to be fucked now.?
She said ?I would be more than happy. I am dying to fuck your lovely clean shaved pussy.?

She took me in her hands and helped me to lie down on my back. She came between my legs, parting them and lifting them both on her shoulders. When I felt her cock head is touching my pussy lips, it felt like an electrical shock with a lovely feeling for being fucked by a lady boy.

It was hard to believe. I was looking at a gorgeous, sexy woman, on top of me. Her lovely huge tits hanging over my body, her soft, silky thighs touching mines, but, at the same time a lovely hard cock head was rubbing on my pussy hole.

She kissed me on my lips while pushing her dick towards my wet and waiting pussy hole, till I felt her cock head pupping in to my pussy. Oh god, it felt great. She stood still for a moment till my pussy adopted her cock in to it.

She pushed her cock harder in to my pussy till I felt her balls touching my asshole. She slides all length of her lovely cock inside my hot, horny, wet and willing pussy.

She was pumping me, fucking me harder and faster while I was screaming there in the outdoors in the open air, in that park where nobody could hear me except her.
I felt in heaven being fucked by this beautiful woman while at the same time feeling a real hard dick screwing my pussy, the way I love to have it.

All of a sudden, she stopped fucking me. She pulled her cock out of my pussy. She held her dick in her hand and without any warning to me; she guided her cock head on my asshole entrance by lifting my legs higher so my ass would coincide with her cock head. Then she rubbed her cock head with my asshole.

She asked me, ?Do you think you could take it up your lovely tight ass??
I laughed saying, ?What do you think? I take my husband's cock regularly in my ass which is much longer and thicker than your cock. I cannot wait to feel your cock too in my ass?.
She smiled saying, ?I knew you would be a nice fucking girl, who loves being fucked."

I said, "I am ready to take your cock in my ass. But at present, my ass is not cleaned enough. If you fuck my ass without wearing a condom on your cock, I will not allow you to fuck my pussy later with the same cock. If you wish to fuck my pussy too, either fuck my pussy first or wear a condom while fucking my ass first. I do not to take a risk of any infection."

She laughed loud and said, "I knew it. I am also not new in this fucking business. I too do not fuck any ass without using condom. I always keep some condoms with me."

She grabbed her purse and took out a pack of condom from it. Now her cock was ready to fuck my ass wearing a condom.

She started rubbing my asshole with my pussy juices to make it well lubricated. In his first move, he pushed his cock slowly in my ass till I felt its head with about an inch of it sliding easily in my ass, as it was lubed with my pussy moist.
She pulled out her cock a bit out of my ass and, then pushed it further in to my ass. She was doing it that way, in and out in a lovely considerate professional way till I felt her dick deep in my ass all the way, without any pain associated.

She paused for a while and allowed my legs rested on her shoulders. And soon, she started fucking my ass faster, deeper and harder. I was enjoying her normal length cock in my ass. It felt so good and so comfortable, because her cock was moving in and out of my well fucked ass without any pain and problem. I was screaming so loudly asking her to fuck my ass more and more.

We both felt as if we knew each other for a long time. We were feeling comfortable and were well turned on in fucking like a long time fuck partners.

After some time, I felt that I was close to cum by getting my ass fucked and I noticed that she was too nearing her finishing. I moved my hand toward my pussy and started rubbing my clit in circles while being fucked in my ass with this lovely dick of a lady boy, till we both screamed loud in orgasm pleasure.

We both came at the same time. I asked her to keep her dick in my ass because I wanted to feel it in my ass till I feel it shrinking and that was what she did.
We hugged tightly, kissed each other with love and relaxed together with moments of silence. After a bit she broke the silence, by asking me,?Do you want to feel different than having sex with a regular man? Want me pleased and happy as you have just enjoyed the good fuck??

I answered without hesitation,? Yes of course, by all means.?
She got up, grabbed her back pack from my car, unzipped it, pulling a strap on dildo and came back.

She handed me the dildo, which was familiar to me, a strap on one which is to be worn as panties by a female who wants to act like a male. The strap on dildo was having a lovely silicone cock of about the same size of her cock.

She smiled said, ?I am a woman, or most of my body is of a woman. So make me feel feminine and fuck me. I want to enjoy the feeling of being fucked as you just did?.

I laughed loud, saying, ?I will take the role of a man now, it would be my pleasure to fuck you and make you feel like being fucked by a cock."

