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I was returning to India with my husband and son to celebrate Christmas with our family. It was a night flight which takes about 9 hrs. from Zurich to Mumbai.

We were sitting in the lounge and were having our beer in wait to board the flight.

At last, we were in our seats. I was dressed in short mini skirt and tight top that was showing off little of my nice pair of tits. My son settled on the window seat, I was in the middle seat and my husband was sitting next to me on isle seat.

The flight took off in time and after the dinner and some drinks I was trying for a sleep. Our son was already in deep sleep after the dinner. My husband ordered another wine and settled down to watch a movie. He was stealing glances at my mostly uncovered legs and tight tits. I smiled and put the blanket over myself. My husband did the same as the air was pretty cool.

My husband must have thought that I was in sleep. But I could not get a sleep and was watching my husband from corner of my eyes. He did not want to disturb my sleep but I knew that what was going through in his mind. The same thing was running in my mind too. I moved my hand on his thigh. I moved my head towards his ear and whispered, "I know that you are not getting sleep and you want to do it on a plane."

The lights in the flight were already off and everyone on board seems to be in sleep because there was no movement. It was now safe to play our favorite game in the flight under our blanket.

We locked our lips for a while and he then quickly gulped down the rest of his wine and stowed the tray table. We lifted the arm-rest between us and started kissing again. My tongue was probing at his mouth and he opened his lips to the invader. I eagerly explored the inside of my husband's mouth with my tongue until we started a tongue-wrestle. I could hear my own breathing getting shallower.

As usual, my hand started its journey upwards until I found his rock-hard bulge. I explored the outline of his hardness through his jeans. He put his hand on my leg and slowly moved his hand towards his love land, on my panties. I opened my legs slightly to give his hand more room. As he moved his fingers downwards, he could feel the moistness of my pussy through my panties.

I was pressing harder and harder on his cock and then franticly tried to get his jeans open. We stopped kissing and he undid the button of his jeans and pulled the zipper down. The only thing holding his hard-on in check was his underpants, but there was not a lot we could do about getting them down. I was wriggling in my seat and the next thing I did was, I removed my panties.

We then tried to get into the best position to kiss and fondle each other. I had my legs spread as wide as the space between the seats allowed and he did the same. Kissing was a bit of a starting the mission. My tongue was exploring the inside of his mouth.

My hand found his cock and I pulled it free from the restriction of his underpants. I started moving my hand slowly up and down on his hot and hard fucking tool. Then I went back to his cock head and was playing with the sensitive part of his cock, just underneath the cock head. I then moved to the tip of his dick and lightly played with his dick-hole with my nail.

He, in the meantime, found my honey-pot. He ran his finger lightly up and down on my clean shaved pussy lips and I could feel my pussy lips getting more and more moist. As he applied a bit more pressure, his finger easily slipped in between my pussy lips. I was wet and ready. He then proceeded to slowly finger fucking my pussy.

We both have been panting like steam trains by then, but we did not care. His dick was already oozing pre-cum and I proceeded to rub his already quivering cock. It felt so good. My hand, slick with his pre-cum, was gliding up and down his rock hard meat rod. He lifted his hips and pulled his jeans and underpants down to his knees so that I could get hold of the whole package.

He moved his hand from wetness of my pussy and pushed it underneath my tight top. There he discovered a handful of my soft, firm boob flesh, tipped by an already hard nipple. He flicked my nipple with his fingers and then pinched it softly between his thumb and forefinger. He moved his hand back to my sopping pussy to gather some of my pussy juices and then he rubbed it all over my hard nipple. My nipple actually grew even bigger under his palm.

I was speeding up my hand movements on his cock. I moved my hand down and cupped his balls under his cock. He spread his legs as far as the jeans around his legs allowed and I started playing with his nuts. When I moved my hand down to the bottom of his balls and came back up using my nails, he had to put the blanket between his teeth to stop from screaming with pleasure.

His hand had moved south again and slowly he moved his finger from the bottom of my pussy until he found the little man in the boat. But, the little man was not so little any more. He softly started playing with my clit and I tried to open my legs even wider. All of a sudden, my hand tighten on his balls. He quickly stopped what he was doing, as he realized that I was close to Cumming. We broke apart and just sat there for a moment.

The air hostess came past and we each ordered another wine. I think the air hostess must have smelt something, she looked at us with a naughty smile. We were sipping our wines, I was gently caressing his cock, while he was rubbing my soft, wet pussy lips with his fingers.

He then dipped his finger all the way into my moist pussy hole and then brought his finger to his mouth and licked it clean. The taste of my pussy juices mixed with the wine must have tasted like nectar.

