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It was my second move in past few months that I found my new lesbian fuck partner. And this time, it was a pair of a mother and daughter.

Readers are aware that there is a nice swimming pool, just behind our apartment, from where I can see and watch people from the balcony of our first floor. Sometime, I enjoy the scenes at swimming pool with my husband too. We enjoy people, both males and females, swimming and sun bathing in different types of swim suites. It is a nice time pass for me when I am alone at the home while my husband goes the office. We have a nice and beautiful lady domestic help to look after our home and our child, so I get some time to enjoy my favorite hobbies.

We had a new neighbor, just opposite to our apartment across the road. They moved in just two days ago. That is a nice and small single story apartment with two bedrooms without any boundary. Our apartment is much bigger, two story with three bedrooms and a study room on the first floor. I did not get a chance to meet them and was waiting for the week end to introduce ourselves to them with my husband.

I was relaxing and sipping some wine in my balcony on one after noon. I looked out over the swimming pool. The wine was doing a great job in my mind. I noticed a very pretty and beautiful teen aged girl walking toward the pool. I noticed that she was having a great body. She was seems to be under 18.

She was wearing a bright orange thong bikini that accented her body perfectly.

I sat back in the chair, and was watching every move of her. I loved the way she walked. She almost seemed to glide. And the way she moved in the water was beautiful. Her tall and slender body was very graceful and delicate. She climbed out of the pool and laid down on one of the lounge chairs. She was lying on her stomach and I could not help staring at her lovely out stretched beautiful body.

I am always considering myself a bi-sexual and I love equally being either with another girl or with a male.

I went in to change my clothes. I slid my dress off my shoulders and was looking at my sexy body in the mirror.

I started running my hands all over my topless and sexy body. I moved my hands over my well-shaped boobs and also down in to my panties. I was really getting in to self-love act but I changed my mind and put on a shorts and a tee shirt on my body, and went into the kitchen for preparing some evening breakfast.

Suddenly the doorbell ring and I have opened the door. I saw a beautiful woman on my door. She was a little older than me. She walked in wearing a bikini top and very short, white shorts.
?Hi! My name is Tracy.?
?Hi Tracy! I replied, ?I am Julee, nice to meet you.?

She had the beautiful, piercing blue eyes and lovely golden-brown hair that cascaded down over her shoulders. Her smile seemed to illuminate against her beautiful face, and she had those pretty, pouty lips all the girls want these days.

"I am your new neighbor and I am working here as a software consultant.?

When she walked in, I could not help in watching movements of her perfect butt. It was shaped like an upside down heart, and the way it was swaying, was very hypnotic. I could just barely make out the faint outline of her thong panties under her shorts. She did not have an ounce of fat on her body, and her skin was looking incredibly soft.

When she entered in the drawing room, I had an incredible urge to keep her there for some time.

?Would you like something to drink? I asked.
?Yes, please.? She replied, ?I would love some wine.?
?Are you sure that you are old enough to have wine?? I asked jokingly.
?Old enough to know better, but not enough to care.? She said laughing, taking my compliment. We both laughed and I poured two glasses of wine.

I could not help looking at her and I was thinking that how attractive she was. Surely she must have a husband, or at the very least a boyfriend. I started thinking about the girl in the pool, and my mind began to fill with thoughts of having sex with Tracy.

I calmed myself down with thoughts of just getting to know her better and being friends.
?So, you just moved in." I asked. ?Do you like the place??
?Yes I do?. She answered, ?I got moved in day before yesterday, and I think it will be very nice living here. How long have you lived here??
"More than one year." I replied.
?My Daughter Christy and I have been living in central Zurich since many years. We have found this place quite peaceful and all of the neighbors are seems to be really nice. I live just on the other side of you.?

We both finished our wine when she told me that she wanted to finish her walk, and get back to home to her daughter before she ran up the phone bill.

?Oh! Your daughter must be a teenager.? I asked her.
?Yes, she turned 18 this month, and I swear that phone is going to become part of her head.? She said laughing.

