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Private Party CONTINUES

Dear Friends

I start the story right from where I left it in the part ? 64, ?The Private Party.?

I am sure that you must have been waiting for this part ? 65, ?PRIVATE PARTY CONTINUES?.

Read and Enjoy . . . . . . . . . .

My heart was pounding inside my chest and I was having trouble catching my breath. I was watching the young man on the stage was lifting the girl's delicate foot and then he started his action at her ankle. He began to kiss and lick his way up her leg until he reached her tender inner thigh, just inches away from her soft and wet pussy opening. I could feel my own warm pussy juices soaking my tiny panties, and I kept crossing and uncrossing my legs causing the hem of my short black dress to ride up higher and higher.

Seated next to me Dan, or 'D', was no longer watching the performance on the stage. He knew that he had a limited time before the bell rings again and he wanted to make the most of the use of opportunity. I was sure that this is what he had been waiting for. May be this was the reason that he had made careful arrangements to have us invited to that private party. I was sure that Dan had secretly dreamed of fucking me. Now, it was the time and opportunity for him to fuck me.

At the same time, a few feet away from me, I saw my husband was getting his own lessons in the art of seduction. 'T', the statuesque and tantalizing redhead lady, did not waste any time in cuddling up against her attractive new fuck partner, my husband. I saw that my husband and T were sitting together and were watching the show of newlywed couple pleasuring each other on the stage. I was happy that my husband was feeling another man's wife.

I saw my husband jerking suddenly when he felt his new fuck partner's hand on his warm thigh. She purred softly and spread her legs slightly and my husband was pushing his hand higher until it slid under her dress.

Instinctively my husband massaged her smooth tender flesh with his fingers. As he moved his hand higher, she parted her thighs wider to give him better access. I could feel it clearly that my husband's middle fingertip must have brushed against the downy softness of her pubic hairs and then the puffy flesh of her vaginal lips. I could make out from my husband's action that his fuck partner T was not wearing her panties under her dress. I heard T moaning.

I saw that the lovely redhead T unzipped my husband's fly and moved her hand inside his pants to grasp his throbbing manhood.

On the stage, the young groom now had the young bride's legs spread wide and he bent on his knee between her legs. Tossing her thick mane of hairs from side to side, she panted and groaned as her lover lapped and swirled his tongue into the tight slit of her vagina. Her hips started to pump rhythmically against his hungry mouth.

Now, without wasting much time, Dan moved closer to me and gazed down at the lovely sight of my naked thighs which I was squeezing together tightly and then relaxing repeatedly. My dress was already up high enough that he could almost see the hidden juncture between my legs. He was watching my swelling boobs rising and falling with my each ragged breath. He slowly moved his arm around my shoulder in a careful and casual manner.

When I did not object to his advance, Dan lightly placed his hand on my knee. I heard the wet slurping sounds and the constant moans from the couple on the stage and I could not help imagining that I was the one on the bed tangled in the naked, passionate act with the handsome young groom. I felt Dan's hand was slowly sliding and moving up on my leg until the hem of my dress which was already pushed aside in the movements.

Dan moved closer to me in small frame and moved his hand down to gently take my hands and moved them away from my lap. I was watching his movements. He carefully took hold of the bottom of my short dress and gradually lifted the fabric up and folded it back on to my stomach and made my wispy black panties completely in his sight.

Dan took a deep breath on seeing my panties covering my treasure. I was sure that I was more captivating than he must have imagined. The scant fabric did little to hide my feminine charms and he knew that he will be having me if not entirely now, then certainly before the night was over.

The two young lovers on the stage were trying to send each other over the edge in a frenzied sixty nine position.

Between out stretched legs of my husband, a gorgeous woman we hardly knew, knelt in front of him and was greedily deep throating his long, thick, hot and hard fucking tool.

Whipping around to look to his left, he saw his wife, me, with my dress bunched around my waist and my legs were spread wide. His friend Dan was having his hand buried in my panties and was fingering me furiously. I stared straight ahead with unblinking eyes and my pretty mouth gasped for breath. Even several yards away, I was sure that my husband could hear me moaning.

Electric shocks jolted through my sexy body when I saw the man on stage continued to plunge his fingers in and out of his newly wed wife and fuck partner's drenched pussy. He had been fairly smooth in his conquest. Before I realized what was happening, Dan had first traced the lips of my pussy opening through the scant piece of silk between my legs. Then he moved his hand up and slipped it down inside of my panty. Fireworks were gone on in my head when his fingertip went straight to my erected little clitoris which he teased and stroked it until I nearly cried out in pleasure. Then he moved his big fingers lower and found my steamy and wet opening of my pussy door.

