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The Private Party

Dear friends

This is the story about a mysterious private sex party in which we were invited. We did not know who the host was and how he invited us to that party.

I am writing this after we, me and my husband shared that what we did there with others.

So, read and enjoy . . . . . . . .

The invitation arrived by in our mail box on Tuesday. At first, I dismissed it, thinking it was another credit card or any promotional offer. But just when I was about to throw the envelope in the dust bin, something on that envelop caught my attention. That was an expensive black envelope which had no return address. It was a glossy black envelope with an embossed gold label reading: "Mr. & Mrs. Ramesh & Julee . . . Confidential."

Now curious, I had carefully opened the thick flap and removed the heavy gold embossed card. I turned it over to look for any signs of familiarity or recognition about the sender before I slowly read the cursive message.

"You have been recommended by a close, but anonymous, personal acquaintance to receive this invitation to attend a very exclusive private party. The occasion cannot be disclosed at this time, except to assure you that any concern or reservation you may have about the legitimacy of this greeting is unwarranted. This is no gimmick or advertisement. Similarly, any and all expectations you might have about the evening will surely be exceeded. In many respects, this invitation represents the most intimate of opportunities for you as husband and wife. The party will be held the First Day of June at 8:00 p.m. sharp. Dress code is semi formal. Due to the exclusive nature of this invitation, your immediate attention is critical. Please RSVP to the phone number below at your earliest convenience. You will be given additional details at that time. I look forward to the pleasure of your company.

Party Host?

How mysterious, I thought. I turned the card over again a few times trying to find any clues about its origin, but there was nothing. Finally I sighed and put the invitation aside with the intention of discussing it with my husband when he arrives home from work.

My readers are aware that I and my husband are enjoying a comfortable and wealthy lifestyle here. We are an attractive, outgoing, social and friendly couple. I am enjoying my role as a full time homemaker and mother of one boy. My husband works here for a MNC as a Vice President, as a good and powerful personality. We are very comfortable in our beautiful and upscale home in a quiet neighborhood with many families of similar background.

We are very friendly to our friends and neighbors and I can say that we are fairly social.

As my readers aware, our love and sexual relationship are fantastic and more than satisfactory as a married couple. We make love regularly, usually more than once daily and we have devotion and affection for each other. As written in previous parts of My Sexual Autobiography, we even share ourselves sexually with other couples, other men and other women. We are free and very open to love and sex.

"I have no clue what this is about." My husband said as he looked over the invitation that evening on his return from office.
"This is probably some sales or real estate trap, or this maybe one of those Amway things. But, no postal stamp and no return address, huh? That is strange." He said.
"I know." I agreed. "It was in the mailbox with the other mails. Somebody hand delivered it. I found it in our mail box."
"Probably. . . What do you think? Guess it would not hurt to at least call and find out what the deal is. I would like to find out who sent it."

I was thinking about the card on and off all day since it was received. The invitation was certainly crossed my mind; and, quite honestly, I must admit that the idea was exciting. There must be an elegant, "exclusive" gathering.
My husband searched the phone number given on the card. But we find that it was not listed in the directory. We understood that it was a private and exclusive phone number that was not listed in the directory. Finally, we decided to dial the number.

My husband dialed the number and a deep male voice immediately answered, "Yes . . .?"

"This is Ramesh. I received an invitation in my mailbox for a party. ?
"Yes, of course Mr. Ramesh." The voice cut him off. "Thank you for your quick response. We sincerely hope you and your wife do not have any conflicts that evening. May I confirm your attendance?"

"Hold up!" My husband shot back, slightly annoyed. "I have a few questions. What is this all about? Who are you and how did you get my name and address? You should know up front that we are not interested in any sales pitches or time pass opportunities."

"I assure you, Mr. Ramesh, that the invitation is absolutely nothing to do with any sales or marketing. In fact, nothing will be required of you other than your presence. The pleasure of your company is all that is expected. This is a very exclusive party that you and your wife have been specifically recommended for and invited to attend. You should feel privileged. I am confident that you will thoroughly enjoy the evening."

"Who are you and who recommended us?"

"I am sorry sir. That information is confidential to protect the valued privacy of our guests. I can only say that it is someone you trust."

"I do not like surprises." My husband said sharply. "This all sounds a little strange."

