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We, I and my husband were attending a Christmas party by my husband's office, just before starting of Christmas holidays. We have already planned our Christmas holidays in our home country India. With a drink in my hands, I was really looking for someone special other than the dull group that my husband works with on a daily basis. All were nice enough people, but they were all married and were wrapped up in their home life. Since we wanted to enjoy the Christmas in our own way, I was looking for someone else to join us, surely a female.

After a bit of wandering, my husband was having little conversation with one of his friend and his family, I struck up a conversation with a woman from the sales department of my husband's office. I had met her briefly once before but I could not remember her name. She was not very tall and busty with a well-defined waist and nicely rounded ass tightly encased in her party dress. Like everyone at the party she was dressed up a bright red dress that stopped several inches above her knees with a plunging neckline exposing a good deal of cleavage She had silver and shining hair that was done up in a knot behind her head with a bit of mistletoe tied in it. I am sure it was improper, but I couldn't resist looking down the front of her dress at her tasty looking tits. I thought I was really in trouble when she interrupted our conversation to say, "Enjoying the view?"

I turned red and stammered some lame response. Her response was to laugh at me and she said, "Relax, if I did not want others to look at my boobs, why would I have worn a dress like this?"
"Oh. Well, I never thought of it that way," I said with a good deal of relief. "You know though, you may just have spoiled one of my favorite guilty pleasures."
She laughed at me and responded, "Somehow I don't think so."
I smiled and said, "Yeah, probably not," and I continued to stare at her ample breasts.
"You know," she said, "At the office we cannot do this, so I dress very conservatively. Tonight, I figure the rules are a good deal more relaxed as long as you do not try to seduce the wrong person, like the spouse of some vice president or something."
"Well, I am married to your VP." I said.
"I know." She said. "So just go ahead and enjoy ogling my tits because it's a definite turn on for me."
"By the way, my name is Julee."
"I know you. I am Jessica." She responded.

I smiled my best sexy smile. "Well I am really looking for a girl that is both naughty and nice." I have passed on my message and wish to her clearly.
"Well, I am your girl." She responded with a smile. It was the clear indication from her that she would be our fuck partner tonight.
"But, I have to go now. I will be receiving an award form my office for outstanding achievements in sales this year and I wish you and our VP should present there to see me receiving the award. I will join both of you again after getting the award." She said and moved away.

I walked back towards the back corner of the ballroom where my husband was standing. My husband pulled me into a hallway. I wrapped my arms around his neck and mashed my sexy boobs on his ample chest. I pulled his head down for a kiss. He pushed his lips against my lips with his tongue and I opened my mouth and sucked his tongue in. As our tongues were dueling, he slid his hands down my back until they cupped my cute round ass. When he pulled me tight against him, His upright and hardened dick was pressed firmly against my belly. I moaned quietly in response, "Mmmmmmm."

Just then, we heard the speaker system announcing that it was time to gather for dinner. We held our passionate kiss for a moment longer and then I pushed him away saying, "We have to go. My friend and your colleague Jessica is getting an award tonight, and I promised her that I would be there."

We walked into the ballroom again. We saw that Jessica was walking towards us. When she was walking, I could see the muscles of her buttocks flexing and it was pretty clear that there was no bra under the tight top. There was not much in the way of her tits, less than a handful between the two, but her nipples were making the nicest pointy little tents under the dress.

"Julee and I were looking for you." My husband said to her by shaking his hand with her hand.

Then, I asked her about her award.

Jessica explained that it was a regional sales award. "They give out a lot of them. That's why this dinner will take so long."
I said, "You are right. Let?s get a table in the back so we can sneak out after you get your award."

We grabbed a table in the back and my husband sat between the two girls. Once dinner was completed, the speeches began.

"This is really boring." Jessica said.
"Shit yes." I agreed.
"I think I can fix that." My husband said. "Slide your chairs close to mine."

We quickly complied and he put a hand on each of sexy girl's knee and then he began to slide his hand up the inside of our thigh together.

