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I was looking forward to this trip for many days.

It is great and wonderful that we, I and my husband have the same tastes in sex, love, music and food. I feel very proud to say that we are the perfect couple and perfect sex partners. We both believe that sex and love are the most important gift of god to the human being.

We have a cabin boat at the private portion of Zurich lake, which takes about half an hour or so from our home. My husband took this cabin boat on rental basis on a nominal rate because it belongs to the company where he works. We are outing lovers and generally we visit here two or three times in a month on weekends. It is a great place for us, and some time we spend our night here too in the cabin boat floating in water. Since my husband is a great athlete and had been into competitive swimming during his school and college days. I knew he love the swimming in lake.

We started early on Saturday. When I gave him one of those great deep kisses of mine, he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the car. His motor was running before the car?s motor when I gave him a great big smile and reached over to rub the front of his shorts. Of course his response was immediate and he knew that I was enjoying teasing the bulge I created. Neither of us had much clothes on our bodies. My husband was wearing just his shorts and a t-shirt. I was wearing a light shirt that was tied above my waist and a tiny short. We knew that we did not need much because our cabin boat is on the private part of the lake so no need for swim suits and full clothes to wear. But we were having fresh and decent clothes for both of us including swim suits in a bag with us.

While driving the car, his hand moved down on my thigh, and I knew, he loves the smoothness of my thighs. And of course, my hand was in his lap and I was giving fits to his cock. I yanked down the zipper and let his cock out! He had to really concentrate on driving so I was stroking his cock slowly. In response, he slipped his finger under my shorts to feel the wetness of my pussy. I knew that my pussy was already wet.
We reached there in about half an hour.
When we were approaching to our cabin boat, I noticed that a car was parked on the road, just on the way to our cabin boat. People sometimes come out and walk in to the lake because its so seldom used. He drove about 100 yards or so and we reached to our cabin boat.

I leaned over him and kissed his neck wetly, and I started really cranking on his already rock hard cock. He barely got the brake on and the engine off before we were wrapped tightly together. Our tongues were desperately searching out one another. We broke free and got out of the car. Immediately on entering in our cabin boat, I clung to him giggling and was trying to stroke his still rigid cock. We fell in the cabin door together. He literally tore my flimsy shirt off and I tugged and pulled his shorts down to his feet. His T-shirt and my shorts were disappeared as we rolled together on the floor carpet in a ball of arms and legs while locking our lips tightly. We could have fucked each other hard right then on the carpet, but we had all day, and we really wanted to get out on the deck in the warm sun.

He grabbed me around my waist and lifted me up to throw me on to one of the double chaises there, but he froze when we heard a loud splash! Looking down in to the lake thru the opened cabin door, we saw two heads were in the water close to each other, near our boat. With a little shocked on their presence, we were watching them. They were in waist deep water but it was pretty obvious they had not bothered with their swim suits. We noted that they were completely naked. They slowly made their way out of the water together and their hand was in other's hand.

They fell on to their blanket on the sand. Both were of about our age or maybe a little younger than us. The lady pushed her male partner down and grabbed his exceptional cock. She was stroking his cock hard and was looking into his eyes. Suddenly, she swung her one leg over his body in 69 pose and bent over him on her knees lowering her pussy to his mouth while she inhaled his begging cock. Their moans were clearly audible to us.

We were having our arms locked around each other. We were completely fascinated with the action of couple below. We were playing with each other and were watching them. They were thrashing and moaning on the blanket. Their intent was to pleasing each other. The male partner's arms were locked around her ass and he was pulling her hot pussy down to his mouth. Her lips were pumping on his cock like a piston. At once, the male gave an loud audible growl as he obviously could not control any more. He grabbed her hair and yanked her mouth from his smoking cock.

Quickly, he pushed her down and slid between her legs with his cock in his hand. We both heard her moan when he shoved his cock deep in to her pussy. He leaned forward and locked his lips over her nipple. Suckling for a moment, he then straightened up and started pumping his cock deep in to her pussy. She responded with a moan on each stroke of his cock in to her pussy. All at once, he froze. He saw us staring down at them from our boat.