Dan reached under and silently urged me to raise my tight and round buttocks so he could remove my panties completely. Cool air was rushed over my inflamed pussy when I leaned back again and was waiting breathlessly for the thrill of his touch again. But it did not happen. The bell sounded again.

Somewhere deep in my clouded mind, I realized that I was signaled to move to a new location in this surreal version of musical chairs. Dan beside me have reluctantly removed his hands from my naked pussy and helped me rising unsteadily on my feet.
"We will finish this later." He breathed in my ear while he helped me in straightening my dress. He gently directed me toward the next couch on my left.

On stage, the newlywed couple was continuing in their heated act of passion fuck. The dark haired bride was straddling the virile groom. She was arching her back and churning her plump buttocks wildly and was plunging herself up and down with frantic need on her husband's thick, hot and shiny fuck pole which was sliding deep inside her pussy with each of her thrust. The room was filled with the sounds of their love cries and the soft methodical slapping of naked flesh, which was meeting with another naked flesh. I moved forward to my left until I saw a dark figure looming.

`J' was watching me approaching towards him with his bright and narrow eyes like a big cat waiting for its prey. Even slumped in the chair, the tall professional athlete was an imposing figure. His jacket and shirt were already open and were parted wide revealing his sleek, lean cut skin and muscle. At first, what I saw was the sight of his long and thick ebony column, a big black fucking cock which was rising from his open pants and was lying hard against his flat stomach. I have taken a big black cock once in my pussy. Now this was my second chance to have a really big black cock again. I gazed at his huge black cock which was poised and throbbing in front of me.

J reached his hand out to me. With a calm and low voice, he said, "Come, sit with me. Do not be frightened. Let me please you."
I could not pull my eyes from his wonderful coiled steel monster between his legs.

Directly across, on the other side of the platform, my husband was also having his first interracial experience with J's wife, 'V'. She took her place next to my husband.

Former football player J's hands were dancing over the tingling softness of my round boobs and he was jutting my nipples. I boldly leaned forward and kissed my new man softly allowing my tongue to instantly melt together with his.

On the other side, my husband's hand instinctively moved to cup one of V's soft globes swaying freely beneath the colorful scarf like material of her dress. Easily brushing the fabric aside, his palm came into contact with the warm and moist skin of her heavy breast and he rubbed her nipples between his fingers.

"Mmmm . . . Baby, yes!" V broke the kiss with my husband and moaned. She began to kiss and nibble his neck and ear while her hand searched for and easily found his hot, hard, thick and long swollen meat which was still peeking out from his open fly. She took charge of my husband's hot, hard and big shaft gently with wrapping her smooth fingers around his fuck tool completely. She was pumping her fist up and down languidly on my husband's fuck tool.

Meanwhile, V's husband, J, was using all of his will power to avoid moving too quickly with me. I needed some artful persuasion to give myself over to his powerful, big, black male allure to my own need. He finally leaned over me and whispered, "You have never seen such a big cock before. Have you?"

"Once I experienced similar to yours." I told her the truth.

I wanted to touch his big black cock desperately. His fucking tool was so hard and thick with rigid veins everywhere and the deep purple helmet of his cock was looking fierce and menacing. Without wasting much time, I reached out and ran my soft fingertips over the velvety smoothness of his hot, long and thick fuck tool feeling the ridges and the swollen tissues of his big black cock. His fuck tool was so warm, almost hot to the touch, and his cock jumped and twitched slightly in my hand.

"Damn." He moaned. "Your touch feels like a feather on my cock."
I smiled with encouragement. Grasping his cock more firmly, I tried to encircle his entire girth, but my tiny fingers could not completely close around his thick cock. I started to rub and milk his manhood slowly and he seems to decide that it was time to get in the fuck game.

Hovering over me, he moved his long arm and gently pulled me closer to him. While I continued to play with my new toy, his big black fuck tool, he took hold of my small jacket silently. He was encouraging me to let him remove it. I stopped stroking his cock to let the big man pull the garment past my shoulders. He slipped it over my arms.