"I understand your trepidation sir. Please understand that you have nothing to be concerned about. This will be a most enjoyable evening for both of you. Perhaps the most unique and entertaining experience you will ever have. Now, may I confirm your reservation?"

"Hang on a second." My husband placed his hand over the mouthpiece and looked over at me. I was listening carefully to our side of the conversation. "He says it is all legit and that we will have a great time. But he did not tell who he is or why we were picked to go. What do you think?"

"It sounds kind of creepy. But also sort of interesting, you know? I guess we could always leave this party any time if it is bogus." I said thoughtfully. "What do we have to lose?"

My husband considered it for a moment, and then uncovered the phone. "Yeah, OK, we will RSVP. When is it again?"

"June 01. At 8 p.m. And may I congratulate both of you on your decision. Drinks and dinner will be served, followed by entertainment. Please be prompt. As the invitation suggests, the dress is semi formal. Do you have something to take down the location of the party?"

"Yeah . . . hang on. OK, go ahead."

"The address is... Are you familiar with this area?"

"All right, I know where that is."

"Good. When you arrive, you will be asked for a password. This is simply to insure privacy and to prevent admittance to any uninvited guests. The password is 'Royal'. Please do not share the password or the address information with anyone. Is this completely understood and agreeable to you?"

"Yes. I think so." My husband answered. I knew, a million of thoughts must be swirling in his head. He was still suspicious about this.

"Fine!" He said. "You will be pleased that you attended this private party. You and your wife will have a wonderful experience. Again, we look forward to the pleasure of your company. Good evening." And the line went dead.

We discussed about that strange and mysterious event for a long time. We left everything on the coming time.

When the invitation day finally arrived, I stood in front of a full length mirror and was getting ready for the private party about which we are still in dark. I picked up some new under garments, a black satin thong panty and bra set. I admired them on my beautiful and sexy body. My hair was swept up behind my ears to my favorite antique comb clip, then cascading down in a fall past my slender neck to my shoulders. At 33, I kept myself in fantastic shape with lots of exercise and a sensible diet. My figure is alluring and womanly with high, firm boobs that strained against the encasement of the shiny bra. My stomach is flat and tight.

My husband came into the bedroom from the shower and I knew, he could not help feeling like a lucky man. He lustfully admired my gorgeous features as I dressed. He was gazing at the twin globes of my taut and my round bottom just as I slid my tiny black dress down and over my round hips. The dress was tastefully short and was showing off my silky and smooth legs with no need for pantyhose. I looked back over my shoulder at him and smiled seductively.

After giving some final instructions to our female domestic help about our son, we headed out to find the address. Soon, we were winding through the lush landscaping and manicured lawns of the city's most exclusive area. The gates and walls got higher and the impressive homes got bigger the farther we traveled up. Finally, we found the desired address.

The sun was setting when we turned through a magnificent iron gate onto a long paved driveway. Slowly we passed the immense grounds of the estate with giant trees, football field sized lawns, and almost every kind of flowers, hedges, and shrubbery imaginable.

At the end of the driveway, there was a truly astonishing house that almost looked like a palace. The architecture was just superb. Outdoor spotlights were already casting a soft glow to the giant structure, and a monstrous chandelier hung inside a mammoth archway that served as the entrance. A large fountain was positioned directly in front of the house, and there was a circular drive way around the fountain forming the parking area. Several expensive cars were already positioned there and a uniformed parking valet waited for us to stop in front of him.

After giving the keys of our car to the courteous attendant, we made our way up the long walkway to the gigantic front door. Before we could knock, the door swung open and a handsome young man wearing what looked to like a butler's uniform greeted us with a pleasant smile.

"Good evening sir and madam. May I have the password please?" He asked.
"Royal." My husband said firmly.

"Thanks. Please follow me." He said and he led us into the house and down a long, dimly lit corridor. We followed him by gazing at the many fine and expensive furnishings and decor in the mansion. At last, we came to a large room that was obviously the library. Each of the walls was stacked from the floor to the high ceiling with a myriad of books neatly arranged in tall oak shelves. Spread throughout the center of the room was groupings of overstuffed leather chairs and couches for lounging and reading. It was quite a comfortable and inviting room.

