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Dear readers

I present the second part of MALE, FEMALE AND SHE MALE for your enjoyment.

I start the story right from where I left it in the previous part.

Read and enjoy . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Oh come on!" She said seeing surprise on our face. "I am not serious about it. I said this because some male likes to be fucked their ass but they cannot express it due to shyness. I just told this in case you are interested. But I could see the reaction on both of yours face that given me the answer. To be very frank and open with you, the most I enjoy is fucking a female's pussy and ass. Fucking a male's ass is last on my likings and I do it only when some of my gay boyfriend wishes my cock in his ass. Julee knows it that I have many girlfriends and many boyfriends. Some of my boyfriends are either gay or bi-sexual. So I fuck their ass on their wish." She had explained the position.

We felt relieved by hearing this from Habiba's mouth. I am aware that my husband is neither gay nor a bi-sexual. He is a straight guy but he likes and enjoy female's finger in his ass but getting his ass fucked by any cock is out of his sex play.

I moved my mouth again towards Habiba's erected cock. My husband was holding Habiba's cock in his fingers and I opened my mouth and took Habiba's cock between my lips. It was the first time that my husband was holding a she male's cock in his hand and was watching his beautiful and sexy wife sucking she male's cock.

Habiba and my husband were kissing and my husband was playing with Habiba's tits while I was sucking the cock of this half man, half woman. I saw my husband moved his finger toward Habiba's shaved ass.

As soon as he slipped his finger inside of Habiba's ass, she came in my mouth. She started Cumming hard, splashing deep inside my mouth.

"Now it is my turn." Habiba said pulling me away from her.

Habiba started sucking my husband's big and thick cock and I was watching my husband's cock being sucked by a lady boy for the first time. After a few bobs of her mouth, Habiba pulled back and gave me my turn. We were sucking my husband's cock and balls, turn by turn and I saw Habiba's finger finding my husband's asshole. She pushed her tinny finger deep inside of my husband's ass. We were two girls, infect, one girl and one she male were sucking hard on my husband's cock without stopping. We were pumping his cock in our fists too since a long time and that made my husband to nearing his orgasm.

When my husband started firing his cum gun, both of us, I and Habiba were in a love fight to take as much as was possible of my husband's cum in to our mouths. We licked every drop of my husband's love cum and we kissed each other until there was nothing left of my husband's cum.

I was desperate for my first orgasm. My husband and Habiba were moved me to the middle of the bed. My husband slipped between my legs while Habiba alternatively showered her mouth and tits with kisses. I came quickly by a short sucking of my my pussy by my husband because I was too hot and I could not control more. My husband did not stop or move from what he was doing. He was licking and sucking at my hard clitoris. He slipped his two fingers inside of my warm and wet pussy. He was finger fucking me in my pussy while licking my clit until I was close to another orgasm. That's when he moved one of his fingers out of my pussy. He slipped a finger inside my ass. I was gasping, moaning and then my butt rhythmically started squeezing his finger as my second orgasm took hold of me.

"Please." I panted. "Someone fuck me."
"Get me hard." Habiba told me.

I nodded and moved my mouth on Habiba's wonderful fuck tool. It was soft and I was sucking her soft cock taking it between my lips. Soon, I felt that Habiba's cock was growing hard and big inside my mouth. I sucked her balls too. Habiba stroked my hair and I pulled away. She smiled at me and rolled me on my back.

Habiba put a condom on his cock and I immediately understood that she is going to fuck my ass. She applied some lubricant on my ass to make my ass fucking easy for both of us.

"Lay on top of me." Habiba told me. Habiba wanted to fuck my ass sleeping below to me. She looked and smiled to my husband.

"I am going to fuck your wife's ass and at the same time, you may fuck her pussy" She said.
"Wonderful." I thought. My pussy and ass were never fucked together. It was the first time that I was about to take a cock in my ass and another in my pussy.

It was a wonderful evening for me and my husband. We were doing many things first time in our sexual life.

I laid on top of her, lining up my naked body with Habiba's naked body. My husband saw this and he guided Habiba's hard cock towards my asshole. Habiba pushed his cock little in to my well lubricated ass and she reached around my hips and rubbed my pussy with her hands.

With some powerful strokes, her lovely cock was completely gone inside of my wonderful ass. My ass is being fucked by regularly by my husband's big and thick cock. There was no problem in accommodating Habiba's normal sized cock in my ass.

