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A Farewell to Brooni

It was the Friday night. I was finishing some work in the kitchen and my husband was waiting for me in the bedroom. I quickly finished my work because I too wanted a wild fuck for which my husband was already there in the bedroom. He was in bed, naked and hard as usual. I entered, took my clothes off and climbed in to bed naked. The rest was a wet, wild and regular affair for us. After finishing our fucking, I asked my husband whether I call Brooni for a triple sex between us. For your information, we did not have triple enjoyment here at all. The last time we enjoyed it was in India.

It was not a difficult job for me to make my husband ready for this because we both are open minded and we respect every form of the love, sex and fuck. I told my husband that I have promised Brooni after the massage from her last time that I will get her fucked with my husband in a group fuck game between me, her and my husband.

My husband agreed to my proposal and suggested few things to make the event more enjoyable and more pleasurable.

Next day, on Saturday morning, I called Brooni. The time had come for the adventure once again.

Brooni arrived at our home at about 6 pm on Saturday. She was invited by me for the dinner. She was fully aware of why she was here, other than to have dinner with us. Brooni is so lovely, so beautiful that I saw my husband attracted to her.

We welcomed her. She dressed comfortably, casually, jeans and slightly revealing shirts. I too was wearing clothes similar to her. My husband was wearing jeans and t-shirt.

Through the evening, I presented a gourmet meal complete with matching wines. As I moved back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room table, I saw from corner of my eyes that there were a touch of the shoulder, a teasing comment or other flirtatious gestures between Brooni and my husband. After the meal, we took a glass of wine and went for a short walk. During the walk, Brooni told me that she had been fucked many a times, both by men and women. But in one to one encounter. She never had sex with one male and one female together. She was feeling little uncomfortable or shy. I assured her that everything will be fine and she will have an unforgettable experience with me and my husband in group fucking.

When we returned, I asked that they wait on the couch for a moment as I went in to the bedroom. I made certain arrangements in the bedroom which was suggested by my husband last night and you will come to know about the special arrangements as the story moves forward. I returned and sat on the couch on the other side of my husband. My husband was sitting in between two sexy ladies.

Brooni seemed quite comfortable. The wine was having the desired effect on both the ladies, especially on Brooni. I winked at my husband because I knew that it was time real action.

Even I was not sure what was going to happen next, but I was aware of what the desired outcome was to be. As my husband was sitting between us, his hands probed a little, the conversation was frisky and guard was being let down.

I led Brooni and my husband to the bedroom. I closed the door behind us. There were three robes lying on the bed and I offered Brooni a robe. I suggested that she should undress to the level she feels most comfortable with. The bedroom was warm with the candlelight which was arranged by me before walking all of us in the bedroom.

She looked around the candle lit room and saw an array of oils and lotions as well as a small basket with a towel over it. I just smiled at her.

I handed Brooni a robe and suggested that she should undress herself and put it on. She turned her back to us and undressed and we marveled at the beauty of her naked body from behind, as candlelight danced across her tanned skin. My husband too undressed himself and I knew that his rock hard, erect cock would be very noticeable through the robe. So he wore the robe slightly lose around the waist so as to delay the inevitable. I went to the bathroom as a part of my plan.

Brooni and my husband stood on either side of the bed and waited for me to come out of the bathroom. They must have wondered what had been taking me so long in the bathroom. I conveniently left a teen porn magazine called "Tight on the shelf". I was hoping that it would pique her interest and help whet her appetite. I was hoping the pictures of the hot girls and their stories of first time sex, blow jobs and getting it up the butt would stimulate her.

Brooni must have liked the idea and I was sure that she was plenty stimulated already.

I finally came out of the bathroom with a smile on my face and my robe loosely tied around my waist. They both could see my breasts peeking out of the robe and my shapely legs radiated with each step. He asked Brooni to lie face down on the bed and to undo the robe enough so it could be moved around as needed. He asked her if it was ok for her to massage her body and she simply replied, "Absolutely. Massaging is my job it thrills me when someone massage me."

Lying down on the bed, she had fully undone the robe. He slid her robe off her shoulders exposing her bare back. Her hands were resting under her forehead to ever so slightly prop up her head.

With a smile and seeing me, my husband removed his robe and stood completely naked at the side of the bed. His long, thick, hard, hot and beautiful cock was standing fully erected and there was already seeping the clear, sweet pre-cum. Startled at first, I followed undressing myself and he just smiled at my beautiful body, supple breasts and shaved pussy.

