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Dear Readers,
I start the remaining and next part of the last episode where I left it. Please read, feel and enjoy??..

I always like Melina, mainly because she was fun to be around and easy to talk to. Like me, I am an attractive woman and she is a very attractive young girl.

Next day, I was trying to relax on the sofa after finishing my work when I noticed that my neck and shoulders were getting really stiff.

I reached up, and tried massaging my neck with my hand to ease the tension, but I could not do it properly. I stood up to call Brooni for a really good massage. I saw through the window that Melina was walking towards my villa. She wearing her gown with front open and under which I could see her panty clearly. What a great body Melina had, although I was little surprised at her lack of clothing at this time. Her body is even more beautiful than I could explain to you. Melina was blessed with long sexy legs, and beautiful small but little bigger than lemon boobs with nice hard nipples.

I opened the electronically controlled main door of our villa with the remote and let Melina in. I sat on the sofa again and shut the door after Melina walked in.

"Oh, I have a really stiff neck and shoulders this morning. I must have slept on it wrong or something. It could be tense because of your birthday party lasted till early morning." I said.
"Well I am sorry, but if you like, I can massage your neck and shoulders for you." Melina smiled.
"That sounds like a good idea. I was about to call Brooni and then I saw you coming here." I said.

Melina was sitting beside me and I said again:
"Well! I should take a nice hot shower to relax those stiff muscles. You can relax a bit till than because you too look slightly tired."
"Yes! I am bit tired but fit enough to give you a good massage." She smiled looking at my sexy body.

"Fantastic! I will be right back."
After the shower, I wondered if I should put some clothes on my naked body, or just warp a towel around myself. I have decided to wrap my naked body in a towel, but not before taking a look in the mirror.

Feeling pretty good about myself and thinking I was still measured up pretty well, I walked into the drawing room with the towel wrapped around me. When I entered in the room, I could not believe my eyes. Melina had spread out a quilt on the floor, and it was covered with rose petals. I looked at Melina and asked her:

"What's up with the rose petals?"
"Well, it was my birthday yesterday and I received an unforgettable gift from you. I know how you love roses, so I brought them for you in the pocket of my gown. I wanted to present them to you but you have suggested a better use of them.
"It is really sweet of you." I replied.
"Good. Now lie down and let me see if I can relax your tense muscles because I know something of massage."

I handed over Melina a rose scented massage lotion. This was suggested by Brooni and I brought it home for massage purpose. As I lay down on the quilt, Melina tugged at the towel, pulling it away and tossed it aside. I knew about it that Melina is mad after my sexy and naked body. She does not miss any chance to see me naked. As soon as I smelled the rose scented lotion and felt Melina's smooth hands working on my neck and shoulders, I forgot all about rest of the world.

Soon the tightness in my neck and shoulders was melting away, and I was beginning to feel hot and horny. I felt Melina's hands moving down my shoulders to my back, where she continued massaging, and kneading the muscles of my lower back. I told Melina that she could quit if she liked, because my back and neck felt great.

"Don't you want a full body massage?"
"Sure if you don't mind I would love one."

It did feel good, and Melina had such a soft and relaxing touch that I figured why not? Melina was not a professional like Brooni, but it was her love towards my body that was giving me a greater feeling. Melina moved her hands down my back working out all the tension, as she made her way down to the end of my her back. Adding more lotion, I felt Melina's hands glide down onto my ass where she started making circular motions and she kneaded my ass cheeks.

It felt so good that I was starting to become aroused from Melina's touch. I spread my legs slightly as Melina continued gently kneading my ass, as she made me feel even more aroused.

I felt Melina's hands slowly moved from my ass down onto my upper legs pulling them apart just a little more. I smiled because I knew that Melina could see my clean shaved silky pussy if she looks between my legs.

I wondered if Melina had finished the massage, when I felt her hands moved away. But it was only to add more lotion and Melina started moving her hands once again over my legs. It felt so good that there was no way I wanted her to stop now. Melina worked her hands up and down on my legs smoothing out the whole tension and provided a great relaxation.

I moaned softly as Melina ran her knuckles along the side of my each foot, and then pulled and gently twisted each toe. I felt Melina moved her hands back up to my legs toward my thighs, and then slid down along my inner thigh. Again I felt myself parting my legs slightly, but she couldn't stop herself, or maybe she didn't want to.

As her fingers inched closer and closer to my pussy, I found myself hoping that her fingers should touch my pussy lips without any delay now. I was so hot, so horny and it was difficult to control any more.