On her way out the door, she turned to me and gave me a little hug. She said that she enjoyed meeting me, and how she is hoping that we could get together again sometime. Before closing the door behind her, my eyes got one more glimpse of her shapely butt when she walked out of our home.
I prepared some Indian dishes for evening breakfast and I thought that I should give some part of it to Tracy and her daughter for tasting Indian food. I put some items in a vessel and walked towards Tracy's home, on the opposite side of the road.

When was about to knock their door, I heard some moaning. It took me a while to realize that it was not just in my head, and I began to listen very intently. It was coming from inside of Tracy's home, probably very near on inside the door. My eyes flew open in shock and surprise. It could Tracy. I quickly went to the window near the door. The moaning voices were getting louder.

I pressed the window glass. Window moved a little from the frame but it was locked form inside. My suspicions were confirmed. The moaning was coming from the other side of the window. I had no way of knowing who it was, but it was Tracy's apartment. As my mind became tainted with lust, I wondered if it could be her daughter. I did not care and let my mind wonder in fantasy.
I heard clearly the voice:
"Oh Christy, that was incredible. Now lay down and let me take care of you.?

My jaw dropped to the floor! It was Tracy's voice! I pressed my ear even tighter on the bottom of the glass trying to hear every word, every moan, and every breath of passion coming from the other side of the window.

?Mmmmm. Do you like that Mom?? I heard a young voice saying;
?Oh yes baby, you know Mommy loves your tongue. Keep going.?

I could hear Tracy starting to moan louder, and I was sure that she was getting ready to have an orgasm. I heard her starting to moan louder and louder.

?Oh Christy! Make Mommy cum! Yes baby! Yesssssss!?
I could not stand there more, because I did not want any one from our neighborhood to see me standing there and hearing the voices through the window of a closed house. I rushed back to my house.

I put the vessel on the table which was in my hands. I was feeling too hot and horny. It was not possible any more to control myself.

I sat down on the couch there. I closed my eyes and began moving my hand over my body. I ran my hand over my boobs and pinched my nipples. I was getting lost in ecstasy. I put my hand down on to my pussy, and I found that it dripping wet. I rubbed my clit and slid my fingers deep in to my wet pussy. I was feeling incredibly hot, and I knew that I was going to have that orgasm that I did not have just an hour ago. I was now fucking myself like a mad woman. I was just about to explode.

My pussy tightened up around my fingers, and I came harder. My hand was covered wet with my pussy juice that was now flowing out of my pussy like a faucet. I sat there in total orgasmic bliss. My body was completely spent, and my mind was beginning to come back to Earth.

?What had just happened?? I thought. Tracy and her daughter had sex in their house. I knew about incestuous relationships because I am one of them.
I informed this incident to my husband when he returned home from office in the evening. He was happy to hear and he congratulated me for a bright possibility that l may be having some new fuck friends, just across the road. He fucked me hard in the night and we went to sleep.

My husband went to the office and I was thinking about Tracy and her daughter. I went to open the sliding door of our balcony at the first floor to let some fresh air in. I saw the same beautiful girl at the pool again.

She was really a gorgeous girl! She was wearing a bright green swim suit this time, but it was of the same style. The fabric of the thong was going deliciously up her but crack, and I could feel my mouth begin to produce water. I stood there for a long while and was watching this young goddess parade around the pool. I started thinking about her. I wanted to touch her and feel her skin, and before I knew it, my hand was inside of my shorts rubbing my pussy. I could not believe what was happening to me. I wanted that girl so badly naked with me for a lesbian fuck. I was in the grips of lust, and I was enjoying it.

After watching her for a while, another gorgeous body caught my eye coming out of the rest rooms next to the pool. She was wearing a dazzling swim suit that was looking like it was made of gold. It was shimmering in the sun light, and was clung to her like a second skin. My eyes had just focused on this beauty and I noticed it was Tracy! Oh my god! Two of the most beautiful female bodies were at the same place! I was really glad to see them.

Tracy was walking towards the young girl who was now lying on a lounge. She stopped right next to her. I figured that she was admiring the young girl's beautiful and sexy body as I was doing. Tracy knelt down and began talking to the young girl. They talked for a while, and then Tracy leaned down and kissed the young girl right on her lips! I almost came in my panties. I anticipated that she may be her daughter Christy. I could see a resemblance between them. I was so deep in thought, that I did not see that Tracy was looking up in my direction. When I came to my senses, I looked out to see that Tracy was looking right at me.