He took some lotion and poured some into my hands and some in his. Together, we started to slowly massage Brooni's bare back. She stirred instantly and let out a quiet, sensual, "mmmmmmmm."

We maneuvered our bodies close to the side of Brooni. Following his lead, I let my boobs brush against Brooni's naked body. His erect cock made contact several times with my hand and I eventually started to massage each time his cock touched my hand.

We massaged her back, shoulders, arms, neck and hands. My hand brushed the sides of her boobs and she lifted her chest to allow further exploration. He moved the robe further down her body, revealing her shape, round and cute ass and her smooth legs.

We worked the length of her leg, up to her butt and allowed our hands to wander towards her inner thigh. Each time a hand worked in between her legs, she spread them slightly as if inviting a finger to probe her. The back of her legs, calf and feet were massaged as we continued to allow our naked bodies to come in contact with Brooni's naked body. The stirring of her body and gentle verbal noises confirmed that she was enjoying the experience and it was time to try for more.

My husband asked Brooni whether it was ok her. She responded with a very sexual, "Yes."
He stepped off the bed and went to the basket, which was arranged by me in advance. He removed a toy that he held up to the light for me to see. I knew it because it was placed in the basket by me only. A wide smile crossed my face.

He told Brooni that I was going to massage her a little more in a few different places.

A simple, "Please" escaped her lips.

He took the lead to give me the idea. He wanted to keep talking to a minimum. The toy was a 6 inch vibrator dildo with a 3 inch anal/clit extension.

He began by gliding it around Brooni's butt and inner thigh. Without needing any verbal commands, she spread her legs slowly open, a little more with each pass. Her beautiful butt hole was revealed to us along with her beautiful and dripping wet pussy.

He transferred the toy to me and I excitingly began to caress Brooni's soaking pussy. With his hands, he gently led her hips into the air. Without hesitation she complied and she was soon on her knees, legs spread and face still down, better known as doggy position among the fuckers.

He assisted me in massaging Brooni's hot, wet pussy. I, first slid the toy gently inside her pussy, just a little, and was greeted immediately with a "Yes, more" from Brooni. I fucked Brooni a little more and more and soon her hips started to move in rhythm with the toy.

The toy was turned such that the extra part of the dildo was massaging her clit. Soon, I turned the dildo on and the vibrator part took over, practically sending Brooni over the edge immediately. A series of groans and moans pursed her lips with a loud, "Fuck me." I probed her pussy deep with the toy as her hips bucked along.

My husband leaned down to Brooni whose face was still buried in the pillow and he asked her if she wanted it in her ass, too? She cried in the pleasure, "Yes, fuck my ass, and please fuck my ass." He drizzle some oil into her butt hole and I turned the toy around. The long part was still vibrating in her pussy and in one thrust; I hammered the other end of dildo into Brooni's ass.

If there was pain, she did not express it. She kept crying out in pleasure for more. I too was in another world, enjoying and fucking my friend. He leaned back down to her and asked if she wanted to suck his cock. Again, there was no hesitation from her.

So, he positioned himself in front of her and she immediately lifted her head and eagerly began to suck his cock. It was like if she had not eaten at all that night. He was leaning his back against the head board; he watched us as I hammered my friend?s pussy and ass and looked down at her devouring my husband's cock.

My husband was so horny since a long time and Brooni was so hot that it did not take extraordinary long for him to cum. He said that his was about to cum and Brooni, without missing a beat, said, with her mouth full of his cock, "Give it to me." He grunted and I could feel the full load of his cum shooting into Brooni's warm, wet mouth.

About the same time, she let out a cry as she came hard, lifting her head up, arching her back and letting some of my husband's cum shoot on to her face. Her orgasm seemed to last for many minutes and she was still concentrating on licking the last few drops of cum from my husband's dick.

I slowly removed the toy from her pussy and ass. She collapsed in a heap. She lay there for just a moment and rolled over on her back. Her head was still in my husband's lap, on his still hard cock.

She had several ribbons of my husband's cum on her face when she pulled away. My husband told me to clean her face and I, like a mother cat, cleaning a kitten, licked cum off her face and then shared a long, tongue locked kiss with her.

After taking a few minutes to absorb the pleasure of the moment, my husband said it was the time for Brooni to return the favor to me. She happily, "I would be love to."

He asked me to lay down on the bed, in the middle. I did and he returned to the basket and removed an eye mask. He placed the mask over my eyes, serving as a blindfold. I let out a soft, "Hmmmm" and licked my own lips.