Just at that moment, I felt her finger tips graze my pussy. I moaned a little louder than normal and raised my hips to meet her fingers. She herself spread my legs a little more, almost as an invitation. Again I felt her finger tips on my pussy lips, and this time they seemed to slide ever so slightly between my now tingling and moisturized pussy lips.

I was about to raise my hips slightly once more when Melina's hands moved back up onto my ass. This time her hands were so close to my crack that I thought her hands were going to slide between my ass cheeks. My ass too is so highly sensitive. I got my wish when I felt her fingers moving along the edge of my crack. It felt good as she moved her fingers up and down on my ass.
My heart was racing as I wondered what she was waiting for when I saw her adding more lotion. I cooed softly as Melina began smoothing the lotion over my ass, and sliding her hands down between my ass cheeks. It was amazing and most erotic that I tensed my ass cheeks together trapping her fingers between them.

Melina continued pleasuring my round ass by applying a little pressure against my asshole with her fingers. It was such an amazing feeling that I was soon started moaning and cooing as I slowly lifted my hips. I was waiting for Melina to do more, but Melina moved her fingers away from between my ass cheeks, and began running her hands on my back again.

I was little disappointed that she had stopped, but then I felt something on my back other than her hands. I could not figure out what it was. I moved my head and saw what it was. It was Melina?s small nipples, and she was slowly dragging her hard and small nipples along my skin on my back and she worked her way up to my shoulders again. After a few more times of feeling Melina's nipples gliding along my back, she told me:

"Alright Julee aunty... Now flip your side."
I turned over to see Melina's smiling face.
"How was it so far, my Sweetie?" She asked.
"Oh darling! You have such a magic touch, but why am I the only one naked here?" I replied.

She smiled in reply and I felt my pussy was tingling as I watched Melina slip off her gown and panties revealing her bare, cute, small and lovely pussy. Melina's little pussy is so beautiful and her pussy lips are so closed that everyone will love to look and love it. I could see that like my pussy, Melina's pussy lips were beginning to moisten as well, indicating that she was as aroused as I was.

Melina moved down to my feet pouring some more of the rose scented lotion into her hands as I spread my legs.
Melina started working her way up my legs slowly, inching closer and closer to my wet and waiting pussy.
"You have such beautiful boobs, I bet your husband loves caressing them and sucking your nipples until you cum." She could not resist her saying this looking to my lovely, firm and round boobs.

Before I could even reply, Melina began caressing and running her finger tips over my already erected nipples, and gently teasing them as I moaned softly. Seeing my arousal, she started rolling my nipples between her fingers watching my arousal grow. After a couple of minutes, she lowered her head, and began sucking my nipples alternating between licking and flicking them with her tongue.

I enjoy a nice hard, long and fat cock of my husband on daily basis, but there is nothing in this world like the touch of a woman on another woman's body. The soft caress, the aroma of arousal, or the sweet, sweet taste of a woman cannot be matched with fucking by a cock. And then of course only a woman really knows well that how to please a woman and make a woman cum. And I am the master of this. I say it proudly that Melina too is learning this art very fast. Infect, she already learned a lot from me.

Melina smiled and placed her hands on my stomach slowly working her way up my torso. I closed my eyes as I felt her hands move up on my naked and hot body towards my boobs where she began them caressing, and gently squeezing them as I gasp softly and I raised my right leg, and placed it between her legs.
Melina lovingly kneaded my boobs, and toyed with my nipples. I began moving my pussy back and forth rubbing my wet pussy lips against her soft skin.

In the process of a lovely kiss, her lips were pressing so gently over my lips.

Her lips seemed to tingle, and started to burn with passion as she eased her tongue past my lips as our tongues caressed as we kissed. The longer we kissed, the more passionate it became as she began rolling my nipples between her thumb and fore finger. My pussy was already on fire, and I could feel an orgasm building up inside me. Suddenly, my body began to convulse as an orgasm washed over me. This was the result of Melina's lovely touching on my naked body except my pussy. I experienced my orgasm even she did not touch my pussy at all.

Not waiting for me to stop Cumming, she kissed my face making her way down my neck to my boobs where she started making circular motions with her tongue over my aureoles as well as on my nipples. She paused, and then began sucking my nipples, sending me in to another world. She continued pleasuring me and she picked up a red rose with a large, partially opened bud.