We did not want to stop them. I gave a big wave to them along with a wide smile. He had a deep look on us and I guessed that our nakedness must have reassured him. He said something to his female partner, and she glanced up in our direction. So, now she too knew that they have an audience. Perhaps spurred on by our presence, he began ramming his cock in to her pussy even harder now and we could see that her whole body was moving with his each stroke. Her ample boobs were jiggling in the sunshine. They both were making a lot of noise in fucking and we could hear her urging him on, to fuck her faster and harder. She was playing with her nipples while he was fucking her pussy.

Just when we thought that they both were going to to cum, he slowed his pace and backed away from her. She rolled over and got on her knees and he moved behind her to fuck her in doggy style. He ran his swollen cock up and down on her ass crack a few times and then over her wet pussy. All at once, he rammed his cock deep inside her pussy again and she responded with a cry of surprise and pleasure. He grabbed her hips and pounded against her ass. He was fucking her deeply and hard. Soon, we heard them groan in unison as he came deep inside her pussy and she too obviously had an orgasm to die for. They were moaning and squirming.

After a few moments, both of them collapsed on the blanket, obviously completely spent.

We looked at each other and spontaneously untangled our arms and gave them a round of applause. That was a great performance by them! Needless to say, even though we had mostly stopped our earlier fucking action, we were both hotter than a forest fire! Besides, we knew we owed something to the people below us for that fuck show. As the couple below finally revived, we grabbed each other and kissed long and hard again, standing sideways to give them the best view. Quickly, he moved his mouth down on my firm tit and he engulfed as much as he could of it. I gave out with a heartfelt sigh as his tongue was ground on my nipple, but I knew it was just a little louder than normal so our guests could hear. After suckling my sweet boobs and nipples for a moment, he moved down on my body, pausing to let his tongue explore my belly button. My hands were started tangling in his hair.

Dropping to his knees, he found his face a few inches from my sweet and clean shaven pussy. My pussy was so wet that the juices were dropping out of it. He did not hesitate and he buried his face in my pussy. His tongue started sucking out the sweet juices that were flowing from my fuck hole. I could feel my legs shaking in pleasure and my hands pressed his face in to my steaming pussy. He lapped up all the wetness he could and then ran his tongue up between my pussy lips until he locked his lips over my swollen clit. His tongue was swirled around on my clit. I gasped and let out a very loud, "Oh yessss."

He was sucking my clit harder I practically screamed, "Oh Godddd, yes, yes, yes, eat my pussy baby!" He loved hearing that. I knew it was only a trailer for our audience, who must have been in rapt attention. My husband's hard cock was throbbing and we decided it was the time to really give our audience a full show. He pulled himself away from my hands and stood up. Grabbing the cushion from one of the chaises, he threw it on the picnic table and then pushed me on it till I was lying down facing him. I put my legs on his shoulders to give the onlookers the best possible view. My husband started rubbing his big cock up and down on my wet pussy. And the couple outside was watching us with full interest and pleasure.

I was already dripping wet and it did not take much time in slipping his big and thick fuck tool in to my pussy. He stopped for a moment and stared in to my eyes. Both of us smiled. Suddenly, he rammed his hot, big, long and thick cock all the way home, deep in my pussy!! I gave out a cry of pleasure.
"Oh my god! Oh yesss!"

We both were so hot that he immediately began ramming is hard cock into my pussy. I was meeting his every fuck thrust. The slapping sound of his legs against my ass was audible to us and I was sure that our fuck watchers could be feeling it too. I was pinching my pert light pink nipples and he was stroking his fuck tool harder and harder in to my pussy which was driving both of us crazy.

My husband was fucking me continuously, without any break and in a few moments, I gasp and came hard on his cock by bucking and moaning. I knew that my husband will be taking a long time to cum. He slowed down his fucking strokes to let my orgasm subsided. He pulled his cock out of my delicious pussy and lay down on the table next to me, waving to our friends. Quietly, he said to me,
"Fuck me good babe."
I gave him my best smile and climbed over his shining and hard cock by facing the onlookers!