He then took a pair of soft handcuffs and told me to place my hands above my head, which I did. He gave the cuffs to Brooni and she secured my hands to the wrought iron head board. In doing so, she straddled me and leaned down over my face to secure my wrists. Her nipples pressed against my mouth and I indulged myself with a gentle lick of her nipples.

My husband and Brooni then went to either side of me and began their tongue explorations on my naked and sexy body. They began with my ears, down my neck and worked towards my boobs. He watched Brooni's work, wondering how she would respond to tasting her friend?s body.

Brooni clearly enjoyed what she was doing as evidenced when she found my nipple. She rolled my nipple in her teeth, teased it with her tongue and gently massaged my boob with her hand. She seemed to be lost herself in my sexy body and worked across my chest to the boob where my husband was already working. He slid out of the way and let Brooni explore.

I was responding to Brooni's work and I began to breathe heavily. I was moaning and squirm under the restraints of the cuffs, clearing wanting to touch her body in return. She worked down my firm tummy, towards my hips and they must have noticed my voluntarily spread my legs to reveal my hot, wet, and shaved pussy. He must have wanted to see what Brooni would do with my pussy. I felt that his cock was already very hard and aching to fuck both of us.

Brooni bypassed my pussy and worked down my leg, tasting and teasing down to my feet, sucking my toes and working back towards my dripping snatch. As she again drew near my pussy, I felt my husband whispering in to my ear. He said, "That is Brooni doing all the work." I called out to Brooni to fuck me, "Suck my pussy Brooni, and make me cum."

Her tongue swirled around my pussy, testing it, teasing it and eventually tasting it. Like an expert lesbian, she worked my pussy into frenzy between her tongue and fingers. I fought against the cuffs and lifted my hips and thrust my pussy into Brooni's face. Brooni was continued to work on my pussy as an orgasm surged through my body. My hips were bucking as I called out Brooni's name.

Coming down from the orgasm, she gave no rest to me as she kept working over my pussy without any break. A finger was placed perfectly inside of my pussy put me right back over the top as she nibbled and licked my clit. Another orgasm exploded through my body, even stronger then the first.

She sat up and licked my lips with her lips coated by my pussy juice. I could feel that her chin and face was too coated with my pussy juices. She kissed me deep giving me the taste of my own pussy cum. She clasped a hand on my chin and buried her tongue deep in my mouth. I could feel that a puddle of my pussy juice was soaking the bed and coated my inner thighs and my shaved pussy.

Without saying a word, the lesbian fuck fest continued between me and Brooni. She removed my blindfold and released my cuffs. I flipped Brooni over on her back and for the first time, my husband got to see Brooni's pussy in full view. She had a neatly shaved square of dark pubic hair surrounding a set of beautiful pussy lips. Her pussy hair was glistening with juices and her inner thighs glistened with her love liquid.

With Brooni on her back, I positioned my face over her face and kissed her forehead. With my long hairs, my husband could neither see the movement of my tongue around her face, nor the long, lip locked kiss between two sexy ladies. I worked down her body, sucking up every inch of her naked and sexy body. She let out a grunt and groans as I aggressively nibbled each of her nipples.

I had a destination in my mind and it was Brooni's hot, wet cunt. I was intent on returning the favor. I wasted no time getting to my destination and my husband watched as the two girl friends were locked in the classic 69 embrace.

With Brooni on the bottom on her back, her legs were spread wide to allow me to lap up every ounce of her womanhood. My head worked around and around, clearly enjoying the buffet. He watched as Brooni continued to feast on my pussy, probing a finger in and out of my pussy and even in my ass.

My husband let the two lesbian friends enjoy themselves for a while and his hot fucking gun, his cock was throbbing. He had the position to view his desired scene.

It was too much for my husband and he could not control himself any longer. I saw that he applied some lotion on his hot cock and positioned himself over Brooni's face with his balls dangling over her. I understood that what his next step was. My ass was well prepared for fucking by my husband. It was pre planned and now the readers must have understood the reason behind my going to bathroom before we started the fuck game. It took me longer in the bathroom, because I was cleaning my ass tunnel to make it free from the germs in order to avoid any infection over my husband's cock and allowing my husband to fuck my ass without using the condom.
He had shaved his cock and balls and Brooni could not resist mixing licks of his balls with licking my pussy. My butt hole was clearly wet from Brooni's constant probing. Inner part of my ass was already smooth by my treatment to it in the bathroom. With the lotion on his cock and my pussy juice were already around my butt hole, he wasted no time at all and met no resistance in ramming his cock into my butt.

