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It was one day when my friend Eva and I were at lunch. Actually, Eva was working with my husband and she became very good friend of mine. On that day, my husband was out of the town for that day and I received a call from him saying that he wish me to visit his office and collect some documents on his behalf as he was not sure whether he can return back in time to collect them. I was not having much work and I visited his office by leaving my son with Melina. My husband has already spoken to his office and I received certain documents from Eva for my husband.

Eva is a beautiful and sexy married woman. We both are very open to each other and we always feel free to discuss all the matters including sex and fuck. She became my good friend when I met her first, about a week after we shifted here on my husband's transfer.

Eva invited me for the lunch and I happily accepted her invitation. Suddenly, when I was having lunch with her, my nasty and naughty mind produced an idea of developing sexual relationship with Eva. I was not in need of any lesbian partner. I was already having two beautiful girls for my lesbian love. One is Melina, a beautiful teen aged girl of about 15 years, the daughter of our neighbor. The second one is Brooni, a professional massage girl. I have already written about them and my sexual experiences with them, in previous parts of My Sexual Autobiography. I had lesbian sex many a times with Melina. Infect, Melina wants to be fucked by my husband but I explained her that she is too small, her pussy is also too small for my husband's long and thick cock. She understood and she still waits for the right time when her pussy becomes little mature to have my husband's big cock in to it. Brooni was already fucked by my husband along with me in our three some fuck game.

Now, my mind have produced an idea of having four some or even I was thinking about swapping the fuck partners within me, my husband, Eva and her husband. I decided to start with her. Not saying anything to Eva about what I wanted, I invited her and her husband Danny for a dinner at our home on Friday night. Eva was not having any children and we were all off for the week-end, so this could be a perfect situation. Eva was very happy to be invited by me for the dinner along with her husband at our home and she gladly accepted my invitation.

We finished the lunch and after that Donna went to her office and I returned my home.

When I told my husband returned in the late evening from his outing work, I handed over him the papers I got from his office and I told him about my invitation of dinner to Eva and her husband on Friday night. He was happy to hear that and he started working on the papers I handed over to him.

He finished his work and we were having late night dinner together. I have started again the matter of invitation to Eva with her husband for the dinner. I explained him about my naughty idea of having a group sex with Eva and her husband. We are so open in this kind of matter that it did not take much time to make my husband agreed on my proposal.

He said "Really, she is beautiful and a nice lady."
"Yes, I know and it is easy to say why, she is beautiful? She has such a beautiful pair of breast and that tiny little waist. Yes, she is hotty for sure." I confirmed.
"I am not sure whether she and her husband will join us in our game or not, but there is no harm in trying." He said.

After finishing the dinner, we hugged, kissed and started to make out a lot from little. We did a quickie because it was already too late and my husband was to go his office early in the morning.

As usual, I decided it was a good time to get the ball rolling. I know Danny is right in there with the best of the hunks, and it is easy to see why Eva was attracted to him.

Finally it was Friday and all day I was excited that something could develop this week-end and I was certainly more than talked into it, by no one other than myself. I was sure that I could do it. Of course Danny and Eva would have to be interested enough to let it happen. I kept thinking. I am little different from Eva. I have a nice pair of tits, everybody that ever walked past me would attract to my tits for sure. Eva is 26 years old, younger than me and she is 5'7" tall. She also has beautiful and full tits. She is so gorgeous and she really knew how to strut. I was thinking how much I wanted Eva's husband to fuck me to make my husband happy and to give him the pleasure of watching again the other man fucking his wife. I wanted to hold and play with Danny's cock, which I knew is as big as my husband's cock because Eva is too free with me to share those sexy details. I could also notice it right thru his pants some time earlier.

I went to market for some necessary requirements for the dinner party at our home. As soon as I got home, I got the potatoes and roasted them in the oven and went up to shower. We were having dinner early so we would have a long evening for other things. I just have to move slowly and I should not offend anyone.

My husband came home from the office when I was getting out of the shower. I was having just a towel wrapped around my sexy body. My husband saw me and immediately, I have noticed the well-known movements under his pants. We were not having enough time for what we wanted to do that time. We both are very smart and we knew better than many how to utilize the time.