Then I returned the favor to my fucking husband! Instead of sliding down on his cock, I slammed down my pussy on his fuck tool till I was completely impaled! I was in woman on top position. It felt sooooo fucking good!!! I started to fuck my husband fast and deep by going all the way down on his cock with every stroke. In just a few strokes, I came again. I saw the fresh flow of my hot pussy juices were running down on my husband's cock and over his legs.

Slowing my pace only for a few moment, I continued fucking him even harder and faster. His cock was throbbing in my pussy. I could feel that his cock was about to burst.

Immediately, I pulled off of him and knelt between his legs. I took his about to burst cock head in my mouth in one motion. I was sucking his cock head and was also stroking his fuck tool with my hand. Soon, he blew his cum load filling my mouth and his cum also covered my face.

Both of us were gasping for breath and some of his cum was still on my mouth and face. I swallowed his cum valiantly and showed him "all gone" with a big smile. He sat up and wrapped his arms around me. Both of us were completely spent for the moment. All of a sudden, we heard a loud cheer. The outside fuckers were on the door of our cabin on our boat, and they were standing a few feet away from us applauding our fuck show.

Somehow, they did not feel like strangers to us. We welcomed them on our cabin boat and we exchanged names and polite kisses. The man was Bob and his female fuck partner was Cathy. We told Ron and Cathy that they were welcome to use our cabin boat anytime.

I noticed immediately that Cathy was having a great set of boobs, larger than mine, though not so firm like mine.

We, all fours, two fucking pairs were sitting naked on the deck of our cabin. I was observing Bob and his extremely well hanging cock. My husband whispered in my ears, "Would you like to have some of that?"

His big smile told me all. He walked over to Cathy at the deck rail and casually lifted her still damp hair and kissed the back of her neck. She leaned back against me and gasped quietly, so I knew she did not mind a bit. I nuzzled her a bit more and I let my hand rest on her well rounded ass.

He wrapped his arms around Cathy have started squeezing her heavy boobs in his each hand. He was squeezing her boobs and letting his fingers play with her hard nipples. My husband was doing sexy act with her and making her hot. She turned her head to me and whispered,
"Watching both of you fucking got me so hot that I am on fire."

"Fireman is here!" My husband whispered back and licked her ear.
"Make sure you give me a good hosing." She replied. "I will only be jealous if your wife gets more than I do!" That was a challenge for my husband and I knew that he could win it.

They kissed deeply and their tongues were exploring new territory. My husband's cock was already rock hard again and he was pressing it against her ass.

I and Bob were standing by wrapping together. Our lips were locked and his hands were moving on my naked round ass. He was pulling me towards him. My husband turned Cathy toward him and said,
"Looks like they are ready for an encounter, and I know we are too!"

My husband's mouth slid down from her chin to her boobs leaving a wet trail on Cathy's upper naked body. At the same time, she grasped my husband's rigid cock and started stroking it slowly. She was pumping my husband's big cock and my husband was sucking on one of her great tits. I was closely watching my husband enjoying with other lady, as it is always a great fun for me watching my husband fucking another lady. I knew he must be playing with Cathy's nipple between his teeth and his tongue must be grinding on the tip of Cathy's nipple. Her head was back and she was pushing her boobs in to my husband's mouth. Slowly, he lowered himself to his knees letting his lips and tongue trail down her as he went. Her sweet looking snatch was inches away from his face and my husband inhaled her cunt scent. In contrast to my clean shaven pussy, Cathy's pussy was having a well-manicured bush just above her clit. I saw that in one motion, my husband grabbed her ass and pulled her dripping cunt to his mouth. He buried his face in her pussy and drank up her sweet juices. She cried out in pleasure, "OHH DAMN!" And she pushed her pussy hard on my husband's sucking mouth.