He pushed his cock in to my ass hole. My ass was already receiving a regular fuck by my husband and now it was not a difficult work for my husband to push his long and thick cock in to my ass. He inserted the full length of his cock in to my ass with some push and pull of his cock. Once, his cock was full inside of my ass, his balls bounced against my pussy. Brooni was clearly enjoying having my wet and lovely pussy in her mouth. She was also enjoying my husband's balls on my pussy while his cock was in my butt.

Both, Brooni and I were went through another orgasm before my husband started fucking my ass.

Having my husband's cock in my ass and a tongue on Brooni's clit put me over the top in the most explosive orgasm of the evening for me. My aggressive grinding on Brooni's cunt put her over the top too. The room was filled with the familiar smell of sex.

He was so excited that he could not wait and he started fucking my ass with a great speed without taking and giving any break. I could feel that he wanted to cream up my ass as soon as possible. Brooni continuing eating my pussy and he was fucking my ass.
After fucking my ass for a long time with a great speed, he came very quickly and the first wad shot up in to my ass, filling my ass with his love cream. He pulled out of my butt but kept the tip of his cock aimed at my butt hole. More large shots of cum squirted on my ass hole and his cum cream dripped down over my cunt and was anxiously devoured by Brooni.

He stepped away and watched as I rolled off of Brooni and was on my back. Brooni just lay there, licking my husband's cock and cum. Her legs still spread wide revealing her drenched pussy and swollen pussy lips. Her chest heaved with heavy breath, and her eyes were closed.

Next to her, my sex soaked body was slowly coming down from the intense ass fuck fest. I could feel his cum dripping out of my ass. I was satisfied with my ass fucking and licking Brooni's love juices right from her pussy. The room was quiet save for the heavily breathing of two lover locked lesbian friends and their fuck buddy. The scent of sex was intoxicating.

After a moment, I leaned over to Brooni and whispered into her ear. A smile spread across Brooni's face and we both got up off the bed, slowly, as our legs were trembled from the frequency and intensity of the orgasms.

Once we were off the bed, the two sexy love ladies directed my husband to lie down on the bed. His cock had come down slightly after two huge orgasms but it retained some stiffness yet. With my husband on his back, both the ladies began to explore his body with our tongues.

When I was caressing one of his nipples, Brooni soaked up a long, passionate kiss with him. I knew, my husband loved the taste of my pussy juices coated over Brooni's tongue. After the kiss, Brooni whispered in to his ear, "I was always wanted to have a love and fuck game with both of you lovely husband and wife."

She joined me and we both moved down on his body. We began to work over his cock, bringing it back to life within no time. Both of ours tongues were dancing over his cock, licking it, tasting his shaved balls and even probing his ass hole with our finger or our tongue. Both of us enjoyed and allowed each other?s to deep throat his erected, hard, hot, long and thick cock. We also had our tongues lock together in passion.

In unison, the two lady sex slaves broke away from his cock with our mouths and went to work in other ways. I straddled my husband, taking his cock and inserting it into my still throbbing, soaked and hot pussy. A guttural groan escaped my lips as the full length of his hot and hard cock entered in to my pussy. I began a rhythmic rocking on his cock, grinding it against my swollen clit, easily as my cunt was dripping wet.

Meanwhile, Brooni straddled his face, lowering her hot pussy on to his face. She positioned her knees in such way that her pussy was in perfect position for my husband to indulge in. Before he began to tongue fuck her snatch, he absorbed the sexually intense scent of Brooni's womanhood.

He flicked his tongue on and around her clit. Probed the length of her pussy lips and let her juices drip over his pussy lips and down his throat. Just as I was grinding my pussy on his cock, Brooni ground her pussy on his face. The two lesbian lovers leaned forward and with our hands on each other's tits, we kissed deeply and passionately, forming the perfect human love triangle.

Instead of riding up and down on his cock, I kept his long cock deep inside of my pussy and kept it pressed against my clit. An orgasm began to form in my body as I also worked over Brooni's tongue and tits. He was doing his part very well, by fucking Brooni's cunt with his tongue and my cunt with his cock. He was fucking both of us together. He flicked his tongue over her clit, still very swollen and sensitive from the abuse inflicted upon it by me.

After a long fucking, I could feel his orgasm building and with Brooni's hot cunt in his mouth, he was not far away from filling my pussy with gobs of his creamy cum. A sudden lick of Brooni's ass hole by him put her over the top. He spread her ass cheeks with his hands and exposed her savory ass hole and licked her pussy juices off her butt and slid his finger inside her ass.