This ended in a quickie again between us we finished a quick fucking well within the time available.

After the quick fuck, my husband said "I think, by the time you get ready, I can have a quick shower."

I have already informed Eva that I was going to wear something sexy because I was really in the party mood. I asked her to do the same. I used to wear this particular dress mostly for the parties because this shows my tits in a very sexy mode. I like people looking at my tits, and I swear they must be getting a hard on when they looks at my well-shaped, round and firm tits. A push up bra was all I had on under the dress, no panties, no slip, because they would show thru the dress. Four inch heels and my tits and ass were put on display. I was looking just great when I saw myself in the mirror. The push up bra was probably a bit much but I wanted my tits to be just more than noticed.

I made a batch of margaritas and was chilling the glasses when Eva reached our home with her husband Danny. Danny came bouncing thru the door and I guessed he wanted to see what I was wearing since Eva must have told him that I was to wear a very sexy dress. I saw Eva was dressed to the nines. Eva was looking absolutely beautiful and was displaying more of her breast than I had ever seen her do. It was awkward that I was looking at Eva without blinking my eyes. But Eva was on her game and asked "Are we drinking or not?
"Yes we are." Was all I could say and I started pouring.

We moved to the drawing room and I sat where Danny could see me clearly. He was looking at me and nobody noticed other than me, because they were too busy looking others. My God, was this actually happening or what? As per our planning, my husband was looking Eva over like she was a meat at the market, and I felt happy because Danny was doing the same to me, maybe I had gone too far in showing my tits to him. Everyone was just looking at each other?s but nothing more was happened. I was not going to take any chances and I crossed my legs allowing my dress sliding up to my thighs. Danny was about to come near me across the room. I thought that he would fuck me right now if I let him.

I stood up and told Eva to get my husband's glass so we could go to the kitchen and refill them.

We got to the kitchen and I told Eva that I am sorry that my husband seems to be enjoying her more than he should be. She laughed and asked, "Do you mind?"
"No." Was all what I could say. ?Who would not enjoy looking at you?"
She laughed and said "Well I am glad to hear that and hope you are not upset with Danny for checking you out."

I told Eva "I love it. It makes me feel like I am in high school, it is exciting, and I hope it is okay with you."
Eva said "You know what? I wanted an evening like this with you guys since a long time, but I did not know how to do it. I hope you are thinking the same what I am thinking."
"Well, all I can say is I am having a lot of fun and I think Danny is too. May be we can just let things keep going." I said. "Eva, I have no limits tonight."
She laughed and asked me "Are you saying what I am thinking?"
"I think so." I replied.

She reached forward to hug me and I was so relieved. It was a happy surprise for me that Eva too planned exactly what I wanted to. She too made a similar plan of swapping our husbands.

We decided to swap our husbands, our fucking partners right then and there.
We went back to the drawing room and enjoyed our drinks and our new found toys. I was dying to get my hands on Danny, but was willing to wait.

We moved to the dining room for dinner and it was great to finally be relaxed. I knew, I was going to get a new cock for fuck for the night and my husband will be getting a new cunt for his cock. Dinner was wonderful and all went really well, thanks to all my earlier preparation work. We cleared the table and moved back to the table in drawing room for some games.

Yes, a strip poker came up and actually got a big hooray from everyone. I gladly agreed, but ask if they would excuse me for a minute. I went to our bedroom and put on panties, because no way I was going to start that game with only two pieces of clothing on my body. When I got back to the drawing room, I told all of them clearly that why I needed to be excused. Eva said she wanted to borrow some panties from me and that brought big loud cheer from every one. I took her to the bedroom and let her choose the panties she wanted to wear. I watched as she lifted her dress and exposed her lower and sexy body to me. I loved it so much. After she straightened and lowered her dress after wearing my panty, she raised up to hug me. I loved it so much and I could not stop myself. I kissed her fully on her lips. She hugged and kissed back and my heart was pounding. She was absolutely glowing and said, ?I wanted this to happen for months. I was on fire."