My husband was ready to fuck my pussy and was holding his big dick in his hand. He moved closer to us and put my legs on his solder. I took support of my hands by putting them on the bed on both side of Habiba. This position provided Habiba to fuck my ass easily from down of me.
My husband did not waste any time and pushed his cock head in to my wet pussy. I felt like in heaven with two cocks in my two fuck holes at the same time.

Habiba was fucking my ass hard from below and my husband started to fuck my pussy from over of me. Soon, both of my fuckers, my husband and she-male friend were in the good rhythm in fucking me together. I experienced two cocks in my two fuck holes and it felt so good that I have no proper words to express my pleasure which I was receiving. I was getting VIP treatment from my both the fuckers and they were fucking me nicely with love.

Habiba's cock was moving in and out of my ass and my husband's cock was moving in and out of my pussy. I was on seventh sky, feeling this wonderful fucking pleasure.

As expected, I experienced another mind bowing orgasm. Habiba waited for a while and then she started to fuck my ass again. My husband just kept his cock in my pussy and allowed me to feel my orgasm fully. I felt the fucking speed of Habiba in my ass was suddenly increased and I understood that she was about to cum. Suddenly, She hold me tight and pushed his cock hard and deep inside of my ass. I felt her cock dancing in my ass. She was Cumming but I did not feel her cum because she was wearing a condom on her cock.

She pulled her cock out of my ass and I saw her condom was filled with her cum. She slipped out and moved toward bathroom to flush the condom.

My husband's cock was still in my pussy and as soon as Habiba moved out of my ass fucking, he started to fuck my pussy hard with his big fuck tool.
He was fucking my pussy hard nonstop and Habiba was watching me being fucked by my husband. I was nearing towards another orgasm and I felt that my husband was also not far away from firing his cum in to my pussy.

I reached to another orgasm before my husband fired his cum. He was fucking me wildly and soon, after some powerful strokes of his cock in to my pussy, he pushed his cock deep inside of my pussy and I was feeling his warm cum firing in to my pussy.

We had some drinks after finishing a wonderful fucking session. We were soon ready to play more fucking games.

This time, Habiba wanted her ass to be fucked by my husband. She knelt on all her fours in the middle of the bed with her ass in the air in a perfect doggy position. I was watching every move of Habiba and my husband. My husband moved behind Habiba. The tube of lubricant made a farting sound as my husband squeezed the lube in to Habiba's ass. He poked her ass with one finger and then he used his second finger. I saw my husband's big and hard cock was throbbing against Habiba's ass. He put a condom on his cock and removed his fingers from Habiba's ass and replaced his fingers with his hard, long, big and thick cock. Habiba's ass too was well fucked by her boyfriends. Her ass was having a nice and comfortable opening to take my husband's big cock. He kept his cock head right on my Habiba's ass bud and pushed it slightly. His cock slipped inside of my Habiba's ass without any problem.

"Feel how hard she is." My husband told me. I moved my hand towards Habiba's hanging cock beneath her.

"How my ass feels to your cock? You like that, don't you?" Habiba asked my husband.
"It feels good. This is my first experience fucking a she male's ass and I like it." My husband replied.

My husband started to move his massive cock in and out of Habiba's ass with long and slow strokes. I was sure that Habiba must have felt every inch of my husband's massive and big cock inside of her ass. Habiba's cock was throbbing in my hand. My husband started fucking hard Habiba's ass. I started milking Habiba's cock.

"I am going to cum." Habiba announced. And she started firing her cum gun. I quickly moved my head below her and took her cum fire in my mouth.

My husband put his hands on my Habiba's hips and was pulling her backwards, filling her ass deeply with his cock. Habiba was moving back and forth with my husband's strokes. On the back strokes, she was pushing backwards as hard as she could. They picked up the fucking pace and her ass was making a slapping sound every time it struck against his torso.
I moved my hand from Habiba's and I started to clutch my own tits with one of my hand and I was fingering my pussy with my other hand. My rubbing fingers on my wet pussy were making a smacking sound. I was so wet. They both, my husband and Habiba saw my orgasm again.

Habiba was still getting her ass fucked by my husband. She clearly surprised to see my husband's fucking ability. My husband was fucking her ass pace fully and power fully. He asked Habiba whether she wanted him to stop, but Habiba wanted him to fuck her ass till my husband cum. She was clearly enjoying her ass fucking with my husband?s powerful fuck gun.

After a prolonged and continuous fucking, I felt that it was too much for Habiba. My husband also noticed this. He removed his cock out of Habiba's ass.