"I want to taste you too." I said and before he could react, I handed him my glass and ducked my head under the blanket. How the fuck I got there, I do not know, the space was so small. The next thing, I was licking his swollen cock head, poking the tip of my tongue into his pee-hole. He just sat back with the two glasses in his hands, enjoying the sensation on his wonderful cock by my wonderful licking.

My mouth opened and slowly I took his cock head into my warm and wet mouth. I started swallowing his cock, centimeter by centimeter. Then I started moving my head up and down, from the tip of his cock to as down as I could.

My husband was still holding both the wine glasses in his hands, and after a good blow job, I emerged from under the blanket and was smiling and licking my lips. I leaned over to kiss him and he licked my lips and tasted his own pre-cum from my mouth.

"That was heavenly, but now I want to take your cock in my pussy." I breathed in his ear.

We looked around and saw that the other passengers were either sleeping or were deeply engrossed in the little screens in front of them. Luckily, the seats across the aisle were empty and I was sure that other passengers would have not noticed that something was going on between us.

"Come, let's go to the toilet." He said.
"What about the hostess?"
"She won't be back until morning breakfast." He told me.

He pulled his pants back up. He got up and went towards the toilets, looking back, he saw that I was still sitting there, but I waved him. So, he went into the toilet and closed the door. Soon, I knocked on the door. He eagerly opened the door and I squeezed past him into the toilet. I quickly looked out, but the coast was clear and I locked the toilet door.

I turned around and sat on the basin with my legs spread wide. As always, my husband had a good look at my sexy, clean shaved and juicy pussy. As my pussy lips are not very big, they were slightly opened. He could see my pussy lips glistening with my pussy juice. He immediately fell to his knees and buried his face in my crotch. The first thing that hit him was the sweet smell of my pussy. As always, he inhaled deeply.

He slowly started kissing the insides of my thighs and moved closer to my moist pussy lips. When his mouth got there on the target, he opened it wide over my whole cunt and gave a nice suck. With his tongue, he parted the two soft lips of my pussy and started to lick up and down my slit. Every time he got to my clit, he stopped and sucked it into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue. I was moving closer to the edge and was trying to give more of my pussy into his mouth. He knew that I was close to the climax and then he started seriously on my clit with the flat of his tongue. I was grinding my clit onto his tongue and my hips were in the air. All of a sudden, I took a hard breathe in and then I squashed my cunt against his pussy sucking mouth. He kept a steady pace on my clit with his tongue and I came and came hard on his my mouth. When I eventually stopped trembling, I saw that his mouth and chin was drenched with my sweet juices.

We kissed and I licked his chin clean tasting my own juices from his lips and chin. I know that pussy juices tastes good. I saw that his fucking cock was screaming for attention and he dropped his pants to his ankles. He turned me around and I bent down over the toilet seat. He did not take time and rammed his fuck hungry cock all the way onto my sopping cunt in one push. I went "Ahh," but pushed back my pussy hard on his fucking rod. He slowly started to fuck me by moving his hips and his cock inside of my pussy.

He started ramming my pussy hard with his fuck gun. I was sure that if someone put the ear on the closed door of toilet, he could hear the sound of his hips were making while smacking on my ass-cheeks. I was diddling my clit while he was pumping his cock in to my hot and wet pussy. Once again, the fucking game between fucking husband and sexy wife was in full progress, this time, behind the closed door of a flight in the air. I had another big orgasm before he had his first. But, he continued to fuck me hard.

After a long, wonderful and hard fucking, I could feel that his cock head was swelling while moving in to my pussy.

He said: "I am going to cum."

I just picked up the pace with my hips. With one final shove, he pushed his cock deep in to my pussy as his cock unleashed the load of warm cream in my pussy. This felt good to me and he just pumped and pumped his warm cream into my pussy.

At last, he stopped and pull his semi-rigid fuck tool out of my flooded cunt. I turned around and collapsed on the toilet seat being fucked hard.

We stayed like that for a few minutes and then he bent down and gave me a deep kiss. "Welcome to the mile-high club." I said.

He just laughed.
I cleaned myself, and also cleaned his cock by sucking it. I unlocked the door and made sure the coast was clear.
"See you at the seat." I said and left. After a few minutes, he was back in his seat too.

We decided that we won't be able to sleep and have ordered another wine for both of us. We chatted while sipping our wines.

I took his hand and put it between my legs again. He understood my wish and proceeded to fondle and stroke my smooth and soft flesh. I put my head back and closed my eyes.

I do not know when I slipped in to sleep. Once, when I woke up in the middle, I found his hand still on my soft pussy lips and he was in deep sleep. I slept again remaining in the same position.

We woke up when the lights went on and the breakfast trolleys started coming out.

Not long after breakfast, we landed at Mumbai.









Chapter 75