Just, as we walked into the drawing room, one of my favorite CD started to play and I could not help myself. I reached for Eva's hand and we started to dance. I could not believe the fun we were having for which I was waiting to have an evening like this.

The guys sat there and watched us dancing, but only for that song. With the next song, they came to join their wives and we all were continued to dance. Shortly after the next slow song started, I felt a tap on my shoulder and I saw it was Eva wanting to change the partners.

Danny wasted no time when he got a chance. He pulled me a little closer to him than he should have normally. I looked over at my husband and he was all over Eva. I mean like a wet t-shirt. I decided to express my intentions. I pushed my hips forward to meet Danny's hardening cock, and he pushed himself forward. We continued thru that one song and it was enough. There was no way Danny could get back to a chair without my husband or Eva seeing his enormous hard cock under his pant. Oh well. I looked down at my husband's cock and I saw it was rock hard sticking out as far as his loose fitting pants would allow. I looked at his face, back to his cock, back at his face. I smiled and so did he. I love my husband and I wanted him tonight fucking and sucking my favorite hotty Donna. We did get back to the table without anyone saying a word. I was sure that everyone was ready to move forward and fast.

We made both the guys to take off their socks so we would all have three items of clothing. This was going to be fun. We decided when a person lose a game, had to remove a garment. The player could instruct another player or players to perform an act on any other player.

Danny lost the first game and he removed his shirt and he asked Eva to kiss my husband. Eva lost the next game and she removed her dress and asked Danny to kiss me. Eva also lost the third game and this time she removed her bra.
"Oh my god!" I said to myself. Her boobs are so beautiful and so sexy. She asked my husband to kiss her and fondle her tits. I was started to squirm in my chair. I wanted some of this. Even my husband and my best friend were watching. I lost the fourth game and I removed my dress.

My tits were almost spilling out of my bra, and everyone was anxious to hear my instructions. I asked Danny to suck on Eva's boobs. He got up from his chair to get near to Eva. He was in no hurry to stop sucking of his wife's boobs. I lost the fifth game and this time I removed my bra. I asked Eva to kiss me, and that brought some ooohs and aaahs between all of us. She got up from her chair and so did I. We met half way and she was very willing to make this kiss hot and long. We were both standing there in our little thong panties. I was sure that the longer we kiss, the harder the guys will get. Danny lost the next game and had to stand to remove his pants. He was standing there wearing only his underwear on his body. His very hard cock was clearly visible to all of us under his underwear, but he did not care. Eva lost the next game and removed her last cloth, her panties from her body. She asked me to kiss Danny and to touch his cock. I stood and reached for Danny's cock before kissing him. I kissed Danny for several seconds and even stroked his cock so my husband would know that I was going to have someone else's cock tonight.

I lost the next game and I removed my panties which was the last cloth on my body. I let all see that I my pussy was shaved and it was wet. I asked my husband to kiss Eva's pussy. Eva turned in her chair and my husband got on to his knees. I stood and moved closer to see all I could. I felt a hand on my ass, and it I knew, this could only be Danny. It felt good and now I wanted this game to be over. However we continued to play. I knew everyone was nervous about making the big move. The next game was lost by my husband and he removed his shorts and his nice and big stiff cock was for all to see. He asked Eva to kiss my pussy. Eva said: "No problem. I want to do it."

I was more than excited.

My mind was racing and I was breathing hard and fast, but I wanted this. Eva knelt on the floor as I pushed forward myself in my chair. I was so wet and was sure that everyone could see it. It made easy for what I did not expect. Eva was supposed to kiss my pussy, but she must have felt the wetness in and around my pussy. I knew, her tongue would slide in my pussy very easily. I thought I would go out of control when she pushed her tongue inside my pussy. She did not stop. It was incredible. Both guys moved forward to stand next to us. When I saw Danny was stroking his hard cock, I reached for it. He stepped forward and removed his hand from his hard cock.

Oh my God! I was minutes away from taking his cock in my mouth or in my pussy, wherever he wanted. I looked to the other side and I wanted to take my husband's cock in my other hand, but Eva already had it in her hand and was already stroking it very hard. Eva moved her mouth from my pussy to my husband's cock and I felt that my husband was must be in heaven. He was getting his cock sucked by my favorite hotty. Danny moved forward to push his cock in my mouth. I took his cock in to my mouth, but not for long.