I waived my hand towards her to say hello. I was thinking about the sounds coming from the other side of the window last night. Both the beautiful females, mother and daughter and a pair of lesbian partners were out by the pool. My pussy was drenched by that time. I lay there on the floor and rubbed my pussy and my clit up to an orgasm for which I was just thinking.

I lay there for a while longer and then slowly stood back up to look outside again. Tracy and her daughter were gone by that time. I was still feeling shaking from the excitement racing through my mind. I was incredibly turned on by thinking about Tracy and her daughter. At least my nasty mind was hoping that it was her daughter. I was beginning to give in to my body?s desire to touch another girl.

I just finished my lunch when the doorbell rang. I quietly walked over and peered out the window next to the door. My heart jumped when I saw that it was Tracy. She was still wearing her bikini with a sarong wrapped around her waist.

I opened the door and Tracy stepped in. She smiled at me.
?Hi sweetie. What are you up to??
?Not much, just finished my lunch.? I said.
?What are you doing in afternoon?? She asked very happily.
?Nothing important. Tell me." I said.
?I invite you to come over to my place, and spend the evening with my daughter Christy and me.? She said, eagerly.
I looked into her pretty eyes and said, ?OK.?
She gave me a smile and turned back.

I went in to my bedroom to get ready. I decided to dress sexy, but not over the top.

I sprayed perfume on my body and put on my favorite matching lace panty and bra set. I looked at myself in the mirror. As always, I was looking hot! I decided to wear a pair of shorts and a blouse. I did not want to look desperate, but I still wanted to be accessible.

I left my apartment and started walking towards Tracy's home on the other side of the road. I could hear the music coming from Tracy's apartment. I could smell the food which Tracy may be cooking. I rang her doorbell. When the door opened, I swear, my jaw dropped. It was the same young girl from the pool. So, I was correct.

?Hi. I am Christy. You must be Julee?? She said.
I put out my hand and said, ?Yes! I am Julee, and it is so nice to meet you.?
"I am sure that you are Julee of "My Sexual Autobiography." There cannot be so much co-incidents. I am one of the member of My Sexual Autobiography Group and I have seen your photos too. And you are in Switzerland as mentioned on your profile. Oh my god! I could not believe. I am a big fan of you, your stories and of your group." She said all in one breathe.

Tracy came out of the kitchen with a glass of wine for me and invited me to sit on the sofa.
"Mom! What I was saying to you? She is the same Julee. She addressed to her mother.
"Yes darling. I made it sure by meeting her twice and that is why I invited her to meet you." Tracy replied to her daughter.

There were a lot of talking about My Sexual Autobiography and I could notice that Tracy and Christy, both mother and daughter were giving me a lot of respect being a writer of My Sexual Autobiography. I do not wish to mention all that talking here.

Christy was looking at me and was expressing herself very happy.
I drank that glass rather quickly, and Christy offered me another. Christy took the glass from me, and her fingers touched on my fingers. I looked at her, and she had a very sexy smile, very much like her Mother?s.

My body was starting to quiver, and the excitement was beginning to build up inside of me. Christy brought me another glass of wine and she sat down on the table directly in front of me. She was wearing a mini skirt, and a stretch-knit top.
?We just moved in here. I am glad, because my mom needs company of someone to hang out with. Don?t you think that my mom is hot?? She expressed herself directly.

She was so beautiful and still a teenager. I kept seeing her in the pool in that bikini.

"I met your mom yesterday. And, did you ask if I thought she is looking hot?? I said.

Just then, Tracy came out wearing an amazingly tight skirt, and a sleeveless sweater top. I could notice that Tracy was not wearing any panties or bra under her outer clothes. I was glad that I had decided to wear panties, because my pussy was already getting very wet.

?I am so glad that you could make it Julee.? Tracy said. ?It has been a long time since I had anyone to entertain like this, it feels good to me.?
?Yeah! Mom needs some friends to hang out with, she gets so depressed when I go out with my friends.? Christy supported her mother.

?Well, I am also glad to meet you both, and I am glad to have such nice neighbors.? I said, feeling the relaxing effects of the wine.

