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He dropped me at my home with a good night kiss and by that time, we have already made next day's programmed to visit our farm house.

Our Farm house is about 30 kms from my house and we went there in my car. I told my parents that I want to show Ramesh our farm house and will return by evening. I got permission from my parents. While I was driving the car, Ramesh was continued to play with my boobs. He even removed my panty in running car as I was wearing a skirt and he was rubbing my pussy and clit. He made me hot and horny in running car and I have reached up to orgasm.

There was hardly any traffic and there was hardly any human being walking on road. It is single road and farms are there on both the side of the road and there were no body to notice that what we were doing in running car. Above all, glasses of our car is dark tinted and it is difficult to notice anything from outside of a running car. After I reached Orgasm, he was on the driving seat and I have opened zip oh his trouser. His cock was already in erect position.

I gave him a very good blow job in the running car and after that I masturbated him till he finished and fired his cum. Some I took in my mouth and some drooped between his legs in car on mat. We reached farm house and parked the car in garage of our cottage. We took a round of farm and returned to the cottage. Our manager there wanted to organize lunch for us but we told him that we have lunch box with us and will have it. Our cottage is in one of the corner of our farm and nobody visits there unless we call some body. The watch man remains at gate only.

We came up to car, removed the mat with cum spot for washing and took lunch box with us and went up to first floor Drawing room. We washed the mat and Ramesh told me that he would like to have a bath. We both went to the bathroom after removing all our cloths. We had a good shower together for some time and Ramesh took my wet boob nipple in his mouth. My other boob was in his one hand giving massage to it. His second hand reached up to my pussy and my pussy became wet as I was already wet under shower. He is very good lover like uncle knowing sex art. He must have learned a lot from Anju (his impotent friend's wife) as I learned it from my uncle. I was feeling hot under cold water shower. I took his hot rod like cock in my hand and started massaging it with my soft hand. His cock was becoming strong and strong ... hot and hot...

This the first time when we were going to do practical fucking, otherwise, before that we did only blow job to each other masturbating to each other. He is a very good sucker. He was sucking both of my boobs one after one like he wanted milk out of them. He was moving his tongue very skillfully over my nipples and I could not stop myself from moaning. Oh dear... you are very good... do it... Chew it... I am going mad dear... your dick is very strong and I will have it today inside me... he was very busy in sucking my boobs, His one hand was on my pussy and another was on my round and stiff ass. He was moving his fingers on my ass, massaging two round shaped parts and also moving his fingers between my ass creek. Once I was excited and nearly jumped when he touched hard his finger on my ass hole. He pushed his finger little in my ass hole and I was like in haven. He entered his finger tip in my ass hole and moving it in and out and also in circle. I was enjoying as I am thirsty since long time.

His finger of other hand was playing with my pussy lips and clits. All he was doing to me, my boobs, and my pussy and to my ass was with a great skill. First time any body have entered finger in my ass hole. My uncle did not do it. I was massaging and stroking his cock and I was on peak of enjoyment. He removed his mouth from my boobs and also his hands from my ass and pussy. His hot cock was still in my grip. He holds my face in his hands and said... I love you Julee because you are very sweet and honest. I have closed my eyes in happiness and could not say anything. He put his warm lips on my juicy lips and gets hold of my lower lip and started to suck it. I also started to suck his upper lip. That kiss took a long time and the shower was continuing on us.

We were lying in 69 positions under the shower. His cock was in grip of my lips and my hands were roaming on his balls and on his ass. His ass was smaller than my ass but in very good shape. I was sucking his cock to the best of my ability and my middle finger was traveling in his ass creek. I found his ass hole and I have slowly inserted tip of my finger in to his ass hole. I could notice his movement in pleasure when I have inserted finger in to his ass hole. I was doing the same what hi did to my ass. I was moving my finger in and out and also moving his cock in and out in my mouth.

He took my pussy lips between his lips one by one. He moved his tongue towards my clits and sucked, licked it and stimulated it. I wanted to say so many things in pleasure but could not do that because his long, thick, strong and hot cock was nearly full in my mouth up to my throat. He moved his tongue in to my pussy pleasure hole and started it doing in and out. He was fucking my pussy with his spongy tongue. He inserted his full length of tongue in to my pussy and I was feeling that a small and spongy dick is fucking my pussy. He also inserted one of his finger in to my ass hole, this time deeply and I had a never before pleasure. He was fucking my pussy with his tongue, My ass with his finger and I was moving my back backwards and forwards in rhythm of pleasure I was about to reach my climax and I have increased my speed of moving my ass back and forward.

