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I start the story right from where I left you in Part ? 72.

I closed my eyes and moaned softly. My body was jerking gently with his thrusts and my fingers were clenching his shoulders. While fucking to me, Shahid kept his eyes on my face. My pussy was fully wet, hot and tight on his pistoling and fucking cock. My hips were writhing rhythmically under him. My hips started bucking, and my moaning got louder and more frequent.

I began humping wildly beneath him and was slamming my juicy pussy up and down over his pistoling hard cock.

I felt so wonderful that I instructed him, not to move for a minute. Pleased with himself, Shahid lay motionless on top of me.

"Now, fuck me as hard as you can." I said after few moments.

Obligingly, he started banging into my pussy with as much as force of his cock he could.

Few more strokes and I had an instantaneous orgasm. I was already been on the edge for over an hour now.

I pressed my buttocks back at him, signaling him to continue the fucking, as he did not realize what happened, but I was sure that his fucking cock could feel lot of wetness and lubrication in to my pussy. Now, we both could hear the wet plopping sounds, which his cock was making when he was slamming his cock inside my fuck hole.

Shahid started fucking me again with slow and gentle strokes at first, but then I started pulling him in my pussy deeper and faster with my hands which were grabbing at his ass. My pussy was getting wetter as his cock was sliding in and out, and in and out of my hot pussy lips. My legs were spread wide and I was pulling him up to my boobs and chest. He started thrusting harder and deeper in to my pussy as guided by me.

I lifted my legs up over his shoulders, and he pushed my thighs back until they were resting against my. He was positioned on top of me that he was fucking almost straight down into her pussy. This wild position also gave Shahid the fullest access and it was allowing him to fuck even deeper into my cunt.

I lost count of my orgasms as waves of pleasure went on me often and I was incouraging him. "Ohhh ... yes ... like that ... yes ... yes ..."

Shahid picked up fucking speed effortlessly by rocking his hips swiftly up and down. His buttocks were flexing powerfully and his enormous cock was plunging and thrusting steeply in and out of my wet pussy. He was pumping his dick into my pussy like there was no tomorrow. I hissed in pleasure as he rammed his cock into my flesh. It crushed my gorged clitoris in its back and forth, to and fro passage, mashing my cunt-flesh delightfully. My naked body was lurching and jerking faster and faster under his fucking thrusts and my boobs were jiggling and bouncing. My head was flipping from side to side and I was moaning ecstatically as my juicy pussy was being pumped up and down by his virgin fucking hard cock.

"You liked it, Shahid?" I asked him. "Did you like fucking me?"
"Yes madam, yes!" He was moaning while pumping his cock and out of my delicious pussy. "You have got such a delicious body and I confess now that I was dying for it since I saw your first time."

I twisted and humped up my cunt to try conquering his cock. Quickly, I moved my hand and ringed his cock with two fingers. The extra sensations of my touch on his cock skin made his cock bulge harder.

I was gasping and bucking eagerly under him, my legs were spreading wider, my hips were rocking up and down in increasing urgency and my body was jerking and lurching in fucking pleasure.

My other hand snaked behind him and I cupped and pulled his ass closer trying to get his cock deeper inside of my pussy. But Shahid wanted to feast on my boobs. Both his hands were squeezing my boobs hard.

She arched my back making my tits look larger. He was clutching my boobs and there was a loud slapping and sucking noise and he was fucking me as hard as he could. He was fucking me nonstop since a long time and I had multiple orgasms in his one go. I did not expect the boy to be so dexterous.

Shahid was having his hands under my ass and he was lifting me off the bed and pulling me into him. As I locked my legs around his back and my pussy tightened around his cock, he felt totally at home inside me. He began exploring my pussy with his cock, driving slowly but deeper and deeper. We were totally lost in each other.

The room was filled a wild slushy sound, like a perfectly fitting piston was moving inside a watery hole.

My free flowing pussy fluid was flowing down my crack towards the bed sheet beneath my ass.
My last orgasm was really violent, my cunt convulsing frantically on his throbbing, swollen fuck tool and my body was arching. He continued ramming his cock into my pussy repeatedly till at last my orgasm ebbed. He slowed gradually, rocking his cock gently in and out of my pussy.

He pushed his cock fully into my pussy, paused, drew it out, thrust in again, and yet again, and each thrust was drawing a shuddering, cracked moan from deep in my throat.

