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Dick of Rick

Dear readers,
I realized after completing writing that the story is little longer than what I expected to write.
First, I thought to post it in two parts, but then, I thought that you will prefer to read a complete and longer story in one part, rather than reading it two short parts.
So, I am posting the full and complete story in a single part.
I am sure that you will enjoy it fully.

I smiled as my husband pushed his chair back and eased the erection that was threatening to burst open the fastenings of his jeans into a more comfortable position. He smiled up at me as he looked at the computer screen. "Wow, that's great. I wonder how do you do it? You have a wonderful skill to write our true sex adventures. It's just one good story after another."

I leaned over and ran my hand along his hard cock. "Certainly, I do write things for you," I said, smiling at him. He had just finished reading the latest part of MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY before posting it on the group.

I knew he especially liked my writing and the true stories of our sex life. He is a wonderful lover, a hard fucker and I pen down his every activity along with my own sexual activities with him or with my friends. My writings really turned him on.
He shut down the computer and we made our way through to the bedroom. "I will just shower off, darling," he said, opening the bathroom door and moving inside. I started to slowly undress and slipped naked into bed. When he returned, he got in beside me and we cuddled up together. I knew he was feeling horny; he always keep himself ready to fuck me like I keep myself always ready to receive his cock. I smiled and pressed myself up against him.

I felt his hand run over the smooth curve of my bottom and then down between my legs. I groaned and parted my thighs, allowing him access to the warm dampness of my pussy. His fingers slid into my wet pussy and I groaned again, rolling over onto my back. I reached down and my hand encircled the thickness of his hard cock.

He eased himself on top of me and I spread my legs to accommodate him. I rubbed the head of his cock up against the lips of my pussy, opening it up, and he gently eased himself inside. I wrapped my legs around him and clung to him tightly, my finger nails digging into his back. I could feel my hard nipples rubbing against his chest as he drove his cock deep into my welcoming pussy.

I love sex with him. He is such a good husband, a wonderful lover, and we usually managed it most nights, and quite often again in the mornings when we awoke. He is a wonderful fucker. He completely satisfied my sexual needs, and I love him for it. I would do anything he asked of me, anything at all for my wonderful husband.
He started pumping his cock like a piston in and out of my pussy. My pussy welcomed every push and pull of his hot cock within it. Unstopped and continuous fucking made me to reach my first orgasm early. Today, he was in the mood to fuck me without stopping till he cum and he was doing the same. I reached my second orgasm and he was still fucking me. But, soon after my second orgasm, he too reached his station of climax and he filled my pussy with his warm and lovely cum.
As usual, we slept naked hugging each other's naked body.

On the following evening just after dinner we sat relaxing in the lounge, the CD player was playing the love songs softly. He was reading the sports page of the evening paper and I was reading the latest copy of 'Heat' magazine, a popular favorite of mine. I suddenly stopped reading and looked across at him.
"It says here that 85% of the men interviewed in this survey fantasized about seeing their wife with another man." I said.
"If it says so in there, it must be right," he said with a grin.

I looked at him. "Would you like to see me with another man again?" I asked softly.
I remembered when Angelo, a black friend of my husband had fucked me with his 10"+ black cock. His black friend was fucking me and my husband was watching me. Infect, it was my husband, who guided Angelo's big black cock in to my pussy by holding it. I saw a clear enjoyment in my husband's eyes when Angelo was fucking me in front of him.

I smiled. I put the magazine down and went over and sat beside him. I wrapped my arm around his neck and kissed him on the cheek. "Would you really like to watch again another man fucking me, darling?"

I could see that he was slightly embarrassed and not quite sure just what to say. Then he shook his head. "I do not know. It is hard to say. It is just that I have done this once. I wanted you to have a big black cock in to your pussy and I did it."

I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him. "Darling, you know I will do anything for you, but I want you to be really sure about this." I paused looking at him. "I will do it for you again if you want me to."

I admit that I always enjoyed when my husband fucked another girl in front of me. Infect, it was me every time who arranged another pussy for my husband to fuck, because it always gives me a different kind of pleasure watching my husband fucking other girl. Similarly, I am sure that it must be the same pleasure for my husband seeing other man fucking his wife in front of him.

