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We were out for the week end evening leaving our son behind with the domestic help lady. We were not to worry too much about our son as there was Melina, my lesbian love and her parents to take more care of our son. We were like a free bird?s pair.

We took our drink and dinner outside and started for home.
We played tongue tag in the car while returning home, by stopping the car on the side of the road.

My husband's big hands were holding my round and tight ass in the car while we were kissing because I was up on him while he was on the driving seat. As usual, I melted against him. Trapping my hand between our melded bodies, I grabbed at the front of his pants and found his hardening fuck tool.
"You are already hard and big as usual." I said smiling.

I knew that my hand made his cock fully hard and ready for fucking.

We finished the kissing and did some kind of foreplay in the car before we reached back to home. It was already late and our son was already sleeping in his bedroom. Our domestic help lady was waiting for us. She too went to her room for sleeping when we reached home.

I was already hot by playing with my husband in the car and the drink which we had was also playing an important role. I quickly removed my clothes once I reached in our bedroom. I was completely naked and was on my bed quickly. My husband also removed his clothes and he slipped between my legs. While he was licking and sucking my smoothly shaved silky pussy, he was using his fingers and his nose on my clitoris. I squirmed against his face as my first orgasm was arrived soon.

I was moaning softly as I was not expecting him to bring me up to my orgasm with such a special nose fucking skill.

"Do me, Fuck me." I purred, tugging him to mount on me.
He was playing the tip of his big and hard cock between my pussy lips and was teasing me with it.

He moved on top of me. He was in teasing mood with me because his big and hard cock was slipping and sliding between my exposed pussy lips, without entering in to it.

I could not control myself and reached between our naked bodies to grab his cock.

I was using his cock like a dildo. I rubbed his hard cock on my clit with an easy back and forth motion and that felt good to me. My pussy was already warm and wet to be fucked.

"This feels really good." I moaned.
"Yeah it does," He moaned. "Will take you up to your destination without fucking you and will reach along with you".

He reached between us, grabbed his hot and hard dick in his hand and rubbed it back and forth right on my clitoris. My eyes gone fluttered. I sucked in a sudden breath and released a series of satisfying moans as my orgasm took the control of my body. It was too much for me. I was in deep orgasm and he was continued to rub his cock on my hot and wet pussy. He was also masturbating holding his own cock in his own hand. He was pumping his cock fast and was moving his cock head on my wet pussy.

Pressing the tip of his cock on my warm and wet pussy, He too reached up to his climax. He sprayed his warm cum on and around my pussy.

He pulled away and was kneeling between my legs. I was looking to him.

My nipples were stiff and I was breathing hard with joy. I stared at my pink and puffy pussy lips and saw the globs of his pearly white semen on my lower lips. I smiled.

He cupped my perfect as cheeks in his hands and pulled my pussy up toward him. He lowered his mouth on my pussy. I understood that what he was about to do. He wanted to clean my pussy with his mouth. I moved my ass up and placed my pussy on his open mouth. He held my tight and round ass off the bed. He buried his face against my pussy. I was watching him licking my pussy which was heavily coated by his cum. While he was sucking and licking his own cum from my pussy, which was mixed with my pussy juices, I felt that another orgasm was started to build within me. Noticing this, he started to suck my clit.

He licked away the last drop of my orgasm along with his own cum and that thrilled me.

He was still hard. I was well aware that I will be fucked now with his wonderful fuck machine and I was waiting for it. No way were a couple of orgasms going to be enough for me.

He flashed a big smile and filled my pussy with his hot and hard cock. My pussy was filled completely with a couple of deep strokes of his cock. I gasped, smiled and kissed him.

He rode on me hard. He was not gentle. He took full advantage of his cock length with long and full hard strokes in to my pussy. His each stroke made me grinding my pussy against him.

I wrapped my legs around his ass. He did not disappoint me and I came again. He felt my pussy clamping around his hard cock. I kept his cock trapped inside of my pussy. My pussy was trying to milk another orgasm from him. When my pussy released his cock he fucked me again with his hard and fast strokes before he came again in to my pussy.

He pulled out his cock out of my pussy and has moved his mouth again between my legs. He grabbed my hard and round boobs while he was eating my pussy. I came again but he did not stop until I begged him to stop, in a weak voice.

He was moving his fingers across my finely honed body and we kissed again. My hand found his cock and I started playing with it as usual.

While talking sexy things after the fuck, the matter turned to Habiba. Dear readers must be remembering about Habiba. She is really not a she. She is a She Male, a Lady Boy. She was born as Habib in a Turkish family and was moved to Switzerland on discovering her as a she male. I met Habiba some time ago when I was returning home. I gave her lift in my car and later she fucked me in the open forest. (Please read Part 54 of MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY to know in detail about Habiba and my fuck with her.)