At last, finally, with a loud, shuddering gasp, he reached to his first fucking orgasm of his life. The heat erupted from his groin and spewed in thick, hot, sticky endless spurts deep into my pussy tunnel. I too was almost Cumming and I kept squirming as my yet another orgasm began, but he held me firm with his prick deep in my vagina and fucked me frantically as his full cum load exploded inside my pussy. My pussy contracted greedily and I was milking every drop of spunk from his squirting manhood as my own orgasm shook my body.

My pussy could almost feel him inside of it still. My clit was still throbbing and I knew that my hole was still open, gaping wide, as I felt a little more of his cum dripping out of it and running down onto my ass crack.

My legs were parted wide around his narrow hips but our genitals were still merged together.

Slowly, with a soft sigh, he pulled his cock out of my fucked pussy and he slowly rolled over on his side. He cupped my boobs and was squeezing them, nibbling my earlobe.

I took his wet and flaccid cock between my fingers and stroked it affectionately.

Later that night, I informed my husband about my fucking experience with virgin Shahid. My husband too fucked me hard as always. I was feeling proud to take virginity of another young boy.

In the morning, Shahid kept his daily routine as normal. He got up early morning, prepared breakfast and served it to us. My husband left for office after breakfast. My son was still sleeping and I went to my son's bedroom to wake him up as he was supposed to go out with Melina. I made my son ready for outing and he went out with Melina for the day for outing.
So, Shahid and I were alone at home. Shahid was busy in the kitchen when he felt my pair of hands gripping his shoulders from behind.

He did not move. I placed my hand between his thighs on his cock, which was raising now.

He turned to face me and hugged his mistress. He pushed his hips forward and immediately started rubbing the head of his raging cock against my crotch. He pulled me close to him right there in the kitchen, and we attacked each other. We started to kiss deeply and I was slowly stroking his cock.

He grabbed my boobs. I allowed him to move his hand inside my bra less top. He took hold of my luscious boobs.
"Take them, but tell me how you became so sexy so suddenly?" I asked him. ?Because of you madam! Who can be else other than you?" He replied sexily.

He fondled my boobs and then I reviled my boobs for him. I shivered when his tongue licked my cleavage before sliding over to one of my erected and rosy nipple. He was sucking on my nipples constantly.

He was sucking on my boobs and I was fondling his cock by gently stoking it.

I pushed him down on to the bare kitchen tile, and I was faster at unhooking his pants. He raised himself a bit so I could slide his shorts off. Like day before, he was not wearing any underwear.

His prick was already rock hard. I let him lie on the floor removed my top and shorts in a flash. He too removed his shirt. Then I sat on his midsection, on top of his dick as woman on top position. I reached down to grab his cock and guided it to my wet pussy and slowly sank lower. His cock was moving smoothly in my already wet pussy. A deep moan escaped from his throat and my pussy engulfed his prick. Slowly at first and then with increased momentum, I started to ride him. Every time I pumped his cock, he grabbed my hips in his hand and dug his nail in them as if he could not believe that I was there and fucking him in the kitchen.
I bent down and gave one of my boob in his mouth. He started sucking on my engorged nipple.

I was rocking back and forth, drawing his hot cock in and out of my pussy. As the act continued, I started to buck faster and faster till my orgasm came and my pussy juices started running down on his dick and on my thighs. We were fucking like there was no tomorrow. It was true. There was no tomorrow. It was the last day of Shahid in our home as a HOUSE BOY.

As my next climax neared, I noticed that he too was reaching up to his destination of firing cum. We both bucked and pushed into each other. We both came simultaneously and as our fuck juices mingled, I laid on him to catch my breath. I rolled over and lay exhausted beside him.

Shahid grabbed a tissue from the kitchen cabinet and cleaned around his cock and around his legs. He also wiped my pussy.

At the age of twenty-one, handsome and muscular, Shahid had become an exceptionally fine lover under my teaching and training.

In the afternoon, I received the call from out house woman informing that she will be coming back in the evening. Shahid heard this and went sad.
"Now, don't waste time. You don't have much time, do whatever you can quickly." I told him.
Shahid reached down and pulled my skirt down. As usual, I was not wearing any panties under my skirt. He lifted my top and removed it from over my head. He pulled at my hips and I backed up a bit. I was now standing with my hands on the mattress. My ass was sticking out and my legs were spread.

