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Dear Readers
Here is my gift to all on the occasion of New Year 1914. Read and enjoy. . . . . .

All were started when our house keeping lady went on leave for one week to visit her daughter. She is not only a house maid, but she is like our family member looking after every one well in the house. She was worried about us and hence, she arranged a houseboy for us during her absence. We were happy that she understands her responsibility well. The new houseboy reached our home a day before our house lady went on leave. She made him understand all the work and work schedule in our house and she went on her leave.

The new houseboy was a young, teen aged and well-built Pakistani boy and his name was Shahid. He was the son of our house lady's friend. He was quite sincere in his work. Looking at him, his behavior, his movements and his innocent, it was clear to me that he is still a virgin.

Looking I remembered Ratan, a worker at our farm house in Goa (India). Readers must be aware that I trapped Ratan to fuck me before my marriage. (Read part 8 of MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY, WITH TEEN AGED BOY). The only difference between Ratan and Shahid which I could notice that Ratan was a complete innocent boy and I noticed that Shahid was watching my back all the time when I move away from him. I also noticed that his hungry eyes were used to glue on my boobs.

Somehow, I wanted to make my memory refresh and have discussed the same with my husband. My husband asked me to go ahead with my plan to take the virginity of our houseboy. I was having only little time in my hands to take again a virgin cock of teen aged boy in to my well fucked pussy.

Finally, I decided to play the same card with Shahid which I played to trap Ratan.

It was the fourth day of Shahid's duty in our home. Only little over two days were left for me to trap him. In the afternoon, after Shahid finished all the work, I asked him if he can massage my body. He happily obeyed me and started massage on my body in my bedroom.

He started massaging my body straight away above my knees. He was working his way up, smoothing. Then he used his hands to slowly pinch and massage my thighs. I started feeling the heat in my breasts, and my pussy was started getting wet. The thin cotton t-shirt which I was wearing seemed to be too flimsy. I was wearing a thin long t-shirt and a short. Shahid could see the outline of my nipples through the thin t-shirt without any bra under it.

Shahid's gaze seemed glued to my boobs. The thought that I made him horny made me feel horny as well. It was wonderful. I closed my eyes and let myself to enjoy his touch.

Soon, he came up to the top of my thighs, and I slowly parted my legs. It felt like the sensations were sending signals from my boobs down to my swelling pussy. The juices began to flow out of my pussy, making me feel as though I was about to cum...

Shahid just could not believe what he was witnessing. A beautiful and sexy woman was laying in front of him in a transparent t-shirt. He could see delicate curves of my boobs and also the dark erected nipples. He was so close to me and I knew that he was having difficulty in resisting the urge to reach out and touch my nipples.

I saw that Shahid shivered with excitement. I knew that being near to a sexy woman like me can always excite any one. I was enjoying teasing my young houseboy. I wanted to make him so hot that he should not think anything other than fucking me. I wanted to tease him more and more, because I was enjoying it.

"You are so young. I guess I never noticed how solidly you are built. Have you been working out?" I asked him.
"Some, but I do not get much time with housework and all." He replied.
I tried to remain indifferent, but my face slowly turned crimson. My throat went dry. I was breathing hard and I could feel that my legs were shivering violently. The thought of Shahid that he is going to taste my beautiful body gave me an erotic rush. Shahid picked up his head, looked into my eyes and said,
"Madam, are you all right? Can I help you with anything?"
I shook my head. "No I will be fine. I was just thinking about something else. Thanks for asking."

My boobs moved up and down when I spoke. He tried to look other way, but every now and then, he stole a good look at me. He could not take his eyes off my boob. I saw that his cock was raging with lust under his pants and I could notice his bulge. I noticed that his stiff cock stood straight up. He tried to avoid touching his cock to me but he could not. His cock brushed on my leg.
I was happy that my plan was working well. I did not want to show my eagerness. I wanted to see that how far he can control himself or how far I can control myself.

I jumped by feeling his cock on my leg. Our eyes met and I reached down and wrapped my hand around his cock.
"Is that hard-on for me?" I asked him clearly.

It was as if he had been hit by a rock. Shahid stared at me, completely stunned. I was directly looking at him. He lowered his head. His eyes locked on my boobs, but he looked back up at my face. He could not tell anything in reply and I was having a pleasant, self-satisfied smile on my face.

"I know that you have been admiring me for quite some time and I have really enjoyed that. I too have been admiring you for quite some time. You do not need to be afraid or ashamed, just relax and do what comes naturally." I said. "Now tell me, with how many girls are your girlfriends, Shahid?" I asked him.
He looked down again and replied. "No, one, madam, I have never been with any girl..."
"Oh! You are a virgin. Well, maybe I just need to teach you a few things." I told him. I was happy to hear that he was a virgin.
"Come on, Shahid." I whispered, holding his arms. "Love me!" I said. I was really losing my control on my mind.

