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My husband was driving home from the airport after being gone for the day on business. I saw that he drove slowly to the home. I was in our yard doing some yard work. I was wearing those lime green colored pants that I always wore when I work outside in the yard. I have noticed that he slowed his car in order to catch sight of my great looking ass.

I have noticed after ass fucking affair that my husband had with me and Brooni two days earlier, he was attracted more towards my ass. The reason for this must be that we both had ass fucking after quite a sometime. Infect, I too enjoyed his hot, hard, long, thick and loving cock in to my ass and I wanted more of his cock in to my ass. I was happy to note his interest towards my ass which I understood well. I did not need to tell him that I wish to have more and more of ass fucking. My wish was already reflecting in his eyes.

I wish to mention here that generally we do not plan anything in love, sex and fucking. Me and my husband, both have a nasty and naughty mind for fucking. If we plan anything anytime, we feel really restless until we complete the planned things. This time too, we planned a wonderful ass fucking and we both were thinking about that only.

I looked up and smiled when I saw him entering home. He waved back to me from the car itself, but he continued to stare at my lovely ass. I felt happy and horny.

He had taken my anal virginity on the first night of our wedding and ever since that night I was always willing to turn my ass up for his cock. Of course he took good care of my lovely pussy too but it was my ass that was his delight. He usually fucks my ass at least once in a week. But this time, it was different than the usual. I do not know what exactly the reason that both of us wanted more and more ass fucking. He went out for the business trip for a day immediately after our last ass fucking session but he told me before leaving that I should prepare my ass for fucking when he returns back. And he was here at home to fuck my ass again. I was happy.

However, we are not addicted to anal sex. But we like it. He loved and enjoyed making love to my curvy buns. I loved his hard cock every time deep in to my ass. I knew, he dearly loved watching his long and thick cock slide into my tight nether hole. He also loved preparing my ass for penetration his fuck tool and he would take his time to playing with it, fingering it and lubricating it.

I always liked attention and I am somewhat of an exhibitionist. I like showing off my figure which is why I always wore my two piece bathing suit when my husband is home. Sometimes, I walk even without any clothes on my body and my husband also joins me in walking nude within our home. Readers know that I have an attracted pair of boob and my ass and legs are my best assets.
I feel proud that my handsome husband found me attractive all the times.

He watched me when I walked towards him in my clingy green pants. He watched every roll of each of my buttock as I walked into the house with him. He sat down and I appeared with two beers. I handed him a beer and then I sat down on his lap and joined him in beer drinking.

We chatted easily for quite a while and I brought out two more beers for us. As programmed, I was ready for getting my ass fucked by him. I have cleaned my anal passage before an hour for a safe anal fuck. In the evening, we have organized a small wine party at our home and we have already invited some of our friends for that. We both wanted to have a good fuck before the party.
I was disappointed and he too shown his displeasure when he received an urgent call from his office. His presence was required in the office for some urgent and important meeting. He finished his beer in hurry and after taking a quick bath, he went to the office telling me that he would try to return as early as possible for the party.

I was feeling too hot and horny by anticipating a nice fuck session with my husband on his return. I was sure that he too left for his office with his fuck hungry erected hard cock. I went in my bathroom and checked myself out in the mirror. I held up my hand mirror too so that I could see my ass in the wall mirror. My green pants were snug on my bottom and showed off my curvy ass. I liked the way I looked and I could understand why guys checked her out when they drove by.

I was a little horny from my nasty thoughts. I went to my bedroom to get undressed but before I did I checked myself out in the mirror again. Once again I was pleased with what I saw and I loved how good my legs and ass looked. I undressed myself and put on my short nighty and crawled in bed. My mind kept returning to the image of myself and my husband naked in bed together. I then wondered how big my husband's cock is.

I was so horny that I decided to play with my pussy. This time I decided to use the dildo. I retrieved the fake cock and ran it deep into my pussy. It did not take long for me to cum and it was a big one. I lay still for a few minutes as I relaxed after my intense orgasm. Then I got a little bold and slid the dildo between my thighs toward the bottom of my buttocks. This was the first time that I was using a dildo for my ass. I have used the dildo many a times to fuck my own pussy, but I never fucked my ass with dildo. My ass was fucked only by my husband before that day. I lifted my legs slightly and my anus was exposed and become accessible. I ran the rubber dildo shaft over my ass hole.

I shivered as the fake cock tickled my anus. I inserted just the tip of the dildo into my anus and probed gently. I was careful not to push it in too far and stretch my anal opening. I liked the feel of the hard tip when it probed in to my ass and tickled me but I could not imagine ever taking a dildo cock into my ass. I played with myself for quite some time and then I inserted a pussy moistened pinky finger into my anus. I liked the penetration of my tiny finger but I did not push it in all the way. I then used the thumb from the same hand to rub my clit. I worked on my pussy with my thumb and worked on my anus with my pinky until I orgasm a second time.