Tracy had prepared some cheese enchiladas, and it was smelling wonderful. We all sat down at the table and started eating. While eating, I felt a hand on my thigh, and I knew that it was Tracy. Feeling bold, and extremely horny, I put my hand on top of hers. She looked at me and grinned.

I asked Christy where she was planning to go to college, and what plans she had for her life. She told me that she really wanted to be a Veterinarian, and would like to work with animals in some way. She told me that the one thing she did not like about this apartment, was that she could not have all of her animals here in this small apartment.

While Tracy got up to get the bottle of wine, Christy leaned over to me and said,
?I think my mom really likes you, I can tell these things. She is only wanted to be with women since my Dad passed away, and I you are very sexy and pretty too.?

I thanked her for her compliment. Tracy returned with a new bottle of wine. She filled all of our glasses, and then started to clear the table.
Tracy sat down and turned her chair towards me and placed her hand on my arm. She told me that how glad she was that she moved there. She told me that she had been very lonely. She said that I was very attractive, and that she recognized me from the moment she saw me. They both informed me that they purposely went to the swimming pool, because they knew it very well from my previous story "IN THE SWIMMING POOL BY MOONLIGHT, - Part - 63" that I love to watch people there.

I was flattered! I had never had anyone go to that much trouble just to meet me before. My attraction was growing for Tracy; it was becoming something deeper than just physical. She invited me over to the couch and we sat down. She turned-up the stereo. She slid over next to me and put her arm around me. It felt really nice. She pulled me closer to her and I began to feel me as the wine was taking effect. She began lightly stroking my hair.

I could hear the clanking of dishes in the kitchen, and Christy was asking if she should open another bottle of wine. Tracy said that it would be a good idea. Christy came in and sat next to me with a fresh bottle of wine.

Tracy put her hand on my leg, and began stroking it. I was feeling very horny. Tracy lifted my head and kissed me right on my lips. My lips melted into hers, and I felt Christy's hand was sliding up inside my shorts and was rubbing my thigh. I moaned into Tracy's mouth, as her tongue went past my teeth and into my mouth.

As Tracy was tantalizing my lips, Christy was slowly removing my shorts and was exposing my white lace panties. Tracy broke the kiss and handed me my glass of wine. I took a sip and Christy started unbuttoning my blouse.
I always enjoy more of lesbian sex when I was being dominated by my lesbian fuck partner. I was enjoying the treatment I was receiving from a lesbian mother - daughter.
Christy leaned over to her Mom. I watched the mother and daughter French kissing each other. They began to undress each other. Christy took Tracy's tight sweater and slowly lifted it up over her head. She looked over at me and said;
?Wanna help me??

I leaned over and started kissing Tracy?s neck, and had closed my eyes in enjoyment, when I felt a hand on my upper thigh. It was Christy?s. She was running her hands up and down on her mother?s legs as well as mine while she was kissing Tracy's tummy.

?Oh baby, I think our guest needs more attention than that.? Tracy said in a moaning voice.

With that, Christy turned all her attention towards me. She cupped my face and kissed me full on my lips. Her lips were so hot and soft. Tracy took the opportunity to unfasten my bra. She was running her hand over my back while her daughter was kissing me. Christy pulled away and looked deep in my eyes. She said that she was going to make me very happy because she consider herself a biggest fan of mine. She told me to just lie back and enjoy it.

I leaned back into the couch, and Christy started kissing down on my body. She began caressing my legs as she was looking up at me. She ran her hands up my sides and began rubbing my shoulders. I was lost in her sexy touch. Her touch was like electricity, but yet as soft as a feather.

She was pressing her hot little teenage body against my body.

Tracy got off the couch and went around behind her daughter. She undid Christy?s bra, and let it fall to the floor exposing her beautiful boobs. They looked to be about a 32C and were so firm and lovely with no sag at all, and her nipples were small and dark.

?Do you like Christy?s boobs Julee?? Tracy whispered while holding them up for me to see. She slowly rolled her nipples between her finger and thumb.

She took my hand and placed it on her daughter?s boobs. She held it there for a while, and I could feel that her teenage nipples were hardening in my hand.
Tracy told me that she wanted to watch Christy making love to me. While she said this, Christy started removing my soaked panties.