He removed his own pants quickly and dropped it to his ankles. His hard cock jutted out from his groin hard as usual. He grabbed his cock and placed it at my dripping pussy hole. He slowly pushed it in to my pussy until his pelvis reached up to my ass. I moaned my approval, and Shahid started to pump his cock in and out of my pussy.

My houseboy was fucking me from behind in my bedroom.

Shahid was moaning loudly pulling back his cock to thrust in to my pussy again.

Shahid started rapidly sliding his cock in and out of my cunt. His hands slowly moved up to my waist, up the sides of my boobs. He gripped my boobs and squeezed them.

I was shaking my head from side to side in indescribable fuck pleasure. His cock was touching the pleasure zone inside my pussy.

I could feel that an orgasm was building within me. His fucking pace was already fast and furious by now. He was holding my hips and was pounding my pussy. I bit my lip my orgasm reached in my brain. Waves of euphoria washed over me and Shahid was continued to assault by his fuck tool on my dripping cunt.

When my orgasm subsided, I asked Shahid to finish. Shahid was fucking me like an animal. He could not control himself anymore and it took him just a few fast strokes to reach his own explosive climax.

I could make out that a teen virgin boy Shahid became an expert fucker within two days. He was not so innocent now in fucking matters. He knew that he did not have much time and wanted to fuck me more and more within that short period. Suddenly, he expressed his wish to fuck my butt. First, I was surprised but finally I decided to give him a reward of my beautiful round shaped ass as good bye fuck. Time was too short.

I told him to use the petroleum jelly which I handed over to him. I bent over again and presenting him my lovely ass high in the air. Shahid lubricated his finger in his saliva and slowly inserted it in my anus. His other hand was at my clit, which grew now due to his constant attention.

I relaxed my sphincter and opened it to accept Shahid's finger. He penetrated his finger in my ass hole and was slowly finger fucking my ass.
After playing for some time with my ass, he pulled out his finger and grabbed the bottle of lube. He opened it and liberally applied the petroleum jelly to his cock, to his fingers and inside my ass.

He rubbed the tip of his cock on my asshole before pushing it in my ass. I felt his cock entering in my ass.
Shahid was not sure if I could take his well sized cock in to my ass. He was not aware that my ass too was well fucked like my pussy. I could notice this from his easy, slow and gentle ass fucking action. Head of his cock was inside of my ass hole without much trouble. He just kept his cock there without moving it. I was quite relaxed and I asked him to continue. He started fucking my ass again and with each of his successive thrust, his cock was slipping a little further in to my ass, until finally he had come to rest on his madam's sexy ass. After few slow thrusts, he left my hips, placed his hands on my shoulder, pushed his cock as deep as he could into my ass, and held it there.

I was rocking backward, pushing his fucking cock all the way inside my ass, and he was moaning as my tight ass fully enveloped his cock. He started slowly at first, sliding his cock almost all the way out of my ass before pushing it back full inside my ass. His hands slowly moved towards to my waist. He grabbed my hanging boobs and started massaging them and pinching my nipples.

My face was now buried in the pillow. He could not control himself at the incredible tightness of my anal muscles gripping his cock. I was sure that it was immensely satisfying for Shahid to fuck his sexy madam's ass for the first time in his life like he fucked my pussy and lost his virginity.

I was trying to keep the fucking pace with him behind me who was sliding his cock with his renewed vigor. I was bouncing my sexy buttocks back and forth, impaling my ass on his cock.

After a long fuck, Shahid shuddered in ecstasy and he firing spurts after spurts of his warm cum and ejaculated inside my rectum. My sphincter relaxed and at that instant, He penetrated his cock deeper inside of my ass. I was feeling my bottom filled with his still hardened dick.

I was sure that Shahid felt a complete sexual satisfaction by fucking my pussy, as well as my ass, first time in his life, gifting his virginity to me. His cock was still hard, even after ejaculation. He was fucking my ass, and was making sloshing sounds, as my ass was more wet and slippery now.

Finally, he pulled his soft going cock out of my ass and he was looking at my gaping ass hole with wonder. His cum started running out of my anus on to my cunt and down on to bed.









Chapter 73