I stood up and said: 'Okay! We are now moving to the bedroom."
I just felt that there was something for all of us to share. I wanted to watch my husband fucking Eva and I wanted him to watch me getting fucked by Danny. I was sure that Eva and Danny must be thinking in the same way.

I entered in the bedroom first and landed on the nearest side of our king sized bed. Eva took a similar position near me to be fucked by my husband. I was excited to show my husband another man fucking me. My husband was going to be there to see and hear everything. I wanted to be fucked by Danny, so I moved toward, on the edge of the bed and waited for Danny to take charge of fucking me. This was my first group and swap fuck and I did not want to be the director. I was incredibly anxious. I guess what I wanted was to be seduced in front of my husband. Danny was as nice as he slowly moved toward his target, and his target was my naked and sexy hot body. He carefully inched up toward my mouth and began kissing me on my lips, moving down to my tits, and that was what he was after. It made clear that Danny was a tit lover because of Eva's gorgeous tits. Slowly, he sucked and massaged my tits before moving down to kiss and lick my pussy. I felt that he had a powerful mouth and really knew how to suck a pussy. But that would have to be another day, I thought. I wanted his cock without any delay. So I tugged at him until he was in a position for me to take his cock in my mouth. His cock and cock head was similar to my husband and as big as my husband's cock. I kept sucking and was trying to swallow his cock as much as I could. I loved it.

I was not surprised and was happy to see that my husband and Eva were very fast in this game. I saw him pushing his long and thick cock in to Eva's pussy.

Danny was ready to fuck me. My pussy was dripping wet and his cock was totally wet from my mouth treatment on it. His cock was ready to go in my hot and wet pussy. I was about to be fucked by another man again in front of my husband. He let his cock glide across the lips of my wet pussy and I was about to explode with the anticipation. I reached over and took Eva's hand. I felt so secure with her approval of allowing her husband to fuck me.

My husband was already fucking Eva wildly. This was a very strong connection. I could see my husband's face and I was sure that his hot rod was definitely balls deep in my favorite hotty Eva's pussy. My husband has a beautiful, long, thick and hot cock. Danny's cock was also as long as my husband's cock. But I felt that my husband's cock is little thicker than Danny's dick. I was sure that Eva loved to have my husband's cock in to her pussy.

I reached down to get Danny's cock and direct it in to my wet, slick pussy. "Yes! Fuck me." Was all I could say and Danny said, "Gladly."

He slowly inserted his huge cock into my pussy. I was not worried at all. My pussy is habitual to take my husband's big cock regularly, so Danny's cock slid in my wet pussy easily. I knew, if a female's pussy is wet enough, she can take a long and thick cock in.

Slowly, very slowly he fucked me till his cock was easily started sliding in and out of my pussy, and I loved it. Yes, men do fuck differently and I was below another great fucker. Danny and my husband are both great fuckers and I was ecstatic. I started fucking back Danny with moving my hips and ass up.

I turned my head to see if Eva was okay. I was happy to see that she was definitely getting a strong fuck by my husband which she was enjoying. I squeezed her hand and she squeezed my hand back in confirmation of pleasure.

I could feel that she did not relax, she was having an orgasm and I could feel it right thru her hand. I focused my orgasm which was developing in my body. I was ready to explode. Within a minute or two, I reached and I felt Danny's cock was firing his cum deep in to my pussy.

God, I loved it, all of it, the whole scene. We lay in bed resting for a few minutes and I just loved being there next to Eva who too was just finished fucking with my husband.

After a few minutes, both the fucker guys got up and walked off towards the bathroom. Eva and I were still enjoying each other on the bed.

I wanted to kiss her, so I turned toward her to face her and she too turned toward me. I raised my head and kissed her lips. I was going crazy with ideas about what she and I could do. She kept kissing me and stroking my hair. I loved it.
I had kissed another woman's pussy many a times and tonight I was going to kiss Eva's lovely pussy for sure.