"Mmmm, much more interesting." Said Jessica, offering no resistance.
"I agree." I responded.

He continued to slide his hand higher on our thighs and both of us adjusted our dress so he could continue the upward slide of his hand. I noticed that Jessica's nipples had gotten harder and were making a pair of small sharp tents in her dress. My husband was looking to her erected nipples and she was responding well in her eyes.

"You were right Julee, she likes to stare at her tits." And he asked Jessica, "Does it make you horny when I stare at those sexy little tits of yours?"
"Very, and what you are doing with your hand does not hurt either."

By this time he had reached my crotch with his hand. I was sure that his other hand was at the same place on Jessica's sexy body. At this point, I and Jessica, both had our dresses pulled up above our waist, but the white tablecloth was covering our laps.

"Julee, do you know that Jessica is naked under her dress?" My husband informed me.
"Blabbermouth." Jessica responded.
"Mmmm, that is sexy." I said. "Let me pull my panties off. I do not want to be left out."

I looked around for a minute and slid my panties off, kicking it under the table.

"That will give the clean-up crew a thrill," Jessica said.

It was the moment when my husband chose to slide his two fingers into my dripping wet pussy.

Once I got my composure back, I said, "That won't be the first pair of panties I have left behind at many parties."
"What did you do to her?" Jessica asked my husband.
"This." He responded and I guessed that he must have slipped his two fingers of his other hand into Jessica's pussy.
"Oh!" . . . "Oh shit, that feels good!" Jessica moaned.

My husband just let his fingers rest in both the girl's pussy without much movement. Kind of a tease, but I understood that he did not want us to have a screaming orgasm during the speech of his company's CEO.

We sat like that most of the way through the CEO'S speech, although toward the end, Jessica began to discretely rub her own rock hard nipples.

"Do not let her do that." I warned. "She may make herself cum and she may make a lot of noise."

He quickly pulled his fingers out of Jessica's cunt and she relented with her tits.

He leaned over to Jessica and ran his tongue around her ear and I heard him whispering, "Are you going to be a good girl now? If you promise not to make yourself cum like that, I will put my fingers back in your snatch."
"Okay, okay." She said. "I just wanted to get off so I would be halfway coherent in my award acceptance speech."
"Oh you can do it. I am sure you can." He responded and moved his hand forward towards her. I was sure that he must have slipped his fingers back into her pussy.
So, we sat there with dresses up around our waists and my husband's fingers were in our pussies through the rest of the CEO's speech and the first ten or so awards. It was a good thing that no one else was sitting at our table. He kept his fingers still, but I kept squirming to create some friction between his fingers and my cunt.

Then it was Jessica's turn to go up for her award. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and she wiggled her dress back down where it belonged earlier. As she was walking up to the podium, he flicked my clit with his thumb.

My response was a gasp followed by asking him, "Did you do that to Jessica too?"
"Yes!" He said naughtily.
After a while, he started to pull his fingers out of my cunt and I said, with a small whimper, "No, no. Don't do that."

By this time, Jessica had tottered up to the podium and the CEO gave her the award with a bit of a speech about her accomplishments. Jessica responded with a somewhat garbled statement about how she did her hard work.
She returned to a vacant seat next to me and said, "OK, I made it. Now let?s sneak down and go over to my apartment across the street. I am so fucking horny I can't stand it."
"Ready to go darling?" I asked my husband.
"Sure. There is not going to be another speech as interesting as Jessica's. Let?s get out of here."

We discretely got up and went down the hall, out the back door of the hotel and across the street to the high rise where Jessica's apartment was located.

The apartment was spectacular. Many floors up, it afforded a view of the whole city through its floor to ceiling glass walls. All of the furnishings and fixtures were very modern and very expensive looking. There was art on the walls some of which bordered on pornographic.

As we walked in, Jessica spoke to us over her shoulder, saying with a wave of her hand pointing vaguely toward the kitchen, "I will make us each a martini."