She ran it along my cheek and down to my neck to my boobs where she traced the rose along my nipples. All I could do was coo and moan softly as she moved the rose from my boobs to down my flat stomach and lastly between my legs. She teased my pussy with the rose running it over my clit as I squirmed from the touch of the petals on my pussy.

I opened my legs as she moved the rose down over my wet pussy lips gently and pushing it against my pussy. The rose partially entered in to my pussy sending me over the edge as my body shook from yet another orgasm.
Once I finished Cumming, she took the rose from my pussy, and placed it on my lips. I opened my mouth taking the rose inside and tasting my own pussy juices on the rose.

Removing the rose and placing it beside the quilt, she slowly moved her head between my parted legs. Her face was only inches away from my pussy. I felt her warm breath on my pussy as she lowered her head and placed her tongue gently on my pussy lips. I gripped her wrists in excitement and raised my hips pushing my pussy hard against her tongue.

Melina wasted no time running her tongue over my wet and hot pussy parting my pussy lips as my juices flowed freely from my pussy down on to her tongue. She pushed her tongue as deep as she possibly could into my hot pussy while I continued to thrust my hips upward.

After bringing me to still another mind boggling orgasm, she covered my mound with her mouth. She began sucking my clit in to her mouth, applying as much suction as she could while alternating between sucking and flicking my clit with her tongue. As she listened to me crying out in passion, she eased her middle finger into my pussy in search of my 'G' spot.

It did not take long for her to find it because this was not her first time with me. She begins running and pressing it with her finger as I exploded with yet another powerful orgasm.
As my orgasm slowly subsided, she kissed, and gently licked my labia avoiding my clit for the time being. After a few minutes, she moved up on my body and began kissing me. I loved the taste of my own pussy juices as I tasted them from her face and tongue. We both rolled on to our sides caressing each other.

"So, how is my thanks giving so far for your gift on my birthday?" She asked.
"Oh Melina, it is more beautiful than my gift to you. Now I want to celebrate your birthday once again by making love to you." I said.

I had Melina roll on to her stomach as I took the bottle of rose scented lotion pouring some in my hand and then smoothed it over her back. I worked my way slowly down her back massaging her muscles with a deep tissue massage.

Finally the temptation was too much, and I moved my hands over her little ass globes pausing for a moment to add more lotion. I lovingly caressed her beautiful little ass teasing her by running my fingertips along her ass crack with light, feathery touches. She moaned, and wiggled her ass as I continued to tease her. After a few moments of teasing, I moved my fingers between her ass cheeks as she cooed and parted her legs.

I could not resist peeking between her legs to see her cute, small and silky teen pussy. Her pussy was glistening with her juices. I moved my hand down between her legs, and started moving my fingers over her wet pussy lips and I slowly penetrated my finger tip of my other hand in to her ass. She was becoming more and more aroused gyrating her hips as I moved my finger in to her pussy, and began working my finger in and out as well as I was moving middle finger of my other hand into her ass hole. I was finger fucking her pussy and ass both at the same time.

She raised her ass into the air, and moaned loudly as I worked my fingers on her small her pussy until she started Cumming.

Once she had finished Cumming, she rolled onto her back where I began licking and sucking her small but erected nipples. After several minutes of my sucking her nipples, it took her to the edge of orgasm again. I moved down between her legs, and tasted her wet pussy.

As Melina did to me, I ran my tongue over her labia, parting her pussy folds, and lapping up her juices as they oozed from her pussy. I took my time, sliding my tongue as deep as I could into Melina's small and cute pussy where I began tongue fucking her. After several minutes of that, I moved up taking her clit into my mouth, replacing my tongue with my fingers deep in her pussy.

Melina was thrusting her pussy into my face in the pleasure as I continued sucking her clit, and fingering her pussy. But that was not enough. I slid my finger between her ass cheeks penetrating it in her ass. I alternated between sucking, and licking her pussy, fingering her pussy, and fingering her ass.

It was not long before she grabbed my head and thrust her hips upward, grinding her pussy into my face as more orgasms washed over her again and again. Melina's love juices ran down my tongue as I took in every last drop.

Next, the two sexy lesbian lovers entwined their legs, and we held each other's hands. We grounded our pussies together until we were both cum again.

We finished a nice and sexy massage ending with a sexy lesbian sex satisfying both many times during that short duration. It cannot take the place of my husband's long, thick hard and hot cock, but it was as satisfactory as satisfaction I receive from my husband fucking my pussy and ass with his wonderful fuck tool.

All in all, it was a very beautiful birthday for Melina after all and a wonderful birthday favor from me.




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Chapter 56