Three couples were already there and they were mingling and chatting softly. We were the fourth couple to enter there. A small staff of waiters was serving cocktails and wines. We immediately scanned the gathering to see if we recognize anyone. All of the guests looked very similar in age. They all seemed to be in their mid-thirties, married, attractive, and well off, like us.
Then we suddenly spotted someone we knew. It was Dan, a stockbroker and friend of my husband. Dan saw us too and waved towards us with a smile.

But before we could move over to Dan, the butler was again in front of us holding two jewelry boxes.

"This is a gift from your host. Please put these on and wear them throughout the evening. It is like an identification badge. One of the house party rules says that guests should not refer to each other by their names, but instead to use only initials for privacy. I trust you will accept this simple request." He said.

Again we find it something strange and mysterious. We glanced at each other and have opened the boxes. There were golden medallions engraved with the initials of our first names: 'R' and 'J' in the boxes. The finely crafted disks were attached to a satin ribbon to hang around the neck. My husband's ribbon was purple and mine was pink. We put the pendants on and made our way towards Dan, or 'D' as his medallion was identifying him.

"Welcome, welcome!" He exclaimed, smiling broadly. "I am so glad that you could make it. I have been looking forward to this for a long time." D gave both of us a warm hug. "Meet my wife, 'M'."
We exchanged greetings and hugs.
"What is this all about?" My husband finally asked him. "Whose house is this and who is our host?"

"I am sorry R. I cannot tell you buddy." D said, "But I can assure that you and your wife are here for a great time tonight. You do not have any idea that how hard it is to be considered for the things like this."

"I have so many questions. Who are these people?" My husband asked, still confused. "And why everybody is so protective about their privacy? I mean, by only using people's initials. And have you recommended us for this party?"

"Trust me R." D chuckled. "Many of your questions will be answered soon. But, I can answer this now that I did not recommend you for this party. But I am sure; the person who recommended you must be very close to our host. In the meantime, just relax and enjoy yourselves. Get to know the other guests. Amazing place, huh? You have to admit this is probably not what you were expecting."

"We did not know what to expect." My husband piped up. "But I certainly agree with you. This place is amazing."

"You have not seen anything yet! Enjoy yourselves. I will keep an eye out for you." D grinned and his wife winked at my husband as they moved off to visit with some of the other guests.

We watched them going away from us. Dan's wife 'M' was looking beautiful in her shiny golden dress. She was little taller than D, with long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes that seemed to be teasing. M had a fantastic figure with big and full breasts and a well-shaped ass that was moving in seducing way in her tight gown. We watched her going.

There were only two other couples in the room. Soon we met and visited briefly to both. 'S' was a big and handsome man who looked like a football player. He looked rock solid from head to toe. He shook my husband's hand firmly and then surprised me by taking my small hand in his huge palm and kissed it lightly. His hazel eyes stared deep into mine as he smiled warmly. I liked his friendly and relaxed manner instantly and I could not help fixing my gaze on him as he introduced his wife 'T', a lovely, tall redhead woman. My husband and T were chatting while S turned his attention back to me.

"So, this is your first time here. I am so glad that you came." S said smoothly. I liked the way the soft tan lines around his eyes were wrinkling slightly when he laughs. There was a slight touch of grey at the sides of his full head of sandy colored hair, but it was making his look more distinguished and attractive. He was really a good looking man.

"Yes, we are still trying to figure out how we got here." I answered. "It is all kind of mysterious, isn't it? Do you know the hosts?"

S laughed with delight. "I am not sure any of us really know our host or to each other very well. We have been to one or two of such parties, but, like you said, it is all rather mysterious. That is what makes it all so exciting. Don't you agree?"

"I suppose, yes, I guess it is kind of exciting. I am looking forward to see what else is coming." I admitted.

"So am I." S said softly gazing at me again.

The other couple was 'J' and 'V', a black husband and wife. Like the others at the party, they looked like they were in their thirties and they both were looking very attractive. We soon discovered that it was this couple's first time here too and they were as mystified as we were. J, the husband, was very solidly built and a tall guy of about 6'5" height. J's wife, V, was voluptuous in every sense of the word. She was wearing a beautiful multi colored dress made from a gauzy material that almost looked like some scarves were tied together; it accentuated her generous curves extremely well, and she was the attraction of every man in the room as she moved gracefully around.