He understood my movement and also increased his tongue's speed in to my pussy. I have also inserted my finger deep in his ass and doing it in and out with a great speed matching my blow job speed to his cock. I have tightened my legs around his neck as I reached to climax/orgasm. He was drinking all my juices coming out from my pussy. It was a great pleasure. He finished his job and sit with his back resting on wall of the bathroom. I leaned forward and took his cock head in mouth and taken his cock between my palms to give him a great masturbation. I was moving my hand up and down with a great speed holding his cock tightly. He was moving his back and his eyes were closed. I felt his cock becoming stiffer and I understood that he is near to finish. I have tightened my hands more, increased up and down speed and taken some more portion of his cock in to my mouth.

He stiffens his legs and moved his back up wards and upwards and upwards and said oh Juleeeeeeeeeeee dear... and fired his cum gun in to my mouth. I swallowed it as much as was possible. It was salty and very testy. Some of his cum dropped down from my mouth and moving with water in bathroom. He took my face again in his hands and he testes his own cum from my mouth as he got my tongue in his mouth and he was sucking it. We finished one part of fucking and were sitting under shower. He was sitting below folding his legs and I was sitting on his lap. His both the hands coming from behind under my arm pits were massaging both of my boobs very gently.

I could not feel any pressure of his cock on my ass because his loose and soft cock like a rat was resting between his legs and must be collecting further energy to fuck me more. As I love to play with a soft cock, I moved my hand down to take hold of his soft cock. His cock was very soft and I griped it between my palms. I was playing with it and my boobs were in grip of his palms. We both were continue and I could feel that his cock was started becoming bigger and bigger like somebody is filling air in balloon. Bigger and bigger... Harder and harder... It was fully erected within few minutes. Now direction of his cock is upwards and as I was sitting on his lap, his erect cock was reached up to my pussy and knocking it's door.

I had pushed it against my pussy and it had covered full length of my pussy and I felt that his cock was giving a hug to my pussy. I was pushing and rubbing his strong, long/ thick, hot and lovely dick continues and my pussy had started to become wet again. My eyes gone closed and I was enjoying the pleasure of rubbing his cock on my pussy door. I was feeling to have a strong penetrative pussy fucking. He also moved his one hand and holds my hand which was holding his cock. Now we both were holding his cock. He adjusted himself a little bit, lifted my back/ass upward with movement of his legs. Now his cock head was exactly on my pussy pleasure hole.

He pushed his cock head inside me and I was thrilled to have my lover's cock head in to my pussy. Muscles of my pussy opening were still very tight because I am regularly doing yoga and as suggested by my uncle, I am cleaning my pussy at least once in a day with pure wine. I also keep wine dipped cotton on my pussy hole for some time. (Readers can try this, it really works. Wine keeps the pussy tight like a virgin pussy all the time irrespective of daily sex with thick cock since teen age) He also felt that opening hole of my pussy is very tight. He told me... Darling! Your pussy is tight like I have seen Anju's virgin pussy. It seems that you are not having much numbers of penetrative sexes with your uncle.

I replied... . No dear!! I am having sex with uncle three or four times a week. One thing is that he does not make rough use of my pussy and other thing is that I take a lot of care of my pussy.

He said... I am too happy my darling that you have this wonderful tight pussy. We both will enjoy. I will also not use it roughly and you continue to take care of it to keep this tight always.
I smiled and nodded. Then he said... One second darling... .. I have to go to the room. Condom is in my pants pocket.
I told... Never mind... I have pills, which I will take after we finish. This is very first time with you and I would not like to miss the chance to have your cock inside me first time, without condom. He agreed and I was thrilled that I will be fucked first time by a second male in my life, other then my uncle.

We stood up and he told me to band forward a little holding a handle in bathroom. I bent and widen my legs. I knew that he must be having a good view of my pussy and ass from behind. He took his cock in his hand and started rubbing it between my pussy lips. I was feeling good. His cock was touching and rubbing my clit which made me more horny, hot and wet. Juices started flowing out of my pussy and the shower was still on. I was fully ready for pussy fucking and he understood it. He stopped rubbing his cock on my pussy and put it on my pussy hole. He told me... May I come in darling...? ...
I said... Most welcome dear... But slowly?.
He said... OK... and pushed his cock.