Bob was running his tongue up and down between my swollen pussy lips til he found my clit. His lips locked tightly over my pussy lips. He let his tongue swirl and teased my clit with his teeth. Bob must have felt my legs shaking, and I moaned out, "Ohh FUCK! I love to get eaten!" for all to hear.

Meanwhile, the moans from Cathy were getting louder too. I saw my husband's cock was throbbing. They both stared for a moment at me while I was deep throating Bob's big cock like a lollypop.

My husband carried Cathy to the chaise next to us and positioned her on her knees at the end. His cock was in his hand and I saw that he ran the tip of his throbbing cock over Cathy's pussy lips a few times. She was so wet and was ready to be fucked hard. My husband's hands were on her hips and he rammed his big cock in to Cathy's hot and wet pussy.

There was no love making now, this was just a great fucking, and my husband began pounding his cock fast and hard. I clearly herd the slapping of my husband's legs on Cathy's ass with each stroke. She was meeting his every thrust and was gasping out, "Yes! Dammit, Oh GOD yes! Fuck me."

As my husband was fucking Cathy with his rock hard cock, I was now on the chaise next to him in the same position with Bob. Bob was having a cock certainly bigger than my husband's cock. Bob was having an advantage because of his great big cock and he was fucking me with long and steady strokes. My husband had to go a bit faster to achieve the same effect, but Cathy did not seem to mind a bit. She was ramming herself back on to my husband's cock giving as well as she was receiving. I could clearly feel that her cunt was tight, hot, and was dripping wet.

Bob was sweating and I was fingering my clit, and soon, I gave out it with a growl. It was the signal of the beginning of a great orgasm within me. Noticing this, Bob started to fuck me even harder with his big cock. Surely, I loved it. After each one I slammed back on him was so hard that he had to hold on to my hips. He started slamming me even faster, and in response to his fucking, I put my head down on my arms and came for him on his throbbing and swollen cock.

At my husband's side, Cathy too reached up to her orgasm and I heard my husband saying to Cathy:
"Hey babe, want to try something new?"
"Yes! Sure." She said, ?But just don't stop!!"
I understood by mood of my husband that this time Cathy's ass was on his target.

He reached down to Cathy's pussy and I saw his hand was dripping wet with her pussy juices. While still slowly fucking her in her pussy, he put his hand between her cheeks and rubbed her sweet pussy liquid over her asshole. When he started to push his finger in to her little button, she said, startled, "Oh no, there?"

I realized that she was never fucked in her ass and the look on Bob's face told me that he had not done it either. I was happy to know that my husband was going to fuck a virgin ass.
Looking to some hesitation on Cathy's face, I said to her: "give him a chance honey! He is a very good ass fucker."

While Bob was still fucking me slowly, and I saw my husband inserting his one finger and then two fingers into Cathy's ass hole. She groaned but did not protest. After letting her adjust to the feel, he slowly started stroking his fingers in her ass. His cock was still in her pussy. She rolled her ass back against him and I understood that she was ready to play an ass fucking game with my husband.

My husband slowly pulled his fingers out of Cathy's ass and also pulled his fucking cock out of her pussy. He rushed naked towards the boat cabin. I saw his big cock dancing in air while he was running towards boat cabin. I understood that he rushed there to bring the condom from his short's pocket. He returned back within no time with the condom packet in his hand. He pulled out one condom out of the packet and he thrown the packet with condom towards Bob. My husband took out the condom out of the pack and worn it over his big cock. He was ready to fuck Cathy's ass with his fully armed cock. Without any delay, he pressed his cock head firmly on Cathy?s virgin asshole. For a moment nothing was happened. Then she relaxed a bit and my husband's cock head slid slowly in her virgin ass hole. She gave a loud groan, and I saw my husband stopped for a while, perhaps to let her get used to his big cock in her ass hole. Then, inch by inch, he eased his cock further into her ass by stoking it slightly in and out of her ass hole.