After about 30 minutes, when all four couples had a chance to introduce themselves and enjoyed some of the excellent champagne and appetizers. A man, we had not seen him before, stepped quietly into the library. He was a large, muscular and completely bald man. He was wearing a uniform similar to the butler who had met us at the door. The man moved to the middle of our small group and rang a little bell to get our attention.

"Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of your host, may I offer you warmest greetings and appreciation for attending this party. My name is Kensington. I have been asked to represent the owner of the estate who sends his deepest regret that he is not able to join you personally tonight. But I have been instructed to extend to you, his dear guests, and every courtesy and to provide your every need while you are with us. Some of you are here for the first time. To you in particular, we extend our warmest greetings and sincere wish that you will enjoy a most memorable evening here." He addressed to us.

He was continued in his announcement "In a few moments from now, the dinner will be served in the dining room at next door. Afterwards, some very special entertainment has been arranged for you in the ballroom. Prior to that, however, I will have some additional information and instructions to share with you. As you enjoy your dinner, please remember to respect the request to use only the initials on your medallions to call one another. Thank you for your cooperation. And now, ladies and gentlemen, dinner is ready to be served."

We were guided into a spacious and ornate dining room where the large table was already set with the first course of a feast that included delicious and incredible dishes to be served by an attentive and courteous staff. The couples group was seating by their initials at reserved places that separated spouses from each other in order to allow the couples to mix more freely and continue to become acquainted. I was almost at the opposite end of the massive table and my husband was at the other end, but we caught each other's eye occasionally and silently acknowledged that the food and the company were completely enjoyable. I was seated with 'S'; the handsome and broad shouldered man. He was chatting and laughing with me throughout the meal, making me feel almost as giddy as a schoolgirl.

When we were finishing the delicious dessert, Mr. Kensington appeared once again and rang his bell again. "I trust that you have enjoyed your meal. Has everything been satisfactory?" He asked.
Everyone around the table glanced at each other smiling and nodding with approval. The meal was indeed excellent.

"Fine!" Kensington continued, "Now, as I mentioned earlier, I have some additional instructions to share with you before we present this evening's entertainment. Those of you who are first time guests need to pay particular attention. You will be escorted into the ballroom where you will be seated together as husband and wife couples. When the entertainment begins, you are requested to kindly stay in your assigned seats until the bell sounds. Ladies, when you hear the bell, please move to the next seating area to your left, and then continue to move to your left to the next area each time the bell sounds. Gentlemen, please remain seated where you are throughout the performance."

He continued "For our new guests, the purpose of this rotating method of seating is to encourage you to become better acquainted with each other. Hopefully you will have all chances to become familiar enough to enjoy the company of whomever you happen to be seated with. You will likely find the entertainment stimulating. Feel free to react naturally to what you see and hear there. However, if you feel uncomfortable at any time, please do not hesitate to excuse yourself and you can leave the room. We would also ask that you respect unconditionally the wishes or the concerns of the other guests. No one shall be required to participate in anything against their will. Is this clearly understood?"

Again the couples looked around at each other and nodded.

"Very good." Kensington smiled with satisfaction. "Now, please follow me to the ballroom."

We made our way down the hallway we had entered through and have reached to a large set of double doors that opened into a modest sized room that really looked nothing like a ballroom. The room was furnished and decorated splendidly, like the rest of the mansion, but instead of the expected any wooden dance floor; there was a thick and luxurious wall to wall carpet. Soft music was playing from unseen speakers somewhere and an amazing assortment of candles flickered everywhere providing the light in the room. The candles light were was good enough to light the room fully.

In the center of the room, there was a circular platform or stage. It was about two feet high and ten feet across wide. The stage was surrounded floor to ceiling by a closed black velvet curtain. The couples were seating with their mates in four comfortable black leather love seats positioned closely around the stage in exact North, South, East, and West, facing the curtain.

When everyone taken their seat, Kensington stepped back to the doorway and rang his bell one more time. "Ladies and gentlemen, please remember the instructions I gave to you earlier. And now, honorable guests, we present for your enjoyment, The Newlywed couple on the stage."

Kensington stepped back through the doors and closed it behind him. The volume of the pleasant classical music increased and the curtain began to rise. Spotlights rigged above the stage were going bright and it revealed a king size bed. As the curtains continued to move upward, we saw a pair of shiny black shoes, then tuxedo trousers, and finally a young man seated in a chair near the bed. When the curtain stopped rising, we could also see a lovely young woman seated with her legs curled under her, on the bed. She was wearing a beautiful white wedding dress and veil.