With my jacket gone, J was having a better view of my creamy cleavage which he was admiring since he saw me. Although I am a mother of one child, I always keep my body in very good shape. He told me that I have an amazing pair of boob. He wasted no time in brushing his large hand on my boobs. He was lightly feeling the ridges of my rib cage, until he found the plump firmness of my tit flesh straining against the confines of my dress and flimsy bra. My sensitive nipples were already erected and they were poking through my dress. He could easily feel my hard little points scraping against the smooth skin of his palm as he cupped and pumped my beautiful boobs.

I closed my eyes and let a little moan escape my throat. Sharp and hot electric sensations shot through my chest and down in to my loins when he teased my boobs. While I continued to stroke and pull at his large throbbing meat with one hand, my other hand found his huge dark testicles which were bouncing gently below his big fuck tool. I lightly massaged and squeezed his balls feeling the heat of his molten seed churning deep inside.

J found the zipper at the back of my black evening dress and I felt it glide down easily with a slight tug. He caressed the silky and soft skin of my exposed back and slid his hand lower until he grazed the strap of my bra. With his much practiced skill, he unhooked my bra with a flick of his wrist and I felt the release of pressure from my swollen mounds. Shrugging my shoulders slightly, I helped him lower the top of my dress until it dropped down almost completely snagging briefly on my hardened nipples. With tantalizing patience, he first uncovered my puffy pink areolas and then the twin points of my turgid buttons which were aching for attention.

Unable to stand the teasing any longer, I quickly pulled my arms through the sleeves and allowed the dress to fall to my waist. I pulled his head down to my boobs. Not needing any further invitation, J slid off the love seat and kneeled in front of me. As I lay back and gasped, he took handfuls of my milky white flesh and rubbed his rough thumbs over my burning nipples. I threw my head back and bit my lower lip to keep myself away from crying out as I thrust my chest towards him. I parted my thighs slightly to allow him have a complete access of twin towers of my body. He leaned forward and took full advantage of the situation by lowering his mouth and by flicking my inflamed little rose buds of my boobs with his long tongue.

"Ohhhh...uhhhh! Yes . . . right there!" I panted.

My hand was dropped automatically to find and grasp his rigid fuck tool again. In direct response to the maddening sensations he was giving me with his mouth, I frantically rubbed his straining cock. The more he was licking and sucking my sweet boobs, the faster I was pumping my tiny fist on his huge cock making him grunt and shudder.

But he wanted to taste me more, so he moved his mouth lower and kissed his way down to the top of my fallen dress. Tossing my bra aside, he scooted back on his haunches, reluctantly causing me to lose my grip on his monster black cock. I whimpered slightly, but he reached down and firmly tugged at the rumpled dress until it slid down my torso and past my stomach nearly to the secret juncture between my legs, but my grinding hips were stopped his progress. Continuing his teasing game, he leaned down again and kissed on smooth surface of my belly. He was close enough to my pussy to smell the musky scent of my flowing nectar.

Almost delirious with desire, my hips were started to hump up and off the couch. J was awaiting this action from me. When I lifted my ass next time, he quickly hooked my dress and slid it down and off my hips. Then he leaned back and pulled my dress of the way down my writhing legs and off. Now I was completely naked and splayed out before his hungry eyes. My sexy, beautiful, hard and firm body was looking almost virginal with my flawless fair skin which was glowing with the sexual heat within me.

J was no longer able to contain himself and he pressed my tender thighs apart and lowered his greedy mouth on my clean shaved and steamy pussy doors. My eyes flew open when I felt him tasting me at right on my sexy pussy.

J was not my husband or any of my known fuckers. He was a tall black man whom I did not know. J already knew that he was very lucky to have a remarkable beauty like me to fuck on that evening. Parting slick outer lips of my wet pussy with his fingers, he moved his tongue with his skilled accuracy at the center of my most sensitive spot of my pussy and he started his tongue action on my pussy.

"Oh, God...Unnnnggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" I cried out in pleasure. My small body was bucking and jerking out of control while the big man J was holding my pussy tight on his mouth with his strong hands below my naked ass. My legs were flown out wider and were kicking and flying until they were, at last got hooked up around his broad shoulders. Immediately, I felt the first shuddering waves of climax which was building in my body.

On the stage, the groom was huffing and sweating and he was fucking his bride from behind. The Girl's head was down and her long, dark hairs were flipping back and forth each time when her husband was pushing and pumping his cock in to her pussy from back.

