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THE Birthday Favor

It was several hours before Melina's birthday bash. I could not wait for it and it was already in my mind that how to celebrate her birthday in our very own way. I had been looking forward to this for all week. I also brought a unique gift for her birthday. My gift was such a private gift to her that it could not be given openly. I do not want to build suspense among the readers over this and write straight away about this. It was an "Adult Vibrator."

I had to search for it many places because I wanted a vibrator in a man's cock shape suitable for the small pussy of Melina. Finally, I got it and it was more or less of Christopher's cock's length and thickness. This vibrator can be used with or without electricity, even with an in-built battery for vibration. It can be also used as a simple dildo without vibration.

I would like to tell you that now Melina was not a virgin girl. She already lost to her virginity to her boyfriend Christopher. I am sure that readers must be remembering well that I was the one, who took Christopher's virginity and trained him well to have a successful fuck with Melina. Christopher was a fast learner student and he used my training well to fuck Melina in a nice way. Melina told me all about her fucking game with Christopher losing her virginity.

Now, I knew that Melina was having regular sex with Christopher, at least once in a week. But still she is a teen aged girl and her pussy is a small one. Her pussy is suitable only for the small and thin cock like Christopher's.

Melina was here in my apartment to get ready for the party as her house was full of the relatives and guests where she could not find any place to get ready. She brought her birthday dress in a bag.

She told me get ready for the party so that she too can get ready. I was about to take a shower before Melina arrived.

Melina was playing with my son Raju in the drawing room and I took this opportunity to cool myself in the shower.
"Wow, I can't wait" I said myself again with a smile.

I took my clothes off in bathroom to get into the shower. I looked at my body in the full length mirror, on the back of the door. You know, I am a tall woman, 5'7" having very long black hairs and black eyes. I have a slim and athletic type of body even I am a mother now. I have perfect sized sexy and firm boobs, which I think are perfect for my body frame. I take a lot of care about my body and keep all my body parts in perfect shape all the time. I was feeling hot and resulting this, I cupped my own boobs and turned to one side seeing and admiring my thin waist and my long legs in to the mirror.

"OK enough of thinking; now it is time for the action." I said myself while climbing into the shower and turning on the warm water. I grabbed the soap and lathered my hands up. I ran my hands up and down on my thin and sexy waist. I started moving my hands slowly on my naked sexy body and was thinking of Melina again. Thinking of all the things I wanted to do with her before her birthday celebration starts. Without even realizing, I was cupping my boobs and moving my hand out to my hard nipples. I was pinching my nipple in the heat and was rolling them gently in my fingers. I put my head back and a moan escaped out of my lips. "OK, that's it." I thought. Melina must be waiting for me to finish my bath.

Rinsing off, I turned off the water, grabbed my towel and trotted quickly for my bed room. I dried my naked body with the towel and I throw the towel on one of the chairs in my bedroom.

I was lying naked on the bed with my knees bent and my legs spread wide. I did not take care to close the bedroom door purposely. I was still feeling horny even after the bath. I just could not keep my little love Melina out of my mind and out of my thoughts. I was caressing my round boobs and was playing with my hard and erected nipples. I was pinching and rolling my nipples between my thumb and middle finger.
Melina, who was outside the door grew very hot and wet quickly seeing me naked and seeing me playing with my sexy body. She always wants and always readies to create a chance to sleep and play with me any time. So, she quietly walked over to where I was laying on the bed.

I was now moaning with a pleasure and desire with my eyes closed. I could not see or heard Melina walking in. But, I was sure enough that Melina will not miss this opportunity and I was expecting her to join me. Suddenly, I felt her warm hand cup on one of my naked boobs. As always, it felt nice. I knew that it is Melina. I slowly opened my eyes and Melina whispered in my ears:

"Sshhh! Let me help you. Raju is sleeping in his room."
I was so horny that I could not say no. Infect, I was not having any intention to say no to Melina any time.

Melina began to fondle my one boob as I still cupped my other boob arching my back and moaning with anticipation. Melina bent down and stuck out her tongue gently touching my erected nipple. It was so quick and gentle. It was hardly felt. But, nevertheless, was very erotic with sending shivers through my entire body. I gasped as Melina once again stuck out her tongue and this time, touching her tongue on my nipple a little harder and longer. In fact she traced a circle around my nipple before closing her lips around it. I was moaning very passionately and thrusting my boobs up into the air. I was enjoying.

Now, Melina was not the old Melina. She now knew everything about love, sex and fuck. I am proud to say that she is my sex student and she learned everything which I wanted her to learn. She is my little love. She knew what to do, how to do and when to do.

Melina began sucking on my nipple while flicking it back and forth with her tongue. I ran my hand on Melina's hair grabbing a hold and pulling her closer to me. I allowed my hand to fall on Melina's shoulder. Quickly, my other hand followed her opposite shoulder. I followed the curves on Melina's shoulder down to her back. I grabbed a hold of her shirt and tugged it up over her head in a flash and tossed it to the floor. This move made Melina top less before me as she does not require wearing a bra yet because of her small sized boobs. Melina picked up the act quickly where she had left off, taking my other nipple into her mouth and teasing, sucking and playing with it.