The newlywed couple was quite young, perhaps 20 or 21. The boy was looking extremely fit and handsome with dazzling blue eyes, stylish blonde hair, tan complexion, and was having an eager, confident smile on his face. I was sure that all the married women in the room must be immediately attracted to him.

The bride was just very fresh, sexy and alluring. Her long dark hair was hanging almost to her waist and it contrasted vividly with the brightness of her gown. She pulled the veil back over her head to reveal her face. Her angel bright eyes were flashing with excitement. Her full and pouting red lips were framing her perfect teeth. Her high cheek bones and cute little dimples were flushing with excitement. She gazed longingly at her new husband as her generous, swelling boobs were rising and falling noticeably within the confines of her lacy bodice.

As we, the party guests were watching them with fascination; the young girl moved gracefully off the bed and stood before the groom. Slowly she began to move her hips back and forth to the music as she took off her veil completely and tossed it on the bed. Then she removed her long white gloves slowly, one at a time, to start what was the beginning of an obvious strip tease. While she continued to sway her well-shaped and sexy hips, she reached back and grasped the zipper of her dress. Unhooking it, she turned her back to her new husband and teasingly drew it down.

The young man slumped down in his chair slightly, still grinning from ear to ear. A noticeable bulge was growing in the front of his pants, again something which none of the women in the room failed to notice. He was watching in a happy daze and the pretty bride continued to dance and strip.

Soon, the top of her dress was lying down around her slender waist revealing the sexy white lingerie underneath. With a giggle, she pushed the dress the rest of the way down and stepped out of it along with several layers of petticoat slips. Now the lovely young girl was dressed only in a shiny white camisole showing off her enticing cleavage, high cut satin panties with the dark triangle shadow of her trim bush clearly visible beneath, and a matching lace garter holding up her sleek white stockings.
Still dancing seductively, the bride kicked off her shoes and moved closer to the young man. While the man was watching her every move, she slowly sank to her knees between his wide spread legs. Smiling up at him, she moved her hand and ran it up along her husband's thigh until she brushed against the now straining erection in his pants. Everyone in the room held their breath as she traced the outline of her fuck buddy?s impressive manhood with her fingers. She gripped his cock and was milking his dick holding it lightly. A soft groan escaped the back of his throat.

We all were watching all that was happening at stage as if hypnotized. I could not take my eyes away from the provocative scene right in front of me on the stage. Never in my life had I experienced anything like this. Of course me and my husband both had participated in some group sex party. But certainly nothing that compared to the raw emotion of watching two newly married people being intimate with each other in front of a live audience.

I held my husband's hand tightly and was squeezing it in involuntary response to each exciting tingle that shot through my aroused body. Yes, that was more than anything else. I realized that I was highly aroused by what I was seeing. I was already beginning to feel damp between my legs, and I crossed and uncrossed my soft thighs many times and was pressing them together in a reflexive effort to intensify the electrifying pleasure I was feeling.

My husband was also having a hard time too literally. His hot cock was trying to break free from the confines of his underwear and trousers. With all of the suspicions we had about this party, we certainly had not expected anything like this. We were watching the beautiful young bride on stage slowly unzipping the groom's fly. We shuddered when the girl reached into the opening and withdrew the young man's naked, hard and throbbing dick out of his clothes. His cock was looking like a huge fleshy column in her tiny fist.

Slowly, the bride began to pump up and down on his hard shaft. The young man groaned in appreciation and was throwing his head back and was closing his eyes in pleasure. A contented smile was always playing across his lips. In response, the girl leaned forward and lightly kissed the slick, bulbous head of his engorged cock. Her bright red lipstick left a slight smudge on his fuck meat as she leaned back and licked her lips like she tasted a sample of his pre-cum. Then, suddenly, the young woman smiled wildly and plunged down to engulf his solid shaft in her warm and wet mouth. Almost immediately, she began bobbing her head up and down with youthful abandon as if she could not wait to make him explode.

It was almost more than what we could stand. My nerve endings were already raw and overheated. I could feel my nipples were swelling and scraping against the fabric of my bra. I kept squeezing my thighs together in an effort to quench the fucking and burning sensations between my legs. We saw the girl's loose dark hair was flying free as her head bounced up and down on the young man's lap with his cock in her mouth.