It was about ten minutes of loving each other and finally, we decided to go and take a shower. We tied our hairs up and got into the shower together.
Eva was amazing and I was thrilled to have her as my friend.
She insisted on washing my entire body and I did the same with her.

When we finished with the shower, we toweled each other dry and then we moved to the bedroom and started going thru my night wears. There were plenty of night wears, because my husband bought me something every time.

Finally I found one that was long enough to mostly cover Eva's butt and pussy. We wore similar nightwear without wearing bra under it. We both wore tiny panties under our night wears, which were small enough and someone could eat pussy right thru them very quickly.

We decided to give both the fucker guys a show. We instructed them to stay in their chairs and not get involved until they were invited.

"Interesting and sexy" was the response from both the fuckers. We all laughed at that, because we all knew how much we all wanted to see two women together.
I chose some soft music and turned down the lights. It was all happening very fast, but I really liked what was happening there. I was going for it, if Eva does not stop me; I was going to suck her pussy. I was going to do exactly with Eva's lovely pussy, what my husband and Danny did to my pussy in the game.

Eva was really comfortable. I really thought that she too must have done this before like me. She was so easy and was willing to do anything I suggested. She pulled me to the center of the room and we started dancing. She started kissing me. She ran her hands over my ass. She got her hands under my nighty and started to play with my tits. I was going crazy, it was amazing. I felt so turned on doing this in front of my husband and Eva's husband Danny. I looked over and saw, both the fucker guys were holding their cocks in their hands. I placed both my hands on Eva's ass and pulled her closer to me. We continued kissing and I played with her ass and eventually she pulled away from me and asked me if I was ready to move ahead.
"Yes" I said, "But only if I get to take the lead."
"Fine!. I agree." She said.

I pulled her close to me and dropped myself to my knees. I was still holding her ass in my hands. I placed my mouth directly on her pussy. I started sucking and licking her pussy right thru her panties. She was grinding her pussy into my mouth feeling the pleasure. I got the little panties in my mouth and pulled it away. She moved her hips forward allowing me to give another bite at the panties and I got her panty between my teeth and tore it off of her. I heard a moan and knew it was my husband.

Eva is dam sexy and erotic. I was having a wonderful week-end I dreamed about. She pushed her hips forward and slowly rotated them. I could not take any more from her in this position and I asked her to sit on the sofa between her husband Danny and my husband. She backed up but I swear my mouth never left her pussy. My husband and her husband, Danny, both started holding and sucking each of her tits. I could see their every move. I licked and sucked Eva's pussy until she was screaming. I got her clit between my teeth and started to bite it very gently.

She started bucking and was telling us that she was Cumming. It was the most sexual thing I had ever been a part of. Both the guys could not control and they started stroking their cock again by holding it in their own hand. I moved up to take my husband's cock in my mouth and I was just in time. He filled my mouth with his hot cum, squirting hard against the back of my throat. Eva had twisted around to takes Danny's cum, but did not get there in time. After Danny had finished shooting something Eva received in her mouth and a lot of cum was fired on her face. I crawled up to lick Danny's cum from Eva's face.

By now, we all were pretty much spent. Eva and I stayed where we were for a few minutes and then we went to find our fucker guys. It was important for me that I be near my husband and make it sure again that he was okay with all that happening. We traced both of them. They were in the kitchen and they were both fine. My husband certainly seemed just comfortable and fine, and surprisingly he wanted to talk about it. He began by thanking me and saying that he was never comfortable bring it up in beginning. He said that he was very grateful to me, Eva and Danny.

Both the fuckers were drinking wine and they were still very much in the party mood. I was not really ready to get fucked again because I already had many wonderful orgasms. But the site of Danny's soft and hanging cock was too much for me. Everyone knows that how much I love soft cock. My husband's cock was still harder than Danny's cock that time. I walked over to him and picked his soft cock up in my hand. It was not hard, but still it was about 4 or 5 inches long hanging there on his balls. I held his soft cock and began to stroke it while my husband and Eva watched me. It is always so much of fun to have a magnificent and growing cock in my hand.