She slid my panties down my legs and off. Instead of throwing my panty on the floor, she brought it to her face, and inhaled my pussy juices deeply. She moaned with delight. This was driving me crazy! Then she offered my panties to her mother for her to smell it too. Tracy took my panties from her and rubbed it on her face.

Christy stood up in front of me and began removing her miniskirt. As she was doing this, she made a point of bending over at the waist by pointing her flawless butt right at me. The thong panties she was wearing matched her tan lines perfectly. I was now salivating at this delicious sight in front of me.

She ran her lovely fingers over my boobs and around my hardening nipples. I was trembling! Christy lowered her head and gently kissed each of my rock-hard nipples. She lightly sucked each one of my nipples in to her warm mouth. It felt incredible to me. While she was sucking my boobs, she slid her hands down to my waist and began sliding her finger up and down on my wet slit. She was kissing down my body and suddenly she pushed her finger inside of my wet pussy.

She was now at eye level with my soaked pussy. She ran her other hand over my tummy caressing my body. She was inhaling my aroma, which was now filling my nostrils as well. I have a very strong sweet scent and I love it. She obviously did too.

I looked over at Tracy. She had removed her bra. She was having my panties up to her face, and her hand was down in her panties. I could hear the squishing sound coming from her crotch because she was rubbing her pussy frantically.

Christy slipped her hands under my butt, and kissed my pussy lips. At that moment, I had my first orgasm. It caused me to arch my back and push my pussy into her face. She slipped her tongue in to my pussy, and I could feel her long tongue moving around inside of my pussy.

As Christy was giving me the best licking, Tracy had reached her limit. She came over and straddled my face. I was now staring at her panty covered pussy. I ran my hands around her waist and over her butt. I buried my face into her crotch and inhaled her aroma. It was like a drug. My mind started to spin, and my vision went fuzzy.
I slid my hands inside the elastic band of her panties, and slid them slowly down her smooth legs. Her pussy was completely clean shaved like my pussy. I could not believe how soft her pussy was in spite of a mother of teen aged girl. She started running her hands through my hair and was moaning. She pushed her pussy forward onto my face and I stuck out my tongue and tasted the wetness of her pussy.

Her pretty pussy was dripping the amazingly sweet, light, creamy nectar onto my tongue, but I could not get enough. She spread her legs wider and I pushed my tongue deeper into her wet slit of pussy. I felt like I could eat her alive. I never wanted this to end.

Christy's amazing tongue was bringing me to another incredible orgasm. She and Tracy had turned my whole body into a complete erogenous zone. I was licking Tracy's pussy as deep as I could. She grabbed my head and pulled my face into her crotch and said:
?Oh Yes! Oh Julee! I am going to fill your mouth with my Cum.?

I made her cum, and I was very excited. I grabbed Christy's head and pushed my pussy on to her mouth, and I came again.

We separated, and all took a drink of wine. Christy mentioned that how much tasty my pussy juices were. Tracy leaned down and kissed her daughter, licking my pussy juices off of her lips. She agreed with her.

Tracy laid me on the bed. She loved to touch me. More than just to feel my skin, but to feel my soul. Her hands were giving me so much pleasure that I almost could not control myself. It was like having a thousand fingers on my body at the same time. Her hands and her kisses gave me another orgasm without her even touching my pussy.

By the time she began touching my pussy and my boobs, I was so incredibly excited, that I could have had an orgasm by her voice alone. She would not have had to do much more. When her fingers entered in my pussy, I came immediately. I never knew I was capable of squirting, but I did. She was very pleased at this, and lowered her mouth to my pussy to catch all of my flowing juices.

Christy asked me if I would like to taste her pussy. Tracy was doing amazing things in my crotch that rendered me speechless. Christy took her two fingers out of her pussy that she was fingering her own pussy with, and placed them on my tongue. I savored her pussy juices taste. It was as sweet as Tracy?s, but her juices were little thicker. Then she straddled my face and I slid my tongue deep into her pussy. I was amazed at how wonderful it was to be smothered in a teenage pussy.