My husband was already aware about my relation with Habiba, because I have already informed my husband about Habiba and told him everything that how she fucked me. My husband used to exits every time when we remember Habiba.

"I really thought that she was a girl. She was looking like a sexy girl with her hair up to her shoulder length and she was having really big and sexy tits." I told him.

His cock turned hard again, all the way hard. I made his cock hard again by describing Habiba again and at the same time, I was playing with his cock too.

?I wonder whether you will ever see her again." He told me.

"I can. If I wish or if you wish." I told him. "We can have a date with her."

"That's so cool." He said and kissed me and I sucked his cock and pumped it in my fist till he showered his warm cum in to my mouth.

As usual, we feel asleep naked in each other's arms.

Habiba and I always stayed in touch. I called her. My date with Habiba was for at seven O'clock on that evening. We met in a hotel bar. I treated her like a lady. With the exception of what she was having between her legs, I did not see any reason why I should treat her in any other way. In my mind, Habiba was a girl with a dick, that's all. That did not change how she looked on the outside, unless she was naked, of course. She looks and acts like a lovely woman. She is better looking than most of the women. She felt like a woman when we kissed or when I grabbed her ass and pulled her boobs against me.

As pre decided, my husband walked into the bar at the right time. I was looking gorgeous in my tight, ruby red dress. I was wearing my dress off my shoulders and was showing more cleavage of mine than most women would dare. My shoulder length hair was puffed, premed and curled. My lipstick was matching the color of my dress and I smiled when I saw my husband coming towards us. I sashayed over and kissed my husband. Feeling like the luckiest guy in the bar, he pushed his tongue inside my mouth and kissed me back.

Sitting together at the bar with my husband and Habiba, was a nice experience and good feeling for me. Habiba was enjoying the attention from people who didn't know about her reality and I was too enjoying the raised eyebrows of men and women in the bar.

I introduced the two of them. "Habiba, she is a friend of mine. And he is Ramesh, my husband."
"I am aware Habiba, that you are a special girlfriend of my wife." My husband acknowledged. At the same time, my arm was still around my husband's shoulder and my body was still pressing against his arm.

"Yes. I am her very special girlfriend." Habiba snapped back. She leaned forward, put her hand behind my husband's head and pulled him into a deep, tongue lashing kiss.

"Yummy," She said without dropping her smile. "Now I am a special girlfriend of both of you."
?Yes! ? I said. "You are Very special for us that we invite you tonight in our bedroom." I ran my fingers through Habiba?s thick hair. "You are looking prettier than we met last time."

"I must admit that you are more women than most of the women I had met. I join my lovely wife in inviting you for tonight." My husband said and I saw how Habiba melted with our warm invitation. Habiba was happy with joy and she accepted out love invitation.

"Tonight is our night. We will make it extra special." That was the last words from Habiba before we left for our home.

Our bedroom is having a specious sitting area with a couch and a big easy chair around a coffee table. There is a king sized bed. My husband was not sure how to start the things, but I took the pressure off from him.

"Can I just watch both of you for a bit?" I said.

I was sitting in the big easy chair. My husband was sitting on the farthest end of the couch and Habiba was sitting next to him.

Habiba and My husband kissed. It was the first time ever that my husband was kissing a she male or a lady boy. They were kissing and I was thinking about Habiba's cock which she was having between her legs.

As mentioned by me, Habiba was looking, acting and was dressed like a real woman. But she is still having a cock and a pair of balls between her legs. Her real, working dick gets hard and needy to fuck, like any man's cock. She fucks like a male and her balls pumps out semen. I felt that my husband was feeling little embarrassed while kissing a she male in front of Me. He did what he could to push past his embarrassment. Unfortunately, it showed when Habiba grabbed the front of my husband's pants. I could notice that my husband's dick was not hard. It was not even a little hard.

"You are nervous." Habiba said. My husband nodded.
"I am doing it first time with a girlfriend like you who have a fuck tool too." My husband explained.
"Come over here." Habiba told me by patting the empty stretch of the couch.

Habiba moved forward to kiss me. My husband was watching her wife being kissed by a she male. Our kiss lasted for a long time. Habiba's hand was started moving over my boobs. It was looking like a woman kissing and touching another woman. I saw that my husband's cock started to respond by seeing us kissing. My hand started to move on Habiba's throat towards her shoulder until I finally found the swells of Habiba's twin tower.

Habiba broke our kiss and she turned back to my husband. Again, she pressed her lips on my husband's lips. This time, her hand reached between my husband's legs. She was looking very happy with what she found there. I knew the reason for Habiba being so happy. My husband is having a long, big and thick cock which is a dream cock for everyone. My husband's cock was hard and Habiba took advantage of it. She started working on the front of my husband's pants and soon, her hand reached inside his pant to hold and pull out my husband's dick. My husband kicked off his shoes and I helped him in undressing by pulling off his pants and underwear from his body.