I saw that my husband was lying on his back and he was also completely nude. The lovely black woman was kneeling over him. She was sensuously dragging her slippery pussy lips over and back on my husband's aching hard cock. She smiled down at my husband wickedly. She was fully aware that her sweet torture was driving my husband mad with fuck lust. Her pendulous boobs were swaying and brushing on my husband's chest with her each movement. It was the first time that my husband was about to fuck a black woman. The black husband was ready to fuck me and his black wife was ready to be fucked by my husband.

Unable to stand it any longer, my husband grunted and trusted his hips up and forward. My husband is a fucking master and I was sure that he must have hit the mark on his first attempt. The mushroom shaped head of his lovely manhood was easily moved inside the well lubricated pussy tunnel of the black lady. I knew that the warm and moist walls of the black lady's pussy must have instantly gripped and squeezed on my husband's sensitive cock glands. I clearly heard that V moaned out loudly in the fuck pleasure. She was rising up and then sinking back on my husband's fuck tool. She must have felt my husband's thick rod moving up and deep in to her pussy with her each downward shift. I saw V was lowering herself until their pubic areas met together.

V told me later that this was her first experience with another man since her marriage. She told me that my husband is a great lover.

I understood that now she was moving with great friction and release. She leaned forward balanced herself with her hands on my husband's chest. She started to rock up and down on my husband's dick and was picking up the fucking speed gradually.

My husband was meeting her thrusts and he was pushing and pumping his cock in to the black pussy. I knew that V must be feeling my husband's cock like it was coated in warm butter.

Grasping her flexing thighs for leverage, my husband was slamming his hips up to meet each of her quickening down strokes. I saw my husband raising his knees and he planted his feet on the couch. Both of theme?s bodies were lifting high off the leather cushion each time when they crashing together. I saw clearly that V reached to her orgasm soon and they stopped fucking for a while.

Soon, they were again in the fucking act. V reached up to her orgasm, but my husband was still waiting to fire his cum shot gun. I knew that my husband was willing her to explode second time with him. So, he moved his hand between her legs and found her rigid clitoris. By wetting his fingers with her pussy juices, he started to rub her clit in a way that was matching their furious rhythm.

"Come with me!" I heard him saying clearly.
"I am almost there." V replied.

"Uhgh...yes...yes...I can feel it!!!!!" She was moaning between my husband's hard strokes. "Oh, baby . . . yeah...I am coming! You are making me come again!!!!!"

My husband's white hot seeds must have rocketed through his shaft and as I knew, he must have sprayed out his cum in forceful spurts in to her pussy. I saw that great shudders of pleasure was rocked her black body and she was holding her breath.

I was recovering from my own mind shattering orgasm and was climbing rapidly toward another with black man J's wonderful mouth treatment on my pussy, when the bell sounded again. 'J' was still sucking my pussy hungrily keeping his mouth between my wide spread legs. I knew, he was hoping to beat the clock and he wanted to plant his giant black manhood in my lovely pussy. But he knew that he had run out of time now.

All modesty was gone. I allowed him to help me up and I stood naked except my heels and my medallion on my body. Something in my woozy brain triggered and I knew that who was waiting for me at my next stop. I wordlessly thanked the gentle black man by reaching down and softly running my hand on his impressive length and thickness of his big black cock one last time. Then, taking my rumpled dress and dragging it behind me, I moved towards my next stop.

It was 'S', the husband of fourth pair invited for this party. He was already waiting for me. He too was completely naked like me. Everything about that huge man was appealing to me. His warm smile and his incredible eyes were piercing right into my heart. Built like a granite statue, his massive shoulders, arms, and chest, a flat and hard stomach was ripping with solid muscles. And I saw his cock. It was fully erected and was perfectly shaped. His cock was not freakishly big, but was large enough to satisfy any woman.

Dropping my dress down, I rushed and fallen to his waiting arms. Without a word, we melted together in a passionate kiss. I could feel that hardness of his cock was pressing insistently on my belly and his cock was throbbing gently with his rapid pulse. Gasping for breath, I broke the kiss and he brought his ear near to my mouth.

"Oh, I have been waiting for this." He said. "I wanted to fuck you the moment I saw you first time in the library. You are such a lovely and sexy lady that any one will ready to die to fuck you."
I too was hot and I wanted to have the cock in to my pussy disparately.
I too whispered in his ear. "Please . . . I need your cock inside my pussy. Now...please hurry!"

Moving his hand between my legs, 'S' dipped a fingertip into my swollen pussy lips. His finger was instantly coated with my warm and sweet pussy honey.

"Yes, you are ready for me." He smiled. "Well, I believe in that never keep a lady waiting."