It took her a few minutes and she returned to the living room bearing a tray with three very dry Tanqueray martinis. She put the drink's trey on the table and I did not surprise that, I found myself on a large couch wound around Jessica engaged in a passionate lesbian kiss. Our dresses were pushed up around our waists and we had a finger in the each other's pussy.
I was still finger fucking Jessica and Jessica was looking more or less incapable of anything other than spreading her legs and pressing my hand further into her cunt.

We untangled ourselves and were now focusing on our drinks, but our dresses were still above our waist and our legs were spread wide enough for a good view of our wet pussies to my husband.

I could notice that my husband's prick moved to fully erected and he had to move it around in his trousers for comfort.

"Let us see your tits." My husband said to no one in particular or perhaps to both of us girls in the room.

Jessica stood up and pulled her dress over her head. She was completely naked except for the sexy looking heels she was wearing. She flopped down in her chair and pulled on both of her nipples to make them rock hard and then she said with a smile,

"Are these what both of you were looking for?" Then she took another sip of her martini and she sat there naked with her legs spread.

I stood and walked over to my husband. I turned and my round and sexy cute ass was pointed directly at my husband's face. I said, "Can you help me with the zipper?"

As he stood to help me, I pushed my ass back to rub his thighs and he obligingly lowered his stance to rub my ass was with his crotch. I sipped my martini and I dragged the globes of my ass back and forth over my husband's erected cock.

He grabbed my hips and pulled my ass tighter against his crotch, only to be reminded by Jessica, "Zipper, dear! Zipper. You cannot fuck her through the dress, so undo the zipper."
I said, "You are wrong Jessica. He is so fucking hard that he is able to poke his dick right through this dress."

Responding to Jessica's sound advice, he took both of his hands off my hips which I kept glued to his crotch and released the zipper on the back of my dress. While he was at it, he released the catch on my bra, slid his hands around to my chest and wrapped each of my delicious tits. I pulled back from his crotch just enough so my dress could fall on the floor and I shrugged my shoulders forward to let my bra fall away from my body. Then I pushed my naked ass back on my husband's crotch and ground it in circles on my husband's hard cock while he was continued to fondle my tits.

We were both staring at Jessica who had her long lean legs spread wide and her two fingers were shoved up her cunt.
"One of you is grossly overdressed." She said. "Julee, take your husband's clothes off. I want to watch you fuck him while I masturbate."

I pulled away from him and sunk to my knees. I quickly undid his belt and zipper and fished his cock out of his boxers. He stripped off his jacket, tie, and shirt and his trousers and boxers were fell in a puddle around his ankles. I pushed him back into the chair and sucked his cock into my mouth. The sensation was fantastic as always. At first, I she was swirling my tongue around the head of his cock while stroking the rest of length of his cock with one hand and was fondling his balls with my other hand. Then I sank my head down on his shaft until I felt the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat. I closed my lips and mouth on my husband's cock and slowly pulled myself back until only the head of his cock remained in my mouth. This was followed by more work on his cock head with my tongue while my hand was stroking the now slippery wet shaft. Then I repeated the whole process again and again.

Jessica was watching us closely and was continuing to finger fuck herself with a slow leisurely strokes.
"Do not let him cum Julee. I want to watch two of you fucking." she said.
I finished my last round of sucking and then raised my head and looked back at Jessica. "Do not worry darling. He has such a strong and hard cock that does not cum easily."
And I continued my favorite blow job on my husband's beautiful cock.