She was humping my face and Tracy pressed a finger in to my asshole. Tracy slowly moved her finger around my butt in tiny circles, and my anus started to open up to her. I now wanted this so badly, I begged her for it.
?Put it in my ass! Please!!!? I said, in a muffled voice

Christy moaned softly as I was continuing sucking on her very sweet pussy, and I felt her Mother?s finger piercing my rectum. It slid deep inside of my ass hole. Then she slid her thumb into my already dripping pussy, and began sucking on my clit. I was awe-struck! All of these sensations combined, almost caused me to faint from sheer pleasure. I did not even feel that an orgasm was building inside of me. It was like that my whole body was like an orgasm, and I could not think or even breathe.

When I came, I went completely rigid, and numb for a moment. I must have passed out in pleasure, because the next thing I remember was opening my eyes and seeing Tracy and her daughter Christy lying next to me, each with a glass of wine, and with huge smiles on their faces.

?Would you like some?? Tracy asked me handing me a glass of wine.
?Are you OK?? She asked me.
?Holy Shit!? I exclaimed, taking the glass from her. ?Both of you, mother and daughter are wonderful fuckers.?
?How many girls have you been with?? I asked, still trying to catch my breath.
?Not many.? She replied. ?But you are by far the best.?

Christy leaned over and kissed me on my cheek. I told them that after I had seen Christy in the pool the other day, I had a dream about her making love with her, but that the dream in no way compared to this. I told them that I wanted to give them the same pleasure they given me. Tracy set her wine on the table and pulled me on top of her.

I started kissing at her ear lobes, and then around her neck. I was entranced by the softness of her skin, and its natural aroma. As I reached her boobs, she cupped them and offered them to me like a present. I kissed around each one of her boobs and sucked her nipples into my mouth.

It is always a wonderful sensation to suck on another woman?s boobs, and I was lost in love. My hands were exploring the rest of her sexy body and I kissed my way down her stomach. Her narrow waist and flat stomach would be the envy of any woman, and it was all mine to enjoy right now.

My tongue continued its journey downward until once again my nose was filled with the succulent aroma of Tracy's pussy. She lifted and spread her legs and I kissed around the soft lips of her beautiful pussy. I felt like I was making love to a sex goddess. I closed my eyes and lowered my mouth to her pussy and slipped my tongue deep inside her wonderful pussy. Once again, her sweet creamy juices were covered all over on my tongue. I had another orgasm from that alone.

Christy was behind me and was rubbing my body. I slipped a finger inside of Tracy's pussy. I moved my fucking finger around slowly and I felt her inner walls of pussy were like velvet. I moved my wet finger out of her pussy and started rubbing it around her ass. She pushed her ass down on my finger, and with a slight push, my finger slipped deep into her perfect rectal orifice.

I started sucking on her pussy and her clit too while fingering her ass. Her breathing started to quicken. I could feel that her anus was clamping around my finger, and my tongue was being pushed out of her pussy from the contractions of her pussy. I kept up my diligent rhythm, and it was not long until I was given my reward.

She wrapped her legs around my head and pushed her hot pussy on to my face. I had to struggle to breath, but I did not stop from what I was doing. I kept the fucking rhythm and the pressure on her clit and her ass. And then she exploded into a massive orgasm. She flung her legs open wide, and I was awarded with her pussy juice bath. Her pussy juices were literally sprayed out of her pussy and covered my face. I was so incredibly turned on by this, that I rubbed my face around and on her pussy. I made it sure that her pussy juices covered every inch of my face.

I crawled up and straddled her crotch with mine so that our pussies were pressed together. I started humping on her pussy, and she followed my lead and she started humping on my pussy as well.
Christy came up to me and she started kissing me. She was licking her Mother?s pussy juices from my face. I could hear the delightful squishing sound of our wet pussies mashing together. It was so damn sexy! I grabbed her leg and pushed against her wet slit with mine. My clit was actually in between the lips of her pussy, and it was driving me crazy. Tracy and I, both have reached again and we both had another massive orgasm. I collapsed on the bed next to her.

Christy then got down and began to lick both of us clean. She was an expert and was making sure that every little crevice was cleaned. Tracy and I were having tiny orgasms while her daughter was on her cleaning job.
Afterwards, Christy crawled into bed with us and we all were in each other?s arms.


Chapter 71