Seeing him hesitate, I grabbed his hand and pulled him down on me. He lowered himself over me. I wrapped my arms around his waist, holding him tight against me. My boobs pressed to his chest. I could feel my soft boobs flatten against him and my lower stomach was pressing onto his erected and virgin fuck tool. Looking up at his eyes, I whispered,
"Don't be ashamed, I know you really want this, you need it."
I grabbed his hot cock through his pants and started stroking his cock. His cock was large and thick like a matured man. I wanted it in my pussy right now. I stroked his throbbing cock harder. Shahid must have felt my hot breath over his lips when I kissed him. Our mouths melted softly together, our slippery tongues were gliding hotly in and out between our parted lips, while Shahid passionately grounded his hot and hard cock against my steaming pussy.
"Do you like what we are doing?" I whispered in his ear by gently nibbling at his earlobes.
"Yes!" He could not say more than that.

I knew that Shahid could hardly believe his luck. He must have fantasized constantly about me. I took Shahid's hands and placed them on my twin treasures. At first he hesitated but then his hands cupped my full boobs. He gripped my boobs, briefly feeling my grapes-like nipples, he started squeezing them softly, and was tweaking my hard pricking nipples. Now he got bolder. He was cupping and caressing my bosom. He leaned forward and ran his tongue along the valley of my cleavage between my sexy tits. My enjoyment indicated him to keep going, so he was licking his way closer to my tit through my t-shirt material. Shahid moaned loudly in ecstasy and closed his mouth on my boobs, through the thin cloth, and bit down on the mound of my flesh.
"May I see them madam?" Suddenly he asked me.
"Yes! Why not. Let me show them to you." I said and I slowly lifted my t-shirt, pulling it up my chest, I removed it completely. My upper body was completely exposed to Shahid. I could imagine and understand that what a wonderful sight it was for Shahid when I revealed my full and pink melons for him. His mouth fell open when he saw this wonderful sight my boobs. Those amazing boobs were now completely exposed to him and he stared at my huge pink nipples surrounded by the areola. Shahid plunged his hands down and reached out to take my boobs in his hands. So soft, so pliant, so big and so wonderful my boobs were for him. He must have thought as he was squeezing my globes with his palms. I surprised that his hands could not hold my both of my boobs completely. He took them both in his hands together and was squeezing them.

"Don't you like pinching my nipples? Pinch them, harder and harder." I ordered and he grabbed each one of my nipples and twisted them a bit in his fingers.
"Yes! Yes!" He moaned like my boobs and my nipples too were quite large for him. Of a deep pink color, my nipples were looking like a couple of bullets, surrounded as they were with the vast areola. He squeezed and pinched them, almost cruelly. He continued to twist and pinch my nipples for a few minutes. My twin tower felt good in his hands as he was rubbing them and flicking my erected nipples.
"Take them in your mouth." I told him.

He bent his head taking my boob in his mouth. He was licking my perky nubs of nipples, licking the areola in circles and moving the buds around in his hot mouth cavity. His hand found the other proud counterpart and twisted it playfully making me gasp in wonder as flood of sensations raced in my sexy body. He started sucking my tit gently and he was rubbing the other one. My hand was still working on his thick cock. As he bathed my tits with his saliva, he focused in on my nipples that stuck out so far. So he took my delicious looking nipples between his eager lips and was sucking and biting them. He drew my nipple between his lips, and was sucking it wildly and eagerly as his tongue was lapping in wet swirls.
"Ohhhh, Shahid." I sobbed softly as my boobs were swelling inside his mouth. "Ahhh... don't stop." I screamed at the top of my lungs and my hands clutched his hair tightly. I was trying to push my boobs deeper in his mouth. "Suck it harder! Oooooh, suck it harder!" I screamed.

Shahid pulled as much of my boob into his mouth as he could like he was hungry for it. The wet pull on my tit sent a wild ripple of delight down my body, causing my pussy to suck inward tightly. I was squealing in soft sounds and my eyes were blazing.

Now we were in each other's arms, and my boobs were flattened against his solid chest. Our lips clamped together as one.

"Oh Shahid, this feels so naughty but so good." I acknowledged.

I noticed that he was rubbing his cock through his pants. His bulge was really huge.

"Come on, Shahid, don't be shy ... you need to get over this shame you have been feeling. Now it is your turn to show me what you have, go ahead and don't be shy." I told him.

He did not need to be asked twice. Obediently, Shahid unhooked his pants and pulled it down. He was not wearing any under wear under his pants. His fully erected, rigid, hot and duly cut black colored cock swung up free like a released arrow. I must say that Shahid was having fucking weapon that was long and thick. I was looking at his erected cock for the first time with my eyes wide open. He also removed his shirt and became completely naked.

"Oh Shahid... What...what a beautiful cock you have. I was expecting that your dick thin and cute according to your age. But is fully developed dick." I said and my hands were eagerly and tentatively closed over his thick cock.
I wrapped my fingers around his glistening shaft. I ran my fingers through the rough coarse hairy nest at the base of his cock and gripped his hardness between my delicate fingers.