She released her hold on me and sat up straight letting out her first real scream of the evening. "Oh, fuuucccckkkkkkk!" All she could say as an orgasm ripped through her body. She painted his face with her own cum, clearly, luscious liquid poured out of her pussy hole.

With a mouthful of Brooni's pussy juices, he let out a grunt and he began to shoot streams of his cum into my pussy. I was also experiencing my own orgasm at the same time. My husband must have felt my pussy juices pouring over his cock.

Without any hesitation and only moments after our orgasm ended, Brooni whispered to me, "Let's switch."

Before my husband's just fucked cock could take a break, Brooni was positioning herself over it at my place.

The moment, for which Brooni was waiting for a long time, she felt my husband's cock slipped into her pussy. He was finally fucking Brooni and Brooni was finally being fucked by him. Both let groans escape their lips and Brooni said in the fuck pleasure, "fuck me dear, and fuck me."

Having had the pleasure of fucking by my husband already, I did not want to interfere with the moment. I went to the basket of toys and removed the dildo by which I used to fuck Brooni with earlier.

I got on the bed next to him and Brooni and on my hands and knees. I began giving them my own little masturbation demonstration. Having thoroughly enjoyed being fucked in the ass already by my husband, I immediately slid both parts of the toy, one part into my pussy and the other into my ass. I pressed them deep inside and held them there, turning the knob on and activating the vibrator.

I was lost in my own world of pleasure as Brooni was riding on my husband's cock, right next to me. My husband simply watched Brooni's luscious body riding his cock as she sat upright and cupped her own boobs in her hands. He glanced over at me and I was pleasuring myself by fucking my own pussy and ass with dildo vibrator.

Unexpectedly, Brooni slid off his cock and before he realized it, she tried to insert his thick enough cock in to her ass hole. It was quite difficult for her to get my husband's thick cock in to her ass hole like she took it in to her pussy. My husband understood her desire and pulled out a pack of condom from under the bed. It was a special lubricated condom for making ass fucking easy for the thick cock. Her ass hole was already soaked with her pussy juices. Brooni's ass was also not a virgin ass like my ass. Brooni informed me before that her ass was fucked many a times by her massage customers. I applied some lotion in to Brooni's ass with my finger pushing a lot of lotion inside her ass to make her ass fucking easy for her as well as for my husband's thick fuck tool. Her ass accepted the full length of my husband's cock after a lovely and various in and out exercise by my husband. She felt some pain in starting even the condom was full of lubrication and her ass was also made lubricated by me by the lotion. But after few push and pull of my husband's cock in her ass, now it was easy for both of them to fuck and get fucked ass.

"Oh fuck dear, fuck my ass, oh God, fuck my butt, it hurts, but it feels so good." Words escaped from Brooni's lips. He began to buck his hips in unison with Brooni and began to fuck her ass with every inch of his aching cock. The sheer sensation of seeing my husband's cock in Brooni's ass and watching the expression on Brooni's face, I knew, I would not last long.

I already reached up to another orgasm and I removed the toy from my ass and as well as from my pussy. I wanted to take Brooni over the top of her orgasm. I leaned down to her exposed, empty pussy and began to flick my tongue on her clit as her ass was being fucked for the first time by my husband.

I knew, Brooni could have an orgasm just by her ass fucking. My ass is being fucked often by my husband and I get a strong orgasm in ass fucking too. I thought I should help Brooni to make her orgasm even more intense by attacking her clit.

Sure enough, that put Brooni over the top. She grabbed her own boobs and squeezed them tight. Her head shot back and the most intense orgasm of the night for her shot through her body.

Her butt clenched my husband's cock tight as he too let loose, filling the condom with a load of his cum, inside Brooni's ass hole. Brooni's orgasm lasted long and she was continued to ride my husband's cock.

After a few more minutes, Brooni slowed down and eventually stopped riding his cock. She sat there for a moment, having my husband's cock still inside of her ass. I moved away and lay next to my husband. His cock was still in Brooni's ass hole. Brooni leaned down and lay on my husband's chest, and then his cock slowly moved out of her ass.

I was on his right, Brooni on his left, the room was silent as we all three let our breathing and heart rate return to normal. Our Cunts and Butts were all sore, particularly Brooni's, but I knew, with a very pleasurable pain. All three fell asleep, naked, next to each other.




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Chapter 57