I knew from my studies and experience and I believe that change in sex life will increase the pleasure in sex life. You may know many males fucking other women and many women getting fucked by other males. There may be different reasons for this. The main reason behind it that the fuck partner is not feeling satisfied with the other partner in fucking. The other reason is, everyone needs to change the taste of fucking. Because of the fear that their partner may not like and may not allow them to fuck the other person, they do it secretly hiding the fact from their partners.

In our case, there was no reason like that. We both, I and my husband are very open with each other and we discuss all with open heart and open mind.

He turned to me and our lips met in a hot, hungry kiss. Then suddenly we were tearing at each other's clothes. My skirt was up around my waist and he just ripped my panties off, destroying them completely. In the meantime, I was working franticly to loosen his belt, and at last managed to extract his already hard cock. Then I lay back on the sofa, with my legs spread wide, and with a strangled cry, he was thrusting his cock into my pussy. We screwed like two rutting animals until with a cry, we came almost in unison.

Afterwards, we lay breathless in each other's arms.
"Are you really going to let another man fucking me again?" I asked.
"You mean you would do it?" He asked me.

I shrugged.
"I suppose it could be fun again if you enjoy and wants this to happen. It is a really interesting idea, and if you enjoy seeing me with another guy. But then you know, it is you I really love, the other guys, whoever they are, would mean nothing to me although I guess I would enjoy the sex, and if you would get a kick out of it as well, then let us do it again."

I knew that he believes what he was hearing from me. I am, his wonderful wife, actually agreeing to have sex with another guy while he enjoy watching this.
Over the next few nights we started to make plans. Where, how, and most importantly, who should be the lucky person to fuck me in front of my husband. Just planning this adventure once again has increased our sexual appetite more for each other. Each night turned into a sexual marathon, usually starting downstairs on the rug or the sofa and finishing in the bedroom, usually via the bathroom, and lasting long into the night.

At last the plans were in place. The first who, it was decided, would be one of his friends Rick. Rick is a British national and he is a handsome bachelor man. We both agreed that he was the perfect choice. I fully agreed that Rick was a good first choice. So we decided that he should arrange it for him to come over for dinner on Friday evening, just two days from now.

"I think it is a wonderful idea to go ahead with this. It will be fun for us again." My husband told me when we lay together in bed having just had a wonderful bout of sex. I could see he was still a little concerned about the practicality of the whole idea.

I smiled and kissed him lightly on the cheek. "You bet," I said with some enthusiasm. "I have wondered for a long time what your friend Rick was hiding from me in his pants."

He shook his head and returned my smile. "I really believe what you are saying. You are so beautiful, so sexy that every man who sees you will wish to fuck you at least once. And Rick is such a poor fellow."

I leaned over and kissed him. "May be you are right." I said with a big smile.
"I am not sure what size of dick Rick has and whether he is strong enough to fuck and satisfy a woman." My husband told me.

"I guess he must be having a good size of dick, because I have noticed a big tent in his pants many times. I do not care whether he satisfies me or not in fucking. For satisfaction in fuck, you are always there for me. I am not doing it only to get a satisfaction in fuck from him. I am doing it only to provide you a pleasure of seeing your friend fuck your wife in front of you." I clarified the things.
On the following night he came home and told me that everything was fixed up with Rick for Friday.

After dinner we were sitting in the lounge when I suddenly looked over at my husband.
"I know we have already set this thing up for tomorrow, but I was just wondering when the time comes what would happen if I decided that I could not actually go through with it?" I just asked.
He looked at me alarmed.
I smiled and said. "No, do not panic darling. I am not going to back out now, but don't you think it would be a good idea to try something else a little easier before we get to the big one?"
"What do you mean?" He asked.

I looked across at him. "Well, I imagine it is going to be pretty exciting showing myself off in front of Rick, but I do not want to spoil the things on the night. I really want to be sure I can go through with it. I was just thinking maybe we could have a practice run." I was having something naughty in my mind.
"Have you something in mind?"
I smiled. "Well, you know the other night we ordered a pizza from that little place down the road?"
He nodded.
"And if you remember, I told you at the time that it was delivered by this rather dashy student?" I said.