After I recovered from my second orgasm, I got out of bed, washed the dildo and put it away. I did not want to run the risk of falling asleep because I have to make some arrangements for the evening wine party in absence of my husband. But being sexually sated for that time, I fell into a deep sleep. In my sleep, I had a very erotic dream. I was watching my husband and Brooni in the bed all though the images were fuzzy. My husband was kneeling behind Brooni who was on all fours and he had his face buried in her ass. He was licking Brooni's anus and probing it with his tongue. Then he knelt up to put his big cock into Brooni's ass. I watched as my husband's cock seemed to get bigger and bigger and I thought it would be impossible for Brooni to take it all in to her ass. Brooni's asshole then seemed to swallow the full length of my husband's long and thick cock. I saw my husband began fucking her ass.

Then it seemed that my husband ejaculated into Brooni's ass and pulled out his huge cock from her ass. Brooni and my husband looked in my direction and moved toward me. I tried to scramble away but they held me down. Then my husband positioned his ominous looking cock at the entrance of my ass.

I woke up at that moment and found that I was tangled in the bed covers and that my nighty was up around my waist. The sheets were wrapped oddly around my body as they covered my back and legs but my ass was totally exposed. I was lying face down as my shapely ass poked through the sheets. I smiled on myself for such a sexy dream. I straightened my nighty and the bed covers. I stayed awake I could not get the frightening image out of my mind. Finally, I got out of the bed and kept myself on the work for arrangement of the evening party.

While I was playing with myself, I was thinking and having dreams about anal sex with my husband.

When my husband reached the house from his office, our house was packed with people; most of them were our neighbors and friends. Everyone was dressed nicely and they were all very pleasant. I had worn a black cocktail dress that was cut about six inches above my knees and fit my snugly. I looked good in that dress as it showed off my shapely legs, my flat tummy, my beautiful boobs and my curvy ass. I had my hair styled in a Prince Valiant style that looked good on me. The cut was higher on the back of my head and followed my jaw line. I felt good and I was glad that my husband returned from his office well in time for the party.

Everyone socialized for about a half hour before the wine tasting started.

Everyone was enjoying themselves and I in particular was having a great time. Then the red wine tasting was called to order and again my husband along with me walked through each wine, describing it and telling everyone what to expect in flavor. I started to feel the effects of the wine as did a few others. I felt that on more than one occasion that my husband's hand had passed over my ass more on purpose.

Then he let his hand move slowly over my ass and gently squeezed the bottom of my one ass cheek.

I decided to use the bathroom during the party and I was shocked to find my panties dripping wet. Obviously those nasty thoughts had gotten to me. I used the bathroom and then made my way out stopping with my husband to thank the guests for attending our party.

Three hours later, the scene was very different at our house. After everyone left, we straightened up the place and my husband watched my ass as I moved around in my tight dress. He already had an erection before we finished cleaning up after the party. We headed into our bedroom and he had me stand in front of the mirror while he undressed me.

However before he removed my clothes he just had to unveil my marvelous ass. He knelt behind me and pushed my dress up to my waist. Then he stared at my luscious ass encased in my transparent panties. He then peeled my panties down to the tops of my thigh high hose and looked at my beautiful ass framed by the dress around my waist with my panties and hose around my thighs. He leaned in and planted light kisses all over my curvy buttocks. I squirmed when I felt his lips on my ass cheeks and I flinched with delight when he slipped his tongue into the crack of my ass.

"Can we do the Jacuzzi tub first tonight?" He asked sexily.
"Sure." I replied and then I went over to our Jacuzzi tub and ran the water.

My husband returned to me and slowly undressed me. I trembled as each piece of clothing was slowly removed by my fucker husband and I watched my image in the mirror. I am proud of my sexy body and my husband does the same too. I have such a sexy and beautiful body that I should be proud of it and I always like my naked image in the mirror. I was still admiring myself when he stepped away and removed his clothes. He reappeared in the mirror and moved behind me. He wrapped his arms around my naked body and cupped my firm tits. His hot and hard cock nestled in the cheeks of my ass. I loved being held this way and we stayed like that for several minutes while he fondled my tits and nipples.

He steered me toward the bathroom where the Jacuzzi tub was now ready. He turned on the jets as we both got into the tub. I leaned back into him and he reached around and stroked my firm tits. He tweaked and rolled my nipples in his fingers. He slid one of his hands down across my firm abs and found my vagina. He played with the folds of my labia and then inserted his fingers in my pussy. He found my hard clit and he rolled it between his fingers. He continued to tease my nipples with his other hand.

As I was already turned on, He moved me to the other side of the tub and he had me lean over the edge presenting my shapely ass to him. My ass always looked good when it glistened with oily water and it looked so sensual. He leaned over and licked my pussy from behind driving me wild. He had that familiar urge to tongue my beautiful ass again so he swiped his tongue from my pussy up and over my bung hole and back to my pussy.

As mentioned earlier, my ass tunnel was already cleaned and I was ready to get my ass fucked safely without any fear. I gasped out loud when his tongue touched my asshole. He really got into it and he grasped both of my curvy ass cheeks and pulled them slightly apart so that he could get his tongue in deeper. He probed my pink aperture with his tongue and he inserted his two fingers in my pussy and quickly located my g-spot. I started whimpering, gasping and rotating my ass and soon, I had my first orgasm.

