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The Quickies

Quickie No. 1 - On the way to home.

It was a driving journey of about 500 kilometers and still there were nearly 200 kilometers was to be traveled to reach home. We were in the running car for several hours while returning after attending a social function. The journey was wearying us both, and the frustrations were starting to show on both of us. I was at the wheel. I was driving carefully, but wishing the journey to be over soon, because I wanted to have a warm bath as soon as it was possible.

We were not sitting quite in the car. My husband fondled my boobs many a times while I was driving and I too took advantage of the situation by moving my hand over his cock. I was driving and because of that I did not take his cock out from his pants and my husband was also taking all the care for not to disturb my driving.

After few moments, the heat in our bodies started to show its effect and I looked in his eyes. He gave me the positive signal and I could not wait for an adventurous quickie on the way in the car. The fuck heat started to rise and I could notice the same on my husband?s face too. I waited for my husband for some time to express his fuck desire for a quickie on the way to home. But I could not wait longer.

Suddenly, I pulled over the car down to the highway on the narrow service road. I found the shelter of some trees and have stopped the car.

"I am tired. I need some refreshment." I said.

"So as I." He reacted. We knew it very well that what we wanted.

It was not a time and place for a detailed and lengthy full fuck with a lot of foreplay. The time was for a real quickie.

I did not waste much time and started the real act immediately. The place, where I stopped the car was a right place for a quick fuck. Our car was away from highway and also away from the narrow service road, where it was not possible for any traveler either on the highway or on the service road to find us fucking in the car.

I unbuckled my seat belt of driving seat and moved over on top of him. He kissed him hard. His hands started to travel down my back, finding their way under my skirt. He ran his fingers along the edge of my panty and grasped at my butt. I understood that he too wanted to fuck me very badly.

I started to unbutton his shirt. Feeling his muscle underneath, I revealed his perfectly sculpted shoulders. I lifted my shirt over my head, and unhooked my bra. I could feel erection of his cock started to build against my thigh.

He continued exploring the edge of my panty and his fingers were slipping on my pussy wetness. I stood up briefly to allow my panty and skirt to fall on the floor of the car. He gently pinched my nipples taking in the view of my naked body. My eyes were closed and I was focusing on the feeling of his hands. He reached up for my face and drew me to him, kissing me more tenderly. His tongue was gently reaching inside my mouth.

I pulled back slightly and looked at him. The muscles on his chest, his face were alight with fuck lust. Slowly, I undid his belt. I dropped to my knees on the car floor and pulled off the last of his clothes releasing his erected cock out of the covers. I opened up his legs and was kissing and gently biting along his inner thigh. I found my way to his balls. I gently hold them and was sucking each one in my mouth. Licking around his balls, I turned my tongue all the way to his cock tip. My breath caught in my throat as I took as much as was possible length of his long and thick erected hot dick in to my mouth at once. I stopped at the hilt. I knew that my swallowing and sucking his cock was giving him pleasure. I alternated this with teasing his cock head with my lips, tongue and inside roof of my mouth. Each time, I felt him start to get more excited. I pulled back to get him more turned on.

My hand moved towards my handbag and I took out a condom. I opened the wrapper of the condom and have gently slid the condom onto his erected cock. I arranged myself on top of him, sliding the tip of his fuck tool across my clitoris. I took his cock inside my pussy briefly, before rubbing myself with him again.

Eventually, I started sliding his cock inside my pussy slowly. He let me take my time, feeling the warmth of my wrapping around him. My boobs were softly slapping on his face. He took one of my nipples in his mouth and I felt a shiver run through all through my body. He was gently moving his hands over my back and legs which was causing goose bumps on my naked body. I responded with faster and deeper thrusts of his cock in to my wet pussy. Our breathing were synchronize with our movement. His hands came to hold my hips. He was softly guiding my fucking motion and was supporting our fuck.

When we built up a rhythm, I pulled myself up off of him. I turned around to face the windscreen, before taking his standing hot cock inside my pussy again. My breathing were quickened and I was moaning softly. His fingers found my clitoris and my moans became deeper and louder. He kissed the back of my neck while fucking me.

"It feels so good." I whispered.

I could not take it anymore. He wrapped his free hand around my waist and he drove his cock into my pussy hard. He could feel that my body was tensing as I was about to reach up to my orgasm. The feeling of his fucking cock inside of my pussy was too much to control my orgasm. I felt a thrill going through my naked body as I let out the loud groan that signified my orgasm. I bucked against him as I was enjoying my orgasm.

After a few moments, he lifted me off him and switched the positions on the car seat in one quick motion. He crouched on the floor, looking up at me. My nipples were hard and were pointing towards him. My boobs were moving up and down to the rhythm of my still rapid breathing. He opened up my legs.
Gently he opened up my labia, and lightly blew on my clitoris. A shiver of pleasure ran up in my body, and I gasped as he tweaked a nipple with his free hand. He lapped at the wetness on my thighs with his tongue, tasting me on my soft pussy skin. With his one finger, he teased me. Putting the tip of his finger inside my pussy, he was moving his finger up towards my clit. Slowly, he pushed his finger inside my pussy.