He looked at me and shook his head. "No, no, I am not sure whether I want some young student fucking you; we do not know who he is."
I smiled and shook my head. "No sweetheart, I was not thinking about him fucking me, although the idea does have some appeal," I said cheekily, "But what I thought was if we ordered a pizza and it was the same guy, I might open the door to him wearing something sexy, just flash him, you know just to get the feel of things."
He grinned. "You are really getting into this, are not you?"

I smiled and nodded. "I am so hot darling, I am just thinking about it. I just do not want to wait for tomorrow night. I want to do something now, what you think"
"Okay, I am willing to give it a go," he said.

I could see the idea excited him too, and he was at last realizing his fantasy and getting a chance to see his wife flashing her body off to a total stranger.
"You go and get into something sexy and I will order the pizza." He picked up the phone. "Do you want Ham and pineapple with a stuffed crust?" he asked.
I smiled, "The stuffed crust sounds interesting," I said with a grin.

I made my way upstairs and I heard my husband ring in the order. "Fifteen to twenty minutes," He said before he put the phone down. "That will be fine."

I went up to our bedroom and undressed myself completely before slipping into a long silk negligee. I tied the belt loosely before going back downstairs to join my husband. In the lounge he had moved one of the arm chairs around so that he could clearly see the front door but not be seen by anyone who was standing there. My husband smiled when he saw the revealing negligee I had decided to wear. I noticed him staring and looked down to see the points of my nipples already showing clearly as they pressed against the thin material of the dress.

He smiled. "You look fantastic." He came over to where I was standing and ran his hand suggestively over my well-shaped boobs.

I shivered and pulled away. "Do not do this now darling. I am feeling hot enough already. You will have me Cumming before he gets here."

He grinned. "There is just one thing. What if it is not the young guy, but maybe some dirty old pervert?"

I shrugged. "Well, I will just have to give him a thrill, and anyway, you here to protect me."

As we waited for the pizza guy to show up, I could see my husband was excited about what was going to happen, and I must admit that now the time had actually come, I was having a few slight second thoughts about the whole thing. Could I actually stand there and expose myself to the pizza guy?

We both jumped as suddenly the doorbell rang. I smiled at my husband and pulled the belt on the negligee undone and then held it together with my hands. The bell rang again. I walked quickly to the door and opened it. I smiled at the pizza guy. Luckily it was the same handsome young guy who had delivered us pizza before. "Sorry," I smiled at him, "I was just getting out of the shower."

I saw the guys eyes focused on the imprint of my nipples on the negligee.
"That is okay," he said, "I did not want it to get cold."
I was holding the negligee together with one hand and I had my purse in the other.

"How much do I owe you?" I asked.
"That is 4.99 and 1.50 for the delivery charge." The pizza guy said without dragging his eyes away from the firm swell of my rather large boobs. He held out the pizza and I fumbled with my purse, and then I dropped it and it fell to the floor, spilling the contents. I bent down to retrieve it and at that moment, I let go of my negligee, and as I expected, it fell open.

The expression on the guy's face was a picture as I knew at that moment my naked body was exposed to him. He bent down and joined me as I scrabbled for the coins that were scattered around the floor. I knew that now as I squatted in front of him on the floor that he was getting a clear view of my exposed clean shaved pussy.

I mumbled an apology and purposely, I tried unsuccessfully to pull the negligee together as we scrabbled on the floor. At last I managed to pull things together and handed him the cash. He looked at me in a daze for a moment. I do not think he really believed what he had just seen. He took the cash from me and held out the pizza. I reached out to take it from him. It was too big for me to hold in one hand so I had to release the negligee again. Obligingly it fell open again, giving him a second look at my naked and beautiful sexy body.

I smiled at the dazed guy as I eased the door closed with my foot. I could see him still standing there looking at the closed door. I guess he was hoping I might open it.

On shaking legs, I walked through to the kitchen and placed the Pizza on the table. Then my hand went down to my pussy and I was not surprised to find it warm and wet. I was still rubbing my finger over my wet pussy when my husband came in. Immediately, I noticed that a large erection of his large cock was tenting his pants.

"God, that was so unbelievably exciting." He said. "I cannot believe you actually did it."
I smiled at him. "Just look at that." I said holding out my hand slick with my pussy juices. "I am dripping already."