"Oh my God, oh yessssss," I cried out, "I love that."

We decided to get out of the Jacuzzi because we wanted to get in bed.

I began to stroke his long, thick, hard and hot cock and proceeded to suck on it. I love to stick my tongue in the little pee slit of his cock and nibble on his cock head. This act always made me hot and horny. I soon needed his cock in my pussy. I straddled him and aimed his cock in my pussy and rode him until I achieved another orgasm.

I dismounted and rolled over on my stomach so I could look at my husband who lay on his back.

He looked over at my ass and he could not resist running his hands over my well-shaped ass cheeks. My ass is so amazing that he felt his loins stir with desire. He loves my perfect ass and he desperately wanted to fuck it again.

He got to his knees behind me and kneaded my gorgeous ass cheeks. He began to kiss my ass cheeks and run his tongue lightly in the crack of my ass again. I wiggled my ass feeling very wicked as he tongued and kissed my ass just as he had in the Jacuzzi. He lifted me by my hips so that my ass was perched in the air. My head was still on the bed and I turned it to one side and let out a gasp as his tongue licked close to my asshole. He ran his tongue from my pussy to my ass causing me to tingle in anticipation of what I knew was the next.

He spread my ass cheeks with his hands and dipped his tongue into the crack locating my nether hole. His tongue slowly circled my anus and I flinched at the sexy contact. He pushed his tongue as far as he could into my asshole and he found himself wanting to fuck my ass. He continued to fuck my ass with his tongue and I was at his mercy. My desire grew as he worked on my ass to the point that I really wanted more in my ass.

He removed his tongue from my ass and ran his hard cock between my ass cheeks teasing me as he spoke to me, "Do you want me to fuck your hot ass?"
"I don't know. It seems so naughty." I teased.

He grabbed the bottle of lubricant as I arched my back and pointed my beautiful ass back at him. He coated my asshole with a generous amount of lube and slid his thick finger in my asshole. He took his time preparing my ass relishing every moment. He coated his entire cock with the lube and placed the head of his hot cock at the entrance to my anus. He pushed forward and his long and thick cock head squeezed into my tight asshole.

He withdrew his cock head from my asshole and then pushed it back in my asshole, this time creating more pleasure for both of us. He pushed his cock hard in my asshole until a couple of inches were in my ass. He could feel my sphincter muscles surrounding the first 2-3 inches of his cock. My body was covered with goose bumps. He slowly slid his dick in and out of my ass, each time pushing it a little deeper in to my ass. The pressure had subsided and was replaced with a feeling of fullness.

He relaxed a little and then pushed more length of his cock into my asshole. I grunted out loud as I felt fuller and then a wave of pleasure passed through my naked body. I felt so full that he had pushed another two inches of his cock in to my ass. He kept feeding more and more of his cock into my ass. There was fullness and then pleasure each time his cock went deeper in to my ass. I was relaxed and was enjoying my ass fucking. This pattern continued until he had all his 8+ inches cock buried in my ass.

"Oh my God, you feel so big, I feel so full," I cried out and then, "Uh, uh, uh oh yes, it's so good."

He reached around and played with my clit as he pounded my ass. My pussy and asshole were on fire as his big cock reached sensitive areas in my body through my asshole. I was on the brink of another huge orgasm and he methodically fucked me in my tight anus with his sizeable cock. He loved watching his big cock sliding in and out of my well-shaped round ass. He plunge back in as his hips slapped against my curvy ass cheeks causing them to jiggle with each thrust. He loves watching my ass impaled on his cock. I was so submissive and vulnerable on all my fours as his cock filled my asshole. My orgasm surged within me and he was fucking my ass harder and faster.

As I orgasm, my entire body went into spasm. My pussy convulsed and clamped around his fingers coating them with my cunt juice. My asshole pulsated as he drove his big cock in and out of it. My ass involuntarily squeezed and released his huge cock as he fucked me.

After a long fucking, I could notice that he was near his orgasm and was almost ready to fire his cum gun in to my ass. He slid his pecker deep into my rectum and his cock fired and sent a thick stream of hot cum into my ass tunnel. He kept fucking my ass as load after load of his cum was fired into my ass. His cock kept twitching and spurting inside my asshole.

I felt so full of his cum in my ass and there was nowhere for it to go as the way out was blocked by his swollen cock buried in my ass. He slowed his pace and eventually stopped, allowing his cock to remain buried in my ass. His cock did not go soft right away and he gently moved his hips pushing his cum around in my ass. Some of it trickled out and ran down over my pussy lips.

He stopped and slowly withdrew his cock from my loosened asshole. He marveled in the sight of his enormous cock sliding out of my beautiful ass. I saw myself in the mirror. I looked magnificent with my just fucked curvy ass in the air. He could not resist sticking one of his fingers in my asshole and I just wiggled my bum slightly in delight.

He fucked me once more. This time he fucked my pussy before we fell asleep.

Dear Readers
It is not finished yet.
There was more fucking of my ass on the next day. Please read the next part of MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY ?REPEAT OF AN ANAL SPECIAL? coming soon.

In the meantime, please let me have your frank comments on my ass fucking pleasure.




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Chapter 58