As soon as she heard my words, she was ready to be fucked by me. She was moaning and melting between my hands as a real slut woman. I wore the strap on cock around my waist. I brought the dildo up to her mouth to suck it. She was doing a great blow job making the dildo wet and lubricating enough for her ass fucking.
She got on her knees in doggie style when I said, ?No, I want to fuck your ass in the same way you fucked my ass. I am no more of a female than you are?. She turned around and got on her back pleasing with my idea.

I got on my knees between her legs. I sucked her cock; given her cock a couple of strokes of my mouth. Then I left her cock alone hanging in the air. I moved to her lovely asshole, which was as ready as pretty as of a woman?s cunt. I was sticking my finger inside of her ass hole which went in easily. I understood that her ass was must be fucked many a times, either by a dildo or by many real male cocks.

I got up on, spread her legs wide open, and then up. I rubbed my silicone dildo's cock head to her asshole. She was winding her ass hole for the dildo. She was moaning and moving, like a slut ready for a good fuck.

I positioned the dildo cock head on her asshole and pushed it slowly in to her ass hole.

I asked her, ?Can you take it full in your ass??
She said, ?Of course I can. This is my ass pussy baby." As she called it, meaning her ass hole is her only fuck hole to enjoy cocks in there.

I grabbed both of her tits with both of my hands, rubbing and pinching her hard nipples while pushing ?my? cock inside her ass hole. I was sliding in the dildo cock in her fuck hole so easy. She took it all in her ass with no sweat.

I relaxed for a moment when she screamed, ?Now fuck me darling, make me scream, I want your dick in me?.

Those words of her made my pussy slippery under that dildo cock which I was wearing. I was fucking her ass moving the dildo in and out of her lovely ass hole with fast and hard strokes.

I held her hard cock while I was moving my "cock" in her ass. I was stroking her hard and standing hot cock up and down in the same rhythm in which I was fucking her ass.

She was screaming louder and louder, with all signs of her ready to cum again.
I felt her cock was squirting thick cream out in strokes of cum, pumping it out, one after another, while I kept fucking her ass deep.

Finally I pulled the dildo cock out of her ass. I bended over and took her cock in my mouth, sucked all of the cock cream swallowing all I could of it.
We lay down next to each other relaxed again for a while. She thanked me and I thanked her too for a lovely time, and we washed up using some water I had in my car. We got dressed, and I pulled out my car again on the road.

We made sure we both exchanged all information of phone numbers, addresses, so we could meet again.

She told me that she is working in a Bank as a female, named Habiba. I was sure that she was looking like a real female. No one can make out that she is actually a lady boy or a she male until she expose herself or her cock to someone.

I was not knowing much about any she male or lady boy before I met her. She told me everything about her sex life. She informed me that she was born in a typical Turkish family as a boy with name Habib. Her initial studies were as a boy Habib. She started feeling physical changes in her body when she was 15 years old. Her boobs started to develop on her chest like any girl's Boobs. She started feeling other changes in her body taking her towards a female gender. Her voice became thin like a girl and her walking style was also changed due to development of big hips and big round ass of like a girl. Her parents have also noted the changes in the body of their "Son" Habib. People in her neighborhood and fellow students in her school started to look at her in a different way. She was facing many problems due to her double gender body. She started to believe that she is actually a female in a male's body. She wanted to change her gender but it was difficult in a country like Turkey. And her parents also were not having much money for changing her gender by a costly operation.

It was then, when she decided to accept the body given to her by the god and she moved to Switzerland alone, leaving her family and past behind in Turkey. Here she got the help from some social organizations and she changed her official gender from Habib to Habiba with the same body, according to the law of the land. She completed her studies here as Habiba and got a job in a Bank.

She stays alone in a small house as Habiba. Now she feels comfortable with her body and gender. She feels very happy now that she has a male and a female both in her body. She told me that she have some permanent boyfriends and permanent girlfriends. Her girlfriends enjoy her cock in their pussies and in their ass. She and some of her girlfriends like to fuck her ass using a dildo. That is why she always carries the dildo with her. Her boyfriends too enjoy her cock in their ass and they fuck her ass too. For the safety of every one she also carries some condoms with her.

She told me that she is happy with her life being a she male or a lady boy. She called herself a lesbian as well as a gay.

I wanted my husband to fuck her ass while she fucks me with her hot cock in my pussy in a group sex between three of us. I was not sure whether my husband will wish to fuck an ass of a lady boy. But, I wanted to try this.




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Chapter 54