After some time, I stood up and then turned my back towards him and sat down on his lap with my legs on either side of his legs. I grabbed his cock and leaned forward. I slipped his hot cock into my hot and slippery pussy. He grabbed my hips and pumped his cock as far into my cunt as I could get it. We did not start fucking immediately. I was just sitting there with his rock hard cock rammed up into my pussy.
"Is that what you wanted to see?" I asked Jessica. "Did you want to see that big hard beautiful cock of his shoved all the way up my pussy so that his balls are pushed right up against me? Is that what you wanted darling?"
"Ummmm. Yes. That is just what I wanted to see." She responded. Jessica was now finger fucking herself with a good deal and with more speedy energy than before.
"Is her pussy slippery and wet? Is it hot and tight?" I asked my husband.
"Oh yes." He replied and I started using my legs to raise and lower myself on his hot cock. He was reciprocating with his own thrusts timed to match mine. It was so good.

He moved his hands around me and grabbed both of my round tits in his hand. He fondled and mauled them for a while and then he started to stroke each of my boobs with a finger in ever tightening circles until he reached my nipples. He pinched my nipples between his thumb and forefinger and pulled them away from my tit. When my husband was doing this, I saw that Jessica had again increased the pace of her masturbation, and she was pulling on the nipple of one of her tits with her free hand.

Meanwhile, I started to ride my husband's cock at an ever-increasing pace.

At this point, both the girls have passed beyond coherent speech. We both were moaning and crying in our own special way. Jessica moved quickly to obscenities.
"Oh fuck... this is good . . . fuck... it is good watching the two of you . . . it is so fucking hot . . . fuck, fuck, fuck!" She was punctuated with a great deal of moaning and crying.

He pulled one of his hands off of my nipple and dropped it down to my crotch. First he slid it around his cock, which was pumping in and out of my pussy. Once his fingers were good and wet, he started to flick my clit with them. That pushed me over the edge and I came with a load scream. My cunt gripped his cock like a vice and he pushed it as far in to my pussy as I could get it while I spammed around it. It seemed like my climax was going to last forever, but when it ended, I slumped to the floor.

Jessica was still finger fucking herself, and she pulled a hand away from her tit and beckoned my husband.
"You did not cum yet. Get over here and squirt your cum on my tits."

My husband stood in front of her and started stroking his cock, which was sloppy wet from my pussy juices, while Jessica was continued to pump her two fingers of one hand into her cunt and to pull on one and then the other of her tits with the other hand.

I saw that cum roll up my husband's cock and then squirt on her boobs in big globs of white slippery cum. He pumped rope after pearly rope of cum across her boobs.

Jessica quickly took her hand that had been rubbing her tits and used it to smear his cum across all of her boobs. Meanwhile her other hand moved from her pussy to her clit and, like me, she came quickly and violently with a lot of noise.

Jessica slumped back into the couch and my husband flopped down next to her, exhausted by his climax. By this time I had recovered a bit. I stood and walked toward the kitchen saying.
"How about another round of martinis?"
I returned with the drinks handed over their drinks to them and then sat down next to my husband. My husband was sitting naked in between two naked women.

All three of us were sitting naked on the couch sipping the martinis in silence. Finally I spoke up.
"Well, we all are glad that we did not stay in the party for the rest of the speeches."
"Five minutes ago, you were screaming your lungs out when you climaxed around your husband's ' hard cock. How can you even think that listening to the speeches was better than that?" Jessica said.
"Well . . . you are right. I had a pretty good fuck." I replied and I reached over to stroke my husband's cock, which was now in a slow recovery caused by the warmth of the two girls hips pressed against him.

I was continued to stroke my husband's now fully erected and ready to fuck again cock.

Jessica sashayed over to my husband and sat down with one of her delightfully long legs draped over him. She grabbed his hand and pulled it up against her pussy and whispered in my husband's ear.
"We are starting so you need to slide your fingers into my pussy."

He quickly slid his two fingers into her pussy, which I guess, was still warm and slippery. She gasped in response and then nibbled on his ear lobe. He started pulling on one of her hard little nipples. Jessica pulled back from his earlobe and begin nibbling at his neck while she was stroking my husband's dick with her other hand.