"Beautiful." That was the first reaction from Habiba when she saw my husband's wonderful fuck tool. She stroked my husband's long, thick, hot and hard shaft with love. "It is just beautiful and delicious. You are a very lucky woman Julee! Your husband has a wonderful fuck tool. I did not see such a nice tool since a long time."

"What about your tool?" My husband asked Habiba.

I tried sliding my hand beneath the skirt of Habiba's short dress. Habiba moved my hand away, before I could touch her cock.

"That is a prize for your husband to find it. Let him feel and take out his she-male girlfriend's cock." Habiba smiled and she turned toward my husband.

Habiba cooed and kissed my husband again while her hand was tugging, pulling and pumping on my husband's big hard cock.

My husband located the zipper in the back of her dress and pulled it down. Immediately, I unhooked the strapless bra strap of Habiba.

Habiba's round boobs were unleashed and he moved his hand toward them and nursed her one nipple before he moved to the other. She was moving her head backward and forward. She was also arching her back in pleasure which she was receiving from my husband.

Habiba stood and have thrown her dress out of her body. Now she was standing top less before us. Her cock was tucked tight enough between her legs and her balls were looking like a camel toe. I pulled her panties down and uncovered her hardening dick by making it free from between her legs.
I was already aware about Habiba's cock because I was already fucked by her. But, it was the first time for my husband to see a cock of a she male. Habiba's cock is a good average sized cock having the length of about 6" and it is no so thick, either it is not thin. It is a perfect fucking tool.

"Damn this is hot." That was my husband's first reaction on seeing a she male's hard and lovely cock.

"Oh sweetie, we should not be the only ones naked." Habiba told me. She pulled me up to her and we were into a lovely and sexy kiss. My husband was watching us kissing. While kissing, my hand was moving on Habiba's large, round, bare and hard boobs. I clearly watched Habiba's cock growing bigger. I was too wearing a dress with a zipper. There was a matching pair of red underwear and a bra under my dress. Habiba made me out of my dress. Now, we all three, a male, a female and a she male were naked in our bedroom. Our bare boobs were pushing and rubbing against each other?s.

Habiba held my hand with her one hand and my husband's hand with her other hand, and pulled both of us to the bed along with her.

I want to feel your dick inside of my mouth." I told Habiba.
My husband was lying next to Habiba and I moved between Habiba's legs. Habiba and my husband were started kissing intimately. I was sucking Habiba's cock and also my husband's cock alternately. Due to my sucking skills, I could feel that Habiba was struggling hard to hold back her orgasm.

"Damn, Julee is a wonderful sucker." Habiba said between the kisses with my husband.
"Yes! She is." My husband has acknowledged.

I moved my mouth away from Habiba's cock which helped her in holding her orgasm.

My husband's hand was started to move down on Habiba's naked body. I understood that he was excited to touch a she male's cock first time in his life. He kept moving his hand past her flat stomach until his hand was between her legs. He touched her cock and then he was holding her cock between his palms.

"Julee knows that I have fucked many men with my cock. I am ready to fuck your ass too if you are a bi-sexual like Julee and if you want me to fuck your ass." She told my husband.

We both, I and my husband were stunned to hear that. We did not even think that about that situation. I saw my husband's face. He was also looking surprised like me.

"Oh come on!" She said seeing surprise on our face. "I am not serious about it. I said this because some male likes to be fucked their ass but they cannot express it due to shyness. I just told this in case you are interested. But I could see the reaction on both of yours face that given me the answer. To be very frank and open with you, the most I enjoy is fucking a female's pussy and ass. Fucking a male's ass is last on my liking and I do it only when some of my gay boyfriend wishes my cock in his ass. Julee knows it that I have many girlfriends and many boyfriends. Some of my boyfriends are either gay or bi-sexual. So I fuck their ass on their wish." She had explained the position.

We felt relieved by hearing this from Habiba's mouth. I am aware that my husband is neither gay nor a bi-sexual. He is a straight guy but he likes and enjoy female's finger in his ass but getting his ass fucked by any cock is out of his sex play.

To be continued . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Dear Readers

As the story is too lengthy, I am forced to write and post it in two parts. I am sure that my dear readers will understand the position and will not mind it reading it in two parts.

I am sure that you all will like my extraordinary sexual play with my husband and Habiba, a she male.

As always, I will await your frank comments on the first part of MALE, FEMALE AND SHE MALE.

I promise to post the remaining part of this story within a couple of days under the heading MALE, FEMALE AND SHE MALE (2).




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Chapter 66