He gently turned me around and wrapped his massive arms around me pressing him against my back. Sliding his hands down, he found and caressed my quivering boobs. He slowly guided me to the love seat. I allowed him to position me in doggy style. I was kneeling on the leather cushion with my arms clinging over the back of it facing away from him, in a perfect doggy style fuck position. His strong hands parted my legs and he moved up perfectly behind me to fuck me.

At first I could feel his body heat on my back skin. Then I felt that his blunt round shaft organ was moving and rubbing between the soft cheeks of my buttocks. First I thought that he was going to fuck my ass. He was moving his fuck tool back and forth on my ass. He was teasing me before fucking.
"Please . . . don?t tease me. Fuck me now." I whimpered.

Finally, he took hold of his cock and aimed it down until he found my soggy pussy opening. He brushed the thick head of his cock around my pussy briefly to cover it with my slick pussy juices and then he pushed his cock forward slightly towards my pussy. I felt the tip of his cock catching and moving through my snug ring at my fucking entrance. I could notice that he was amazed by noticing tightness of my pussy even after all that prolonged stimulation. Hearing a dreamy sigh of approval from me, he hold my hips and pressed his cock forward again, this time sliding his fuck tool almost half way inside my wet pussy.
Oh...yessssss." I hissed. "It feels so good, put it in fully!"

First, he pulled out until just the head of his fuck rod was poised at my pussy opening and then he jerked his mighty hips forward in one smooth stroke impaling his cock completely in to my pussy. My eyes were rolled back in my head and I cried out with a fuck pleasure. My hands were gripping the back of the chair tightly and I felt his cock immediately begin to move in and out of my hot and wet pussy with his slow and smooth thrusts.

It was a lot better than I could have imagined. Every muscle and tissue in my sexy pussy was ready to accept and meet powerful, but controlled movements of his cock in my pussy. I could feel his heavy balls were softly smacking on my backside each time when he was pushing his cock inside my pussy. Soon, we were rocking together and were gradually building the tempo of fucking. I discovered that if I lean back and arched my pelvis at just the right angle; his swollen shaft would rake against my hypersensitive clitoris occasionally which will provide sharp tremors of pure fuck pleasure. I did it.

From my position, a few feet away, my husband was able to watch his lovely and sexy wife being fucked by another man. My head was thrown back and my arms and hands were clutching desperately on the back of furniture I was braced against. The large man behind me was pounding his cock in and out of my pussy relentlessly causing little shock waves to ripple through my body with each fuck impact.

At the same time, my husband was peering around the bare bottom of Dan's wife, Mandy. The pretty blonde held herself high up against his face encouraging my husband to lick and nibble at her glistening labia.

The strange rotation was now completed. All the couples had sampled each other's spouses.

Up on the platform, Mr. Kensington, the butler appeared completely nude and joined the newly weed?s erotic performance. The young man was still fucking his newly wed wife from behind. The butler, completely naked bald man, who was built like a bull, moved towards the newly wed young woman. He did not waste any time in offering his hard and long cock to the young lady for sucking. She was being fucked by her husband from behind and was sucking butler's cock. Butler's hard buttocks were flexing and relaxing and the bride was sucking his cock hungrily. Her blushing cheeks were puffed and hollowed around the girth of butler's cock. Behind her, the handsome young groom was looking like that he was about to explode. Every muscle of the young man was strained and the cords in his neck stood out sharply and he was jack hammering his cock in the girl's pussy from behind.

S moved his hands and was holding and massaging my beautiful and bouncing boobs while he was continued to slam his cock in to my pussy filling and emptying it completely with his each rapid stroke. Suddenly, I felt presence of another person standing close in front of me. I tried to focus my blurred vision. I realized that it was completely naked Dan and he was gazing down at us with lust in his eyes. He was silently offering his angry looking cock to me for sucking. I knew instantly that what he wanted. He did not want to miss this opportunity to fuck his friend?s wife, even in mouth. I was sure I was must be in Dan's dream and in his mind since a long time but he could not express his desire, the reason best known to him.

Gently, he placed his hand on my silky hair and turned my pretty face towards his standing fucking tool. I was gasping and panting for breath and there was no way on earth that I could keep my mouth closed. Soon, I felt the rubbery tip of Dan?s hot fuck tool was brushing on my lips and he was pushing his cock in my mouth past my teeth and gliding across my tongue. The taste of his cock was not unpleasant. I could not refuse him in this position. I moved my tongue to swirl tentatively around the spongy hardness of his cock. Dan was pushing his hips forward slightly. He smiled with satisfaction when my hand moved up to hold and accept his cock while my mouth was sucking his cock in deeper with each small thrust of him.