Habiba collapsed on the bed.

My husband's cock was hot and hard. It was aching with need of more fucking, it needed to cum. I kissed him and said "Fuck me." I grabbed his balls. "Fuck me like that." I said again.

My husband looked down at my tight, tiny and well fucked bubble butt. He started fingering my ass. I was rocking backwards on his finger. He added his second finger and as always, I accepted it. He changed the condom and carefully lubed his big, hard and aching cock before pressing its tip on my puckered ass opening. He pressed his cock on my ass hole and stopped. I waited for him to adjust his fucking position. It was the same way he had fucked Habiba.

Habiba moved towards us and she grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled my ass open for my husband's big gun. I was relaxing and I felt tip of my husband's fuck tool was slipping inside my regularly fucked ass. Soon, his cock was throbbing inside my ass.

His cock was halfway inside of my ass before I eased forward again.

Habiba was holding my face in her hands. We, the two girls were kissing while I was wiggling back and forth in short and slow strokes of my husband's big cock in my ass. Slowly, his strokes grew longer and deeper. I knew that his cock is too long for me to take all of it in my ass so soon. He was pushing his cock slowly deeper and deeper inside of my ass.

Habiba started sucking my pussy by moving her mouth below me.

I was soon close to another orgasm. I was giving a light, rhythmic tapping against my husband?s cock and Habiba was playing with my pussy. Habiba was kissing, sucking and licking my pussy and I was getting my ass fucked with my husband's fuck dick.

I moaned with appreciation. He was fucking my ass harder and deeper.

He put his hands on my hips and started rocking back and forth. I was moving too, until we were fucking fast. My ass fucking by my husband's cock was continued for a long time nonstop. In the meantime, I had a series of orgasms while my husband was fucking my ass. Finally, I felt him Cumming inside of my ass. I clearly felt the balloon of his cum in his condom inside of my ass.

He pulled away his cock out of my ass and I fell down on the bed on my stomach with my hand trapped between my legs.

We were already over spent in fucking each other. We moved to the bathroom for cleaning ourselves. We sat naked in our bedroom after cleaning ourselves and were talking.

It went slower than before. There was more kissing between the three of us. Habiba was so impressed with my husband's cock and also with his fucking ability that she wanted my husband to fuck her ass once more.

"I want your husband to fuck me again." Habiba said to me.

She grabbed me and positioned me on my all fours in front of her.

"I thought you wanted him to fuck you?" I asked.

"Yes! But your girl fried is got to do something for herself." Habiba laughed. My husband was watching us and Habiba was working on her way to fuck my pussy. I saw that my husband was smiling.

She pushed her cock inside of my pussy and said "Yes!"

On seeing Habiba's cock inside of my pussy, my husband moved behind Habiba. He lubricated her ass and wore another condom. He lubed his dick well before applying lubricant on Habiba's well fucked ass.

He slipped his cock inside of Habiba's ass. I could notice from her expression that this time she accepted my husband's big cock easily deep inside her butt. My husband grabbed her hips and moved her forwards and backwards, knowing that each time he was pushing Habiba away from him, he was pushing Habiba's cock deeper inside of my pussy.

The three of us ware moaning as one beast with three voices. Habiba moved her hands and grabbed my tits while fucking my pussy from behind.

Triple fucking was in progress in our bedroom. Habiba was fucking my pussy and my husband was fucking Habiba's ass.

"Yes!" Habiba cried out in fucking pleasure.

My husband was moaning too and was fucking Habiba's ass wildly. I have already had my orgasm by getting my pussy fucked by Habiba. I was moving towards another orgasm.
I felt that Habiba was about to reached her destination. Soon, her cock started to fire her warm cum gun forcefully in my pussy. I started clenching her cock in my pussy to give her maximum pleasure while Cumming in my pussy.

She kept her cock inside of my pussy while my husband was fucking her ass. I felt that her cock was going softer in my pussy but somehow she managed to keep it within my pussy while my husband was hard hitting his cock in to Habiba's ass.
I could feel the force of my husband's cock which was moving in and out of Habiba's ass, because I was under Habiba, having her cock in my pussy and my husband was fucking her ass on top of us.

I felt that my husband reached his orgasm by an extraordinary long fucking of Habiba's ass. This time, Habiba took my husband to his orgasm while getting fucked in her ass by him. He came inside of her ass and soon, we, three of us collapsed in the bed.

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Dear friends and readers

I hope you must have enjoyed my fuck play with my husband Habiba.




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Chapter 67