I closed my fist about his cock and was testing his hardness by squeezing it. The head of his cock seemed to bulge more, and a clear bead of love dew bubbled from his piss hole. With my fist tight around his cock, I pressed down hard, bringing a moan of delight from him. Holding the base of Shahid's cock, I ran my closed lips up and down on his long shaft. I started pumping his cock and was squeezing it a little extra at the end of each stroke. My bangles started to jangle and the beat of my hand while stroking of his cock were the only noise. I could clearly feel that his cock was throbbing and twitching under my grip. I enjoyed the different rigid warm flesh. His cock started to throb so much that it was hard to hold it in my hand. I could see that his pre-cum was leaking out from the open slit of his cock at the top.

While Shahid was sucking frantically on my tits. I asked him to suck my pussy. He could not believe what he heard from me. He was hesitating and by seeing his face, I understood that he does not know the pleasure of oral sex. He was among the persons who thinks that oral sex is not good. I did not want to waste my time to teach him about oral sex. I was happy with what I was getting. So, I decided not to waste my time in teaching and making him agree on oral sex. At the same time, I have also decided to keep myself away from giving a blow job because he may not like that too. Even though I love oral sex and I would have made him agree for that, but I did not want to do anything in which I enjoy but my fuck partner do not.
I was massaging his cock crazily. The bangles I was wearing were making rattling noise when I was stroking and massaging his cock. I could feel the churning inside his balls and saw that familiar swelling on his cock head. I knew that he could begin shooting his cum anytime. However, he continued sucking his madam's tits without bothering and waiting for his own orgasm.

Shahid was quite young and the excitement of his first ever sexual activity with a woman made him ready to burst. He could not control himself and he came suddenly by squirting his cum juices.
"Mmmaa' ammm." He hissed and his cock spurted jet after jet of ropey cum gushed forth. His first blast was like a shot, which leapt out of his cock. The next several jerks released his cum in waves over my fist. I continued to stroke his cock and was slowly milking it until he stopped spurting. His cock spurted jet after jet of hot white cum all over my palm and fingers.

He looked at the mess which he created and felt little ashamed.

I withdrew my hand from his finished cock. Streaked with his cum, I shown my hand to him and said:
"Look what you have done." I smiled at him seductively. My hands were a mess but I enjoyed the release of a young boy.

"Sorry." He apologized. He did not know what else to say. He was seems to be totally in love with me being the first lady to touch his cock. I could notice that he was sure that he would soon fuck me.

"No need to apologize. That was just the warm-up anyway." Then I added "That's good. Yes. I know you needed this, do not be embarrassed this is natural." I said like a good sex teacher because I knew that he knew nothing about sex.

"Now let me clean myself." I said.

I cleaned my hand with some tissue papers and looked at his now limp cock. He took his limp cock between his fingers and began stroking it tenderly.
"Let me take it." I said and I grabbed his cock, which was now languishing between his thighs. I took hold of it and started pumping my fist over it to revive it back, so that I could now take it in my pussy.

I was working furiously over his cock length. The warmth of my delicate hand had the right effect and I felt that his cock was slowly started to swell. I was rewarded quickly as in a minute or so, his cock swelled well. Finally, satisfied with my efforts, I left his cock.

"Now you are ready to fuck me." I said.

I unbuttoned my short and let it slid it to my feet. I was not wearing my panty under it as per my planning. Now I was completely naked before my teen aged virgin house boy Shahid. I laid down on the bed with my elbows propping me up and my legs were bent at the knees. His eyes were following my delicate feet up my long silky smooth legs to the wicked curve of my hips. He was seeing a naked beautiful woman first time in his life. My thighs are, Smooth, white creamy thighs! I was on the bed and have spread my legs exposing my delicious clean shaved pussy to my virgin house boy. He gasped when I opened my legs and showed him my cunt. I spread my thighs even farther apart, giving him a clear view of my wonderful pussy. I exposed myself before his prying eyes. Shahid was looking in total disbelief. He would have never expected that his first view of a real naked cunt would be of his madam's. For a moment, he held his breath relishing the wicked flaunt.

"Have you ever seen a woman naked before?" she asked.
He was frozen with fear and excitement.
"N-n-o, no." He stammered out. "No, I have never seen any naked woman before."
"You like my pussy? Don't you? Is it beautiful?" I asked him.
"Yes madam, yes. It is so beautiful ... so cute." He hissed.
"Are you ready?" I asked him.

He simply nodded his head. I looked squarely at the growing rod in his lap and smiled. I wanted him to fuck my pussy straight away because I knew that if I ask him to suck and lick my pussy, he may discharge again in excitement without fucking me.

"What are you waiting for? Do it now Shahid." I whispered.
"How ... how do I begin ...?" He said cutely.
"Oh! Come between my legs, I will teach you how to begin."
Shahid eagerly positioned his hips between my wide-open thighs, the bulbous head of his cock was probing majestically against my welcoming open pussy lips.

I arched my body, rubbing my horny dripping pussy against the swollen head of his cock.

Shahid readied himself to impale his cock into my wet and hot pussy. However, before he could move, I reached down between our bellies and took hold of his raging hardness by guiding the swollen head of his cock into the entrance of the hot sucking lips of my wet pussy.

"Push it in." I asked him.









Chapter 72