After his massive cock, his finger felt so small to me inside of my pussy. But, when he curled it up and found my g-spot, I felt the waves of pleasure which started to build again in my pussy. He was pressing my g-spot in an echo of his finger thrusting. He slipped his another finger into my pussy easily, giving me new sources of enjoyment and was fucking my pussy with his two fingers. He lowered his lips on my clitoris and he kissed it, before running his tongue across it. He paid full attention to the changes in my breathing and was repeating the movements that elicited the best response from me. I could not control my ass from lifting off the seat.

I tightened my pussy around his fingers with increasing frequency. When he felt me near the edge of my orgasm, he just placed the tip of his one finger on my anus. He was holding me through my shudders when I was experiencing the orgasm, large at first and then weakening until it subsided completely. He waited a moment before moving back slightly to look at me.

I had two wonderful orgasms in the quickie on the way to our home.

Now, it was the time to milk my husband?s cock which was eager to cum. I took control of his erected, condom worn cock and have started to jerk it hard right from the first jerk. I left jerking his cock only when he fired his cum under the condom. His cum inside the condom was looking like a small bulb on the tip of his cock.

We had our clothes on again over our bodies, without inner wears and drove towards our home.

The rest of the drive passed without any other incident, and it was much quicker than it had seemed before.

Quickie No.2 - After Lunch

We stand up, and move into the hallway, as my husband has to go back to work after a nice and quiet lunch we had together at home.

We hugged and gave each other a squeeze. I stared into his eyes, and he kissed me gently on my cheek, and then on my lips. I felt that his tongue was trying to push into my mouth. I parted my lips allowing entry of tongue in to my mouth.

Up to this point, I was not having any idea about the result of our kiss. It was a casual kiss which I receive every time from my husband when he goes out. I was not knowing that this simple kiss will drag us in a fucking.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips onto my lips sealing them together with an energetic kiss. I pulled myself closer to him and I rubbed my body against growing hardness of his cock under his pants.

His hands gripped my bum, and he begin to pull my skirt higher. I moaned because his hands finally found the naked flesh of my bum. He griped me harder, and kissed me more deeply. I kissed him back, and slipped my hand between us and begins to massage his growing cock. He moaned and I opened the zip of his pants. I griped his hard cock in my hand.

He reached to the edge of my panties and he started to pull my panties down. He removed my panty completely form my body making my ass naked under my skirt. He also pulled my skirt down and dropped it on to the floor.

I wrapped one leg round him, and pulled his hard and hot cock out of his trousers, and presses it right on the wet lips of my pussy. He pushed his cock forward and I felt that the head of his engorged cock was slipped into my wet and waiting cunt.

We moaned in unison out of the fuck heat emanating from our connected groins. We were standing there, con-joined, and the delicious sensations was building within both of our bodies. He carefully slid one hand from my ass, and begins to knead my full and firm boobs. I was feeling that my nipples were hardening and they were showing through the material of my bra and shirt. I leaned my head forward, and begin kissing his face and neck, while slowly stroking his hard cock. We kissed again and enjoyed the taste of each other. The kiss ended, and our lips braked apart. Both of us were gasping for the breath and we were ready for the real fuck action.

I moved my hand away from his cock and griped him hard round his neck by lifting myself onto my tip-toes. He pressed himself closer and slid his cock deeper into my willing and wet pussy. Our lips met again in a feverish kiss, and he started to move his cock in and out of my pussy.

He pushed me harder against the wall and I responds well by lifting myself higher. He griped my ass tightly and I wrapped my other leg around his waist allowing him to penetrate his big cock deeper in to my pussy. He started fucking me by ramming his rigid cock hard and deep into my pussy.

I bite on his neck, encouraging him in his efforts, because I was very near to reach my orgasm. I shuddered with orgasmic delight and I started to cum. My body was responding in the way I loves and he was continue to fuck me. As my orgasm peaked, I felt my already wet pussy was getting wetter. He was fucking me nonstop in spite of my orgasm. I knew that I will have another orgasm by the time he fire his cock cum.

Fucking turned wilder because his thrusts were getting faster, I felt his balls were tightening. I understood that he is nearing in his cum firing. I was also very close to my next orgasm. Wild and quick fucking was in full swing and I experienced a wild orgasm again. He pushed is fucking cock deep inside of my pussy and then gone rigid as his cock started to pump steamers of thick hot spunk deep into my pussy. He pushed me hard against the wall and his legs were locked as he was firing and pumping his cum in my cunt. I was still on a high from my orgasm and I was feeling his spunk pouring into me. I was holding him tight because he pumped his cock a few more times in to my pussy emptying his balls.
Our lips met again, in a hot post-orgasmic kiss.

I smiled at him, and he smiled back.

?Sorry babe, I have to go back to work.? He whispered.

?OK.? I said, "I suppose we need to get cleaned up before wearing the clothes.?

We carefully disentangled ourselves, and as I picked up my panty and skirt from the floor, he caressed my tight bum. I looked at him and I stood up.
His cock was hanging out of his trouser and was becoming softer. He grabbed some tissue papers from the table and cleaned his cock before pushing it back to his trouser.

He left for his office but not before kissing me again and I knew that this quickie was not enough for both of us. There will more and more fucking between us when he returns from the office in the evening.




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Chapter 70