His cock was as long as my husband's cock, but slightly thinner than my husband's cock. My husband's cock is very thick. I knew it will be big soon, but now that I was more relaxed and are not so anxious about enjoying his manhood to the fullest. I looked at Eva and said:
"Do you wish to use this?"
She smiled and said, "Not until you are finished."
Danny's cock becomes huge and hard soon. I was getting horny again with his giant fuck tool in my hand. I looked at Danny and asked if he had all that in me and enjoyed fucking me in front of my husband.
"Yes." He replied.
I was having all smiles on my face to hear this.

We all laughed. His growing cock was still in my hand. He had an enormous cock knob, and that was beautiful. I kept stroking his hot cock and was thinking about the next move. I looked at my husband and saw that Eva was stroking his cock and both of them were watching my every move. I looked at Eva and she looked so turned on. It was amazing that she was stroking my husband's cock with her one hand and she had her finger of another hand in her pussy. She was also squeezing her nipple in between stroking my husband's cock and fingering her own pussy.
I knelt down and my face was leveled with Danny's cock. I leaned forward and took his cock head in my mouth. After several minutes of sucking Danny's cock I was so turned on to be fucked and I asked Danny if we could move to the bedroom. He responded quickly.

Actually, we all were so turned on, and we all were ready for phase two.
When we got to the bed, I asked Danny to lie on his back. Everyone knew that I was going to mount his fucking tool. I was going to climb up there and fuck him as deep as I wanted, or get fucked as deep as I wanted. It took some wiggling, but I got high enough to get the tip of his cock to the entrance of my pussy. I eased down slowly and backed off as soon as it got tight. I was so wet and it made taking his cock in to my pussy much easier.

I looked to watch what my husband and Eva were doing. They were standing next to each other watching me fuck Danny. Yes! I was fucking Danny, because he and his cock were down under me and my pussy. My husband and Eva were watching like it was a training session for them. They were looking beautiful standing there together naked.

After several minutes, I finally got the rhythm of fucking Danny. I was going faster and faster, taking full length of his cock in to my hot pussy. The movement was creating something unusual, an excitement I had never experienced. I was having first ever group sex in my life with other fucking pair swapping husbands or wives.
I was fucking him fast enough. It was like I was going to explode. Eva was amazing, and she was really enjoying seeing her husband Danny gets fucked by another woman. I kept raising and lowering myself on Danny's hot rod.

I kept fucking Danny and my husband kept watching. Finally, Eva pushed my husband over on the bed and climbed on top of him like I was on the top of her husband Danny.

Seeing Eva and my husband sent me over my edge and I started to cum. My whole body was shaking with orgasm which lasted for several minutes. It was magnificent, and Danny was really sweet to give me himself and his cock to use for fucking purpose.

However, he too experienced a wonderful pleasure of a sexy lady like me. I could feel his cock squirting a very strong stream of cum deep inside my pussy.

Eva was taking all of my husband's long, big and thick cock in her pussy. My husband was pushing up his hips and she was getting the full length of my husband's fucking tool in to her pussy. It was a beautiful thing to see. I loved watching my husband fucking her and I loved Eva's tits bouncing gently up and down while getting fucked by my husband.

I lay next to Danny to watch a wonderful fucking between my husband and Eva. Danny's cum was running out of my pussy. Watching Eva cum by my husband's fucking was a wonderful experience and I wanted to hug and kiss her as soon as she finished.

She crawled up to put her arm around me immediately on getting her orgasm and I swear I loved her so much.

It was a beautiful, sexful, fuckful and wonderful experience of swapping husbands or swapping wives. We finished yet another round of fucking.

I was nicely fucked by Danny, Eva's husband and Eva was nicely fucked by my husband.

We all were lying naked on the bed and were talking slowly. Eva told me about her next week-end's plan and she wanted to include my husband and me in their plans. Eva went on to explain that Danny and she had a close fuck friendship with six other couples. They would frequently get together with one couple or as many as all six. She said that they shared hosting duties and everyone shared closeness much like family. She promised to show me some of their photos of swapping and group sex.
We all slept together naked on our king sized bed.




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Chapter 61