I was between two strong males. They both were filling my upper and lower openings with their swelling and erected cocks. My sexy body was being assaulted and buffeted by the eager and forceful pumping in to me. I felt heavenly.

I felt the familiar stirring of another shattering orgasm rolling and crashing through the dam in the deepest part of my soul. I wanted to moan out in pleasure. But, I could not, because my mouth and throat were engrossed in greedily slurping and sucking Dan's engorged cock and it was moving like a piston in and out through my tender lips.

On my back side, I sensed that S was nearing his end. He was almost ready to fire his cum in to my pussy. He was sweating and growling above me on my back. He was pushing his cock speeding with his great strength in my pussy. His cock was moving deeper and harder, faster and faster in my pussy. I could feel that his cock was touching my very core deep in to my pussy. Suddenly, he slammed his hips forward with a force and he roared. A bright light was flashed in my head and my insides went to burst followed by soothing warmth orgasm that washed throughout my body. S fired his warm and powerful cum shots in to my pussy. The quantity of his cum was too much and due to my position, his cum started to flow out of my pussy and was running down on my legs. He kept his cock in my pussy and I diverted my attention towards Dan's cock.

I was feeling choked and was fighting to breathe. I pulled Dan's cock out of my mouth. Instead of my mouth, now I was using my hand to continue pumping on his hot shaft which was already slippery with my saliva. My efforts were soon rewarded and Dan groaned loudly. He sprayed out his hot, milky fluid blasting it across my slender neck, shoulder, and arm. His dream comes true and finally he was succeeded in making sexual contacts with me. He knew that now it was easy for him to fuck me any time as we were now well open sexually with each other.

The room was completely filled with the sound and scent of sex. Everywhere, naked bodies of men and women were tangling together fucking, writhing and humping.

At this moment, I saw a stunning blonde woman, his friend Dan's wife, was leaning over my husband's torso and was sucking his cock furiously.
On the bed in the center of the stage, the tall butler, named Kensington was fucking the young bride by keeping her legs over his shoulders. He was fucking the newly wed girl's pussy with his amazingly long cock. The groom was sitting next to them and was watching her newly wed wife being fucked by a strong man with his strong, long and thick cock. The cock of the groom was now becoming soft because he had already fired his cum in to her wife's pussy. He fucked his wife and now the butler was fucking his wife. The young girl was looking very happy and was seems to enjoying powerful fucking by the butler.

I saw that the speed of the butler was increasing and soon, he pushed his cock hard with a bang in to the young girl's pussy. He was taking deep breaths and I could guess that the newly wed young girl must have had minimum three orgasms in fucking first by her husband and then by the butler.

Finally, the butler removed his softening cock from the young lady's pussy. The young girl was trying to re-gain her breathing while sleeping naked on the bed, with her legs still wide opened. I saw her well fucked or over fucked young pussy was releasing white cream of the butler's cock.

It was now well past midnight and we were in early morning. The party was over.

All the guest couples started to move out for their home after fucking each other's wife in a private fuck party. No one was wearing their clothes properly. All were having the clothes on their bodies just to cover it a little bit which is enough for driving to their home. Other clothes were in their hands. I was just wearing my outer dress and I was carrying my bra and panty in my hand. My husband too did not wear his underwear.

We drove towards our home. I was fucked there by other men in that private fuck party and my husband have fucked other women. I was feeling happy that my husband fucked a black lady, first time in his life.

A couple of days later, I found a glossy black package in my mailbox. On opening it, I discovered a DVD inside it labeled "The Party". A small and hand written note was attached to it. A smile played across my lovely red lips. The note was:

"Greetings, Mr. and Mrs. "R"

Here is a souvenir of our time together for you to watch and enjoy. We are looking forward to the pleasure of your company at our next gathering.

Best regards, Your Host"
Later, we come to know that we were recommended for the party by my friend Eva and her husband Danny. Actually, they were invited to the party but, they were not in a position to attend the party that evening because of their pre-commitment. So, they recommended us. Dan and her wife was already a member of fucking of Eva and Danny.

Now, we are looking forward to attend the group sex party with Eva, her husband, Dan, her wife and with other fucking couples.




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Chapter 65