He realized that Cathy was enjoying his big cock in her small and sexy ass, because now Cathy started pressing her ass back on my husband's cock. I knew that she was enjoying my husband's cock in to her ass now. Seeing this, my husband began slowly reaming her beautiful ass, pushing his cock deeper in her ass with each stroke till she took all of my husband's fucking cock's length. She was moaning with each stroke and I was aware with my ass fucking experience that now there was more pleasure than pain.

Bob was still fucking my pussy and was staring at my husband and Cathy with wide eyes.

I said ?If you enjoy ass fucking, go for it man, I loves it!"
Cathy echoed, "Oh yes Bob, please! I am enjoying it. It is wonderful. You must try!!!"

Needing no more invitation, he started copying what he just saw. In a minute, both of fuckers, my husband and Bob were fucking hard into their female partner's sweet tight ass holes. Cathy and bob had never experienced such a thing before, so it was even wilder and enjoyable for both of them. I was amazed that Cathy was taking all of that my husband's big cock in her small and virgin ass without any problem.

My husband was fucking Cathy's virgin and Bob was fucking my well fucked ass. Cathy was getting her ass fucked first time and Bob too was fucking my ass first time in his life.

With all that stimulation and my hot Bob was the first to give in. He fired his cum gun within the condom which he was wearing on his big cock. I clearly felt that the condom was filling up with his large quantity of cum which his cock was realizing. I too had a wild orgasm with writhing and fingering my own pussy. At that point, I glanced back at Cathy and my husband and said "Come on darling, fuck her hard."

He did what I told him and in a few moments, He fired his cum in the condom while his big cock was deep inside Cathy's ass, sending her too into ecstasy with an amazing orgasm.

Needless to say, all of us collapsed on to the deck at that point completely spent.

Unfortunately, Bob and Cathy had to be back in town by noon, so they quickly gathered up their stuff and left by promising us to be in touch very soon.

Since we still had the day ahead of us, we decided to go for a swim to freshen up a bit and to refresh ourselves. We moved naked down in the lake water.

After a wonderful swimming naked in the lake water for a long time, my husband followed me and I was sure that he was watching my naked ass while I was climbing naked up the ladder.

The strong sun was feeling great on our naked and wet bodies. I started to rub my smooth pussy on his cock and his cock was showing its effect.

I moved my hand down and gently took hold of my husband's half hard dick in my hand. I always love to suck my husband's softer cock, so I dropped to my knees and my tongue started licking the tip of his cock.

Soon, as always, his cock was rock hard, ready to fuck again.

I pushed him on the floor on his back and have positioned myself over his face and slowly I lowered my sopping pussy on his mouth. I grounded my hot pussy with full of my pussy juices in his mouth. He concentrated on doing his best to give me the best oral and I was playing with his fully erected, rock hard, big and thick cock.

Soon, I was again in doggy position and my husband was ready to fuck me from behind. He rammed his fucking cock in my pussy so hard that I would have fallen forward if he had not held my hips. I let out something between a moan and a growl. Then I too started giving almost as good as I was receiving from him. I started slamming my pussy back on his cock. Immediately, we started rocking and fucking hard in the sunlight on the cabin boat's deck.

Soon, I started Cumming with a resounding "YessssssssSSSSSSS."
I was moaning through my clenched teeth and my moaning was getting louder and stronger as my orgasm overtook me.

My fucker husband did not even slow down. He was continued to pound his big cock in to my pussy and I was trying to recover from my orgasm. Soon, we started rocking and fucking together again.

I was nearing another orgasm and I knew that I could not hold it any longer, and I stepped up the fucking pace.

I reached to another orgasm and immediately, he let me have the whole load of his cum deep inside of my pussy and I was responding well with wild orgasm.

We collapsed in a pile and there was the only sound which the water was making in the lake.

We had a mellow mood that lasted for hours.
And later in the evening, having a little wine together, he was sitting with me having his arm around me on the couch. We realized that the cabin boat was more than what we expected, and we are sure that, from now on it would see a lot more use.




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Chapter 68