Do you like my tits Julee?" Jessica asked suddenly.
"You have lovely tits Jessica." I replied. But somehow, I was sure that she was completely losing her control, may be due to the drinks. I did not notice that she had her drinks one by one when my husband was fucking me. I was fearing that her too much drinks and effect of alcohol on her may spoil our Christmas fuck party. I tried hard to control her.

Jessica popped up off the sofa, grabbing the glass of martini. She walked over to me with a very slinky walk draining the martini before she reached to me. She was really having a cute ass and those long lean legs . . . wow!

Jessica turned away and bent over. She grabbed her ankles to give us a really clear view of her legs, her ass, and that oh so lovely pussy that my husband was finger fucking just a few minutes ago.

"Jessica, Just look at my husband's dick. Does not it look just yummy? Let us go and fuck it." I said.
Jessica of course was having a great view of my husband's waiving dick. She looked back at my husband from between her legs. She snaked her long tongue out of her mouth and ran it around her lips.

Jessica stood up and turned towards me. She reached out and fondled one of my tits with her hand. She seems to be mostly out due to heavy drinks.

"So, I am the girl with the best legs and beautiful ass." She said.

She was pulling hard on my nipples while she was talking. Jessica continued,
"If you don't mind, I am going to take my cute ass out of here and let my new friend, your husband and my VP fuck my cute ass with that really hot dick of his. Darling! Show us your dick. I want all the wives to not only to know that their husbands lust after my legs and ass, but that I am going to have that really hot dick of yours and they are not."

My husband stood and waived his cock to us while Jessica walked back across the room towards my husband.

When Jessica reached to my husband, she pushed him back into the couch and then straddled him with her knees on either side of his thighs. She grabbed his head and they started a long wet kiss. Her long tongue was snaking its way around my husband's mouth like she was fucking my husband's mouth with her tongue.

As they were kissing, she pushed her hand below cushion of the couch. I saw a pack of condom in her hand. I was happy to see that because it was now safe for my husband to fuck her ass using condom. She was stroking his fully erected dick and put the condom on it.

Then, she guided his cock into her cunt and sank down onto his lap. For quite a while, she just sat on him with his dick rammed all the way up into her pussy. Finally she pulled her head back and looked over her shoulder at me. I was on the floor carpet on my back and was watching them closely.

"Fuck me hard dear. You have to finish me immediately. I am too horny to wait." She said and started bouncing up and down on my husband's with full speed. I was sure that Jessica's pussy was a well fucked pussy because she was having and moving my husband's long and thick cock in and out of her pussy without much problem.

My husband grabbed her nipples in his fingers and began to pull on them while twisting. I could see that she was flexing her pussy muscles just like she was trying to milk my husband's dick. He was matching his fuck rhythm to hers and his dick was pumping all the way to the end of her cunt on each stroke.

"Ohhhh, fuck. Ohhhh fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Your cock feels so good. Fill me up. Yea. That's it. Oh yeah. Don't stop. Don't stop. Don't stop. Fuuuuck. That's it fuck me. Oh fuck this is good . . . fuck, fuck, fuck!" She was moaning loudly.
I was happy to see that her drinking did not spoil out fuck party and my husband was enjoying fucking his office colleague.

Then she was beyond words and into crying and whining and my husband was continued to pump his cock into her and at the same time, he was twisting and pulling her nipples.
I was watching my husband fucking another girl and as always, I was enjoying seeing this.
Finally I could feel that her cunt spammed around my husband's cock and she climaxed with a loud scream.

They sat or lay there in each other's arms for some time. I do not really know how long it was, but at some point I realized that Jessica was passed out. She was seemed drunk, as she had consumed a lot of gin.

My husband picked her up and we moved her to the end of the couch.

As my husband was in the middle of his orgasm, he fucked my cunt and ass, both, just near to sleeping Jessica.

After a wonderful fucking, we moved towards bathroom to clean ourselves.
We dressed up, and left a card on the table in the front hall with a note "Merry Christmas from your friends."

Then I blew her a kiss and we headed out the door to move towards our home where more fucking were waiting for us before leaving for India.









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