Once again Melina returned to assault my both the erected nipples. She began to lick and suck a trail from my one boob to the other, and back again. At the same time, she was pushing both of my boobs close together. She paused briefly and was looking at me.

"Let me suck on your sweet pussy Julee aunty."
"Oh yes, please! You need not ask for it." I said.

She leaned forward and kissed on my lips very passionately before she began making small kisses and sucking spots on my naked body. First, she kissed on my chin, then at the top of my neck and on the middle of my body. Melina was licking and sucking my naked and sexy body. Her hands were still cupping and fondling my boobs. All I could do was caress Melina's back. My action was encouraging her to keep going as a good and expert sex partner.

Melina was now making her way past my boobs. Stopping and giving a kiss on my each boob before continuing her mouth downward on my body. She was kissing, licking and sucking small parts of my skin until she reached my belly button. There she traced and made a outline with her tongue. She moved her body and positioned it much better in between my open thighs. She quickly finished undressing herself by removing her skirt and panty which she was having on her body at that time. She also became naked like me in order to give and take a pleasure between two naked and hot sexy female bodies she slowly knelt down on my body. I, with my head thrown way back was moaning from the erotic pleasures Melina was giving to me. I was already wet, oh so wet!

Melina ran her thumb over my nicely saved silky pussy lips gently, by just tickling my pussy lips. I grabbed at the bed sheet under me and was arching my back as much as I could by moaning out loud in pleasure. Melina could not only see my dripping juices, but she could also smell my sweetly smelling pussy. I knew that she loves my pussy juices and its sweet smell. She ran her middle finger right down the middle of my pussy lips, stopping at my very hot spot and my wet love hole. I trusted my hips up in reaction to the feeling, and was trying to take Melina in me. Melina with both her index fingers parted my wet pussy lips and tucked out her tongue. She ran her tongue right over the back of my already hard clit.

"OH MY GOD!" I exclaimed.

My hips were bucking again into the air. Again Melina placed her tongue right near my hot and wet love hole and ran it right up to the back side of my clit. Shivers were running madly through my naked and sexy body with this. Melina paused for a moment and circled my clit with her thumb. She was massaging bottom to top of my clit which made my clit even harder. Melina let go this soon and re positioned her middle and index finger to hold open my sweet pussy lips. She slid her middle finger of her other hand deep into my pussy. She began marking again small circles on my clit sending shock wave after shock wave of pleasure right through within me. She inserted her index finger deep into my wet and hot pussy. She started finger fucking me with plunging her two fingers in and out of my pussy like a cock, while licking and sucking on my hard clit.

I was wildly bucking and moaning incredibly loud by fucking of Melina.
"Yes! Oh god, yes." I moaned.

As I was already too hot, I could not hold back my orgasm any longer. I spread my legs and hips as wide as they could possibly go and I trusted my hips into the air. Melina continued to suck on my clit, and she was fucking my pussy nonstop with her fingers.

"Ooooooo." God I was Cumming hard and it felt so great.
Melina kept her fingers deep inside of my dripping pussy while I was enjoying my orgasm. When I returned to normal, she took out her wet fingers out of my pussy. I sucked Melina's fingers which were fully wet with my pussy juices. I love to taste my own pussy juices and I did it once again.
After a few moments, we stopped and we looked up to each other?s.

I was smiling after experiencing a strong orgasm. Moments later, I said:
"Why don't you bring yourself up here and let me return the wonderful favor you gave to me."

Melina smiled widely in anticipation and stood up slowly. She climbed up on to the bed. When she was about to lay next to me, I got up and walked over to my wardrobe. I pulled the vibrator out of the box and walked back over to the bed. Melina could not see what I brought with me.

"I am goanna make sure you get the favor returned well." I said with a devilish grin."
"What are you goanna do?" Melina asked.
"Well, that's for me to know right now, and you will soon find out." I said with the devilish grin again.

I walked back over to the bed, stood at the bottom, and made Melina to move downward, on the edge of bed. Although she had a puzzled look on her face, unable to have any idea about my movement, she moved down and waited with anticipation to see what was going to happen with her.

Melina now had her ass at the edge of the bed. I knelt down and spread her legs wide. I cupped her small and lovely pussy in my hand giving it a light massage. I gently worked with my hand to one side of her pussy and allowed my thumb to touch the increasing wetness of her small and cute pussy. I massaged her pussy hole by encircling it with my fingers. I teased it slightly by pushing just the tip of my finger in to her pussy. I was massaging the very inside part of her pussy hole before pulling my finger out. She was so far enjoying what was happening to her. It felt so good to me as well.

She was so incredibly wet by that time. I could see my thumb was soaked already. I moved my thumb up to the backside of her clit. She immediately thrust her hips up slightly to give me more access to her pussy. I bent my head down and stuck out my tongue. I licked her clit ever so gently sending a shock wave of pleasure through her naked, sexy and teen aged body.