He looked at the wetness on my fingers. He lifted my hand to his mouth and cleaned my fingers licking them. He moved closer to me unfastening his pants while moving towards me. He lifted me up in his strong arms and sat me on the kitchen table. I spread my legs and he moved between my wide opened legs. His already pre-cum dripping cock was in grip of his hand. It was not a hard effort for him to slide his standing hot rod into the warm wetness of my pussy. I leaned back on the table and squeezed his cock tightly in to my hot pussy. He groaned. He pushed the wrap off my shoulders, exposing my wonderful round boobs. With one hand wrapped around my body, he pulled me towards him while he caressed my aching boobs with his other hand, tugging painfully on my extended nipples. I gripped onto him and cried out for more as he pumped his huge cock into my willing pussy.

I was thinking that if a two minute flash to the pizza delivery guy got me into this state, what was I going to be like after tomorrow night's little event?
As most of times, he finished the pumping of his long and thick cock in to my pussy and his cock was showering and firing his warm cum deep in to my pussy, but not before taking me to my climaxes two times.

We finished a yet another wonderful fucking on the kitchen table before we went to sleep in our bedroom.

On the next evening, while I prepared the dinner, I had told my husband to call in with Rick at the local pub for a drink. We needed to get Rick in a receptive mood for what was to come later as per our planning, and maybe my husband could have a few naughty seeds in his mind.

I knew this would not be too much of a problem as Rick had always thought and expressed it to us many a times that my husband is a lucky guy to have such a beautiful and attractive wife as me. We had decided that my husband should confide in Rick and let slip some rather intimate details about our sex life, and reveal to Rick the pleasure of sex and fuck between him and me.

Hopefully, if things went well by the time, we will finally arrive back at our place to complete the task we planned.

We had devised the plan for the evening with some thought, even to deciding on what I should wear. My skirt, one of my husband's favorites, a long velvet wrap over it, fastened with one button at the waist. My skirt Positioned correctly on my waist and it parted easily to display my long legs while I walk. I had selected a tight white button through lamb's wool top. I had left it unbuttoned low enough to expose my deep attractive cleavage. I knew that my light support bra did little to conceal the prominent shape of my nipples pressing up against the thin wool of the top.

Everything went well as planned and all three of us, me, my husband and Rick had spent a nice time in the pub drinking beer. We discussed openly the sex and fuck between me and my husband. I could clearly notice a naughty and sexy will in Rick's eyes. Showing it as unintentional, I touched Ricks cock when he was stood up once to use the wash room. It was as hard as iron rod. He went to the washroom and I saw my husband smiling at me. He knew what I did.

He asked me smiling "How it was?
"It was really hot and hard." I replied immediately.
"I knew it. Our open talking about sex and fuck between us made his cock hard and hot. I think he is not going to miss any chance to fuck you now." He said.
I smiled as our plan worked successful.

After finishing our drinks, we returned our home. I could see that the first part of our plan had worked well and Rick seemed to be in a very sexy and relaxed mood.

I led both of them through to the lounge and quickly produced three large glasses of wine, and after a short chat, I excused myself to go and look to the meal.
I could feel my husband's eyes on me as I made my way through to the kitchen. We ate our dinner as planned in the kitchen, and I kept up a witty and slightly sexual conversation with my husband while I kept Rick supplied with drinks. I had told both of them to be careful as I did not want him to overdo things and spoil everything. During the meal, I flirted openly with Rick, and every time I got up to serve another course, I made sure that when I place the plate in front of him I bent over low enough to give him an enticing glimpse down my jumper.

After finishing the dinner, by the time coffee was served, together with large brandies, I could feel that the scene was set, and I was feeling excited about what was about to happen.

I got up from the table. "I am just going to clean these things away and fill the dishwasher." I said. "Then we can all go and relax in comfort."

The two men were still seated at the table and I could feel their eyes on me as I bent over to load the pots into the dishwasher.

"Do not you think my wife is got the most delightful ass?" I heard my husband's comment. I could feel a slight tension in the air, as I squatted down in front of the dishwasher and the wrap over skirt parted and displayed quite a lot of my long legs to them.