Without thinking much, I moved my hand to grasp my husband's thick and muscular thigh. My husband reacted by placing his hand over my hand and started to move it upward until I reached on the target and felt his pulsing fucking tool in his tented pants. I wrapped my fingers around his steel hard hot shaft through the cloth and began to rub it without wasting any time. He returned the favor by placing his arm around my shoulder and reached down to cup one of my quivering boobs through my dress. He had no trouble in finding the hard point of my sensitive nipple which was already poking out from the fabric. He scraped his fingernail over the turgid nub causing me to gasp and arch my back.

On stage, the newlywed couple was continuing their intense foreplay. The bride had succeeded in opening the man's pants completely and she pulled his pants down his hips slightly while she continued to devour his huge fucking pole with her sweet mouth. His rod was looking slick and shiny with her saliva and she looked like she was starving for the taste of his meat.

Meanwhile, the man had untied the ribbon that was holding her camisole together at the top. Pushing the satin material aside, he reached in and helped her creamy boobs spill out into his big hands. She moaned with muffled delight around his cock as he began to massage and knead her soft, jiggling boobs. His thumbs soon found her small pink nipples and he teased them without mercy. He was rolling and pulling her sensitive nipples between his fingers until she almost squealed.

We almost forgotten about the other guests present in the same room until a bell suddenly sounded in the room. I remembered the instructions that I have to move to the next love seat to my left.

The "entertainment" had seduced and carried us both away, almost to the point of no return. I was thinking that what was expected now. May be, this was the idea of our host to build the couples to a fever pitch of sexual need that would turn the party into a wild sex party.

Before I move to my next love seat, I saw 'T' standing expectantly in front of us.

"I believe this is where I am supposed to be now." The tall redhead lady was looking excited and flushed for the company of my husband.

The moment I rose to my feet, I saw T sliding quickly into my seat. On the stage, I heard moans and deep sighs while I was moving over to my left, the next seating area where I found our friend, Dan. He was smiling and seems relaxed. He was watching me approaching him.

"Enjoying the show?" He asked with a strange smile.

We were never a sex partner with Dan or his wife. Dan and his wife is our good family friend and we never meet other than social meetings before this private sex party. I was sure that this time Dan will be able to taste me.
I looked back at the couple on the stage. The bride was now lying almost naked on the bed. The pretty satin camisole had been completely removed and her perfectly shaped boobs and pointed erected bright pink nipples bounced slightly when she shifted and settled on the bed. The young groom was gazing down at her still grinning with pure lust and he quickly removed his tuxedo and other clothes from his body. The young woman was licking her own lips and she was hungrily watching his husband's large erected dick waving between his muscular thighs.

"This is pretty damn hot, isn't it?" I heard 'D' whispering beside me. "Have you ever seen somebody doing it right in front of you like this?" D asked.

I did not answer but my readers know that I have seen my parents many times when they were making love. But it was a long ago. After that I have seen my husband fucking another girl in our private group sex. But I was never a participant in private group fuck party like this.

My eyes were still on the stage. After removing his clothing, the attractive groom on the stage have placed his one knee on the bed and reached out effortlessly to pull the scantily clad bride closer to him. Taking his time to tease the girl and his audience, he slowly unhooked and removed her garter and then peeled each of her white stockings down and off her legs. The dark haired beauty smiled and cooed with pleasure as he hooked his fingers in her skimpy lace panties and began to pull them down. She lifted her hips slightly to help him and soon, she too was completely nude like her husband.

My heart was pounding inside my chest and I was having trouble catching my breath. I was watching the young man on the stage was lifting the girl's delicate foot and then he started his action at her ankle. He began to kiss and lick his way up her leg until he reached her tender inner thigh, just inches away from her soft and wet pussy opening. I could feel my own warm pussy juices soaking my tiny panties, and I kept crossing and uncrossing my legs causing the hem of my short black dress to ride up higher and higher.

Dear Friends

As the story is very long, I have to present it in two parts. I could have written it in single part, but by that, you would have missed some important and really hot moments from this amazing and hot ?PRIVATE PARTY?. I promise to post the next part of this story ?PRIVATE PARTY CONTINUES? within a couple of days.

Love you for your love, support and cooperation.




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Chapter 64