I could feel that his cock head slipped in side of my pussy. As my pussy was still tight, I knew that two or three strong pushes form Ramesh will enter his cock fully in side. He pulled back fully and there was a strong stroke from him. Although, my pussy was fully wet and lubricant, I had little pain that time, but it was bearable. I knew that there was a full enjoyment after this little pain. He again pulled out some part of his cock and pushed it harder again inside holding my back. I moved my one hand between my legs to know position of his cock. It was almost in side, a little portion was outside. He holds my waist tight from behind and made a hard stroke without pulling out and my pussy had eaten his full cock. I was feeling that time like I am having a long, thick and hot steel rod in side of my pussy. His balls were hanging between my widen legs. Ramesh stopped and said... How are you feeling dear!!! I should hold or go ahead.

I was very happy that he also cares about me like my uncle. I told him... DON'T STOP NOW... DO IT.

He pulled half of his cock and again pushed it fully inside. He started stroking slowly and juices were continued to flow from my pussy. He was in standing position holding my back and ass. I was in little bent position holding one of the handle in bathroom. You can say that it was a position between standing and doggy. I have also started moving my back along with his strokes. When he was pushing inside, I was moving my ass backward to have the cock fully inside.

Both of our strokes matching with each other's strokes and the speed of strokes increased. I felt that I was near to my climax, I have increased speed of movement of my ass and in return he also increased his stroking speed. I was moaning in pleasure... Oh dear... oh... aah... fast dear... yes... yes... like this dear... oh... oh ... I love you darling... .. Fast darling... .. Fast... yes... fast... Fast... Fast. His back was moving very fast like a machine. Oh... oh... oh... My climax was very near due to which my body muscles started to stiffen and... and... And... I soughed in pleasure... ... oh Ramesh... OH DARLING... ... Oh dear... I love you and I was FINISHED.

I reached and got a very good orgasm. I have tightened my legs and my muscles in side my pussy started losing and tightening. Ramesh understood that I got orgasm and he stopped stroking for the moment. His cock was still dancing in my pussy. I knew that he is still in mid way of pleasure. After few minutes I have widen my legs again and I was ready for another orgasm. The signal reached up to him and again he had started stroking. This time stroking was easier for him as my pussy was completely wet inside. He had increased his speed gradually and once again we were in deep fuck. I was really happy that Ramesh last that long in sex.

He has increased his speed very fast and there was a good sound and music when he was touching his stomach to my ass under shower while stroking.

I was again near to my next orgasm and I felt his cock becoming stiffer inside of my pussy. I understood that he is also near his ejaculation. I have tightened my pussy muscles as I wanted to have my orgasm together with his climax. He also started moaning ... JULEE... JULEEEEEEE... I LOVE YOU DARLING... MY JULEE... MY JULEEEEEEEEE.

I was sounding... .. yes... yes... yes darling... .. oh... oh... oh Rameshhhhhhhhhhhhhh and I reached another orgasm. Same time he also sounded. JULEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEE and reached his climax and I could feel his fire of warm cum with a great force inside of my pussy. He leaned on me and hugged me tight in the same position. His cock was still dancing in my pussy and we both were in haven.

We took shower and returned to bed room. I have given him my dad's gown and I was wearing my own see through gown. We returned to drawing room and I put our lunch in microwave. Ramesh was looking at my boobs and at my ass and pussy through my gown. I knew that my body parts were clearly visible to him and making him mad again. We took our lunch and went to the bedroom. We both were lying on the bed in our birthday suit. I had put both the gowns back in ward robe. I was on him in his arms and he was kissing me. I knew that He wants more fuck and I wanted that too.

This is already a long story to read. So without mentioning details, I say that once again we started the game of love sex in the bedroom. This time I had fucked him in girl on top position till I get first orgasm and after that he fucked me on my top in + position. I wish to write that this is a very unique position for fucking but we had to adjust our position well for the strokes.

I had a good fucking that day. First time fuck with my boy friend and we both were happy and satisfied. We dressed up, took car mat and empty lunch box and started from the farm house towards our home.

On the way, we discussed about anal sex and like my uncle, Ramesh also told me that this is very painful, particularly for girls and also not good for health. There are bright chances of infection in ass fucking. I told Ramesh that I wish to have this experience once. Then He laughed and said... OK dear!! I will fuck your virgin ass when we get married. Since then, my ass is still virgin to offer my husband on the first night after marriage.

For information of the readers, Ramesh is now working as a marketing manager in Delhi with a MNC and we are engaged with our parents? permission. We will be a married couple by December 2009. A VERY HAPPY ENDING OF OUR LOVE AND SEX STORY ACCORDING TO OUR WISH.




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Chapter 7