"What about her sexy legs? I love women with long legs." My husband commented again.
I looked around at the two of them and smiled. I commented quickly, "I have a beautiful pair of long legs and there is gateway to heaven located between my legs. He is got a perfect thing to get it inside of the gateway to heaven." I said.

"Would not you love if you had a wife with legs like Julee has?" My husband asked. Rick nodded uncertainly.

"Just open your skirt up a little, Julee darling, and show him." My husband told me to get Rick in to our trap.

I played my part well pretending to be a little embarrassed, but I stood up and eased open my skirt just enough to display the top of my thighs. I could see the reaction on Rick's face as I stood there holding my skirt apart. I guess he was beginning to think all his birthdays had come at once. I knew that he had fancied me for some time and tonight he was not too sure where things were going.

My husband came over and stood beside me. He put his arm around my shoulders and hugged me. Then he leaned over and kissed me on my cheek. I could feel he was trembling as he gently squeezed me.

My husband looked at me, and then at Rick.

"I think it might be nice if we showed our friend Rick just how attractive you really are." My husband commented on my sexy body.

I stared at him pretending to be a little shocked. I do not think Rick could actually believe what he was hearing. The drink had worked on him perfectly as planned, but he was still not too sure what was going on. Then to his surprise and delight, my husband reached around and undid the one button that held the skirt around my waist. Like a matador, he whisked my skirt away and revealed to Rick my brief black thong and the slim black straps of my suspenders that trailed down across my fair and silky thighs. I saw Rick gasping.

By this time, I was already beginning to feel hot and horny, and I could feel the juices from my pussy were seeping out towards my thighs. My husband reached behind me and lovingly ran his hand over the firm twin curves of my bottom. Rick was just staring us in amazement. He was unable to take his eyes off the scene that was unfolding before him.

I felt completely want on standing there with Rick looking at me. I knew my black lace thong concealed very little. My husband looked at me, and then smiled as he slowly began one by one to undo the buttons of my jumper. When the buttons were open, he eased the jumper apart exposing my matching black bra to Rick. With one hand, he gently caressed my lace clad breast. Rick watched intently as my husband squeezed my firm boobs. I was right into the swim of things by now, and it was turning out to be incredibly exciting as my husband slowly stripped me while Rick sat at the table and watched us.

My husband eased my jumper off my shoulders and I was left with just two brief items of clothing on my sexy body. I was by now in a state of high excitement. My earlier experience with the pizza man was nothing compared to this. This time, it was no show like an accident. Here I was deliberately being stripped naked by my own husband while his best friend Rick looked on, and if everything went according to plan, I knew what was to follow. Just the thought of it was causing me to leak profusely through my pussy. I dearly wanted to touch myself, but tonight that was not in the rules of the game.

My excitement mounted as I felt my husband's fingers expertly unclasping my bra. I felt it fall free and slide down by my arms exposing my firm boobs to Rick's stares. My husband cupped one of my bare breasts and squeezed it tenderly. I saw him smile to himself, I guess because my nipples were already looking like bullets.

My brief thong was the only item left on my body; otherwise I was completely nearly naked before two men in the kitchen. My husband smiled over at Rick, and then he reached down gripping the thin waist band of my thong. I could not believe the thrill I felt. He peeled away that last damp item of clothing from my sexy body and revealed everything of my body making me completely naked. The aroma of sex was almost over powering. My husband bent down and I gently lifted my one foot at a time and allowed the last item to be slipped out from my body. Rick was looking at my silky and clean shaved leaking pussy.

My husband leaned forward and kissed me tenderly. Then he stood beside me proudly displaying my sexy and naked body to his friend. I could see the hunger in Rick's eyes as he looked with excitement at my naked body. I smiled slightly as I saw him attempting to adjust the pressure that was obviously building up in his pants. My husband gripped my bare shoulders.

"My wife," he asked Rick in an awed voice. "Isn't she just beautiful and sexy?"

Rick nodded silently; his eyes were never left my body. I smiled nervously at Rick, who still could not believe what was happening.
"My God, you are really a lucky husband. She is so incredibly beautiful and sexy." Rick gasped at last.

My husband took hold of my hand and led me towards the still wondering Rick. I felt my unrestrained boobs moved slightly with the movement of my body.
"Let's all go through into the lounge. We can be more comfortable there." My husband said.