"Oooohhh, Yes!" She moaned in pleasure. I drew her small clit into my lips and began sucking on it. I played with her clit using my tongue, wiggling it back and forth. She was bucking fiercely with the pleasures I was giving to her.
I could feel that she was getting closer and closer to have an orgasm. All of a sudden, I stopped sucking on her clit.

"Oh GOD, don't stop," Melina said.

I pulled out the dick shaped vibrator cum dildo and stuck it at her pussy hole. She understood what was waiting on her pussy door. She understood that it was a dildo. She started bucking her hips fiercely and was trying to take it in. She was so hot and horny that it was difficult for her to control her fuck feelings.
"OH GOD, yes that is it. Push it in my wet pussy" She reacted impatiently to my act.
I pushed the dildo vibrator into her pussy, and pulled it out. I began fucking her with the vibrator cum dildo and I was continued to lick underside of her clit. Melina, being so close to her orgasm, could not hold back it for long. It was just a few moments and she was bucking wildly and moaning incredible loud.

"Oh, Oh, Oh I'm goanna cum." She said.

She exploded with an orgasm which I never thought was possible. It was so incredible and so intense. It lasted for a long time too.

"Thank you, for returning the favor. This is the best orgasm I have ever had." Melina said.
"This is your birthday gift dear." I said and given the vibrator cum dildo to her. She felt very happy to receive this unique birthday gift from me and was looking at it very interestingly. I explained her how to use it and she was very happy. She kissed me on my lips and said:
"This is the most valuable gift for me ever."

I got up and climbed on to the bed and lay down next to Melina's naked body. I lay there only a few minutes before I got up again because we were to get ready for the party. Melina put her gift again in to the box and said that she will take it next day to keep it at the safe place in her home.

Melina went to my bathroom to have a quick shower and to clean her.

That was the first time that she had ever experience something like that. This was the first time for Melina that she was fucked with a vibrator cum dildo. She must have enjoyed this like a fucking by a male's hard cock. I knew she liked it and totally enjoyed every moment. Now she can enjoy it herself as and when she wants.
I took the towel again from the chair and rubbed it on my body again, particularly on my well satisfied and wet pussy. I walked over to my closet. I looked through all the dresses and decided on a nice sleek short black dress. This one was my favorite. I slid it on and it hugged my body nicely. It accented my breasts in just the right way, showing off my curves in a right way. As I turned different ways looking in the mirror myself again, I started thinking back to my encounter with Melina just. The way Melina felt always, her smell make me mad every time. The way Melina teased me and made me cum, I am proud of her sex teacher. Oh god! I was wet again thinking this.

I had not put my thong panties on yet, so I figured I just give myself a quickie and hopefully I will be able to focus enough to continue with tonight. I put my foot up onto the dresser in front of the mirror. I pulled my dress all the way up, and parted my pussy lips from underneath my thighs. I began to make circles around my clit, moving my fingers over my pussy hole. Wow! I was so wet. I pushed just the very tips of my fingers in to my pussy and then pulled them out again. I was Licking and sucking my fingers tasting my own pussy juices. I was also remembering the taste of Melina's pussy.

It felt so good and I was moving my pussy against my fingers to my own responses. I moved my hand from behind to in front where I placed middle fingers of both of my hands up to entrance of my pussy and slid them all the way inside of my pussy. As I pulled them out slowly, I ran them right up to the backside of my clit. I slid them in to my pussy again, this time bringing my body down to take even more of the fingers in to my pussy. Little moans escaped out of my lips. I was fucking myself with my fingers and it felt so good. My fingers were moving in and out of my pussy with a great speed and soon, I was about to cum. My pussy juices just shot all over my fingers and on to my hand. I could not help but taste my fingers again, sucking and licking my own pussy juices.

I stood up straight and took a deep breath. I smiled at myself looking in to the mirror. Wow... That was good. I grabbed my towel again and wiped my fingers dry. I also dried up my pussy with the help of towel.

After finishing the cleaning job, I put my thong panties on and finished getting ready. I applied my makeup and put on a hint of perfume. I went to the mirror on last time. I was looking sexy and I smiled happily looking myself. I knew, I am beautiful and am looking great.

"Melina, come on." I said." We are running behind as it is, we have to go now."
Melina walked into the room wearing a tight hip hugging red dress. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she looked great. She smiled looking at me and said "OK sexy, let?s get a move on. It is not good that the birthday girl not be at her own birthday party."

I smiled in reply and walked towards my son's room to pick him up.

The party was great and I was enjoying the company of Melina's birthday party gusts.
I always like Melina, mainly because she was fun to be around and easy to talk to. Like me, I am an attractive woman and she is a very attractive young girl.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Dear Readers

The story seems to be complete but it is not really completed. A lot of things happened next day after Melina?s birthday. The Birthday Favor will be incomplete if I do not tell you about the next day?s action between me and Melina, when Melina returned the favor to me.

As it is a very long story, I decided to write and post it in two parts with similar headings, instead of making it short by removing or not writing some important and pleasurable things.

As always, I am sure that you will love my lesbian love with Melina.
I will await your frank comments.

Love you all.




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Chapter 55