Rick rose from the table and followed us meekly. In the lounge, the scene was already set by us before leaving to pub. The lights were low, perfumed candles were scattered around the room filling the air with an intoxicating aroma, and soft sensual music was playing on the hi-fi.

It felt incredibly exciting to be naked in the presence of the two men and I moved forward with confidence. I went over and sat down on the long sofa and smiled up at both of them. Then I patted the sofa on either side of me.

"Would you two gentlemen like to join me?" I asked.

They did not need a second invitation from a sexy lady like me and they quickly positioned themselves on either side of me on the sofa. I smiled at my husband, and then turned to Rick who still seemed in a state of awe over the whole thing. I took him in my arms and kissed him tenderly by holding him against my naked body. At first, he seemed stunned, and then he began to respond. His tongue slipped into my mouth and started wrestling with mine.

At last, I pulled away and looked at him.
"I know you have always fancied me," I said. "Well, tonight is your chance; I am presenting my naked and sexy body to you this evening." I played the final card of our planned game.

I took his hand and drew it up to my breast. At first he just rested his hand against my warm and firm boob. Then slowly he started caressing my boob. I looked around at my husband. He was smiling on seeing success of our game plan. He was watching his friend caress my boobs. I let him enjoy himself for a moment and then I moved myself around so that I was in a position to lay my head on my husband's lap and drape my legs over Rick's. I saw the two guys exchange glances and they looked down at my sexy and naked body laid out before them. My husband smiled at his friend and then he gently began to caress my boobs. I saw that Rick was still a bit hesitant. He seems to be not sure about what to do. I could already feel the hardness of two erected cocks pressing against my naked body at different places. I smiled by seeing Rick?s condition. I reached for his hand and pressed it against my warm, damp, silky and clean shaved pussy lips. I looked up at him and said by closing my eyes and parting my legs for him:

"Go ahead. What you are waiting for?" It was again a green signal to Rick.

How could he refuse such a sexy present? I squirmed in delight as his hand began to explore my damp thighs, and then I groaned, clutching tightly on to the cushions of the sofa as he ran his finger slowly up between my wet outer pussy lips. To my delight, he expertly exposed the hard nub of my clit and began to rotate it gently with his finger. I groaned even louder as I felt his finger slip inside my hot and wet waiting pussy.

I knew by my husband's actions that he too was becoming more and more excited. Things were going even better than we had ever imagined and planned. As my husband worked on my firm boobs and nipples, he watched his friend Rick exploring the delights of my pussy. I knew it must be exciting him to see his friend's fingers dipping into his sexy wife's pussy. I guessed he could feel from my reactions that I too was totally enjoying the whole experience.

Suddenly, I cried out and gripped Rick's hand, pressing it hard against my pussy. My body writhed on the laps of both of men as I experienced that first wonderful orgasm of that evening. I relaxed for a moment, and then looked up at them smiling contentedly.

I looked up at my husband and asked: "Are you going to let Rick fuck me now?"

I could see my husband was startled to hear my request, but he smiled back at me. "If that is what you want, I am sure; Rick will not refuse such a sexy offer from you." He said.

I eased myself up into a sitting position; and wound my arms around Rick's neck. I kissed him hungrily. "Would you like to fuck sexy Julee?" I asked in a childlike voice.

I saw him look over towards my husband, who was smiling. Rick was still in the position where he did not believe his luck that he is the lucky fellow to fuck me.
My husband nodded. "Go ahead, my friend, she really wants to feel your cock inside her pussy." he said quietly.

I did not wait for him to ask, but I began to pull at Rick's belt. Soon I had it undone, and with some efforts, his pants were down enough for me to extract his cock. There was everything I was hoping for, a nice fucking tool, long and thick, like my husband's cock. The big dark purple head of his cock was already slick with his pre-cum. My husband moved to the end of the sofa to give us room and to be in a good position to see what was going on between his sexy wife and his fucking friend. I got up and straddled Rick's lap and rubbed my wet pussy up against his throbbing cock. I raised myself and with a little help from Rick, I impaled myself on his rampant fucking tool.

The expression on my husband's face was wonderful to see as he watched his best friend's cock slide deep into my willing pussy. I smiled at him and mouthed him a kiss as I wrapped my arms around Rick's neck and began to work myself up and down on his shaft. Soon the pair of us was gasping with our exertions, while next to us, I was not surprised to see that my had his own cock out and was stroking along its length as he watched us fucking. I could feel my boobs bouncing and my erected nipples were sending exciting waves of pleasure through my body as they rubbed against Rick's shirt front. The whole scene was way beyond our wildest plan and expectations. Suddenly, I screamed loudly and my body went rigid. I could feel his dick was firing the warm cum in to my pussy at the same time. Then with a groan, I collapsed onto Rick's lap, kissing him wildly as I reached my orgasm.

We both fell back on the sofa breathing heavily. After a while I eased myself up off Rick's lap. I could feel that my juices were oozing from my pussy and running down towards my thighs as I moved over to where my husband was sitting and watching our fuck performance. I gently removed his hands from his cock.

"I will help you with this. You know, I love jerking your cock." I smiled and kissed him. Then I began to work on his urgently with my full experience. As my slim fingers slid up and down on his long and thick shaft I leaned forward and asked him:
"I really enjoyed that fuck my dear. Rick too has a wonderful fucking cock like yours." I leaned forward and whispered in his ear. "Did you enjoy the show?"

My husband nodded, and then he suddenly began gasping as I began pumping his cock furiously by holding it tightly in my palm. With a cry, he suddenly came, and thick spurts of creamy white juices splashed over my hands. My husband reached out and pulled me tightly against himself, hungrily kissing me.

Rick was watching us with a lot of happiness in his eyes. I could clearly feel a satisfaction in his eyes that his dream of fucking me comes true and reality. Finally, he fucked me. Infect I got fucked from him in front of my husband as per our planning.

When we finally pulled away, I lay curled up beside him, contentedly licking his cum juices from my fingers. We looked over to where Rick was sitting and watching us. He said smiling:
"I always said that you two are a wonderful couple. Julee is so incredible. She is beautiful with a wonderful, amazing body and so completely uninhibited."
I turned and smiled at him. I stretched out my long leg and rubbed it against his thigh. I knew he could see the pink wetness of my pussy still slick with our juices.

"I hope you are not feeling rested." I said to him with a slight grin, "Because I have got a pussy that is feeling hungry again. My pussy wants more cream."

I slid off the sofa and stood in front of Rick. I pulled him to his feet. His pants slid down his legs and he stood there. I unfastened his shirt. I saw that my husband was watching me again with a slight smile on his face and I stripped his friend naked. Then I ran my hands over his firm chest and leaned forward and licked his nipples. I could feel that Rick's dick was pushing against my thighs. I leaned over and whispered in his ear.

"I want to feel both of you in me this time." Rick looked over at his friend, my husband and smiled as he nodded.

We moved over to where my husband was seated and I went down on my knees in front of him. I looked up at him lovingly as I took his already hardening cock in my hand. I leaned forward and rubbed the head of his cock over my lips. My husband gasped as I opened my mouth and drew his cock into the warm enveloping wetness of my mouth.

I guessed Rick knew well that what I wanted him to do. I felt him positioning himself behind me. His hard cock pressed against my bottom. He ran his hands between my wet thighs and I parted them invitingly. I felt the wonderful sensation of his cock rubbing up against my wet pussy lips. I felt them part easily and with a groan, Rick slid his dick slowly into my tight pussy passage. Rick gripped my thighs and soon the three of us were working in unison. My husband and Rick were facing each other and I knew that my husband was having a perfect view of his friend thrusting himself into my body.

I smiled to myself at the thought, and then I took my husband's cock even deeper into my throat. I heard him speaking to his friend.

"I hope you have enjoyed your evening with us. We, all must do it again sometime, and I prefer it on regular basis if both of you wish so."
Between hungry mouthfuls and the DICK OF RICK in to my hot pussy, I agreed heartily and nodded for the same. Rick was seems to be more than happy to say "Yes! I do agree."

My fucking was on and my mouth was being fucked by my loving husband and my pussy was being fucked by the DICK OF RICK.
We all finished a wonderful fucking, infect, they both finished their fucking to me and Rick went her home by promising this kind of group fucking soon.




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Chapter 60